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Canadian Parliament False Wag Shooting ?:Both Islamic Terrorist Killed And Police OIfficer Are Jews

Canadian Parliament False Wag:Both Islamic Terrorist Killed And Police OIfficer Are Jews

The white Rothschild-ean 'Non-Semitic Jewish'  racists of the City of London and Israel are the tails  that wag the dogs that are both Canada and the U.S..

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The Victim and the Shooter in Canadian Parliament Hoax are Zionist Jews

The Victim and the Shooter in Canadian Parliament Hoax are Zionist Jews

With revelations thanks to our posters, esp. “Cowboy.”
Regarding the arch-Zionist orchestrated phony Canadian Parliament shooting hoax, don’t the Zionist cabalists care anymore? Don’t they have the slightest care or concern when it is Zionist Jews who are the victims? The rabbis and their congregations stood by when Zionist agents Steven Sotloff, David Cawthorne Haines, and Alan Henning were brutally ‘beheaded,’ and by Islamists no less. Yet, there was no outcry of anti-Jew-ism or anti-Semitism from the halls and pulpits of those synagogues.
Then, what about the purported murder of Canadian people, like the acclaimed death of a soldier-guard at the Parliament? Canadian Jewry is just as indifferent as all others. That’s because the soldier who supposedly died, Nathan Cirillo, is Jewish. What makes it even more disconcerting is the fact that the shooter, Michael Hall, now known publicly by the name Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, is also a Jew. So, it was Jew killing fellow Jew. No wonder the rabbis are so quiet.

It’s just like in the ISIS beheading hoaxes. Arch-Zionists participate with the Jewish mob to create false blame against Islaam. It’s as true as it is stated here. Hall is a Jew, not a Muslim, and he is, incredibly, posing as if a Muslim radical.
Filth of the earth Hall aka Bideau is an impostor. He is a Jew, not a Muslim. He is only posing an Islaamic person to create hate, which is precisely what is being achieved. His vile acts may well lead to vigilante crimes, where innocent people, Muslims or otherwise, are brutalized – harassed, tormented, or even murdered in cold blood, as occurred as a result of the Jewish-created Islamophobia of 9-11.
Zehef has many derivatives, which are directly associated with Mizrahi Jewry.

Zehava Ben – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Zehava Ben (Hebrew: זהבה בן‎, Arabic: زهافا بن‎ born November 8, 1968) is one … Middle Eastern-style of singing rising from Israel’s Mizrahi Jewish population, 
The so-called heroic soldier, Cirillo, is an arch-fake, too. He faked his death for a cause, that being the cause for the advancement of Apartheid Israel. He is the enemy of the people rather than their hero. He used his name and face for a lie, one that will likely lead to great corruption and bloodshed. Canadians now may claim that, “Well, they’ve brought the war now to us. Let’s endorse Harper to do the same, ‘Go get them.'” In fact, some Canadians are now speaking this message, all of it the result of an arch-Zionist plot.
Nathan Cirillo (Facebook)
The lying, cheating Cirillo was there alright, but not as a victim, rather, as the victimizer:
By no means was he wounded to any degree. Not a shot was fired. It is all an act. Let anyone prove otherwise (which is impossible, by the way).
The arch-fabricator has excellent color in his face; there is no pallor, therefore, no blood loss. In fact, as the sunlight reveals his color is absolutely normal. Then, how could he possibly die?
He is fine. Nothing happened to this arch-Zionist, which can be clearly seen in the following image:
The least the hoaxers could have done was to apply a bit of moulage, some fake blood or other, to his face or anywhere else that was clearly visible.
If there was blood, it was fake. Could this be the residue of a hidden fake blood packet, here?
There are a greater number of camera-people on stage that EMTs and other emergency workers. Who can possibly review these images and regard this event as real?
Shouldn’t the lights be one, or would that be too much glare for the cameras?
Nevertheless, it is all merely a stage. Criminal Zionist elements seek to create great hate in the population as a distraction surely but for far more diabolical aims. This includes the solicitation of continuous invasion of Islamic lands. Therefore, it is the people of Islaam who are the victims of these events, not the Canadian public and/or its military.
It’s an absolute fake. No one died, and no one was injured. The statements, here, are impossible to refute.
Hoax index: beyond measure, billions upon billions to one.
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