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More False Wags?:City Of London,Woolrich 'IslamicTerrorist' Of UK Soldier Beheading Similar To Canadian Parliament 'Islamic Terrorist',UK Jewish PM David CameronAnd Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Both Rabid Pro Israeli Traitors To Their Own Countries

City Of London 'Islamic' Soldier Beheading Similar To Canadian Parliament 'Islamic Terrorist',UK Jewish PM David CameronAnd Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Both Rabid Pro Israeli Traitors To Their Own Countries

  • the uk soldier beheading – another false flag conspiracy for ...

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    1/7/2013 - And when the Woolwich beheading is analysed (not even with too much effort) ... Have two crazy Muslims kill the heroic soldier in the heart of London. ... threat on mankind and world peace” – those “Evil Islamic terrorists! .... Why did the UK Deputy PM cancel his trip to Germany and Prime Minister Cameron ...
  • Cameron calls London attack a 'betrayal of Islam' | The ... › Israel & the Region

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    23/5/2013 - Men who hacked British soldier to death were investigated by MI5 for possible terror ... the scene of the terror attack in Woolwich, southeast London, Thursday. ... UK gov't panel holds emergency meet in wake of soldier's beheading · Israel ... British Prime Minister David Cameron issued a scathing rebuke of ..

  • Or perhaps to them Israeli is their country NOT Canada nor the UK.

    City Of London Woolrich  'Islamic' Soldier Beheading Similar To Canadian Parliament 'Islamic Terrorist' Hoax
    And don't forget Barack Obama Jewish Zionist Sunsterin has hinted at such phony staged disinfo and pro Israel Zionist anti-Moslem hate campaigns he calls   'cognitive infiltration' and the UK City of London is the tail that wags the dog that is Canada just as unfortunately over 200 year after a revolution against the corrupt British royals and their Rothschild backers and owners the U.S.and the U.S.dollar and Fedral Reserve and US. military industrial complex is controlled in great part from the City of London Just like Canada is.And it shouldn't ber overlooked that Sunstein's Irish wife with her plush job representing the U.S. at the UN IS NOT SO MUCH Irish as she is a City of London pro Israel pro Zionist prostitute as well.Barack Obama has more UK City of London Zionists in his administration that he surely jests in his book when he calls his grandfather a 'nigger' for being in British Empire's employ.

    1. 'An eye for an eye': British soldier beheaded, killed in ...

      May 22, 2013 - soldier has been beheaded in a barbaric attack by two men on a street outside Woolwich army barracks in South East London. ... Cameron cut short his meeting with French president Hollande to return home and address ...

    2. UK soldier 'beheaded' near barracks by 'man who praised ...

      New York Post
      May 22, 2013 - UK soldier 'beheaded' near barracks by 'man who praised Allah after ...Cameron cut short his Paris trip to return to London and his office said ...

    Could be that as seriously as I and others took the Pro Israel and pro Zionist Breivik  attack in Norway a few years back that it was a greatly staged incident as well,among others.It appears the pro Israel Zionists are flush with cash from all their internet  stock frauds that wiped out the middle class in recent years and having taken over entire western governments including the U.S.and Canada among others.It appears with both creation and control of Homeland Security Dept after 9/11 they have un limited budget and control of every aspect of our lives.Even theongoing  alleged state police shooting incident in Pennsylvania with an actor 'survivalist' with the very German Jewish name of Eric Frein that has received little media attention but msny violations of personal and privacy righrts of individuaslñs in Pennsylvania just like the alleged Boston bombing that too much is unbelievable and no coincident the Homeland Security sent Pennsylvania police to Israel for 'training'and no doubt Zionist propagandising recently.So Israel penetrates into local law enforcement through Homeland Security,FEMA,etc..

    1. Obama staffer wants 'cognitive infiltration' of 9/11 conspiracy ...

      9/11 Truth movement
      Jan 21, 2010 - Sunstein, whose article focuses largely on the 9/11 conspiracy theories, suggests that the government “enlist nongovernmental officials in the ...

    1. Obama maintains Al-Qaida and Isis are 'one and the same' despite ...

      The Guardian-Oct 3, 2014Share
      After 9/11, he formed al-Qaida in Iraq. ... the idea credence, like Harold Koh and Cass Sunstein, are former Obama administration officials.

    Shooting at Canadian Parliament is an Islamophobic Arch-Zionist Hoax

    Much info thanks to our posters.
    Regarding the purported shooting death of a Canadian soldier at a Ottawa military memorial nothing could be more inane than this. It was said that the Zionist-controlled Canadian government must leave the hoaxing to US Zionists. This complete, laughable fabrication proves these works as correct.
    Only an absolute buffoon would realize this as not a phony. Yet, it is not merely a phony but is, in fact, a vile act, truly inconceivable: it is an act of war by the Zionists. They have virtually immediately blamed Islaam through associating it with ‘ISIS': as if that entity is Islaamic, which, of course, is ludicrous.
    Yet, it is said:
    CBC News has confirmed the Ottawa shooting victim is Nathan Cirillo, 24, a reservist serving in Hamilton from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada regiment.
    By no means did Cirillo die. He is an arch-Zionist Jew. This is a Zionist plot, make no mistake about it.
    His killer is none other than another Zionist agent, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau. Thus, by the Zionists it is said that, incredibly, this arch-Zionist mole became a “convert to Islam…, although he had a definite “history of drug use before he converted.” Does anyone really believe such drivel?
    What in the world is the police tape doing in this area? It is surely not needed for any actual purpose.
    Ottawa Shooting 20141022
    Nor are these men of any use. Canadians: give it up. You are terrible hoaxers:
    Is there an Islamic boogeyman on every street corner? Man alive, how powerful is this boogeyman enemy. So powerful that all that Canada has, militarily, must be rolled out against them, this invisible ‘Islamic’ enemy. Hoax quality in terms of believability? Canadians get an F-.
    Says one Canadian investigator, “Who’s upstairs? He fled on foot.” Oh, but wait, ISIS is so deceptively dangerous, there must be dozens of other Muslim boogeymen circulating all about the capital, despite the heavy presence of armed guards and CCTV cameras.
    ‘You hold his foot, I’ll hold down his arms, you pump his chest, and I’ll fake it, like I’m giving mouth-to-mouth.’ Meanwhile, the crowd in attendance, so casual in the background, pays little heed to the man who was just purportedly gunned down.
    A bit of fake blood was drizzled on the pavement. How does that relate to the man’s body?
    What are they doing, now? Are they suffocating him to death? Moreover, why are the guns stacked up like that against the stone abutment?
    Can anyone imagine it? They were put there as a prop, and when all was said and done, the hoaxers left them there for further camera-ops? Guns with live ammo not being attended with wild-eyed ‘terrorists’ roaming about?
    This supposedly represents a tourist being gunned down. It looks like the same hoaxing crew is attending to her.
    While they were doing all this what else is seen? It is a man strolling right by the scene as casual as could be; he had just picked up his mail:
    Here is a view of the arch-hoaxers from a slightly different angle. Why not turn the lifesaving heroics over to the man in the yellow and black jacket, the “PARAMEDIC?”
    Poor Zionist mole Crillo. He was just doing his duty, “standing guard” at the Parliament, when he was targeted and gunned down by a Muslim magic man (sarcasm).
    Stop terrorism, is the logo for the arch-Zionist twitter mole who sent out this picture. Terrorism: it’s those horrible Muslims with their so-called religion of peace. Let us keep the eyes off the US-Canadian military cabal, which in serving its Zionist masters, routinely murders Islaamic people in cold blood on a weekly basis. Yet, the Muslims are the terrorists. See what they did in Ottawa?
    Woman gives mouth to mouth to wounded solider at 

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