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Adolph Hitler,Just ANOTHER Mass Murdering Euro Trash Jew ?

Adolph Hitler,Just ANOTHER Mass Murdering Euro Trash Jew ?

  1. Moses Hess, Adolf Hitlers and zionisms ideological father

    DISCLOSURE; Adolf Hitlers ideological father. Many people is to be ashamed of what they support, zionism, or national socialism, although the active support is ...


      May 14, 2013 - Moses Hess was one of the people who helped to invent Zionism and Nazism. Moses Hess called for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Hess.

  • Zionism as Jewish National Socialism

    Herzl thought Hess was the true founder of Zionism and his Forerunner. ... The fundamental ideology of Zionism however evolved much earlier with Moses Hess.
  • Dilling X: The Jews and Marxism — Socialism — Communism

    Like Karl Marx, “Father of modern Socialism,” Moses Hess (1812-1875) was born in .... Nationwide Jewish Marxism was sponsored in 1915 by the National ...

  • Benjamin Disraeli

      Aug 5, 2013 - THE GAY FATHER OF NAZISM AND ZIONISM .... "Moses Hess, the renegade nineteenth century socialist ... called those Jews who denied that ...

    Adolph Hitler, the Mass Murdering Jew

    As is all too often the case, it is usually the victors account of history which is recorded and preserved. Unfortunately, the victors are not always the good guys. Whenever the veil is lifted, again and again, we see that not only is the official version not true, it is often 100% wrong.
    "It is easier to believe a lie one has heard a hundred times than a truth one has never heard before." --American sociologist Robert S. Lynd

    The German National Socialists never referred to themselves as Nazis.

    Nazis or Zionists ?
    Moses Hess coined the term national socialism, commonly shortened to Nazism, which he intended to use for Jewish nationalism - and this as early as 1862.
    The connection between Zionism and German Nazism thus already existed from the beginning and would later on be developed further, both ideologically and politically.

    Documents found by the German historian Klaus Polkehn, reveal an extensive co-operation between the leading Nazis and Zionist leaders.

    This information was published by the Israeli Professor Israel Shahak in the Israeli newspaper Zo Haderekh on 2 September 1981. More
    In his book "Bevor Hitler kam" ("Before Hitler", Geneva, 1975), the Jewish Professor of History Dietrich Bronder showed, which Jews financed Adolf Hitler, thus helping him to power. This explains why a large number of Jews were given Aryan documents. He also proves that most of the Nazi leaders were Jews or half-Jews, or were married to Jewish women. Bronder's book is banned in Germany. Unseen Footage of Nazi Jew Goering

    Jew or Nazi Master Race?
    Jewish eugenics pre-dates Hitler's Master Race 
    According to the Israeli daily newspaper quoted below, before the Nazi Third Reich in Germany plotted to create a Master Race from the European gene pool, Zionists had already established a racial purification program to create the perfect Jewish bloodline.More

    From the horse's mouth:
    "Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races.

    Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves." -- Menachem Begin (Israeli Prime Minister, 1977-1983. Nobel Prize Winner for...Peace!)

    DNA Proves Hitler Was a JEW!
    A chromosome called Haplogroup E1b1b1 which showed up in their samples is rare in Western Europe and is most commonly found in the Berbers of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, as well as among Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews.

    DNA tests reveal 'Hitler was descended from the Jews and Africans he hated'
    Adolf Hitler is likely to have been descended from both Jews and Africans, according to DNA tests. Samples taken from relatives of the Nazi leader show that he is biologically linked to the 'sub-human' races he sought to exterminate.

    DNA Test Proves Hitler Had Jewish Roots (Google it... Bing it... )

    Adolf Hitler Awarded Iron Cross through Jewish Recommendation
    After only two months of front duty, he was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class, and several other distinctions were to follow. On the other hand, it was quite unusual that he as a Lance-Corporal was awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class, as this order was almost always reserved for the commissioned officers. SS on August 4, 1918, near Soissons, on recommendation from artillery lieutenant of the reserve Hugo Gutmann.
    Hugo Gutmann was Hitler's immediate superior officer from January 29 to August 31, 1918. His military papers have been preserved, and they tell that he was born on November 19, 1880 in Nuremberg as the son of the shop-keeper Salomon Gutmann and his wife Emma. He himself stated his religion as Jewish. More

    Hitler's life is still a mystery (a mystery or a cover-up?)

    Meet the Real Adolf Hitler
    "There are some people who seriously doubt that Johann Georg Hiedler was the father of Alois. Thyssen and Koehler, for example, claim that Chancellor Dollfuss had ordered the Austrian police to conduct a thorough investigation into the Hitler family. As a result of this investigation a secret document was prepared that proved that Maria Anna Schicklgruber was living in Vienna at the time she conceived. At that time she was employed as a servant in the home of Baron Rothschild. More

    Could Hitler have been a Sabbataian? The initial financiers of Labor Zionism and Theodore Herzl were barons of the Rothschild clan. Their goal was the creation of a state in the image of their Sabbataian beliefs: that is, anti-Torah, anti-Talmudic, anti-religious and anti-Jewish. To the Sabbataians, any Jew who does not accept anti-Judaism is fit for execution. More

    Zionist Illuminati Bankers Hired Hitler to Start WW2
    By Henry Makow Ph.D
    The ink wasn't dry on the Versailles Peace Treaty before the Illuminati started work on World War Two by building Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

    Before 1919, Hitler had been a political "gun for hire" who had many Jewish friends and had flirted with both Communism and Socialism. Overnight he became a virulent anti-Communist and anti-Semite. What happened? He had become an army intelligence officer. Throughout the 1920's the Reichswehr secretly funded his party and trained his SA "Brownshirts." More

    Hitler Used Rothschild Banker's Typewriter
    By Henry Makow Ph.D
    Emil Georg von Stauss, the president of Germany's largest bank, the Deutsche Bank, lent Hitler a portable Remington so he could write his infamous anti-Jewish banker manifesto"Mein Kampf."
    Von Stauss, a principal Nazi Party fundraiser, also was a longtime business associate of the Rothschilds. More

    Hitler was surrounded by Jews just like Bush, Clinton, Obama, etc...
    The Final Solution? What final solution?

    Hitler's Jewish girlfriend UK Daily Mail and others

    For decades, Hitler biographers have relied on the memoirs of Hitler’s best — indeed virtually only — friend during that period between 1904 and 1908, August Kubizek.
    Now, nearly 70 years after it was written, his book The Young Hitler I Knew has finally been published in English in full.
    And while there have been earlier versions — notably the heavily edited manuscript that was used by the Nazi party as an official biography — Kubizek’s uncensored account throws a fascinating light on the fanatical mind of the future Fuhrer. More

    Hitler's Secret Jewish Hollywood Star Source 1 | Source 2 | Official site
    Fans of late movie icon HEDY LAMARR are set for a major shock in a new biography - the actress once enjoyed sexual trysts with Nazi leader ADOLF HITLER.

    In What Almost Happened to Hedy Lamarr, revered film critic Devra Hill exposes all about the Samson + Delilah star's sexual secrets, including details about her cruel former lover.

    The six-times-wed star, whose first husband was a Viennese munitions dealer, fled to America before the outbreak of World War II - but not before she had briefly romanced fellow Austrian Hitler, according to the new book.

    Hitler’s Jewish Threesome
    Born of Jewish Austrian parents, she then married Friedrich Mandl, a Vienna-based arms manufacturer whose father was Jewish. Friedrich was a bit of a freak and a voracious businessman. He kept Hedwig locked up in his castle, and only let her out to attend business meetings where her mathematical prowess came in handy. Mandl also purchased every copy of Ecstasy that he could get his hands on. His possessiveness and insane jealousy however did not extend into business affairs. At one of his lavish parties attended by Adolf Hitler, Mandl desperately wanted to sell munitions to the German dictator. Hitler desperately needed these muntions as well and he also desperately wanted to get with Hedwig. So a bargain was struck and a drunken threesome took place with a less than enthusiastic Hedwig cementing the deal, so to speak. Hitler for his part ignored the fact that Hedwig was Jewish. More

    HITLER'S JEWISH SISTER (Half-) Hitler's Family Tree

    Angela Franziska Johanna Hammitzsch (née Hitler 28 July 1883 – 30 October 1949), first married to Leo Raubal, Sr., was the elder half-sister of Adolf Hitler. Angela Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria, the second child of Alois Hitler and his second wife, Franziska Matzelberger. Her mother died the next year. She and her brother Alois Hitler, Jr. were raised by their father and his third wife Klara Pölzl. Her half-brother Adolf Hitler was born six years after her and they grew very close. She is the only one of his siblings mentioned in Mein Kampf.

    Angela's husband Leo Raubal died on August 10, 1910. According to an OSS profile of the Hitler family, Angela moved to Vienna and after World War I became manager of Mensa Academia Judaica, a boarding house for Jewish students where she once defended her charges against anti-Semitic rioters.

    Hitler later asked Angela to leave for planning an intrigue with other women to have Eva Braun thrown out. She left having no further relations with Hitler except to celebrate his birthdays in Berlin. In April 1945, she went to Berchtesgaden where Schaub made her a present of 100,000 Reichsmarks from Hitler which she managed to keep secret from the Allies...

    Hitler's Jewish Olympian

    Born to a family called Steinschneider, Jew Erik Jan Hanussen (Wiki) arrived in decadent Berlin, and became the prophet of the Third Reich
    Historians digging into the archives to reconstruct the chronicle of the twentieth century will have to deal with this strange phenomenon of Hanussen, born Herschmann Steinschneider in the humble home of a poor Jewish actor in Vienna. It will be their task to unravel a complex maze of reality and legend, myth and romance, to reach the core of the true personality of Steinschneider, alias Hanussen, and his influence on one of the most significant chapters of European history, the ascent and reign of Adolf Hitler. More

    Hitler's Jewish Doctor
    Austria's most famous historian, Brigitte Hamann, lives in the leafy 19th district, a 15-minute drive from Vienna's Heldenplatz where joyous Viennese cheered the arrival of the Fuehrer in the Anschluss of 1938.
    Hitler takes center stage in two of her books, ``Hitler's Vienna: A Dictator's Apprenticeship'' (Oxford) and ``Winifred Wagner: A Life at the Heart of Hitler's Bayreuth,'' a biography of the composer's Nazi daughter-in-law recently published in the U.S. by Harcourt. Until he got distracted by the war, Hitler loved nothing more than watching "Gotterdammerung'' in the special Fuehrer box at Bayreuth with his friend Winnie by his side. More
    Hitler's favorite Jew: The strange case of Dr. Eduard Bloch
    Eduard Bloch was an assimilated Austrian-Jewish physician who first came into contact with the Hitler family in the town of Leonding on the outskirts of Linz when he treated Adolf's father, Alois Hitler, shortly before his death in 1903. If the future Führer was innately "crazy," there's no evidence of it in the doctor's memoirs. According to Bloch, young Adolf was:
    'quiet, well mannered and neatly dressed...'

    Hitler's Jewish solicitor
    LANGBEHN was one of my pupils in Göttingen with whom I soon came into contact end who was my friend until April 1939 when I left Germany. I soon became aware that he was a young man of great gifts, but at the same time one in danger. He was the son of an "Auslandsdeutscher", a German living in a foreign country; born somewhere in South America if I correctly recollect, in any case a boy for whom it seemed difficult to subject himself to the restricted and narrow life in the after-war-Germany. More

    Jewish works found in Hitler's personal record collection Independent
    Relatives of a Russian officer who looted Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler's Berlin bunker in 1945 have unearthed the Führer's personal record collection among his belongings.
    What they found does not make sweet music to those who still worship the racial quackery of mankind's greatest tormentor. For amid the Wagner and the Beethoven, were works by Jewish and Russian composers - Hitler's greatest enemies - including Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky and Borodin.
    Throughout the 12-year lifespan of the Third Reich, Hitler forbade his followers to listen to anything other than German composers. Even jazz was banned as "negro swamp music" and orchestras such as the Berlin Philharmonic were forbidden from playing anything other than Teutonic classics. The rest Hitler labelled "sub-human music" More

    Hitler Loved Jewish Tunes

    A newly discovered box of Hitler's records included music by Jewish composers or played by Jewish musicians.
    Kept in a box for 62 years in the attic of a dacha near Moscow, the collection of gramophone discs had been been taken from Hitler's Wilhelmstrasse bunker in Berlin by a Red Army reconnaissance officer, Capt. Lev Besymenski. Besymenski, who died this summer at the age of 86, was Jewish. After his death, his daughter Alexandra brought the box of some 100 LPs to Germany's Spiegel magazine.

    In 1943, American intelligence compiled a file on Hitler. The material was classified and was not released until 1972. The psychiatrist Walter C. Langer, who during the war had analysed all secret information about Hitler for the White House, published the delicate material in his book "The Mind of Adolf Hitler" (New York,
    1972). He had access to facts similar to those made available to Dietrich Bronder.

    The Nazi leadership also included Jews with "the right documents", among them the head of the SS Heinrich Himmler (shown to be Jewish by the Jewish writer Willi Frischauer in his book "Himmler: Evil Genius of the Third Reich", London, 1953). Himmler's homosexual activities were recorded on film by the Nazi photographer Walter Frenz. Wilhelm Canaris, the head of the Abwehr, was a Greek Jew. Other Jews were Alfred Rosenberg, who developed the national socialist ideology using as models the Talmud and Bulwer-Lytton's "The Coming Race" (1871), and Joseph Goebbels, whose first girlfriend was Jewish and who only appreciated Jewish professors (Grigori Klimov, "The Protocols of the Soviet Elders", Krasnodar, 1995, pp. 328-329). Goebbels' Jewish ancestry has also been demonstrated by the historian David Irving. His family came from Holland; he was nicknamed "rabbi" in school. His wife was the adopted daughter of a Jewish family called Friedlander. His motherin-law was once insulted by SA members in a Jewish cafe, whereupon she replied that she would complain to her son-in-law Dr Goebbels (Konrad Heiden, "Adolf Hitler", Zurich, 1936, p. 350).
    The deputy Chancellor of the Reich, Rudolf Hess, was bom in Egypt by a Jewish mother. In the homosexual circles in Munich, he was known as "Fraulein Anna" (Bronder, op. cit.). It is less commonly known that in the 1920s, Hitler sexually abused Richard Wagner's grandson Wieland Wagner (Time Magazine, 15 August 1994, p. 56). This information is well documented.,981248,00.html
    Adolf Hitler's homosexuality has been demonstrated beyond question by German historian Lothar Machtan's massively researched new book, The Hidden Hitler, which shows homosexuality's central role in Hitler's personal life. Wiki

    Hitler's Jewish maid [breaks her silence on Adolf Hitler]
    History has condemned him as the megalomaniac who brought death and misery to millions.But for one woman, the name Adolf Hitler evokes a smile not a shudder.
    She is Rosa Mitterer, who worked as a maid for the Fuhrer at his mountain retreat in Bavaria in the 1930s.
    Rosa is 91 and until now has kept a vow of silence about her experiences. She has chosen to break it after realising she is the last survivor of the circle who served the tyrant in the years before he launched the Second World War.
    Uncle Adolf had numerous "Arianised" Jewish cooks including a Jewish cook attending to his stomach aliments.

    In his new biography of Leni Riefenstahl, Steven Bach claims that "Hitler's filmmaker" was even more Jewish than her patron.

    Were Jews behind the 'Holocaust'?
    The Final Solution? What final solution? Jews killing jews!

    The Untold Story of the Nazi Jews
    Cambridge University researcher Bryan Rigg has traced the Jewish ancestry of more than 1,200 of Hitler's soldiers, including
    Two field marshals(God knows how many Jews they killed)
    Fifteen generals, (God knows how many Jews they killed)
    Two full generals(God knows how many Jews they killed)
    Eight lieutenant generals(God knows how many Jews they killed)
    Five major generals"commanding up to 100,000 troops."(God knows how many Jews they killed)

    150 000 Jews served in Hitler's Army (may have easily gassed 6 Million Jews!)

    Jews in the Nazi Military Jewish Buffalo
    Nothing seems more unlikely and surprising than this headline. Yet, it is a matter of fact that Jews served in the Nazi army in World War II. Bryan Mark Rigg, Ph.D. has written a book called Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers, which deals with the 1,200 German officers of “Jewish descent” who commanded German armies during that war. Included were two Field Marshals, the highest rank available at that time, fifteen generals, and the officers commanding 150,000 German soldiersMore

    Thousands of Hitler's soldiers were of Jewish Descent
    The Chronicle ( has published an incredible article that describes how thousands of Hitler's soldiers were of Jewish Descent...
    Michael Berenbaum, former director of the Research Institute of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and editor of Witness to the Holocaust (HarperCollins, 1997), calls Hitler's Jewish Soldiers "startling and unexpected." An "invaluable contribution," he says in a blurb for the book, it "is bound to discomfort all those who work in the field," and has much to teach "even the most experienced of scholars." More

    So what if you’re related to Hitler? (Asks the Jewish Chronicle)

    Is there a Jewish member of the Hitler family, alive and well - and living as a practising Jew in Israel?
    In the Wolf's Mouth
    Picture of General Gotthard HeinriciWhen the train pulled into the station, Bryan Mark Rigg wrestled his bicycle onto the platform, balanced a rucksack stuffed with a video camera, laptop and tripod on his back and started pedaling through the German countryside. He had 70 miles to cover before dark. The Yale student had learned that Alexander Stahlberg, a former German soldier who lived on the grounds of a castle near Gartow, was willing to talk to him. "But you better hurry," the elderly Stahlberg said. "I've got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel."

    Rigg had moved to Germany in 1994 to learn the language and research his senior essay. But the Arlington student's journey meant much more than a grade: He'd become obsessed with tracking down veterans of the Wehrmacht, Hitler's armed forces. And the 23-year-old student wasn't looking for just any old veterans. He was searching for the Mischlinge, men who'd survived "in the mouth of the wolf"

    The Most feared of all Nazis were Hitler's Jewish Police

    Hitler's Jewish Police

    The Ordenienst, or Jewish police in Westerbork, were universally detested by camp inmates for their cruelty and role in collaborating with the Nazis. Composed of Jews from Holland and other European countries, members of the OD were responsible for guarding the punishment block and generally maintaining order in the camp. The OD consisting of 20 men in mid-1942, grew to a peak of 182 men in April 1943 and stood at 67 in February 1944. Wearing the "OD" badge on the left breast was decreed in Camp Order No. 27 of 23 April 1943. More

    Was Hitler a Jew?
    Hitler's Jewish Ancestry Exposed in the Warburg document
    (A non-Jewish declaration)

    "Hitler was Jewish"

    This historiographic breakthrough was explained in a recent interview by Mohammed Ali Ramin, an adviser to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Secretary-General of the "world foundation for Holocaust Studies" established at the government-sponsored Holocaust denial conference held in Tehran in December 2006. As summed up by MEMRI(the Middle East Media Research Institute), which translated parts of this interview:
    Mohammad Ali Ramin said that Hitler was Jewish, and that Hitlers policies were aimed at bringing about the establishment of a Jewish state. Ramin added that Hitler acted under the influence of his powerful Jewish associates and in cooperation with Britain, since the latter shared his desire to force the Jews out of Europe. More

    Hitler was Jewish - Shock Revelation

    But the following is a short clip from the History Channel special "Hitler's Family". Adolf Hitler ancestry remains shrouded in history yet there is evidence that Hitler may infact have been of Jewish decent. Briefly after Hitler became chancellor of Germany his political opponent did some digging into his family's past. Apparently the Jewish sirname Salom was connected with the Hitler family. Could it be that the worst anti-semite in history was himself a JEW?

    Was Hitler Just a Pawn?
    By Henry Makow Ph.D
    The man who became the personification of evil was probably the puppet of a hidden power still in control of the world.

    This view is supported by a curious little-known document entitled "I was Hitler's Boss" by Captain Karl Mayr published in the New York-based magazine "Current History" (November 1941.)

    As Hitler's boss in the "Instruction Dept." of the Reichwehr in Munich, Capt. Mayr had "daily contact" with Hitler for 15 mos. (March 1919- June 1920.) Corporal Hitler was charged with propaganda functions and infiltrating labor groups.

    Was Hitler a "British"/Rothshilds Agent ? 

    By Henry Makow Ph.D

    Greg Hallett's book "Hitler Was A British Agent" depicts war as a ghoulish illusion conjured by occult magicians in order to degrade and eventually enslave humanity in world government.
    Hallett's claim that Hitler was a "British" agent is based on the testimony of a shadowy network of retired intelligence agents. While he fails to provide documentary proof, Hallett does offer persuasive circumstantial evidence.

    Understanding Hitler's Secret Relationship to the House of Rothschild
    In 1999, a book was published entitled "The House of Rothschild: The World's Banker 1849-1999 ". It was written by Niall Ferguson, who, according to the inside jacket cover, is "the first historian with unrestricted access to all the surviving Rothschild archives." According to the inside jacket blurb, the book concluded Ferguson's "myth-breaking portrait of one of the most fascinating and powerful families of modern times". It further stated: More

    History Channel Now Admits U.S. Banks Funded The Third Reich

    In 1952, Dwight D. Eisenhower said: "We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler's death. Many people believe that Hitler escaped from Berlin."
    When President Truman asked Joseph Stalin at the Potsdam conference in 1945 whether or not Hitler was dead, Stalin replied bluntly, 'No.' Stalin's top army officer, Marshall Gregory Zhukov, whose troops were the ones to occupy Berlin, flatly stated after a long thorough investigation in 1945:
    "We have found no corpse that could be Hitler's."
    The chief of the U.S. trial counsel at Nuremberg, Thomas J. Dodd, said: "No one can say he is dead."
    Major General Floyd Parks, who was commanding general of the U.S. sector in Berlin, stated for publication that he had been present when Marshall Zhukov described his entrance to Berlin, and Zhukov stated he believed Hitler might have escaped.
    Lt. Gen. Bedell Smith, Chief of Staff to Gen. Eisenhower in the European invasion and later Director of the CIA, stated publicly on Oct. 12, 1945, "No human being can say conclusively that Hitler is dead."

    The Rise of the Fourth Reich Jim Marss discusses Hitler's escape and US protection of elites Nazis (Zionists)

    The doubles would also be good for dying in place of Hitler, should the occasion arise. When Newsweek magazine published an article named Adolf Hitler's Double, in its March 13, 1939 issue, the editors were only repeating an opinion that was already widely acknowledged by the Allies. According to a recent Russian story, "Goebbels had engaged six doubles to impersonate Hitler for purposes of security and public appearances. After the capitulation of the Third Reich, Hitler had to die for the sake of vindication. There could be no doubt of his death."
    Despite the intelligence reports, many Western historians continued to maintain that Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin underground bunker on April 30, 1945. Ironically, it was not the evidence provided by Russia that convinced them, but the testimony of the obsessively devoted Nazis who were also present in the Chancellery bunker when Hitler allegedly killed himself. Here is where their futile pretence became a matter of imprudence: For they were primarily the very same historians who insisted that the body shown in the annoying Russian photos was a doppelganger killed by those Nazis in the Berlin bunker who wanted to thwart Allied investigators. We were therefore expected to believe that after committing the outright murder of a double for the purpose of obstructing justice, our Nazi bunker guests were nonetheless quite frank and honest in their eye-witness accounts of what really became of Adolf Hitler. More

    A researcher claims that Hitler escaped to Spain
    An Argentine researcher who believes a "farce" the official theory about the suicide of Adolf Hitler in 1945 has found an FBI document that, as he says, proves that the U.S. Army looked for the Führer in Spain in 1947.
    "Hitler, Eva Braun and 13 senior Nazis landed in Barcelona on April 27, 1945, on a flight that departed from Berlin and made a stop in Linz (Austria)," said Bastia. "Traveled in a 'Junker 290, serial number 0163, code PIPQ, 'which later was found by the allies at an airport in the naval town of Travemünde, near Hamburg, "revealed the investigator, for whom Spain" was just a springboard for the escape of Hitler in submarine into South America ".

    Under Operation Paperclip the US and British governments helped many Nazis to escape from Germany.

    Abel Basti, an Argentinian journalist, is the author of 'Bariloche Nazi'. Basti claims Hitler escaped to San Carlos de Bariloche, in Patagonia, in Argentina, and died in 1960. According to Basti, Hitler reached South America by submarine on July 28, 1945.

    According to Basti, traces of Hitler's presence in southern Argentina gradually emerge. More

    Despite the historical consensus that Hitler killed himself at the end of World War II there still linger unanswered questions. The biggest question still is: Did he really commit suicide?
    Other important questions begging for answers are:
    • If Hitler shot himself in the right temple (as is claimed), why then do the Russians exhibit, what is supposed to be Hitler's cranium, showing a bullet hole in the back of his head?
    • Why did the Russians refuse to allow the Western Allies to see Hitler's presumed autopsy report?
    • For what reason did three German submarines land off the coast of southern Argentina more than two months after the end of World War II in Europe?
    • What was the reason for the disagreement between the Russian Military Intelligence (SMERSH) and the Russian Secret state Police (NKVD) regarding Hitler?
    • For what reason did Hitler's plane land in Barcelona, Spain on April 27th, 1945, three days before the alleged suicide?
    • Why did Stalin tell the Western Leaders that Hitler escaped from Berlin?
    • Why were there no burned wood planks on the spot where Hitler and Eva Braun were supposedly be cremated?
    "Hitler's Fate - The Final Story" answers these and other intriguing questions in a consciencious and factual manner.

    Israel Founded Using Known Nazi Forgeries of British Banknotes
    The Germans produced £132m of forged Bank of England notes during the Second World War as part of an audacious plan to undermine and destroy the British economy. The sum was worth about £3bn in today's money. While the plan ultimately failed to deal the UK a fatal blow, it nevertheless frightened the Bank of England into withdrawing all notes worth more than £5 from circulation until the 1960s.
    The notes were produced by a team of forgers and printing experts gathered from among Jewish concentration camp inmates. In the book, Krueger's Men, Lawrence Malkin reveals how some of the cash ended up in the hands of the Jewish underground at the end of the Second World War. More

    When war erupts in the world...

    "Nobody knows that Zionism appeared as a Marxist movement, a socialist one... Zionism is actually a revolution." Sergei Lezov, scientist at the Soviet Academy of Science, Institute for Scientific Information. Strana i Mir magazine (Munich), No. 3, 1988, p. 94.

    "The ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism." Jewish Chronicle, 4th April 1919 (London).

    Zionism and the Third Reich
    Early in 1935, a passenger ship bound for Haifa in Palestine left the German port of Bremerhaven. Its stern bore the Hebrew letters for its name, "Tel Aviv," while a swastika banner fluttered from the mast. And although the ship was Zionist-owned, its captain was a National Socialist Party member. Many years later a traveler aboard the ship recalled this symbolic combination as a "metaphysical absurdity." Absurd or not, this is but one vignette from a little-known chapter of history: The wide-ranging collaboration between Zionism and Hitler's Third Reich. More

    Nazi medal commemorating Zionist collaboration with Hitler
    Werner Senator, a leading German Zionist, once remarked that Zionism, for all its world Jewish nationalism, always politically assimilates to the countries within which it operates. No better proof exists than the adaptation of the German Zionist Federation, the Zionistische Vereinigung für Deutschland, to the theories and policies of the new Nazi regime in 1933. Believing that similarities between the two movements – contempt for liberalism, 'volkish' racism and their mutual conviction that Germany could never be the homeland of its Jews – could induce the Nazis to support them, the ZVfD repeatedly solicited the patronage of Adolf Hitler. More

    Adolf Hitler Founder of Israel
    "Is there any connection between Hitler's unclear origin, and the foundation of the State of Israel, which did not exist for two thousand years, and suddenly three years after Hitler's death came into being again?
    And did not Hitler, after he became Fuehrer, explain to his legal advisor Hans Frank, a son of a Bamberg's Jewish lawyer, that he learned from his grandmother Schicklgruber that her son Alois, Hitler's father, without any doubt originated from an affair with the Jew Frankenberger? More

    Zionists Were Spiritually And Physically Responsible For 'The Holocaust'
    By Rabbi Gedalya Liebermann
    From its' inception, many rabbis warned of the potential dangers of Zionism and openly declared that all Jews loyal to G-d should stay away from it like one would from fire. They made their opinions clear to their congregants and to the general public. Their message was that Zionism is a chauvinistic racist phenomenon which has absolutely naught to do with Judaism.

    The Hidden History of Zionism
    When Menachem Begin became chief of Betar, he preferred the brown shirts of the Hitler gangs, a uniform Begin and Betar members wore to all meetings and rallies - at which they greeted each other and opened and closed meetings with the fascist salute.

    “Hitler has often protested that his plans for conquest do not extend across the Atlantic Ocean. I have in my possession a secret map, made in Germany by Hitler’s government – by the planners of the new world order. It is a map of South America and a part of Central America as Hitler proposes to reorganize it,” -- US President Franklin D. Roosevelt in his Navy Day address to the nation, broadcast on 27 October 1941.

    "Paddy" Hitler
    William Patrick Hitler was born in Liverpool, the son of Alois Hitler, Jr., and his Irish-born wife Bridget Dowling. They had met in Dublin when Alois was living there in 1909, and eloped to Liverpool where William was born in 1911. Hitler's nephew is recalled by elderly former neighbours, and in Liverpool folklore variously as "Billy" or "Paddy" Hitler. The family lived in a flat at 102 Upper Stanhope Street, which was destroyed in the last German air raid of the Liverpool Blitz on January 10, 1942.

    How Einstein Helped Hitler
    Albert Einstein was a racist Zionist. He believed that anti-Semitism was good for the Jewish "race" because it promoted segregation and separated Jews from the, to use his word, "Goyim". John Stachel wrote,
    "While he lived in Germany, however, Einstein seems to have accepted the then-prevalent racist mode of thought, often invoking such concepts as 'race' and 'instinct,' and the idea that the Jews form a race."— J. Stachel, "Einstein's Jewish Identity", Einstein from 'B' to 'Z', Birkhaeuser, Boston, Basel, Berlin, (2002), pp. 57-83, at 68.
    Einstein helped Hitler and the Zionist Nazis by promoting the belief among Jews that anti-Semitism was the Jews' salvation.

    Jew Stalin far worse than Jew Hitler 
    The conservative estimate for the number of deaths by starvation under Stalin's reign is 10,000,000 white Ukrainians, as reported by the ncyclopedia Britannica. Yet, other sources show the numbers to be much higher. Taking into account the full toll of Communism on the Russian people, the number reaches 45,000,000.
    "We mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish" -Ynet News

    1933: World Jewry Declares War on Germany

    Nazis were Zionists
    The Nazis wished to declare "Germans" a distinct ethnicity - and to marshal "Germans" together into a unified political force, in an ethnically and religiously homogenized homeland. This is plain fact.

    Zionism did come first, however, and Nazism was partly an emulation of it and partly a "pre-emptive" response against it. More

    Zionists were the real Nazis
    A relative of Hitler is now Jewish and living in Israel. So is the son of a Waffen-SS man. Tanya Gold talks to the descendants of Nazis who have embraced Judaism.

    Lenni Brenner divulged in 1984 in his book "The Iron Wall" that the Stem Gang in 1940 delivered a memorandum to a German diplomat in Beirut. It was suggested that the Jews in Poland should receive Nazi military training to fight against the British in Palestine.
    "Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races.

    Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves." --

    Menachem Begin (Israeli Prime Minister, 1977-1983. (Nobel Prize Winner for...Peace!)

    Heinrich Himmler's emissary Leopold von Mildenstein together with Zionist functionaries visited Palestine in 1933 and 1934.
    In 1933, the Hitler administration and the Zionist Central Organization signed an agreement for the Jewish emigration to Palestine. There were so many new settlers that many Arabs suspected Hitler of being Jewish and a crypto-Zionist.

    Nazi leader was Jew who conspired with USSR and Britain to establish Jewish state

    The Theft of Palestine has nothing to do with the 'Holocaust'

    New York Times year 1900 articles prove the fallacy of the holocaust. Long before Hitler the Zionist Propaganda Brainwashing was in full gear

    The "horrors" of German National Socialism are greatly exaggerated. One reason is to cover the crimes of Communism and Zionism this century, particularly in Russia and Eastern Europe. This cover-up exists because it was predominantly atheistic Judeo-Communists from New York and Chicago, financed by wealthy "western" Jews, who hijacked the Russian Revolution. The Jew Jacob Schiff provided the Jewish revolution with $20 million. The money was transferred via cooperation of the Federal Reserve Bank, another Jewish creation instituted in 1913. The same year, the Anti-Defamation League came into existence.

    Hitler - Just Another Inside Job

    HITLER was the ultimate False Flag operation ­ which has set up the current Khazar-Jew false flag operation that we are now facing: More

    IBM and the Holocaust
    The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful

    The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel 
    Bernstein tells how it was, how it is, and how it will be—as long as American taxpayers tolerate their leaders’ bowing to every wish and whim of the Ashkenazic elite which rules Israel. He takes the reader on a guided tour through Israel’s history, institutions and values, demonstrating how the best traditions of Biblical Judaism have been obscured, corrupted, or cast out to make way for the totalitarian, militaristic, chauvinist Nazi monster that is the Israel of today.

    CIA's Secret File on Adolph Hitler: 'Special Collection Release'

    Adolf Eichmann Was a Crypto-Jewish Zionist Nazi
    Adolf Eichmann was a crypto-Jewish Zionist Nazi, who, together with other such Jews, attempted to force European Jewry to emigrate to Palestine against their will. According to Hennecke Kardel in his book Adolf Hitler: Begruender Israels, Eichmann was a full-blooded Jew. According to Eichmann himself, he was a radical Zionist.

    Adolf Eichmann identified himself as a Zionist in 1939 in a conversation with Anny Stern, More

    In 1950, it was claimed from official Jewish sources that the total amount of Jews in Palestine from various European countries only amounted to 80 000. As many as 420 000 of those present were listed as gassed in the camps. Even though they were alive and well in Israel, the Zionists considered them victims of the holocaust and demanded retribution for them (Weckert, "Feuerzeichen: Die Reichskristallnacht" / "The Kristallnacht: A Beacon", Tubingen, 1981).

    No written records of extermination/gassing of Jews were ever found but written records of protecting the Jews do exist:
    Heinrich Himmler ordered Reinhard Heydrich to put a stop to all demonstrations and to protect the Jews from the demonstrators. The telegrams giving the orders are still available in the archives. When Hitler was informed at 1 a.m. of the riots in Munich, and that a synagogue had been burned, he was furious and ordered the Munich chief of police to report to him immediately. He ordered the fire put out at once and all demonstrations and riots in Munich to be stopped. He made sure that a telex was sent to all gauleiter at 3 a. m. The order demanded: "From the highest authority: Arson or assault on Jewish shops or other Jewish property must not occur under any circumstances."

    The all-time most popular car, the Volkswagen Beetle, was not invented by Adolf Hitler but by a Jewish engineer, Josef Ganz. He designed and even built a first prototype that was ready to be taken into production.

    Bits and bobs about Hitler:
    Hitler the evil genius!!
    Hitler's Secondary School Report Card.
    Moral Conduct....3, very satisfactoryDiligence.... 4, irregular
    Religious Instruction....4, adequateGerman....5, below standard
    Geography.....4, adequateHistory....4, adequate.
    Shorthand....5, below standardMathematics....5, below standard
    Chemistry....4, adequateFreehand drawing....2, good
    Physics....3, very unsatisfactoryGymnastics....1, excellent

    A Jew Defends Hitler

    What if Hitler Were a Jewish Supremacist?
    Jewish fiction

    A Comprehensive History of Zionist Crimes

    As governments continue their relentless drive towards global dictatorship, emasculation of national sovereignties and wilful refusal to govern for the benefit of their own citizens, it is clear that an international cabal or Mafia exerts great influence upon the obsequious flunkies and traitors who pose as 'leaders'. A measure of the cabal's power is provided by the fact that the armed forces of several nations are deployed on phony pretexts such as "WMDs", or "al Qaeda" conspiracy theories based on faked videos and planted 'evidence'.

    Without Auschwitz, there would be no Israel.
    Despite what you may have been taught in history class, the Rothschild family and their agents have indeed instigated all of the wars of the past century, and also added tremendously to their obscene wealth by funding at least one side in every war, and usually both sides...

    Today's Anti-Smoking Purge Is Borrowed From The Nazis
    Smoking is healthier than fascism...

    Our Nazi allies
    For the past 20 years, Maier has been filing a steady stream of requests for information to a variety of U.S. government agencies, largely for the existential pleasure of historical inquiry, and also out of a fear of a rebirth of Nazism, fascism and racism in Germany.
    What is most startling about Maier's success, however, is that he appears to have had an easier time finding information on U.S. collaboration with Nazis after World War II than a committee appointed by Congress to extract the same controversial data. Maier, through Freedom of Information Act requests, has unearthed new information
    Holocaust by telepathy
    Seven months later Hilberg summarized his new thesis before an audience of nearly 2,700 at Avery Fischer Hall in New York City: the entire German policy for the physical destruction of the Jews was to be explained by mind reading! No document attesting to this criminal policy could be found, because no such document existed. For several years, the entire German bureaucratic machinery operated through a kind of telepathy.

    This page is still being Updated


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    Was Hitler a Ladyboy?
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    'That darn little bug is driving me crazy. I keep expecting it to multiply!' 03:04

    It is! They're multiplying in DC! [DC stinks with them bugs]

    On a more serious note:
    This is a one man job who can't cope with all the priorities... After say 2 hours to get to work... 2 hours to get back from slaving 8 hours...etc...etc...I know there so many updates awaiting...
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    to address two questions: yes A. Hitler was a well known gay prostitute with arrest records in Munich and Austria. Hess and Himmler also gay. Some kind of club it seems. And Nazi can be seen as national zionist or
    Ashke/nazi, the 90% of Israeli Jews.
    1 May 2011 21:27
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    What is wrong with u people?
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    The term "Nazi" has several options:

    *Na-Zi National Zionist
    *Nazi---Nasi(means Prince of Jewry/ Jews)

    Hitler´s German racial Supremacy and chauvinism was just a cover-up of, as the "reason" for the WW2, to hide the secretly foundation of Israel.
    17 May 2011 05:03
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    Where did two hack reporters for the Jewish owned Guardian UK find Hitler DNA to test?! Come on... I was born at night, but not last night!

    "Germany’s unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an independent exchange system from which the world-finance couldn’t profit anymore. ...We butchered the wrong pig."
    -Winston Churchill (The Second World War - Bern, 1960)
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    I fully tie in with everything you have printed.
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    This is a one man job who can't cope with all the priorities.
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