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The Christian evangelicals who beat little Lydia Schatz to death are the same sort of people as the ISIS child killers.

Lydia was adopted from Liberia.

"Biblical" discipline kills Northern CA girl

The children fighting for the CIA in Syria (above) have been mind controlled.

Evangelist extremists are the mirror image of IS (ISIS/ISIL).

Both the evangelical extremists and ISIS are tools of the CIA.

Matthew Murray (above), from an evangelical family, wrote:

"There was physical abuse in my home.

"My mother … used psychotropic drugs because she somehow thought it would make it easier to control me..."

Murray joined YWAM’ - Discipleship Training School of Youth with a Mission - which trained youngsters to spread the gospel to under-evangelised Third World nations.

He realized that … the school’s training methods resembled ‘cult mind-controlling techniques’.

He complained that six of his male peers had made a gay sex video and that others routinely abused drugs.

Evangelist Nazis and Child Abuse

In 2007 Matthew Murray reportedly killed four people in the Youth With A Mission and New Life Church shootings before taking his own life.

Murray's father is a prominent Colorado neurologist, and presumably knows a bit about CIA mind control.

The CIA and its friends are mind-controlling children to work for ISIS (IS/ISIL)

"The Reverend Jim Jones, an anti-establishment clergyman, was turned by CIA mind-control into a fire-breathing, charismatic puppet-master, who convinced hundreds of people to join him in a mass suicide.

"Ironically, the puppet-master was himself a CIA puppet; the mass suicide was a CIA experiment designed to discover whether a large group of political dissidents could be so totally controlled that they would kill themselves on command...

"Douglas Rushkoff’s book Coercion explains how CIA mind control works: The subject is 'broken,' then the CIA interrogator presents himself as a substitute parent figure and seizes total control of the subject’s mind."


One inmate of Shepherds Hill Farm reported that the farm "is a christian wilderness program, where we were indoctrinated and brainwashed with evangelical Christian ideas...

"There was a young boy at the program... He wet his bed at night.

"Their solution was to make this child strip to his underwear and bath in below zero water in front of everyone, then carry his mattress a mile up hill on his back to clean it. Followed by a lecture about sweet dear Jesus."

Evangelist Nazis and Child Abuse

The CIA and its friends have infiltrated every institution of any importance.

That includes churches and orphanages.

The CIA is a mixture of Nazis, Zionists, Mafias and sadistic child abusers. 

Child abuser Paul Schäfer Schneider, believed to be an Ashkenazi Jew and a Nazi.

The CIA and its friends use children's charities as fronts for their torture and terror activities.

The charity Colonia Dignidad was set up in Chile by a 'Jewish Nazi' called Paul Schäfer Schneider.

The CIA used Colonia Dignidad as a centre for mind controlling children.

The CIA has evidence of the presence at the colony of Josef Mengele.

AmeriCares has been linked to child abuse rings and death squads.

Extracts from an article entitled "Evangelist Nazis and Child Abuse"

1. Evangelist extremists are nothing but the advance party of American neo-colonialism.

The young who have been ‘saved’ are encouraged to donate future earnings; young girls and boys can be sexually exploited...

2. This is the doctrine of the American ‘neocons’ and their European stooges, who have systematically replaced social ownership of essential utilities with ownership by American corporations, served by a cowed and cheap workforce, brainwashed by corporate-controlled media into believing the state does not exist; we are all ‘individuals’ competing in a ‘market’, in which only the fittest survive.

John Wetterer. In Guatemala, John Wetterer set up Mi Casa, a program for homeless boys. In 1988 John Wetterer was accused by 60 Minutes of sexually abusing a number of boys.

3. In Africa, the CIA backed evangelists...  are in fact the stormtroopers of the Skull And Bones, the New World Order, whose task is to indoctrinate the ... world with the belief that all ‘disbelievers’ must be destroyed, whether that disbeliever is a child branded as a witch, or a Muslim who protests about the genocide of Palestinians.

Evangelist extremists are the mirror image of IS (ISIS/ISIL).

The entrance to Colonia Dignidad, a major base for the CIA. During the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, who was put into power by the CIA and various crypto-Jews, Colonia Dignidad was used as a torture centre. Reportedly, the CIA, Mossad and the West German secret service used Colonia Dignidad for experiments involving the torture and mind control of kidnapped children.

4. In Cambodia, children in an orphanage run by Australian evangelists were forced to crawl as they were beaten with sticks and had to eat rice from the floor.

5. One Cambodian orphanage, linked to the Christian Outreach Centre of Australia, allowed tourists to take children out for a night.

Father Bruce Ritter mixing with the teenage boy prostitutes of New York. Father Ritter was a vice president of Americares. Father Bruce Ritter set up a charity called Covenant House, as a cover for a pedophile ring. Covenant House procured children in Guatemala and elsewhere. Ritter had sex with the boys in his care.

6. According to India’s National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), child abuse in orphanages is on the rise: ‘The nature of alleged child abuse includes rape, molestation, torture and mental abuse,’ they reported.

7. In Africa, private Christian ministries, such as ‘Acres of Hope’, ‘Children Concerned’, ‘West African Children Support Network’ make lots of money from adoption schemes.

Colonia Dignidad. "It was Paul Schäfer Schneider's habit to have one or two boys sleep in his bed every night. Some had to be drugged or tranqulized in order for him to have his way."

8. The various evangelical groups are united under the ‘Christian Alliance for Orphans’, which promotes overseas mission trips, and will even offer interest-free loans to adoptive parents.

9. In Nigeria, children as young as two are acused of witchcraft by psychopaths calling themselves evangelists.

If a child under the age of two screams in the night, cries, and is feverish, he or she is a ‘servant of Satan’. Some such ‘servants’ are murdered, some have nails driven into their heads; others are dowsed with boiling water or acid. Lucky child ‘witches’ are merely tortured, or left to starve in the gutter.

10. Evangelist celebrity pastors and their televised propaganda ‘ministries’ are only concerned with lining their pockets.

They have hundreds of broadcasting stations around the world, with some ministries grossing $100,000,000 a year.

11. The grandson of Billy Graham told journalists: ‘The Christian mission field is a “magnet” for sexual abusers.

Colonia Dignidad. Colonia Dignidad in Chile or more recently Villa Baveria was a post World War II concentration camp, torture factory, and religious cult . Children were kept in total isolation and darkness for long periods of time..."This is the same treatment being used in Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghirab to destroy the minds of prisoners like Jose Padila, who is now a walking vegetable."

12. The Hull Daily Mail (2010) reported on a Jehovah’s Witness who had raped women and girls over a 40 year period, and had used religion to threaten his victims. ‘This was allowed to continue to happen despite one (victim) revealing it to the Jehovah’s Witness elders, a court heard’.

Nikki Gaskins (The Coastal Source, 2010), reported on the arrest of a pastor charged with child molestation and sexual battery’, who had ‘at least ten prior convictions’.

Guatemalan children with the Toybox charity which has links to the 'CIA front' organisation World Vision.

13. In 2010, an earthquake devastated much of Haiti, and delivered many children into the clutches of American evangelists...

Orphanages were emptied by evangelist ‘bargain hunters’.

14. Orphans are often subjected to mind control.

AmeriCare's warehouse in Stamford, Connecticut. "Just down the road from Newtown, the town of New Canaan ­ is headquarters to AmeriCares, which did the gunrunning to the neofascist militias in Croatia during the break-up of Yugoslavia."

child abuse charity, cia child torture, colonia ... - Aangirfan

cia's 'christian' faction; americares, pedophile ... - Aangirfan


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