Monday, September 8, 2014

CIA,NSA,W Bush,Barack Obama:Who Are The Terrorists We Owe $6 Trillion And Rising to ?

CIA,NSA,W Bush,Barack Obama:W Bush,Barack Obama:Who Are The Terrorists We Owe $6 Trillion And Rising to ?

That figure sounds approximately what U.S.investors or suckers lost on the last stock market collapse of 2008 which was a replay of the 1999 collpse ansd was to a gret extent a result of digitalizing our dollars to
be sent to 'anonymous' offsahore accounts of the white 'Jewish' Lards of the City of London and Israel and Switzerland and their varoius offsgore acciounts ariound the world..And of course all those war crimes due to the liues of 9/11 that we can now say were NOT 'Islamo terrorists' at all but the crimes of the elites who
control the UK and the EU and Switzerland and Israel.

All Swiss and other offshore accounts of these elites should be confiscated just as they confiscated and stole the accounts of the countries they invaded raped murdered and looted in our names


  1. US Government Debt Of $6 Trillion Now Owned By Foreign Countries

    Headlines & Global News-Sep 3, 2014Share
    More than $6 trillion of U.S. government debt is now owned by foreign interests, according to the most recent Treasury Department report on ...

  2. Foreign holdings of U.S. Treasury debt top $6 trillion

    Salt Lake Tribune-Aug 15, 2014
    Total foreign holdings rose 0.6 percent to $6.01 trillion, up from $5.98trillion in ... China, the top foreign buyer of U.S. Treasury debt, trimmed its ...
    Foreign holdings of Treasury debt top $6 trillion
    New Orleans CityBusiness (blog)-Aug 15, 2014
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  3. US Debt Gets a Boost From Abroad

    Wall Street Journal-21 hours ago
    The ECB move highlighted the twofold appeal of U.S. debt for global investors at a time ... with $4.59 trillion of assets under management at the end of June 2014. ... The dollar has gained about 6% this year against the euro.

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