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Strange Death Of Miriam Carey At White House On Barack,Michelle Obama's Wedding Anniversary;First Person Armed Or Unarmed In History Killed;Eric Francis Still At Large With Child .Where Are The Surveilance Videos ?

Strange Death Of Miriam Carey At White House On Barack,Michelle Obama's Wedding Anniversary;First Person Armed Or Unarmed In History Killed;Eric Francis Still At Large With Child .Where Are The Surveilance Videos ?

Breaking News: Carey Family Attorney Eric Sanders Seeking Videos of Miriam Carey Incident at White House?

by Scott Creighton
Late this evening I received a Twitter notification that someone had mentioned me in a Tweet. The person who did that was Eric Sanders, the attorney who was representing the Carey family in a custody suit after Miriam had been shot and killed after attempting to leave the White House grounds and being chased and gunned down by Secret Service and Capitol Police half a mile away … while she was unarmed… in front of her then 14 month old daughter.
At this point it’s hard to say what’s behind this effort, but if it is legit, perhaps it will be a good start to finally finding some measure of justice for Miriam and accountability for those who murdered her.


Days after the shooting, Mr. Sanders made a comment on a Friday when the judge denied the Carey family custody of the child, Erica Carey, that they weren’t going to give up their efforts to gain custody. In a bizarre legal move, Erica had been held by the state for quite some time after the shooting of her mother while Justice Department teams scoured Miriam’s home in hazmat suits careful not to let any DNA out of the condo. The very next business day after Sanders made that comment (a Tuesday since that Monday was a federal holiday) he was arrested on a trumped up federal charge.
It is no secret that I believed and still believe to this day that we are being lied to about the nature of what happened that fateful day.
I know for a fact via police reports and witness statements, that the mainstream media is lying about Miriam trying to “ram the gates” at the White House. There is no damage to the front of her car as anyone can plainly see in the photos taken at the scene. The police report itself clearly states that Miriam had made a wrong turn into the White House access road and turned around before being confronted by Secret Service who were trying to prevent her from LEAVING the grounds when one put a bike rack in front of her. The one eye witness confirmed that he saw her trying to LEAVE the White House grounds when they attempted to stop her.
From the beginning of this awful story I have wondered about the relevancy of little Erica to it all. One of the first articles I wrote about this put forward the notion that she wasn’t just a side-note to the story, but in fact the core of it.
The day Miriam attempted to leave the White House grounds with Erica was the wedding anniversary of Barack and Michelle Obama. I wondered why Miriam, a single mother, would take Erica on that day to the White House after having been on record saying she knew Obama was spying on her and controlling her life.
Though the media universally attempted to portray Miriam as some sort of whacked out loony, her sister made it clear that she wasn’t delusional. Her successful appearing lifestyle would also suggest a measure of responsibility that doesn’t lend itself to the “lone nut driver” story we were being spoon-fed by every single MSM outlet.
Another interesting facet of the case is how every single outspoken African American advocate suddenly went dead silent when an unarmed 34 year old black woman was gunned down in broad daylight by Obama’s secret police force and the House of Representatives had the unmitigated gall to give them a 5 minute standing ovation for doing so.
Something was horribly wrong with the story. Lies were being peddled by every news agency with a consistency not seen since the pre-Iraq invasion. The story seemed doomed to quietly slip down the proverbial rabbit hole. Short of a DNA test, the only possible evidence that could surface would be videos taken from the scene by White House security cameras showing exactly how and when Miriam and Erica entered the White House grounds and the circumstances of their attempt to leave unmolested by Obama’s secret police.
Little Erica’s alleged father (Miriam’s boyfriend at the time) took custody of her and the story has grown cold ever since.
No justice for Miriam Carey has been handed out. No so much as a reprimand for gunning down an unarmed woman in the streets of DC for making a wrong turn onto White House grounds.
But that might change.

Breaking news;

As I stated earlier, there has been a development.
Eric Sanders after being released from federal lockup came across some of my writing on the Miriam Carey story. I and a few others like Dr. James Manning and Raw Story, understand that there is something else to this tragic event and Eric came across our efforts. Dr. Manning has gone so far as too claim that Miriam’s sister has called for a DNA test on little Erica. I don’t know if that is true or not. I do not endorse forcing anyone’s child to submit DNA for such a test. It’s an invasion of her privacy that she is far too young to understand and I don’t feel decisions like that are anyone’s business but her direct relations, in this case her aunts and her grandmother.
Sanders and I exchanged Tweets for a short period. We don’t exactly see eye to eye on this case but I think it’s fair to say we both agree there MUST be some kind of effort made to extract a measure of justice for Miriam from the Capitol Police and the Secret Service. No agency (or man for that matter) is above the law and their standing operating procedures in this case were definitely violated resulting in Miriam’s violent and needless death.
On that point, Mr. Sanders and I are in complete agreement.
At one point I wrote that the White House had to have had security cameras at that location which would tell at least one part of the story of how Miriam died that day. Not all of it, but part of it.
This evening, out of the blue, I received a notification that I had been mentioned on Twitter. This is what it said.
The link left by Mr. Sanders in the Tweet takes you to a longer tweet he posted in which he explains that he has taken some time to “observe” Capitol Police and Secret Service procedures and has formulated a conclusion about what may have happened that day.
What does that mean? Does it mean he has conducted his own private investigation into their policies and procedures or does it mean they brought him in to quell dissent on this caustic issue and he’s now going to come out with some kind of story to put the whole thing to bed?
Hard to say at this point, but he did offer up one more interesting bit of news: he’s attempting to get security camera videos from local buildings that would have captured the incident at the White House gate where it all supposedly started.
Here is Eric Sanders’ full Twitter statement:
Over the past couple of days, while in Washington, D.C., I had an opportunity to observe police operations of the Metropolitan Police Department, United States Secret Service – Uniform Division and United States Capitol Police, specifically, around the White House and United States Capitol grounds, along with the immediate areas around the District of Columbia. The purpose of the observations was to rebut and/or support various theories as to how this police interaction with Miriam resulted in her untimely avoidable death. Without giving away all of my observations of their respective police operations, I can see how the shooting of Miriam unfolded.
The key to understanding Miriam’s untimely avoidable death begins at the corner of 15 Street NW and Pennsylvania Avenue NW (United States Department of Commerce building) or E Street (White House entrance checkpoint), which is essentially the same corner. More importantly,cameras located atop of the United States Commerce building and the W Hotel aka Hotel Washington 515 15th Street NW probably gave a clear and unobstructed view of Miriam’s direction, rate of travel towards and into the White House entrance gate and away from the White House entrance gate.
We are going to get to the bottom of this incident.
Notice how this is phrased. He states the purpose of the observation was to refute and/or support various (conspiracy) theories about this case.
To me that’s odd. I would think the purpose of anyone’s efforts at that particular location would be to try to figure out how Miriam was shot and killed for making a wrong turn onto White House grounds. Do you know that there have been 6 people over the last 50 years or so who have attempted to actually break into the White House, two of which were armed and opened fire on the White House grounds striking the building. Do you know how many of them were gunned down in the street?
Not a single one of the people who have attempted to bust into the White House have been killed and I think only one was shot… in the leg.
Miriam was shot a half a mile away multiple times, unarmed, for LEAVING the White House grounds… in front of a 14 month old child.
Given those historical facts, it’s curious to me why the Carey family lawyer would spend time as a guest of the agencies who took her life, trying to “refute and/or support” the ‘conspiracy” theories as to the specifics of that particular murder.
Without actually saying he is going to do so, it would appear that Mr. Sanders is implying that he intends to get the security camera videos from those two buildings in an effort to see if they show Miriam entering the White House grounds and leaving them.
But he seems rather careful to not actually claim that is what he is going to do. Instead, he infers it and in the legal eagle mind of Mr. Sanders, that’s a rather big difference.
If Mr. Sanders really wants to know what happened, he should go through whatever legal hoops he has to in order to get his hands on the security camera footage of that corner from the White House itself. They SURELY have working video security. Without a doubt there is footage from that day of what happened at that guardhouse.
And it would be pretty much the same process as trying to get the videos from the W Hotel and the Commerce Building seeing as how the Justice Department and the FBI and/or Capitol Police certainly grabbed up any local video security camera footage from that day for “national security” reasons. He’s going to have to go through the Secret Service to get any of those videos anyway, might as well get all of them, right?
But that’s assuming they still exist which they almost certainly don’t.
I don’t know what to think about Mr. Sanders’ “breaking news” at this point.
Part of me wants to think that he’s making an effort to get to the bottom of all of this but another part of me smells a rat.
I know how they work. They need to put this “conspiracy theory” to bed. They always do. So they come along a few months after the fact with an insider to offer up a very controlled new narrative which is slightly more honest than the old one, but still, not completely kosher. They did it with Benghazi they did it with the ridiculously staged bin Laden strike story. They do it all the time. It’s important in the historical context.
What could have happened goes something like this: they brought Sanders in, scared the shit out of him by letting him see the raw power of the Secret Service yet did so subtlety by taking him around kinda like a VIP for a day. Gave him a handler to walk him through the operation who explained the carefully scripted storyline for him of how “miscommunication” and “9/11 panic” got the best of a good system that fateful day. Then they end up giving him a couple clips of a video from way over across the street somewhere… not a full video of her leaving and turning around and exiting as the story goes… but a couple of edited clips of her car entering and then sometime later, exiting the building.
Sanders comes away with a tragic story, but a story of a mistake, rather than a deliberate act.
If that’s the case, and we will know soon enough, then Mr. Sanders will be playing a role in the cover-up of the Miriam Carey murder.
If on the other hand Mr. Sanders comes out of this with handfuls of nothing, then we can make a determination as to his intent at that time depending on his next step.
However, and this is why I bothered to write this… if on the slim chance Mr. Sanders is actually doing this in order to get to the bottom of Miriam’s murder (that’s the third time I wrote that and it was murder. Accident or not, they chased her, saw she was unarmed through the window of the car, saw the kid in the car, opened fire anyway, and eventually shot her dead standing beside her car unarmed. That’s murder folks) and he comes away with videos from those two locations and starts a process to get the White House security recordings, then in that case he’s doing a rather noble and selfless thing, opening himself up to more legal issues and painting a target squarely on his forehead.
With that possibility in mind, after all this time researching and writing about finding justice for Miriam and Erica, I stand with Mr. Sanders in his efforts to produce these important videos. It won’t tell us the whole story and quite probably will look a little like the Pentagon Flight 77 videos, but at this point it’s a start. Hopefully it’s a start born of good intentions to finally get some justice for Miriam.

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