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CNN,Wolf Blitzer,Anderson Cooper Sell Sandy Hook Lie:Live Principal Dawn Hochsprung Looks On

CNN,Wolf Blitzer,Anderson Cooper Sell Sandy Hook Lie With Live Dawn Hochsprung Looking On

 CNN,Wolf Blitzer,Anderson Cooper Sell Sandy Hook Lie While Live Principal Dawn Hochsprung Looking On

And they also sold us the Chabad LUBAVITCH BITCHES WHO GO OUT AND GET TATTOOS IN 'HONOR' OF THEIR ALLEGED JEWISH CHILDREN !If Wolf Blitzer is a 'good Jew' as his mafiosi Baltimore rabbi claims.I don't want t see no bad Jews.
And dn't forget CNN also brought us Alexis Israel who claims to have had 'ply dates' with Adam Lanzaat his home !And her mother,Beth Israel, and who has her on twiter account claims to never explains how or why she let her daugher date a non Jewish Adam Lanza or whether Adam was Jewish all along !And then  gay facist Anderson Cooper threatens  over the interneyt anyone who doesn't believe his and CNN's official story !
Sandy Hook — 02 January 2014
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UPDATED: Dawn Hochsrpung Busted as Alive and Well at Her Own Eulogy
UPDATED with video and additional pictures, Jan. 2, 2013, 2:00 EST
Hoaxer Dawn Hochsprung is busted as alive and well at her own eulogy and remembrance seen on national TV, where she was praised and recognized in a Psyops News (CNN) interview. It is really her on the floor, to some degree staying out of the limelight of the interview. Has anyone every seen a CNN video of this import with the seating of such a person on the floor?
It is her, let there be no doubt about it. She has been demonstrated alive and well, the first actual fake dead adult to be uncovered.
Supposed daughter and thieving fraudster Erica Lafferty is spewing nothing but wretched lies about her supposed death which she is using as a guise for promoting gun control. Both she and he purported mother are true moles, anti-American arch-enemies, whose purpose is to use the lies of Sandy Hook to strip the people of their rights.
These moles are Michael Bloomberg associates, the Zionist mole who spends seemingly his entire existence as an antagonist to the American people.
The revelation came long ago, when a poster fingered Hochsprung as being the woman on the floor in this CNN interview with a CNN reporter, Gary Tuchman:
The operatives at CNN had a field day placing on their telepromters endless lies about a shooting that didn’t occur, a massacre that was non-existent, and a tragedy that was made up in the world Zionist congress lab.
Seated on the right next to Mr. Hochsprung is Dawn Hochsprung’s daughter, Erica Lafferty.
Much later in 2013 on Psyop (CNN) News arch-fraudster Lafferty claims that she had a very special relationship with her mother during her wedding, as if she was directing her from the ‘heavens:’
ericalafferty-uuus ericalaffertyshhoax
The woman is a thief in the night. She well knows her mother is alive and well and seeks to ridicule all others who would dispute it. Moreover, now, she is a key globe-trotting agent for that criminal of criminals, gun-grubber and anti-freedom antagonist, Michael Bloomberg. There, she remains a well-entrenched, and well-paid, employee of this hostile one’s privately held entity, Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns.
Can anyone imagine it? This individual, an absolute fabricator, is the public face of the Zionist cabal, aka the Michael Bloomberg clique, before the entire nation for stripping the people of their rights?
Then, who is her key collaborator, other than yet another lying, thieving Sandy Hook hoaxer suprreme, none other than arch-fabricator Carlee Soto?
Misery truly does love company.
It truly is a Zionist’s world that a vile creature such as her could have such vast access not only to the major lying, thieving media outlets but also to the decadent bowels of the U.S. Senate and Congress. According to the fabricators at the Newtown Bee:
In a year, she has gone from someone who only voted when her mother reminded her, to someone who goes on national news shows and walks the halls of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., talking about the need for better gun control policies and mental health programs for those in need. She has helped put a face on the nationwide gun control debate. She has forced politicians and much of the general public to think critically about ways to make our schools and our society safer places to learn and live.
These statements are hardly believable, that is that this wretched one, speaking out of the corners of her mouth, eyes flashing in every direction: that she is really directing the internal affairs, potential, and future of the nation? Really, this pathological liar has that degree of influence? If so, the world is coming to an end.
Her dead mother was riddled with bullets, and this extreme example of a fraudster is laughing with glee. No wonder: Dawn Hochsprung is sitting right on the floor as the Zionists toy endlessly with the minds of the gullible, trusting, and readily deceived goy.
Suddenly, as the elder Hochsprung brings forth a phony but seemingly emotionally charged story line, Lafferty goes into action, tissue every ready in her right hand. Her mother, seated on the floor, gives her that concerned look, as if to say, “Don’t overdo it, dramatist, that’s why I stayed here for the interview.”
A background check through Intelius indicates that, all along, Lafferty-Hochsprung, along with her daughter, were key operatives:
Note the number of addresses and P.O. Boxes for this individual. Clearly, for this cabal she was a major player and was to be vigorously emphasized by the perpetrators as a poster child for gun control.
Thus, rather than a principal Hochsprung was there, essentially, as a gun control spy.
Just like her principal status, the relationship with Mr. Hochsprung is a fake. There was not real wedding. Rather, it was merely a Photoshop fabrication:
The same image of Mr. Hochsprung was used in all known wedding pictures (there are only two or three). It’s all a fairy tale, created in the PhotoShop lab.
So, too, is the claim of Hochsprung being a real Sandy Hook principal a tall tale, and surely she was not an active principal at the time of the phony massacre.
Let the world know. Dawn Hochsprung is alive and well.

It was her, all along, right under everyone’s nose, literally. Look at the long neck, the nose (tiny nostrils) the short forehead, the eyebrows, the bridge of the nose, and more. The cone-shaped head of the wedding picture can be ignored as a PhotoShop corruption, as part of her right head was cut-off.
Right where she belongs, like a good mole, right on the ground.
These two are absolutely the same person, there can be no doubt about it, separated by a few years. Notice the chin; it’s the same, as is the neck – as are the cheeks, the eyes, and more. Who can prove otherwise?
They didn’t think anyone would look. Yet, it was right under everyone’s nose, literally.
Here is an example of a cut-and-paste operation of bringing the heads into a foreign background. Note the flat color correction on the top of Lafferty’s head. Nothing about the picture appears real, typical purposeful grainy picture offered by the cabal.
Therefore, Dawn Hochsprung is an operative of the Zionist world cabal for purposes of creating the basis of a false massacre. The purpose was to install new gun legislation that allows control over the people through the guise of ‘mental health’-related laws. It is all a master plot by the Zionist to destroy the inalieanble rights of freedom-loving Americans, and Dawn Hochsprung, as well as her vile, decietful duaghter, Erica Lafferty, are key players in this criminal fraud.
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  1. Be sure you’re right,then go ahead.
    These are words from Davy Crockett and my only question is, “where do we go from here”? We must get this information out. If we can crack Sandy Hook, we can start regaining liberty. A matter of life and death.
    • It is absolutely certain for the record that this hoaxer seen on the floor is none other than Dawn Hochsprung. At the minimum spread the word, as are the other posters, to the world about this scam. Our job is to do the highest bidding, what God has made us for, to spread the good word, and let that truth liberate and set free whoever will be set free.

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