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Gov.Malloy'sSandy Hook Newtown Commission,Most Connecticut Citizens Question Police Report,Police Commissioner Reuben Bradford 'Retires'

Gov.Malloy'sSandy Hook Newtown Commission,Most Connecticut Citizens Question Police Report

Let's see if Malloy has the nads to call out the State Police for the shoddy work after a year of delays. It's either that, or essentially disband his own commission, who have essentially said they can't proceed with what they have. - one citizen's comment in response to ctpost story below:

In effect NO surveillance video was even made public although Police and government have video from system installed by Prinicpal Donna Hochsprung before her alleged deah at the hands of Adam Lanza.Why can't Adam Lanza's ex Jewish girlfriend Alexis Israel  and the other sudent who took those strange photos of him straighten this out ? Where's Wolf Blitzer when you need him !?:

Heavily redacted Sandy Hook surveillance video released (VIDEO) 28, 2013
An introductory letter by Commissioner Reuben Bradford expresses condolences to the victims' families, and explains the length and breadth of ...

The troubled state law enforcement agency that oversaw the investigation of the Newtown massacre will now be run by an outsider who has overseen prisons but has never served as a police officer.

Dora Schriro, a former Department of Homeland Security official who currently heads the New York City Corrections Department, was appointed Monday by Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy as commissioner of the state’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) starting on Jan. 31. She will oversee more than 1,000 state troopers and five other public safety agencies.
Former DESPP Commissioner Reuben Bradford resigned in December, and the current top official of the State Police, Col. Danny Stebbins, has been under fire from the force’s rank-and-file. Both men received  overwhelming votes of “no confidence” from police union members in mid 2012.


Sandy Hook commission criticizes state police report

Updated 5:42 pm, Saturday, January 11, 2014

  • Photographs of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. from the full school shooting reports that were released by the Connecticut State Police on Friday, Dec. 27, 2013. Photo: Contributed Photo, Connecticut State Police / Connecticut Post Contributed
    Photographs of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. from the full school shooting reports that were released by the Connecticut State Police on Friday, Dec. 27, 2013. Photo: Contributed Photo, Connecticut State Police

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy appointed an advisory group to review state policy and make recommendations for improvements in school safety, mental health programming and gun violence prevention.
But there is one problem: the recently released State Police report the panel must rely on to understand the crime is all but indecipherable, some members of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission say.
Indeed, the report is so disorganized that the commission has sought the help of a Hartford law firm to turn the 6,700 page file -- an online collection of hundreds of individual documents, without a table of contents or index -- into a searchable database.
"I think all of us have gone into the document pages and were just never quite sure whether we missed something or have gotten to the thing that matters most to us," said Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson, chairman of the commission.
Commission members including Dr. Harold I. Schwartz, psychiatrist-in-chief at Hartford Hospital's Institute for Living and a professor of psychiatry at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, want as much information as possible about the mental health history of Adam Lanza, the school shooter.
"I've spent many, many, many hours and opened probably thousands of files to scan them quickly to see if there's a subject within that I think is germane," Schwartz said during Friday's meeting. "The process has been extraordinarily frustrating."
Commission members have been fuming over what some call "a data dump" of State Police research, including heavily redacted summaries of witness interviews. Some are hoping that State Police can appear before the panel and shed some light on the indexing issues.
"Is it possible to inquire now to see if there's an index or table of contents?" Schwartz asked. "If there isn't, I don't understand how the State Police themselves could be using these documents. They're not in chronological order, they're not in subject matter order, they're not in thematic order. They are in little bunchings, here and there. All of a sudden you think you've come upon a theme and if you just open the next 30 or 40 files you'll touch on everything you need on a particular subject."
Jackson, in an interview, said that the 16-member part-time commission has no authority or resources to deal with the report, which he characterized as "back-handed."
Lt. Paul Vance, spokesman for the state police, said that he was unaware of the commission's criticism and he declined to comment on the lack of a table of contents, or index that could provide a road map to the massive report. "It stands as submitted," Vance said in a phone interview Saturday. "They are extensive documents that include all the facts and circumstances of the investigation."
Jackson wondered whether legal remedies will ultimately be needed to find out the full extent of Lanza's illness and the circumstances that led to the Dec. 4, 2012 murder of his mother, then 20 first-graders and six adults in the school.
In a statement Friday night, Peter Lanza, the shooter's father, said that as executor of the 20-year-old's estate, he has already told police that he would release Adam's medical records to the commission.
"As Mr. Lanza has informed law enforcement officials throughout this process, he is willing to approve the release of any medical records that he has the authority to release," Errol Cockfield Jr., Peter Lanza's spokesman said in a prepared statement.
"Mr. Lanza has let commission chair Scott Jackson know that he is willing to meet with him towards reaching that goal. Mr. Lanza is also encouraging Chairman Jackson to invite any health-care or service providers that worked with Adam to assist with the commission's effort to find answers."
Jackson believes there is much left to learn about Lanza and, especially, his mother, who was frustrated and possibly scared by Adam's illness, but allowed for guns to become a huge part of their lives.
Schwartz, in an interview, said that actual diagnostic records are nowhere to be found in the State Police records.
"I just don't get it," Schwartz said. "What is the purpose of the State Police making it harder?
Daniel J. Klau, a first-amendment lawyer whose Hartford lawfirm has volunteered to help the commission sort through the document, said that indexing the report will take weeks of painstaking manual effort. Klau appeared before the commission on Friday and said his staff was working as fast as it could.; 860-549-4670;;;


  • fieldmcconnell
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Mr. Dixon,

On 10 January, 2013 I reported to Governor Malloy the truth of the Sandy Hook event. It is as simple as this google search:

Malloy + DHS + DMORT V + HSEEP + Crisis Actors + Vision Box + Field McConnell

Malloy: was warned in advance
DHS: created false threat to rationalize gun control
DMORT V: federal portable morgues to prevent local investigation
HSEEP: Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program
Crisis Actors: just like Boston and Aurora....actors
Vision Box: coordinate filming to make it look scary

This comment going directly to Gov Malloy who along with Napolitano, Bradford, Vance Jr, Vance Sr and H Wayne Carver probably wish John Simmons had had better actors. It will also be featured on our Livestream show airing globally at 2pm EDT today, 13 Jan 14.

We will also discuss departure of Reuben Bradford ( 26 Dec 13 ) and the linkage between Malloy and Barry Soetoro. We will discuss the failure of
the governor to clear his office by 9 January, 2014.

This letter was posted to internet before being sent.

Field McConnell
401 Main St
Plum City WI 54761
715 307 8222
Global Ops Director, Abel Danger Private Intel« less
  • 51 minutes ago

  • CommonSense68
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When will the sheeple awaken. The 6700 page report is nothing more than a big fat lie on inconsistencies and b.s. The Connecticut State Police and especially Mr. Vance are doing exactly what they told to do from the masters. There is not table of contents and no index because they didn't know where or how to put the lies in order. Once again people wake up from the fog that you are in the New World Order is taking form before your eyes and you can't even see it because you are distracted by ... » more
  • 1 hour ago
Let me get this straight. No table of Contents and no Index, along with missing information, however, it stands as submitted. I thought these were necessary parts of a report in order for it to be submitted? Am I the only one sitting here dumbfounded?
  • 3 hours ago
  • JYD
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Let's see if Malloy has the nads to call out the State Police for the shoddy work after a year of delays. It's either that, or essentially disband his own commission, who have essentially said they can't proceed with what they have.
  • 4 hours ago
  • daviddobler
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In the 11th paragraph: I didn't know there was a Dec .4th massacre?
Anyhow, If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BULL$H!T !!!
Connecticut couldn't write a book report on a Mickey Mouse comic book.....which explains how $crewed up our new gun laws are!!!
  • 4 hours ago

  • BoozyBill
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who cares
  • FactFinder
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And yet folks voted for Malloy. Anyone wonder why the report was released on a Friday between two major holidays and more than a year after the criminal act took place. Yet they zipped new gun laws into place that would not have prevented this criminal act or anymore that are yet to come!

  • vettehh
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Everything under Malloy is worthless !!!
  • 22 hours ag
  • Pones
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Just one more example of a useless, worthless police force. Clueless from the get go. And very disrespectful to the public the people that they work for and who pay their outrageous salaries and pensions. Fire them all
  • 23 hours ago
  • 2lio
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This is nothing but a complete farce. By passing gun laws BEFORE the report shows these laws had NOTHING to do with gun violence OR mental health. Their intentions now, and always have been, to find a way around Congress and the Constitution. Contrary to what they believe, not All Americans are stupid.

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