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Sochi,Russia Olympics:Terrorists are Israelis and Theats Tracked To Israel

Sochi,Russia Olympics:Terrorists are Israelis and Theats Tracked To Israel

After all Russia and Eastern Europe is the real cradle of Zionism and white 'Jews' WHO ERRONEOUSLY FRAUDULANTLY CLAIM TO BE 'SEMITES' AND THE PROGENY OF CHILD ABUSER AND RAPIST ABRAHAM OF THE OLD TESTAMENT, KORAN  OR TORAH.They are well placed to carry out terrorist activities there just a their Jewish Russian Israeli mafia with the wealth of Jewish bankers particularly the Rothschild crime family control the U.S.government and media....

Israeli hoaxer suspected in Sochi attack threats

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Times of Israel
An email in Russian and English threatening national Olympic delegations and athletes with terrorist attacks at the Sochi Winter Games is a hoax, not a real danger, officials said Wednesday.
Wolfgang Eichler, spokesman for the Austrian National Olympic Committee, said the email was a hoax that officials had seen before.
“It’s a fake mail from a sender in Israel, who has been active with various threats for a few years,” Eichler told Austrian news agency APA. “It’s been checked out because it also arrived two years ago.”
Hungarian sports officials, who first reported the email, which was apparently sent from a domain in Israel, said they have received assurances from the International Olympic Committee and from the Sochi organizers that the email had no merit. In light of that, the Hungarian Olympic Committee said it will still take part in the Winter Games, which run from February 7-23.
Olympic committees from several other European countries, including Germany and Britain, said they had also received a similar message. None would share them with The Associated Press.
The IOC repeated its stance that it “takes security very seriously.”
“(We will) pass on any credible information to the relevant security services,” the IOC said in a statement. “However, in this case it seems like the email sent to the Hungarian Olympic Committee contains no threat and appears to be a random message from a member of the public.”
Security is a major concern at all Olympics but especially in Sochi, which is in southern Russia just a few hundred miles (kilometers) away from a simmering Islamic insurgency in the North Caucasus. One Islamic militant warlord has urged his followers to attack the Sochi Olympics, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s pet project.
Earlier, Bence Szabo, secretary general of the Hungarian Olympic committee, told the sports daily Nemzeti Sport that the message included threats about a terrorist attack in Sochi and urged the Hungarian delegation to stay away from the Winter Games.
Germany’s national Olympic association, the DOSB, also said it had received “several times the same mail with unspecific, general warnings” and it had sent it onto security officials.
Many officials said national committees get Olympic threats fairly often.
“We are not aware of any threats that have been deemed as credible being directed toward our delegation,” British Olympic Association spokesman Darryl Seibel told the AP. “Organizations such as ours receive email correspondence all the time — some of which seem to lack in credibility.”
A spokeswoman for the Switzerland’s Olympic committee said similar threats were common so close to the Winter Games and athletes and officials would base their travel plans instead on the assessment of security officials.
“This is kind of an everyday mail. This is normal before every Olympics,” Martina Gasner told the AP.
“If they (security officials) say you can go to Sochi, we will go. And if one day they say it’s too dangerous and we command you not to go, then we will change our plans,” she added

Other HoaxesZionist Terror— 24 January 2014
Israeli Terrorists, their Role in the Russian Bus and Terminal Bombings
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Israeli Terrorists, Their Role in the Russian Bus and Terminal Bombings
It was brutal Zionist terrorists who were behind the recent bus and train station bombings in Russia, not radical or extremist Muslims. Immediately after the bombing the Zionist-controlled press, internationally and in Russia, cast, wildly, false blame on Muslims, focusing on women, then, later claiming that men were involved. The false blame against Muslim men was in relation to the Volgograd train station. First, it the blame was placed for that train station bombing on the ‘widow’ bomber, then it was a man with a back-pack.
The divergent stories alone are proof of Zionist lies.
Previously, the video of this man was exposed, here, as a Zionist scam. The same kind of scam is being heaped upon the world regarding the Sochi Olympic games, where the Israeli vile ones are establishing blame against Islaam and Muslims. It is all a diversion so that no one will realize the extent of the Zionist crimes.
The so-called black or Islamic widows are non-existent, that is in terms of bombers on missions to attack innocents in civilian facilities, buses, and more. What else would explain the consistent use of PhotoShop and photographic manipulation in the supposed imagery of the perpetrators?
The accused is an Israeli PhotoShop fake. There is no such person in existence. Note the hard part of the back wall missing on the left screen. Note the triangular PhotoShop painted area with the fake “4-inch” scar. See the cut-and-paste aspect of the pin gown. The eyebrows are also artificially thickened to make her appear more menacing.
The actors on the video are Arabic-speaking Israeli Jews, not Arabs or Muslims. Note the smirk of the man on the right screen.
Constantly, the Israeli is speaking out of the corner of his mouth:
Once again, these are Zionist moles who are making the threat, not Muslims. The gesticulations and gyrations of the Zionist ring-leader is yet additional evidence of these hucksters and fraudsters: impostors acting as is they are Islaamic people. Islamophobia is the essence for the maintenance of global Zionist tyranny.
russianbusbombingsisraelimoles russianbusbombzionist-12
The Israeli on the right is so bored he leans backwards against the fake banner.


Also while Russia's Vladmir  Putin,( who is very connected to the Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Russian American Isaeli and world mafia- and cult ),ignores any possible Israeli terror connection to bombinngs and terroeist threats  but does more openly suspect Isael's and U.S.'s and UK's Islamo-fascist allie Saudi Arabia. :

Russia Claims Saudia Arabia Involved In Volgograd Attack

Russian intelligence has now reportedly obtained solid proof that Saudi Arabia was directly involved in the twin terror attacks on the city of Volgograd.
The attacks killed more than 32 people and injured over 100 others. Most of the victims were civilians.
There are unconfirmed reports that Putin and his senior intelligence officers have already drawn up plans to “destroy Saudi Arabia” over its systematic sponsoring of terrorism on Russian territory.
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‘You take care of your business, and we’ll take care of ours,’ the kind of notations which are strictly the commentary of the Mossad. So is the standard statement “We prepared for you a present.” There is no such possible language among Islaamic groups. There is no doubt about it the claims for potential attacks against the Sochi Olympic games is strictly a Zionist plot.

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