Thursday, September 24, 2020

Agora-CIA,Rey Rivera,Porter Stansberry,Bill Bonner,missing Lila Rajiva No one has mentioned Lila Rajiva who claimed to be from India and co-authored 'Mobs,Markets and Messiahs with Bill Bonner in 2007.Both she and Porter Stansberry emailed me in 2005 and Stansberry tried to get me to stop blogging about him at that time and tried to lure me to his office in Baltimore at that time,one year before the death of Rey Rivera. She always claimed I (Tony Ryals) was stealing her writing.Actually I did learn about the Goldcor fraud that became Oxford Club from herand I was more than happy to give her the credit for having been my source but all the while the Goldcor fraud had been written about in newspapers from the late 1980's or early 1990's as well as the suicide or murder of its' CEO in Florida and drug scandal.. She wrote a strange book about U.S. torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraibe in Iraq shortly beforejoining Agora and Bill Bonner to write 'Mobs,Messiahs and Markets'. Strange for someone who claims that ballet was her original profession.However she did write something about Baltimore real estate for the Baltimore Sun but it appears that the Sun has long since hidden or removed it from the internet. She has claimed to have a degree from Johns Hopkins but in what I would have no idea.Her now disappeared blog has gone missing as well but she had once mentioned to have worked for Save the Children or a similar group in India at one time.I belive her Wikipedia vanity bio is still there but it doesn't come to the top of a google search like it used to.Actually I had expanded a Wikipedia vanity biography for James Dale Davidson in the early 2000s explaining he was founder of both the NTU or National Taxpayers Union AND AGORA INC ITSELF.All this real history has been erased down the memory hole.... How convenient. Anyways I got her to contradict herself in claiming to have only heard of Rey Rivera's death in 2008 which is highly unlikely if she was emailing me in 2005 and announcing that she had just taken a job at Agora and was starting to write that book with Bill Bonner it's highly doubtful she only heard about Rivera's death in 2008 as she claimed in a debate with me on the blog link below.. I would be curious as to whether Mikita Brottman with all her Baltimore and academic connections has ever heard of Lila Rajiva who I believe was in Baltimore and certainly writing a book with Bill Bonner at the time of Rivera's death. 2. I remove things from my blog or leave them or change them because I do “guerilla blogging” – a term I explain on my site… It’s the only way sometimes to get out information, without getting into legal trouble. Think about it. Often I am only trying to inform one or two other bloggers or readers, and there’s no need for me to retain information that would only cause me trouble. Sometimes I am trying to tackle my enemies. I have a few. Mr. Ryals, being penniless and skulking in Central America, can commit libel with impunity. I cannot. Nor would I wish to. 3. Re Mr. Rivera. It was I who blogged about Mr. Rivera’s death…which is where Ryals got the information in the first place. I wonder why Mr. Ryals doesn’t pose his questions to Mr. Rivera’s former colleagues who knew him and worked with him, rather than someone who never laid eyes on him and first heard of him from the internet in 2008. Very odd..... Lila Rajiva Note Rajiva's writing below from her now disappeared blog which makes it very hard to believe she was unaware of Rey Rivera's death until 2008m when she read about it on the internet ! Ha. Also Lila Rajiva always tries or tried to deceive by her straw men arguments claiming I'm wrong and she has never met ex CIA Chief George Tenet. I never said she had I said Bill Bonner and James Dale Davison had connections to him and that he asttending an Agora convention in New ORLEANS IN THE EARLY 2000s.And of course ex CIA Chief William Colby was an employee of theirs in the 1990s when he was mysterious found dead in his boat near Washington D.C. .I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT AGORA'S MASONIC CONNECTIONS BUT ITS CIA CONNECTIONS OR UNDENIABLE. lila rajiva : I was at Agora from January 2006 – October 2007 (and only heard of death of Rey Rivera in 2008 on internet ? Repeated By Tony Ryals Since 2007Libels About Me I am a penny stock “fraudster” Truth: I have never sold a stock or a penny stock ever. Any investment advice I ever gave professionally can be found in notes in the Daily Reckoning that can be found below. I edited the Daily Reckoning column, did some real estate research (looking for property that Mr. Bonner might be interested in purchasing, researched real estate and market conditions, and wrote ONE investment report on Goldman Sachs. Most of my time was spent on writing and editing “Mobs, Messiahs and Markets.” I was hired for 4 hours PT work in January 2007 and signed a book contract the following summer (May 2007). Do you really think that I could have found time to tout stocks when I was editing 4 hours per day, researching and co-writing the book (that was originally 1000 pages before it was cut down. All in exactly one year flat, while writing my own articles, traveling around the world with a laptop, house-hunting for myself and doing my own (very small time) trading? There are not enough hours in the day for me to have been touting stocks or running any newsletter, with all that. Ryals is fabricating this out of whole cloth.......... Email To Me From Porter Stansberry,Agora Inc Just Before Rey Rivera's Death:

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