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Email to me,(Tony Ryals), from Porter Stansberry from 2005,shortly before the death of Rey Rivera.Why he thought I would travel all the way to Baltimore to visit his CIA infested den or why is a mystery to me.He could have simply emailed his colleagues and employees testimonials as to his integrity and honesty and I would glasly have posted them on the internet for him.He obviously doesn't like me so why would he have invited me there ?

In my opinion the ex SEC attrorney Brent Baker as well as Karen Martinez who claimed Rivera may have been murdered by defrauded investors let Stansberry and Davidson walk.For that they both indirectly are responsible for Rey Rivera's death.It would not be surprising at all to me if some Masonic Lodge member or members were behind those worthless penny stocks that Stansberry paid Rivera to promote.Brent Baker later was employed or bribed for his cover up by getting a job from's Patrick Byrne.Strangely I ran across a Salt Lake City news article about his defending a Stanford hedge fund perpetrator in which he says he was in NY on 9/11 and had an appointment that morning at the WTC just before all heil broke loose.
After removing all mention of the biotech penny stocks Genemax and Endovasc from their USEC litigation MUCH LESS CHARGING THEM FOR LIEING ABOUT THEiR SHARES BEING VICTIMS OF 'NAKED SHORTING' OR 'NAKED SHORT SELLING' -(A TERM THAT NEVER EVEN EXISTED IN THE VOCABULARY OF SHORT SELLING BEFORE THEY MADE IT UP) - BRENT bAKER RETIRED FROM THE SEC AND WENT TO WORK FOR OVERSTOCK.COM'S PATRICK BYRNE AND BEGAN LYING THAT ITS' SHARES WERE ALSO VICTIMS OF 'NAKED SHORT SELLING' ! Later in 2008 the SEC Chair Chris Cox himself used the website to fraudulently claim that Fannie Mae,Freddie Mac and around 20 or so big banks and brokerages in Goldman Sachs,whose shares Stansberry would later brag about having shorted were all victims of 'naked short selling' ! Stansberry bragged about predicting and presumably shorting shares of Fannie Mae just as Goldman Sachs was doing in 2008 while the SEC was lying about their shares being 'naked shorted' ! I was about the only one calling them on these lies.Agora Inc and Stansberry employee Ron Paul even wrote a letter to the SEC complaining-lieing about stocks being 'naked shorted' ! Patrick Byrne said a 'Sith Lord' was doing it.
Posted: 11/4/2005 12:04:28 AM
By: Porter Stansberry responds
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From: "Porter Stansberry"
To: "william knowles"
Subject: Re: Jim Davidson
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 17:01:20 -0500
Tony (er...William Knowles...),
Using Google to research people will lead you to make a lot of strange connections. One time I shared the first class cabin of an airplane with John Waters, the famous film maker. He lives in Baltimore too. But it's not a conspiracy. In fact, I hate his movies and I think he's a total nut job.
You're drawing the same kind of bizarre conclusions between me and Jim Davidson.
I've never had a substantive conversation with Jim Davidson. I've been in the same room with him less than half a dozen times. He was a childhood friend of Bill Bonner. They started Agora together. Bill was the copywriter. Davidson was the editor. Davidson quickly sold out to Bill, who built the business over a 30 year period. Later Davidson left the company, at least in part because his stock picks tended to be very risky. Agora is now the parent company of my business. That's the only connection -- Jim used to work with the people I work with today. Jim, by the way, is in his mid-50s. I'm in my early 30s. We are in two completely separate peer groups. We're not friends. We're not associates. And we never have been.
I started my publishing company, Stansberry & Associates Investment Research in 1999. Our editorial rule -- from the first day -- was that we would not buy any stock we wrote about until after we gave our readers a fair chance to buy it. However in 2003, to make the rules even more clear, we simply forbade any of our writers from owning ANYTHING they write about. No subscriber or government agency has ever, during my entire career, brought a charge against me of attempting to "front run" or pump and dump stock. We make it very clear to all subscribers THAT WE DO NOT INVEST IN THE THINGS WE WRITE ABOUT.
The SEC did bring suit against me in 2002 for publishing what it alleges was a fraudulent report on USEC (NYSE: USU). There was never any allegation that I owned shares of that company or that I recommended the stock in order to move its share price in any way. It is a case of "he said, she said," nothing more. My source at the company denies telling me the things I wrote about. In my report, by the way, I predicted USEC's share price would double because of a new pricing agreement with a Russian supplier. The agreement happened three weeks after I predicted it would and the stock nearly tripled by the time our court case began. Those are facts, you can look them up. I recommended USEC in May of 2002, at $6.50. Davidson was mentioned in one SEC filing as an example of the kind of work I do. The judge rebuked the SEC for mentioning Davidson in our case, as he was not a party to it. You can contact Judge Garbis about all of this to verify it.
Brent Baker was the SEC lawyer who investigated me. During our case he left the SEC and gave us information about the SEC's motives in our case in the hope that we would hire him. We filed a brief about his behaviour -- which was completely bizarre and totally unethical. We didn't hire him. I don't know why anyone would hire that guy...he's real creep.
Regarding Freedom Fest: I was invited to speak by Mark Skousen, the conference organizer. I've known Mark for 10 years. He's a very well respected economist/professor (teaches at Columbia) and has written probably a dozen history/economic books. I didn't realize it was going to be a neo-con love fest or I wouldn't have shown up. I don't think Davidson was there, by the way. I didn't see him at any rate. I did see George Gilder. And I did see Bill Bonner. I gave a presentation on some research I'd been doing on the lack of private savings in the baby boomer generation and the larger problem of bankrupt pension plans. Thus the title "Generation Debt." Here's a copy, more or less, of the speech I gave. This version is from an essay I wrote early during my research of the problem:
Regarding my group's recommendation of, the article was written by Graham Summers. He is the editor of our "Inside Strategist" newsletter. The recommendation was a follow-up to one that Graham wrote more than a year ago on the same company -- long before any of this "naked shorting" nonsense errupted. Graham recommends stocks when they have a lot of inside buying. qualified because the CEO was buying big chunks ($10-$12 million) of stock. No other reason. Graham, by the way, has never met Jim Davidson and has never spoken with him.
I don't know anything about Jim's business England or Dubai...or anywhere else.
I run a very honest business with nearly 40 hardworking employees and thousands of satisfied customers in over 120 countries. We give refunds to any subscriber who is not happy with our work. We do not cheat anyone nor would we endorse or condone any kind of fraudulent stock market activity. I don't know anything about "naked shorting" the National Taxpayer's Union, or almost anything else you've written about.
I would invite you, again, to meet with me and my staff at our offices (1217 St. Paul Street) in Baltimore at any reasonable time. I would be happy to give you more third party references who can verify the facts I've shared with you here.
And I would ask you to please correct, pull down or amend any and all statements you've made about me, my business, my publications or my staff that allege or imply any wrongdoing or business dealings with Jim Davidson.
Your postings -- even though they're totally baseless -- could have a material impact on my reputation and thus the economic well being of my business.
Thank you.
Porter Stansberry

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