Friday, February 8, 2019

Trump's Venezuela Puppet Regime Rally Around Israeli Flag

Trump's,Rubio's,Elliott Abram's  Venezuelan Puppets Rally Around Iaraeli Flag

6 days ago - Supporters of the self-proclaimed "interim president" keep asking for U.S. intervention inVenezuela.

Why Israel wants to see Maduro overthrown in Venezuela

Middle East Eye-15 hours ago
While various important factors and elements have fuelled the dire situation in Venezuela today, Israeli meddling in Latin American affairs is ...

The Vultures of Caracas - Craig Murray

Guaido's forces in Venezuela cheered the Israeli flag at their rally.

Israel has longstanding ties to Latin America's right-wing.

Israel trained Brazil's military junta in torture tactics, backed Pinochet's coup, and trained Guatemalan dictator Ephraim Rios-Montt's death squads on behalf of the US. 

Today, it inspires Venezuela's oligarchic opposition............

The US government has frequently used 'starvation' as a weapon of war.

Think of Yemen and Venezuela.

In Venezuela, the US government's blockade and sanctions are intended to cause hunger.

The US aims to use its 'humanitarian aid' to help Guaido.

The best way to help Venezuelans is an end to the blockade and sanctions.

Roger Waters (@rogerwaters) · Twitter

Juan Guaido wants Elliott Abrams's Death Squads in Venezuela?

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