Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Inauguration,Cohen,Trump,Obama,Clinton Money Launderer Zuberi Is Israeli -All Media Silent On Birth Place

The investigation into Trump's inauguration money looks quite serious

Vox-13 hours ago
Trump's inaugural committee raised a truly astonishing $106.7 million, double the previous record set by Barack Obama's 2009 inaugural, and ...

Zionist scam artist Jimbo Wales' Wikipedia claiming to be an 'encyclopedia' is often instead a propogandist for some of the most sleezy con artists and scum some with high level and CIA connections and are known stock fraud money launderers such as Agora Inc who around 2000 was claimed to be founded by James Dale Davidson who also  founded NTA or National Taxpayers Association which was or is a billionaires club for the likes of James Dale Davison friend Steve Forbes who even allowed Davidson and Geico billionaire son Patrick Byrne use Forbes' Forbes magazine to promote a business journalism lie that stocks particulary penny stock that Davidson and  spoiled billionaire's son Patrick Byrne  of Ovetock.com  stock scam who also ran a scam involving manipulating Novastar Financial stock shares and claiming stock price collapses were due to 'naked shorting' or 'naked short selling' - a term made up by them to distract from their own illegal stock manipulation and pump and dump scams.Anyay  Wikipedia as is usual ith so many of their phony biographie of often very suspicious or controversial people don`t even have a place and date of birth for Zuberi ho they call an 'American' and just hint he's another financial wizzard !

My reason for believing  that Zuberi is Jewish even though the media only emphasizes his and thus Trump's indicted attorney Cohen's shadowy unexplained Qatar connections  without any real  journalistic explanation  is because plenty of other Zuberis on the internet have Israeli connections.This tendency to use Jews of Mjddle East origen has the advantage of confusing them with Arabs and on a finacial hierarchical basis his real bosses either directly in the Israeli government or in the pay of Jewish international oligarchs he has also has ulyivated or been given by his bigger Zionist bosses connectionns and in Qatar itself who also have connections with corrupt Heik Mohamed Al Rasgid Matoum and the UAE and Saudi  royals,etc who bomb Yemen and kill and maim ith U.S. weapons sold mainly but not exclusivly.Acharacter named Amir Adnani is another example most Americans would presume to be Arab  but is in fact Israeli and also has Republican and Trunp connections including to ex Texas governor Perry who is now Trump's energy secretary and endorses Adnani's
It is also interesting to note that Rick Gates 'Trump campaign aide who helped run the inaugural committee' as involved ith a stock fraud against mainly Americans rather tan Israeis as usual,had Israeli individuals who were beneficiaries or profiteers in the stock fraud.


The investigation into Trump’s inauguration money looks quite serious

The US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York subpoenaed the inaugural committee on Monday.

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