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Guatemala:Video Proves ,Elliott Abrams,Israel Guilty Of War Crimes,Maya Holocaust

Abrams' efforts to push for pro-Israel policies in the 1990s dovetailed with his appointment to the NSC. When Abrams was appointed the Reagan administration point man on Latin America, he came to the State Department with no expertise in the region and did not speak Spanish. Similarly, Abrams became the NSC's Middle East specialist without any real expertise in the region—other than his family ties to Israel, his polemical writings for neoconservative publications, his right-wing Zionism, and his experience overseeing the Iran-Contra arms trade, in which Israel functioned as the major broker -

Videos - Below is an interview with journalist Nairn that have of his video interviews with a Major Tito who turns out be have been General Otto Perez Molino  around 1980 and who would go on to be President General Perez Molino until til his various frauds including with an Israeli Guatemalan named Uri Roitman whose criminal involvement dates back to the Mayan massacres themselves.CICIG of the U.N. and its legal team put both beghind bars bt unfortunately not for the war crimes and 'ethnic cleansing' policies against the Mayan people continue unpunished.'

Below video at the end or around 7.20 into shows Perez Molina bragging about mortars from Israel -
bodies laying all around him as he speaks........Thanks a lot Elliott Abrams.

Guatemala: Río Negro Survivors Identify Executioners - Upside Down ...

May 7, 2008 - Judge Opens Suspended Court Case for Río Negro Massacre ... The Guatemalan army and INDE labeled the rural Maya Achí ... The battalion entered residents' homes, carrying an array of weapons, including Israeli Galil Assault Rifles. .... head with sticks and clubs, or by bullets to the head with firearms.

Israel's close relationship with Guatemala has roots in country's civil ...

Jan 8, 2018 - Of the nine votes siding with the U.S., Guatemala and Honduras were ... were indigenous Maya), and accusations against the Guatemalan ... According to journalist George Black, in many Guatemalan military circles admiration for Israel's ... to bullet fragments from firearms and pods of Galil rifles, made in ..


Israel's role in the Guatemalan genocide – Middle East Monitor

Beans, guns and training: Zionist support of Guatemalan state 


Six years before the “Beans and Guns” campaign ripped through Mayan village life, the Israeli government initiated a two-year programme for Guatemalan officials to study agricultural schemes in Israel. The Kibbutzim pioneer culture of Zionism shares much with the Gaucho frontierism of colonial and postcolonial Latin America, and in the 1978-1979 period, about 1,000 Guatemalans were trained by Israeli settlement study centres in Rohovot and other areas. When the Guatemalan congress gave Israel its highest honour in 2009, the speaker commented, “If there is thriving agriculture, it’s an Israeli contribution.” In reality, there is no thriving agriculture which benefits Guatemalans today, with hundreds of thousands of rural families dependent upon aid.
By the late 1970s, reports of human rights abuses by US-trained and armed Guatemalan soldiers were causing headaches for the Carter administration in Washington; the US congress subsequently suspended military aid in 1977. Within months, Israel had stepped in to fill the void with President Ephraim Katzir signing an agreement for military assistance. According to the Stockholm Institute for Peace, Israel supplied Guatemala with $38 million worth of arms during the civil war period. This included Arava aircraft, artillery pieces and gunboats. The Galil assault rifle, an Israeli-made weapon, was standard issue for the Guatemalan army by 1980, with the state owned small-arms production facility in Alta Verapaz producing its ammunition under Israeli licence. Indeed, corporate enterprise was a significant aspect of Israel’s involvement in the Guatemalan civil war, with a number of Israeli firms active on Guatemalan territory, providing services ranging from military equipment to radar control systems to water development projects. Israel also utilised its shadowy arms industry to avoid embarrassing the US, often shuttling arms to Guatemala through intermediaries, normally retired generals and “securocrats” with dual nationalities. In June 1977, Barbados customs agents discovered a shipment of 26 tons of arms and ammunition destined for Guatemala from Israel in an Argentinian cargo plane; similar shipments were discovered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Reagan’s election in 1979 and his policy of containment in Central America were exploited by Israel. The late Ariel Sharon engineered a relationship with the US in which Israel would carry out much of its dirty work in the region, in a bid to cement a closer relationship and align the countries’ geostrategic interests. This included funnelling weapons to Nicaragua and El Salvador. In a special report by the New York Timesin 1983, it was noted that Israel had a role in supplementing US strategic interests.
Israel had contributed considerably to Guatemala’s counterinsurgency programme by the late 1980s, with at least 300 retired and Israeli government affiliated trainers active in the country, passing-on expertise on everything ranging from computer tracking of insurgents and activists through complex snooping techniques, to training elite troops known as “Kaibiles” for the rural pacification programme ...................

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