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Adelson,Netanyahu,Trump's EPA Promote Russian-Israeli Mafia Air Form Water Fraud

Oct 10, 2018 - ProPublica/WNYC also say Jewish billionaire influenced EPA's Scott Pruitt to push for expedited deal with Israeli firm owned by a friend, raising ...

May 4, 2018 - Netanyahu and Mikhail MirilashviliMendy Hechtman/ ZAKA ... In the past Water-Gen, which Kohavi started in 2009 in Israel, which also ...

May 5, 2018 - Netanyahu and Mikhail Mirilashvili. It turns out that Watergen is owned by the Mirilashvili family, which also owns Channel 20 – an unprofitable .

Israelis who steal the water of Palestinians and Jordanians simiulataneously run frauds around the world using their self  proclaimed 'experise' in water issues to do it.
 Just as stole Amerca's and Inlaw Arkansas Promis software which immediately sold to fascist governments arounsd the world to track their citizens and critics around the world in the 1980's, most of ISRAEL'S SELF PROCLAIMED  successes such as reverse osmososis desalination is not new just expensive and cumbersome. As far ´'water from the air'-tis has been an ongoing fraudulent claim by Israel since British Israeli Michael Zwebner begain promoting the frauduant claim in the early 2000's
to sell his worthless U.S.incrporated UCSY penny stocks to defraud mainly American investors to benefit is Israeli clients - most connected to Netenyahu and his Likud party !
Recently another Israeli Uri Roitmanusing his connections with the Israeli Embassy and the corrupt Israeli Ambassador in GUATEMALA SOLD SALT TO `CLEAN' THE POLLUTED WATERS OF LAKE AMATITLAN USING THE PHARASE AGUA MAJICA OR MAJIC WATER TO SELL HIS FRAUD FOR HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS TO THE GUATEMALA GOVERNMNT !Had Israeli Uri Roitman been investigated and prosecuted for his war crimes in  Guatemala during the 1980's Maya Holocaust using Israeli weapons then justice might have really been done and their would never have been an Amatlan Magic Water scam or Israeli ownership of Guatemala's hydroelectric and damns that also involved massacre of Maya people using Israeli weapons which General Perez Molina aka Major Tito bragged of as 'Israeli technology' in the 1980's.

Jan 28, 2008 - Perhaps someone at CNN was alerted the following death threats on the ... Michael J.Zwebner, the CEO of penny-stock holding company

May 5, 2018 - Netanyahu and Mikhail Mirilashvili ... the request of Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, according to a report published on Wednesday .

UCSYZwebner ordered by Court to pay legal expenses of Lycos, Villasenor ... Tasting the water made from the company's unique AW 120 Air to Water ...... Ehud Olmert, Finance Minister of Israel, is reportedly quite satisfied with the outcome.

EPA Signs Contract With Israeli Company Pushed By Sheldon Adelson ... for Water-Gen owned byMichael Mirilashvili, Russian-Israeli billionaire tied to WJC.

EPA Signs Contract With Israeli Company Pushed By Sheldon Adelson | Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson got an Israeli company a meeting with the chief of the Environmental Protection Agency. Now the EPA has a contract with the company to study its technology, POLITICO reported.
In nod to Startup Nation, ivory towers foster entrepreneurs | As Israel boasts the greatest number of startups per capita globally, academic institutions open their doors to offer hands-on help
IDC’s recently inaugurated Adelson School of Entrepreneurship (ASE) has become a hub for all of the private college’s entrepreneurial activities, both academic and extracurricular.
The school offers a variety of activities including courses, minor programs, different majors and special programs for outstanding students at the undergraduate and graduates’ levels. IDC’s flagship offering for undergraduates, the Zell entrepreneurship program, is one of the world’s most renowned venture creation programs within academia. In its 15 years of activity, 298 students have graduated and generated 85 ventures, according to Zell’s website. IDC also launched this year another honors entrepreneurship program, IDC Beyond, targeting graduates from Israel and abroad.


Making Water From Air: Why Is Netanyahu Doing PR for This Israeli Startup

What lies behind Prime Minister Netanyahu’s apparent support for the Mirilashvili family’s Water-Gen company, and is there any connection between that and the favorable coverage he gets from Channel 20, which the family owns? ■ Investigation

How did company representatives manage to organize a meeting with one of the busiest people in the world, and how did they end up signing a deal with the EPA? The answers to these questions can apparently be found in the calendar of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, who in 2017 had two meetings with Water-Gen representatives Kaploun and Pasik.
About a month ago The Wall Street Journal wrote that Pruitt’s first meeting with Water-Gen representatives, on May 29, 2017, was recorded in his diary as having taken place “at the request of Sheldon Adelson” – the American billionaire who owns hotels and casinos worldwide, publishes the daily Israel Hayom and is the patron of both Netanyahu and Trump. Adelson refused to respond to the Journal article, but one of his associates said he has no business interest in the company although he is impressed by its activity.
The positive attitude Netanyahu himself has had toward the company sinceMirilashvili  became involved has been quite evident in recent years, particularly at certain public events, many of them documented on the Water-Gen website. One was held in September 2016, during the annual UN General Assembly meeting in New York, when the Israeli delegation held a special event to which 26 representatives and heads of state from Africa were invited, to expose them to various Israeli technologies. Water-Gen was among the firms represented there.
In addressing that event, Netanyahu and Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon both mentioned the company’s technological miracle. Danon even compared Water-Gen’s technology to the biblical miracle when Moses struck the rock until water flowed from it. At the end of Pasik’s presentation to the dignitaries, the guests were given cups with water that had just been created in the Water-Gen condensing machine. Netanyahu, who was sitting next to Rwandan President Paul Kagame, sipped from his cup, lifted it and said: “It’s lighter than air.”

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