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Barry Chamish On Israeli Involvement In John F Kennedy,Yitzhak Rabin Assassinations

Barry Chamish On Israeli Involvement In John F Kennedy,Yitzhak Rabin Assassinations

A Zionist Looks At
Final Judgment
by Barry Chamish

Final Judgement by Michael Collins Piper has been ignored or viciously attacked by American Jewish organizations and media. No shock there since Piper makes a pretty cogent case for the Mossad being the moving force behind the assassination of JFK. I will attempt to redress this imbalance and offer a review of the book as a Zionist committed to the strength and survival of Israel.
To summarize early, Piper gets lots right and lots wrong. What is bothersome is it doesn't take much of what he gets right to make a case for Israeli involvement in the murder. Piper's central point, and it is a major revelation, is that Clay Shaw, Oswald's handler was on the board of a Geneva-based trade promotion company called Permindex, which I accept was a Mossad front for covert operations.
From this point Piper works backwards and connects Clay to the Mossad, the Mossad to Lansky and organized crime, Lansky to the CIA, the CIA to heroin production in South-East Asia, the heroin producers to the heroin processors of Marseilles, the processors to the OAS, the rebellious French intelligence outfit determined to assassinate Degaulle for pulling out of Algeria, the OAS to the Mossad and now we've come full circle.
Kennedy infuriated Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion by demanding an end to Israel's nuclear program. He equally infuriated organized crime by promising to end American involvement in Viet Nam, and thus cutting off its major source of raw opium. Even though he frightened many in the CIA with his declarations that the organization had to be replaced, and by his refusal to bring down Castro, that was not a prime motive in the assassination. The CIA was involved because its top gun James Angleton was an Israeli agent. His duty was to prepare the patsy and plant "false flags" in the Cuban exile community. In fact, even the alleged involvement of Italian mafia leaders was a deliberate false flag as well. The real killers were OAS-employed Corsican hitmen, or at least one was for certain, and they were recruited by the Mossad's European chief assassin, Yitzhak Shamir.
I would dismiss the whole thing as a fantastic yarn, except four years ago I began researching the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, and I independently discovered too many facts in common with Piper's. The most uncanny is that I also conclude that French intelligence provided the operational guidance behind Rabin's murder.
I don't intend to retell Final Judgement. The following points are aimed at people who have already read Piper's book.
* I was already familiar with the Permindex story, having read Larouche literature. I'm not happy that he adopts the findings of a pro-Aryan organization whose primary purpose in life seems to be to destroy the British royal family. The fact that Piper is employed by the Liberty Lobby and their outlet, Spotlight, is not really thrilling to me either. Even less exciting are his quotes from Jewish traitors like Ostrovsky and Lilienthal. And now I will elaborate.
There is a superficial similarity between me and Victor Ostrovsky in that we both are exposing the misdeeds of Israeli intelligence agencies. The difference, and it is telling, is that he ran away to Canada to tell his tale, while I live and raise my family in Israel. His motives are highly suspect, mine are honest: I want my friends, family, and especially my children, to live in a better Israel for all ages.
That said, about half of Piper's sources are Jewish, and other than Gerald Posner, they are mostly respected assassination researchers. He is not at all reluctant to cite as an inspiration the Jewish investigator/attorney Mark Lane, and in fact Lane was not at all reluctant to represent Spotlight in a well publicized legal action against the CIA. All in all, Piper doesn't sound like an anti-semite and I can spot one. I believe he is a sincere truthseeker.
* The main difference between my research and his is I found the evidence to prove my case for Israeli secret service involvement in the Rabin murder. I gathered hundreds of pages of hospital, court and police records, combined them with indisputable first hand testimony and put together an airtight case. Piper does not succeed nearly as well. His argument, though deft IS all circumstantial. The weight of his circumstantial evidence is impressive but it is far from conclusive.
* Piper does not have a handle on the personal dynamics of Israeli politics. For example, he writes off Menachem Begin as a "terrorist." Wrong. He was a freedom fight in the truest sense of the word and probably the only honorable person to serve as Israel's prime minister. He somehow ties him into the plot because he had ties with gangster Mickey Cohen. Heck, everyone in Israel knows about these ties. Back in the late 40s when no one else would arm us, the gangsters used their muscle to save our fledgling state. So what?
But Piper intimates that just by knowing Cohen, Begin was in on the plot. That is out of the question. In 1948, Ben Gurion ordered Yitzhak Rabin to murder Begin on a ship called the Altalena. Begin would never have cooperated with Ben Gurion on a Hannuka party, let alone in the murder of an American president.
Ditto, Shamir. In the mid-1940s, Ben Gurion rounded up Shamir and his militia for the British and had them sent to incarceration camps in Central Africa. Admittedly, Shamir did work for the Mossad during Ben Gurion's regimes, but their personal ties were strained, to say the least. While Begin would never have cooperated with Ben Gurion in a presidential hit, it is almost as unlikely that Shamir would have. A better candidate would be Shimon Peres, Ben Gurion's close aide and the man who started the Israeli nuclear program with French collusion. He is suspect number one in the Rabin assassination.
* Piper mentions the well-known fact that Jack Ruby met with "Israeli journalists" at the Dallas police station the night before he finished off Oswald. Possibly enforcing Piper's claims, many of my correspondents have pointed out to me that in Leah Rabin's biography, she notes that her husband Yitzhak was in Dallas on November 22, 1963. And Rabin, himself, admitted that he was in Cambodia the next year inspecting an Israeli "experimental farm." Yes, Rabin could have been one of the "journalists" and yes, the farm could have been growing poppies.
That Rabin was up to his ears in drug running is illustrated during his tenure as Shimon Peres's Defence Minister from 1984-86. This was the era of Iran Contra and Israel was involved in selling arms to Iran to free American hostages. And the money was used to buy cocaine in Latin America, ship it to the US, use the profits to purchase arms and funnel these to the Contras.
Like Piper, Poindexter and North tried to shift the blame for the operation to Israel. Now being logical, Israel had its interests in the scheme; there was money and diplomatic brownie points. But Israel had no interest in freeing American prisoners or in funding the Contras. Iran Contra had to have been an American operation where the Israelis were called in for operational help.
I see the Kennedy assassination in the same terms. Oswald had been trained to be a stooge by American military intelligence from 1957, before the foundation of the Dimona Nuclear Reactor was even laid. Indeed, Ben Gurion could have been so angered by Kennedy's insistence on the dismemberment of Dimona that he agreed to contribute Mossad expertise to his assassination. However, the assassination's core plot was American and its genesis predated any possible Israeli involvement.
* By the same token, Piper implicates the Mossad in the murders of Americans who knew too much years after JFK was gone. William Colby's demise is his prime example. This implication dismisses the long list of political murders and murder attempts in the US since 1963, or for that matter, since at least Lincoln's time.
There IS a culture of political murder in the US, it has been on high gear since Clinton has assumed power, it goes back at least 150 years and Israel, the Zionists and Mossad have nothing to do with it.
* Piper paints Israel as the murder and crime capital of the Middle East. May we remind him that assassination was the only means of changing Middle East regimes for a thousand years before Zionism emerged and that most of the hard drugs sold in Europe originate from the Syrian-controlled Beka Valley and Afghanistan. Israel didn't invent the rules of Middle Eastern politics and may well have been forced to adopt them to survive.
* Piper makes a connection between the JFK assassination and Israel's technical help in founding the Chinese nuclear program. While the fact of Sino/Israeli nuclear coooperation may be genuine, Piper fails totally to find its connection to Dealey Plaza. So why include it?
* Similarly, since 9 of 22 Warren Commission lawyers were Jews, they must have had an interest in the coverup. Most specious is Piper's connection between Detroit multi-millionaire Max Fischer and Michigan Congressman Gerald Ford in the coverup. As President, Ford was a disaster for Israel, twice withholding deliveries of fighter jets until Israel withdrew from positions in the Sinai and Golan Heights. He was no Israeli puppet and seemed to revel in pushing then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin around.
If I would draw any conclusions, assuming Piper is right, it's that knowledge of Israel's involvement in the JFK assassination is being used to force Israel to commit suicide. How else can one explain Rabin's decision in 1993 to accede to American (ie CFR) demands and hand over the very heart of his nation to a ragtag band of terrorists and arm them to the teeth to boot? Perhap's Rabin's strange appearance in Dallas was the tool used against the Jewish people in the unstoppable American quest to make Israel defenceless.
* And one cannot ignore the strange demise of JFK Jr. Four witnesses saw the explosion that downed his plane. One was a reporter for the Martha's Vineyard Times. He radioed the airport tower that he was readying to land and then his plane fell 8000 feet in a few seconds. Yes, I'm sure he was murdered. And yes, the disastrous Israeli political establishment had one heck of a motive for involvement. The latest Kennedy to die violently was the only American editor to expose the true conspiracy behind Rabin's assassination. He did it in grand style in a 13 page article in the March 19997 issue of his magazine George. And he had every intention of continuing his exposes until he got to the bottom of the matter. We don't know what drove him to stand alone in seeking the Rabin truth, but it may have had much to do with the information contained within Final Judgement.
Let me conclude by observing that the Israeli public knew nothing whatsoever about how Rabin was really murdered until I took the trouble of explaining the truth to them. Today the polls show that 65% of my fellow Israelis want the Rabin assassination reinvestigated. We are waking up to the ugly reality of the kind of leadership we are saddled with. But I take the opposite view of Piper: my research says America corrupted Israel and not the other way around. And, probably unlike Piper, I am seeking the truth so that one morning the rotten murderers Americans and Israelis call their political leaders, will not make my country hopelessly unable to defend itself against even rottener forces.
The author's most recent three books are Traitors And Carpetbaggers In The Promised Land, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin and Israel Betrayed. They can be acquired from the Zionist Book Club by writing or by calling toll free 1 877 RABINYY. Please visit

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