Thursday, November 16, 2017

With Google Even Nazi Sites or sites that only 'aryan agriculture' rank above mine on 'aryan agrarian' google search!

With Google Even Nazi Sites or sites that only  'aryan agriculture' rank above mine on 'aryan agrarian'  google search!

Now if you add my last name 'ryals' and 'aryan agrarian' my blog site does show up but when my
'political and science' rhymes were first placed on a website called by a California public school teacher I met in Guatemala who was the equivalent of a Nazi and coincidentally pro Israeli and pro CIA as well my Aryan Agrarian histoy rhyme ALWAYS got top ranking in Google search ! Does Google favor Israel or just Nazis.Doing an 'aryan agarian ryals' google search does at least bring it to the top as it should because it was virtually my personal term when I it was first posted on the internet and 'aryan' by the way means 'tiller of the soil' just as arti means tiller or to till the soil in.In fact it was only after removing it from the now defunct Zionist pro Israel site and placing it on my newly created politicalandsciencerhymes blogger site that it all but disappeared :
to be conntinued

political and science rhymes: Aryan Agrarian

Aryan Agrarian ... by Tony Ryals. Then there was later Old World agricultural man, Migrating further north as he settled southern land, And losing to survive his ...

aryan agrarian

The Indo-Aryan Controversy: Evidence and Inference in Indian History
Edwin Francis Bryant, ‎Laurie L. Patton - 2005 - ‎History
The character of the non-Indo-Aryan loan words in the Vedic texts is another area ... Masica found 80 percent of the agricultural terms in Hindi to be non-Aryan ...

Aryans in the Rigveda - Page 15 - Google Books Result
Franciscus Bernardus Jacobus Kuiper - 1991 - ‎Language Arts & Disciplines
There must have been a high degree of acculturation, whereby an (originally) non-Aryan agrarianpopulation was more or less integrated into a society of a ...

The Hindu Equilibrium: India C.1500 B.C. - 2000 A.D.
Deepak Lal - 2005 - ‎Business & Economics
Thus, with the transition from nomadic pastoralism to an agrarian economy, the extension of Aryansettlements with the clearing of the forests on the ...

Aryan Dynasty Indian History AP World History

Aryan Dynasty Indian History including developments in politics, economics, culture, social life, religion and art. ... Small self-sufficient agricultural communities.

What is the Aryan theory? - Times of India

Nov 7, 2010 - The Aryan theory, propounded by Max Mueller in the 19th century and ... states thatAryans were a class of fair-skinned , agrarian noblemen ...

Aryan Agrarian - Vanguard News Network Forum

Nov 24, 2008 - Aryan Agrarian Books. ... to all the general ideas in the present, finalized picture of the Aryans / Indo-Europeans, with the occasional rhyme.

Encyclopaedia of Dalits in India
Sanjay Paswan, ‎Pramanshi Jaideva - 2002 - ‎Dalits
But the four varnas were actually established during the middle of the Later Vedic Era (1000-600 B.C.), which marked the formation of Aryan agrarian society.

ARYANISM | Agrarianism

The Aryan blood memory is of the Neolithic, the era of the first subsistence farming ... If economics is about production of wealth, then an agrarian economy is the ...

The Aryan Invasion and the Vedas

To begin with, the Aryans were not agricultural people. Rather than fertility symbols, they crafted beautiful bronze weaponry. Another major contrast was their ...


The term Aryan meant pure and implied the invaders' conscious attempts at retaining .... They adopted the settled agricultural lifestyle of their predecessors, and ...

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