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W Bush,Jeb Bush And Daddy Child Trafficking In Guatemala During The Mayan Holocaust And After...

W Bush,Jeb Bush And Daddy Child Trafficking In Guatemala During The Mayan Holocaust And After...

Jeb Bush was among many other crimes,involved as Governor  in Florida   in cover up for Bill Clinton, connected Jewish Israeli American  billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.Daddy and ex CIA President George Herbert Walker 'Poppy'Bush invited pedophiles to the White House,etc.,etc.....

  • George Bush Pedophile Sex Ring and Blackmail of Congress
    Jan 12, 2015 - The Franklin Cover Up is only the tip of the Iceberg ... Someone pretending to be from the White House would call the caretakers back at the ... the Silverado Savings and Loan Hearings, the Denver International Airport Frauds ...

  • George HW Bush a known Evil Pedophile 
    George HW Bush is a known evil pedophile, who ran a Congressional Blackmail Child Sex Ring during the 1980s known as “Operation Brownstone and Operation Brownstar”, and later to become known as “The Finders or The Franklin Coverup”. U.S. Vice President George HW Bush would sneak children over to Senator Barney Frank’s condo, known as a “Brownstone” to their famous cocktail parties, where U.S. Congressman and U.S. Senators — some willing and some unwilling participants — got a taste of the “Voodoo Drug” in their drink.
    To prove a case, you need one that was involved in an operation or a witness or documents; in this case, U.S. Customs documents prove the case without getting anyone still living killed. Inside the (scribd) document below is an article that appeared in US News and World report December 27 1993, entitled “Through a Glass Very Darkly”. This includes cops, spies and a very old investigation — also copies of the U.S. Customs Reports where the names are not blacked out.
    The late Ted Gunderson
    The late Ted Gunderson
    You may have purchased a set with the names blacked out from dirty FBI-CIA blackmailer Ted Gunderson, a known thief, liar and killer — a true “Daddy Bush FBI Troll, who surfaced in the 1990s to run cover for Bush and to identify those children who still may be living, who could be a liability to Bush, Gunderson and CIA George Pender’s Congressional Child Sex Blackmail Operation known as “Brownstar”.
    Ted Gunderson surfaced in the early 1990s as the so-called investigator in the Franklin Savings and Loan case against Larry King a Black Republican, who introduced George HW Bush at the 1988 Republican Convention as America’s next President. Ted Gunderson was there to get rid of any witnesses or children from “Boys Town”, an orphanage for all boys, many of whom had been transported to Washington DC and raped by these pedophiles in Bush-Gunderson-Pender Child Sex Ring known as “Operation Brownstar”.
    Richard Cheney
    Richard Cheney
    The true story never has been told that children from orphanages all across America during the 1980s came to Washington DC, paid by the US Taxpayers, to unknowingly participate in the Congressional Blackmail Child Sex Ring. Daddy Bush, Dick Cheney, John Sununu, according to sources, would be standing in line to greet the children and their caretakers as they came to the Vice President’s Home and or the White House for their specially invited tour at US Government expense. Bush, Cheney and Sununu would ask, “what’s your name”, and later just before dinner time, a call from the White House came into the hotel where the children were staying to the Caretakers inviting Little Billy, Mary, Johnny, Timmy, and Pam to the White House State dinner that evening.............
  • Of course child trafficking in Argentina of babies of women murdered by the Israeli connected Argentine military occured about the same time as now Pope Francis looked the other way.

    Monday, 9 March 2015


    George Bush and Patrick Atkinson

    George Bush takes an interest in Guatemala.

    Edmond Mulet

    Edmond Mulet "is the head of the UN Occupation Force in Haiti."

    Edmond Mulet "ran a child trafficking network in Guatemala."

    Source: Dady Chery

    Edmond Mulet is a Guatemalan diplomat.

    Edmond Mulet and Haitian President Martelly

    On 30 January 2015, investigative journalists Pilar Crespo and Sebastian Escalon of Plaza Publica  reported that Mulet was part of a child-trafficking operation in the early 1980s when he was a young lawyer in Guatemala.

    The story about Mulet's export of children got picked up and summarized as a Boston Globeeditorial.


    Mulet's Guatemalan organisation Les Enfants du Soleil shipped babies abroad as Guatemalan 'tourists'.

    The babies were procured from impoverished women by Ofelia de Gamas, the sister of General Oscar Victores, president of Guatemala from 1983 to 1985, who has been charged with genocide.

    As the usual legal checks were bypassed, there was a risk that the children were being trafficked so that their organs could be sold, or so that they could be used by child abusers.

    On 29 January 2010 it was reported that Baptist missionaries had tried to kidnap 33 Haitian children.

    Haitian Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive said in a televised interview that children were being trafficked from Haiti for their organs.

    Around 1977, Mulet met Jean and Lise Francoeur, a Canadian couple who had come to the country to adopt a child.

    Mulet served as the witness to their 'decency and integrity' for the adoption of a baby girl.

    Seven months after the first baby's adoption, the Francoeurs returned for a boy from the same Guatemalan orphanage.

    The orphanage's director soon thereafter founded Les Enfants du Soleil an organization promoting international adoption.

    Jean Francoeur became the legal adviser in Montreal, and Edmond Mulet became the lawyer and notary in Guatemala.

    In 1981 four Canadian women, linked to Les Enfants du Soleil, were arrested in Guatemala City's Camino Real hotel for intent to remove several children from the country. 

    In the ensuing court inquiries, the testimonies pointed to a well-organized network, with a woman called Ofelia Rosal de Gamas being the person who tracked down, in the city's parks and markets, the pregnant women who might consent to give up their children for adoption.

    Ms. de Gamas is the sister of General Oscar Victores, president of Guatemala from 1983 to 1985, who has been charged with genocide.

    Dady Chery

    The Canadian women from the raid at Camino Real hotel had come to take away five Guatemalan children.

    Lise Francoeur, from Les Enfants du Soleil, had with her two children for two adoptive Canadian couples.

    All the adoptive parents had initially contacted Les Enfants du Soleil in Montreal, Canada, which had advised them to hire Edmond Mulet as their lawyer in Guatemala.

    In 1981, for an adoption to be legitimate in Guatemala, a social worker would have had to attest to the suitability of the adopters to take charge of a minor; the office of the attorney general (PGN) would have had to approve the adoption; two witnesses would have had to testify that the adopters were honorable and moral people; a deed of adoption would have had to be drafted in the presence of the birth and adoptive parents; finally, only after forwarding this deed to the civil registry so that the child could be renamed by the adoptive parents, would the Guatemalan immigration authorities issue a passport for the child to travel with its new parents. 

    This process typically took about one year.

    As the lawyer and notary for all five adoptions, Edmond Mulet was arrested because he had followed none of these steps. 

    The police investigator found five requests signed by Mulet for the issuance of expedited passports to the children.

    Every request gave the reason for travel as being 'tourism' and the child’s address in Guatemala as being Mulet’s law firm. 

    The detective who interrogated Mulet attributed to him the creation of a 'system for the export of minors.'

    Dady Chery

    It is noteworthy that in legitimate adoptions the new identities of the children are known to Guatemalan authorities, as well as the identities of the adoptive parents, who leave the country, together with their children, as a family.

    By contrast, in the Mulet adoptions, the children were shipped abroad as Guatemalan 'tourists', sometimes with strangers as their courriers, to become lost to all oversight from their birth country.

    Mulet was freed after a single day’s detention when he brought some political pressure to bear on the police.

    Dady Chery

    Rios Montt

    Even a promised misdemeanor charge for acting against the interests of his clients did not see the light of day after Rios Montt came to power.

    One of Mulet’s major supporters then was Alejandro Maldonado Aguirre, one of the judges of the Constitutional Court that, in 2013, anulled Efrain Rios Montt’s sentence for genocide.

    It is highly improbable that Mulet could follow up on any significant fraction of the children that he had shipped to Canada and other places, given that it has been impossible even to count their number.

    At best, the prospective parents do not qualify in their home countries as adoptive parents because of criminal records or physical or mental disabilities.

    At worst, the children are transferred from one illegal network to another more nefarious ones, such as the organized-crime networks for child prostitution or even organ donation, where the newborns are used for parts and thrown away.

    More than anything, this sordid story exposes the predatory “humanitarianism” of the UN mission in Haiti, which has so far treated its cases of child prostitution and trafficking as mere aberrations despite harboring alleged criminals at its highest levels.

    After the discovery on January 29, 2010 that Baptist missionaries had tried to kidnap 33 Haitian children during the confusion of the earthquake, then Haitian Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive called a moratorium on international adoptions, and said in a televised interview that children were being trafficked from Haiti for their organs.

    Dady Chery

    John Wetterer

    In 1994, former President George Bush and his wife toured Mi Casa, a children's home in Guatemala, run by a Vietnam veteran called John H. Wetterer.

    At that time, Wetterer was a fugitive from criminal charges in the United States.

    LI Man Who Runs Home for Boys In Guatemala on Trial in Absentia

    One Wetterer's supporters was Mary Tyre.

    Manuel, a 17-year-old who had once stayed at Mi Casa, went to stay with Mary Tyre in Miami. 

    Manuel reported to Mary Tyre that he had been sexually abused by Wetterer.

    Mi Casa

    Other children came forward with similar stories.

    CBS's ''60 Minutes'' produced a programme accusing Wetterer of child abuse.

    The President of Guatemala at a Mi Casa linked function.

    Wetterer rallied certain Guatemalans to his defense. 

    When his board members attempted to conduct an independent investigation of the charges, Wetterer replaced them with a new American board, based in Texas.

    John Wetterer

    John Wetterer is linked to Robert Macauley, the founder of AmeriCares.

    AmeriCares began in Vietnam when Robert Macauley helped a 'child-abusing' American soldier, John Wetterer, set up the Shoeshine Boys Foundation.

    This foundation got orphans to clean the shoes of American soldiers.

    A Thousand Points of Blight (January 8, 1991).

    Allegedly, the Shoeshine Boys was a pedophile ring serving the American military.

    American children 'abandoned' by their American soldier fathers - Ho Chi Minh City, 1988

    John Wetterer moved to Guatemala, where he set up Mi Casa, a program for homeless boys.

    Macauley then set up a charity called Friends of Children which helped to fund Mi Casa.

    In 1988 John Wetterer was accused by 60 Minutes of sexually abusing a number of boys.

    Eventually, Wetterer was indicted for fraudulently soliciting money to support his sexual abuse of children.

    Boys of Mi Casa.

    Wetterer, however, remained in Guatemala and could not be extradited.

    Wetterer thus did not stand trial in the U.S. and was never convicted.

    US Government v. Third World Orphans | CNS News

    Mi Casa

    Today, Mi Casa, is run by:

    John H. Wetterer

    Phyliss G. Kaplan

    Esther Rantzen (formerly of the BBC and now with Childline) and child abuser Jimmy Savile

    A number of charities seem to be linked to controversial people.

    Twelfth Bough has written in detail about Guatemala and human trafficking: 

    Jose Efraín Rios-Montt, former dictator of Guatemala (1982-3).

    According to Twelfth Bough:

    Rios-Montt is the wholesale butcher of Mayan indians and the poor of his country, a proud graduate of the US "School of the Americas".

    This is the same Rios-Montt mentioned in my post, the particular contribution. A Wayne Madsen report linked him to certain US politicians.

    Republican Rep. Jerry Weller of Illinois, who is married to the daughter of Guatemalan ex-dictator (and fundamentalist Christian) Gen. Efrain Rios Montt, is rumored to have conducted an illicit affair with a 16-year old female page... 

    Down in Guatemala, Rios Montt’s brother, a Catholic bishop, was conveniently tasked with getting to the bottom of that terrible genocide against the Guatemalan people....

    At the same time that the Catholic Church set his brother in place as a bishop overseeing the cover-up, Rios Montt became an ordained minister of an authoritarian evangelical church...

    11-07 019

    By the end of 1982 reactionary Protestants had succeeded in recruiting 22 percent of the population to their theology of blind obedience and anti-communism...

    These evangelical organizations organized a lot of volunteers, aid, and programs for Guatemalan children...

    Guatemala, Antigua

    These evangelical groups have the hallmarks of state-sponsored covert genocide:

    The markers of ‘quiet’ and covert genocide are:

    1. Isolation of the target group’s children in separate schools, and orphanages in general.

    2. Harmful medical ‘treatment’ under cover of state clinics.

    The things done in Guatemala absolutely qualify as satanic.

    "Small children were smashed against rocks or bayoneted to death..."

    And sure enough, who was down there helping out but the Israelis.

    guatemala sur les barques
    isabelle chauvel

    The history of Israel’s relations with Guatemala roughly parallels that of its ties with El Salvador...

    Israel not only provided the technology necessary for a reign of terror, it helped in the organization and commission of the horrors perpetrated by the Guatemalan military and police... 

    Basically, Israel exported everything they have been perfecting on the Palestinians into Guatemala, with the ongoing assistance of various elements in the US government, religious organizations, and corporations, and sustained over a period of decades. 

    How does one call it anything but satanic?

    Guatemala and human trafficking

    Guatemalan Street Boy
    Steve Mckay

    Apparently, the CIA and Mossad have worked out that most of the fundamentalist Christians are secretly pedophiles and are easy to brainwash and control.

    Billy Graham, chatting up a young boy.

    Jim Jones - pedophile, fond of snuff movies?

    Child Prostitution “Epidemic” in Oakland, CA 

    George Bush and Patrick Atkinson

    In 1983, Patrick Atkinson, aged 23, was running the Guatemala operation of  Father Ritter's Covenant House - Casa Alianza.

    Patrick Atkinson became the founder and executive director of theGod's Child Project, a charitable organization that provides health and medical care, food, and education to children in Guatamala. 


    James and Roberta McLaughlin went to work for the God's Child Project, but were sacked.

    Reportedly they then made statements that suggested that Atkinson misused funds and molested children.

    Atkinson v. McLaughlin | Digital Media Law Project

    Atkinson (right)

    The following is from: Nuestros Ahijados/ The God`s Child Project, and was written some time ago:

    The God's Child Project, run by Patrick Atkinson in Antigua, Guatemala. 

    "After speaking with many people currently or formerly associated with the program, in my opinion, this program is accountable neither to the families it purports to serve nor to its donors, who are largely well-intended citizens in and around Bismarck, North Dakota, Mr. Atkinson's home base.

    "With a budget of over $900,000, he has wielded inordinate power over the families in his program and the town of Antigua. Based in Guatemala, his program is never audited by his funding organization in Bismarck.


    "No one can even vouch for the number of families served, since no independent auditor has ever matched the paper work, in person, to the families.

    "While claims of 2500 families served have been made in Bismarck, a program participant in Antigua expressed concern to me that Pat Atkinson had claimed to serve 100 families but actually only served 50. 

    "No one knows."

    "Though GCP's 2003-2004 IRS filing shows reduced funding to $275,000, the program continues to claim services to 2500 children, with expansion into health services and into Malawi in Africa."

    Atkinson (right)

    "Some Questions About the God's Child Project Worth Asking

    Children and Sponsors 

    "How many of the children that Patrick claims are in the program are actually enrolled in school?

    "Which teen-aged boys are in the program and not going to school, but are somehow employed by Patrick?

    God's Child Project

    "Why does Patrick's adopted son, Ernesto, have two godparents or sponsors, including a North American sponsor, and Yolanda Cofiño, the McDonalds franchise holder in Guatemala? 

    "According to the September 1998 monthly newsletter of the GOD'S CHILD Project, there are hundreds of boys and girls who do not have a sponsor.

    "How many children not attending school have U.S. sponsors? Are the sponsors informed when a child drops out of school?

    "Why does Patrick get so angry whenever anyone asks him about numbers of children in the program?

    God's Child Project

    Performance in School 

    "Patrick has claimed in a letter, dated October 1, 1997, to a sponsor that 4% of the children in the program were school valedictorians and an additional 45% would qualify as honors students. Who are these children?

    "How many children failed the school year in 1997? How many children failed the 1998 school year? Why did these children fail if they are enrolled in a program whose motto is to break the chains of poverty through education? Are sponsors informed when their godchild fails the year?

    Patrick Atkinson

    "How many children receiving financial assistance from the program's sponsors simply cannot read?

    "Some children enrolled in the program drop out of school because they can't afford textbooks. Does it make sense for the program to pay the tuition fees, provide school supplies, and uniform money but not provide money for textbooks that the children cannot afford?

    "Isn't it a large waste of sponsor's money to pay for children to start school but then not give them all the tools they need to continue?

    God's Child project - Dressed in rags?

    Health Care 

    "Patrick writes that health care is provided for 3100 family members of children in the program. What health care is actually provided?

    "Which children in the program are malnourished? What is being done to address this problem?

    "How many of the children in the program are actually at the appropriate weight and height for their age?

    "How many of the children in the program have received the appropriate childhood vaccinations?

    "If 50% of the boys and 90% of the girls in the program have been sexually abused, as Patrick insists, why has he not acted to hire a trained counselor to provide some therapy for these children? 

    Community Development 

    "What does Patrick mean when he refers to community development in his solicitations for funds?

    Treatment of Volunteers 

    "Does the board of directors of the God's Child Project have a list of the volunteers who have been dismissed by Patrick?

    "Why have a number of volunteers been dismissed?

    "Why have so many volunteers left the project early?

    "Patrick has driven good people from the project because of his dishonesty and totalitarian manner. Patrick has no tolerance for ideas from other people and is clearly not open to differences of opinion.

    "Is the board of directors planning to warn new volunteer applicants about Patrick's abusive behavior?

    "Why was a volunteer with fund-raising experience fired by Patrick when the volunteer was unable to account for 25% of the money donated to the God's Child Project?

    "Will volunteers from the United States be informed that they will be volunteering with La Asociacion Nuestros Ahijados (sponsored by the God's Child Project)?

    "Will volunteers be made to understand that if they have any grievance with Patrick or his project, the volunteers will not have access to the U.S. board members of the God's Child Project for resolution of the problem?

    In this 1984 photograph, GOD'S CHILD Project founder Patrick Atkinson is seen holding a malnourished child he has just rescued from a massacred village in the violence-torn war zones of Guatemala.

    Father Thomas Kramer Building 

    "Why did Patrick tolerate the operation of a gay nightclub in the Father Thomas Kramer Building constructed with donor funds and volunteer labor? 

    "Why did Patrick allow the people running this gay nightclub to get behind in the rent by many months leading to a loss of over $20,000?

    "Allegedly, it took a petition signed by 400 neighbors in the neighborhood around the Father Thomas Kramer Building to get the nightclub shut down?

    "Do the board members know that the building was jokingly refered to in Antigua by the publisher of a newsletter for ex-patriates as, 'Patrick's Disco'?

    Facial expression?

    Protection of the Children

    "What rules and regulations must child care agencies follow in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin with regards to the prevention and detection of sexual abuse of children in their care?

    "Are these rules and regulations being followed by the God's Child Project which receives donations and volunteers from the United States?

    "Are regular workshops on the prevention, detection, and reporting of sexual abuse of children given to the staff and volunteers?

    "Have board members read the book by F.B.I. Special Agent, Kenneth V. Lanning, Child Molesters: A Behavioral Analysis, available from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children?

    "Why doesn't the project provide psychological counseling for those children in need of it?


    Casa Alianza Days 

    "Have all the board members read the Kroll report?

    "Have any of the board members asked Patrick about the $29,000 of Covenant House contributions that the director of one of the subsidiaries of Covenant House used to purchase a home for two young male prostitutes? 

    "Have all the board members read Charles Sennott's, Broken Covenant?

    "Have any board members followed up on the stories about photos of nude boys taken at Casa Alianza in Antigua supposedly to document malnutrition? 

    God's child project

    Oversight Responsibility of the Board of Directors 

    "Has the board insisted that staff members of the God's Child Project/Asociacion Nuestros Ahijados, including the founder and executive director, undergo a psychological evaluation in order to assess their fitness to work with children?

    "Why are the children in some clearly economically stable families still being sponsored by the program?

    "Have the board members read the newspaper articles regarding the accusation filed against Patrick for sexually abusing a deaf-mute boy in the program? 

    "Have the board members of the God's Child Project actually investigated this accusation or have they simply accepted Patrick's explanation?

    "Are board members aware of the $119 million settlement against the Diocese of Dallas because the diocese knowingly failed to control a pedophile priest?

    "Are board members aware of the multi-million dollar settlements being paid by the B.S.A. to Boy Scouts who have been sexually abused by their scout leaders?

    "John Wetterer was recently found guilty of mail fraud because he was representing his project for boys in Guatemala City as a healthy and stable environment when, in fact, he was physically and sexually abusing the boys in his care.

    "Will that decision change any of the fund-raising approaches of the God's Child Project?"

    Nuestros Ahijados/ The God`s Child Project


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