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Did British Intelligence Bomb London In 1973,Subway And Bus On 7/7/05 And Participate In 9/11 With Israel And U.S.CIA Military Traitors Fascists ?

Did British Intelligence Bomb London In 1973,Subway And Bus On 7/7/05 And Participate In 9/11 With Israel And U.S.CIA Military Traitors Fascists ?

Saturday, 14 March 2015


In 1973, 10-year-old Brian McDermott (above) was murdered.

There is a connection between the murder of Brian McDermott and the Kincora boy brothel reportedly run by MI5. 

Kincora: John McKeague And The Murder Of Brian McDermott.

Reportedly, MI5 and MI6 provided young children to the people it wanted to persuade to carry out false flag terror attacks in England.

Gerry Adams at a 1970s IRA funeral.

In 1973, two 'IRA car bombs' went off in London.

The New Yorker claims that Gerry Adams was present during the planning of these bombings.

Where the Bodies Are Buried - The New Yorker.

By 1973, British intelligence (MI5 and MI6) had fully penetrated the IRA.


Reportedly, the UK security services 'used child sexual abuse' as a way of controlling the IRA.

1973 London bombing - the work of MI5/MI6?

It has now been revealed that the IRA's Scappaticci, Donaldson, O'Callaghan, Fulton, McShane, and McGartland were all working for the British security services.

(Republicans reeling after spy unmasked / British spy was 20 years with Sinn Fein leader / · Latest mole in Sinn Fein drove Gerry Adams)

On 28 May 2006, The Sunday World, a Dublin newspaper, quoted a former member of the British Army’s Force Research Unit as saying: 'Martin McGuinness was working for MI6.' 

Reportedly, MI5 provided boys from the Kincora childrens care home to the militants, so that they could be controlled.

In the 1970s, Joe Cahill, who helped found the Provisional IRA, was pictured abusing a 14-year-old girl in a car.

The UK security services covered up the case and persuaded Cahill to become an agent of the UK security services.

Tony Blair, Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams - all working for MI5/MI6?

There is a belief that in 1973 Gerry Adams was working for MI5/MI6 and that the purpose of the 1973 London bombings was to discredit the people who wanted Northern Ireland to break free of the UK.

There is a belief that the family of Gerry Adams had been involved in child sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse and Gerry Adams ....

There is a suspicion that MI5 was organising child sexual abuse as a way of controlling certain members of the IRA.

In 2014, Gerry Adams was accused of covering up sexual abuse by a top member of the IRA.

Adams was also said to have turned a blind eye to the rape of his niece by his own brother.

In 2014, Liam Adams was sentenced to 16 years in prison for raping and sexually abusing his daughter when she was aged four.

In 1996, Liam threatened to expose a wealthy child abuse ring that he claimed were abusing children.

'We have the names of several business people, who we are 100 per cent sure are involved,' Liam said. 

Jimmy Savile in Belfast in Northern Ireland. Savile is believed to have been working for the UK security services.

The Sunday People revealed how Jimmy Savile once told one of their journalists that he could fix anyone with just one phone call - to the IRA terrorists.

Savile said: "All I have to do is call my friends in the IRA. They’ll have someone waking up in hospital the next morning eating their breakfast through a f***ing straw.

"I know the IRA, men from the IRA, and you don’t need to ask these guys twice.

"I'm serious. Don't f***ing think I’m not serious. I can get them done - just with a phone call. That’s all it takes, young man."

Jimmy Savile and the IRA: Predator boasted terrorist friends could ...

When Savile talked of IRA terrorists, he presumably meant those working for MI5 or MI6.

Chris Moore has described the sexual abuse of children that took place at the Kincora children's home in Northern Ireland.

Reportedly, Kincora children were taken to Birr Castle, in County Offaly , in the Irish Republic, an area controlled by the IRA.

The source for this is Dr. Joan Coleman of RAINS (Ritual Abuse Internet Networking Service - OTTAWA RECOVERED MEMORY PAGE)

IrishBlog, by Brian Clarke, asks:

(1) Have any of the boys who attended Kincora gone missing? ( Given that some of those at Kincora may not have had any relatives, there would be grounds here for concern)

(2) Was there a Satanic connection to the Kincora Scandal? (the source, who is a clergyman says there was)

(3)Who were the two clergy who recommended William McGrath for the post of chief administrator at Kincora?

Birr Castle.

According to Brian Clarke:

Birr Castle is the home of the 7th Earl of Rosse, who is Lord Snowden's stepbrother.(Lord Snowden is Princess Margaret's estranged husband) 

The castle was built in the 1600's and the 1st Earl of Rosse, Richard Parsons was one of the founder members of Irelands aristocratic Satanic cult, The Hellfire Club... 

The Rocket Man Jack Parsons, related to the Birr family, was an associate of Aleister Crowley...

Jack Parsons

According to Brian Clarke:

McGrath worked for MI5.

McGrath was supposedly opposed by the UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) and one of their suporters, Roy Garland tipped off the police about McGrath's homosexual activities at Kincora. 

Colin Wallace (second from right) in the company of PM Ted Heath and high ranking military personel . 

According to Brian Clarke:

One person who has been reported to have visited Kincora is Ted Heath , the former Conservative MP and British PM.

Ref: IMF- Ted Heath visits Kincora

The Lord Louis Mountbatten

According to Brian Clarke:

The book "War of the Windsors" by Lynn Picjnett, Clive Prince and Stephen Prior, claims Mountbatten was involved in the Kincora child abuse scandal.
Most of our supposedly ancient superstitions are no older than my patio doors -Times Online
UK Indymedia - Lord Mountbatten linked to Kincora child abuse ring

This ties in with the information from Dr Joan Coleman.

Mountbatten was related to the Parsons family - the Earls of Rosse at Birr Castle County Offaly.

According to Brian Clarke:

Another name is that of John McKeague, a well known homosexual and a member of a protestant paramilitary group called The Red Hand Commandos. 

McKeague was associated with McGrath.

Colin Wallace worked for British Military Intelligence, Disinformation and Psyops Dept , in the 1970s .

(aangirfan: Child Abuse - Kincora - Colin Wallace)

Paul Foot's book "Who framed Colin Wallace" says that there was a connection between the murder of a ten year old boy called Brian McDermott in 1973 and John McKeague . 

It was believed that there were sexual and witchcraft connections to the murder of Brian McDermott whose body was dismembered and then burnt before being thrown into the River Lagan .

According to Brian Clarke:

Mc Keague was arrested in 1973 for paramilitary activities and he boasted from prison at that time that he would not be prosecuted because "he knows too much about some people".

McKeague was later killed in very unusual circumstances.

Rev Roy Magee says that the Rev Bradford was murdered because he found out about "the activities of the rich and powerful " in Ulster loyalist circles.

Phillip Cairns went missing on the 23th October 1986, just before Hallowe'en and just after his thirteenth birthday. Witchcraft and Devil worship in Ireland The Story of Jacque

Foot says that in Colin Wallace's own admission, he, Colin Wallace and members of the Psyops group based in Lisburn were responsible for planting witchcraft paraphernalia in various locations around Ulster to give the impression that devil worshippers were active in the areas. 

This was, according to Foot, a deliberate rouse at classic disinformation to discredit Republicans .

Irish News of the World May 26th 1996 declares that satanists plan to sacrifice a baby.

According to Brian Clarke:

When one considers the locations of the "witchy" sites where animals were discovered skinned and dismembered , one wonders if the Repubican excuse was a valid one. 

The sites were located in Antrim town, a largely loyalist town and in Coleraine , another loyalist town. 

Recently , Rev Roy Magee said that animals, which had been used in a satanic ritual , were found at the Tower near Newtownards in County Down , another loyalist area. 

Foot has either missed the real plot and the true reasons for the enormous cover-up in the Kincora case or he has deliberately and purposely discounted and denigrated the satanic allegations , reducing them to the level of fairy tale and "those things dont really happen" scenarios.

"Who Framed Colin Wallace", by Paul Foot

According to Brian Clarke:

At the same time that McGrath was abusing teenage boys at Kincora, the greater atrocity of The Shankill Butcher Murders was unfolding.

In May 1977,Gerard McLaverty was abducted by the UVF Butcher Gang on the Cliftonville Road, Belfast.
This is a very important point: "McLaverty claimed that the UVF Butchers said that , quote ,'they were from the Royal Ulster Constabulary'". 

This should be kept in mind when one explores fully the implications of the Kincora Scandal and The Shankill Butcher Murders.

According to Brian Clarke:

McLaverty was taken to an unused doctors surgery on the Shankill Road, where both his wrists were slit longwise.

McLaverty's blood was drained from him.  

Why was McLaverty not butchered in the fashion of previous victims. Is it possible that they wanted the blood only to be used in a Black Mass?

When the UVF Shankill Butchers thought that Mc:Laverty was dead , they dumped his body in an alleyway.

Unfortunately for the UVF Butchers, McLaverty was not dead.

Barely alive he was found later and taken to hospital where he stayed for six days in intensive care.

When he recovered , he identified 8 members of The UVF Shankill Butcher Gang and they were arrested later.

Witchcraft and Devil worship in Ireland...

One of those arrested was Bobby (Basher) Bates, who was to supposedly hear Gods word and become a Born Again Christian. 

Basher Bates was murdered himself by another loyalist, the son of one of Bates's victims in later years.

In Martin Dillon's book "The Shankill Butchers", he points out that the same RUC detectives were responsible for the coverup of certain documents relating to the investigations into both the Kincora Case and in the Shankill Butcher murders cases.

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