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SEC Whistleblower Fraud Sean McKessy,Israel,CIA Money Launderers James Dale Davidson,Genemax, Tapimmune,Pluristem,Agora Inc

SEC Whistleblower Fraud Sean McKessy,Israel,CIA  Money Launderers James Dale Davidson,Genemax, Tapimmune,Pluristem,Agora Inc

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Sep 23, 2014 - Ex SEC Chairman Christopher COX lied outright on the website in .... Dec 27, 2007 - By Hey Tony Ryals on 12/26/2007 9:31:17 PM .

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After all these decades Agora Inc and National Taxpayers Union founder James Dale Davidson and his many Washington,D.C.,City of London CIA,Mossad and UK 'intelligence' connections continue to operate U.S.penny stock fraud and money laundering operations againt the American public while the SEC,as it has for decades,looks the other way,or pretends to.The worst is that the SEC COULD HAVE LONG AGO AND CAN AT ANY MINUTE SIMPLY CLOSE DOWN ALL STOCK SCAMS RUN BY THEM OR CONNECTED TO THEM AND END THEIR ABILITY TO DEFRAUD OTHERS - BUT DOESN'T.
Before Sean McKessy's SEC 'whistleblower' program gives away another penny to anonymous informants to anonymous financial scams with no proof whatsoever that these anonymous cases aren't themselves a fraud perpetrated by SEC attorneys themselves,wouldn't it be better to just stop all 'trading' in Tapimmune shares immediately .Take Tapimmune 'biotech' penny stock fraud for example.It was a shell company incorporated in NEVADA AS SO MANY STOCK SHARE MONEY LAUNDERING OPS ARE and at one time before becoming james dale davidon's,brent pierce's and Grant Atkins' Genemax penny stock pump and dump claiming to have a 'cancer vaccine' which is pretty much the same fraudulant claim  that Tapimmune has continued since changing its name to avoid its own past infamy as a stock fraud money laundering operation and thus go on being one.
While decadent SEC 'attorneys' looked the other way or pretended to,James Dale Davidson pumped and dumped his worthless fraudulant penny stocks,,(unaudited by the corrupt Israel-CIA Zionist infested SEC who allowed Bernie Madoff'as securities frauds on behalf of Israel  to be ignored uintil apparently someone(s) with cout,probably a politically connected Jewish individual himself used his
Beltway  political ties to get some revenge on Madoff.After all many of his victims were indeed Jewish.Davidson pumped and dumped shares of MIV Therapeutics from his and Steve Forbes','s NTU office a few blocks from SEC Whistleblower'(or Zionist dickkk blower),Sean McKessy's office
over a decade ago so I was surprised to find by serendipity that it was even still open for fraud.But with scum like SEC 'Whistleblower' Sean McKessy who Steve Forbes' Forbes digital 'business'  rag assures us is doing such a good job

When I say that Davidson's and Bill Bonner's and Porter Stansberry's,'s  Agora Inc of Baltimore is both CIA and Rothschild or Zionist City of London connected all one has to do is remember that even ex CIA Director William Colby was part of Davidson's and his British Lord William Rees-Mogg's Strategic Investments penny stock promotion mail fraud ops before the internet and Colby even dies mysteriously while in their employ.Although shocked,(when I shouldn't have been),that Sean McKessy's SEC approved ,'biotech' penny stock pump and dump, MIV Therapeutics, is still in 'business' and laundering and defrauding investors so many years since Jamed Dale or Jim Davidson III pumped and  dumped his shares of that fraud from the NTU office, only a few blockds from the main U.S.SEC office in Alexandria, Virginia, where both the SEC and Davidson's,Steve Forbes','s NTU office are, coincidentally, headquartered,  -I was even more than shocked to find that two of James Dale Davidson's Canadian sidekicks Bret Pierce and Grant Atkins  who helped him promote the lie that Genemax and Endovasc 'biotech' frauds and , shortly thereafter a plethora of other worthless penny stock frauds whose shares are NEVER audited by the SEC for some reason,were not simply illegal pump and dump scams he SEC has a legal responsibility to stop or close down at the least and prosecute if possible but instead allows and encourages them to repeat their same stock promotion and dumping scams over and over and over......I'm as surprised that Davidson andf Pierce and Atkins haven't died from old age by now as I am that ,they are continued to be allowed to run and be involved in even more penny stock frauds than ever ! Good for Mossad,CIA or UK MI 5,6,etc. ,retirement accounts  perhaps to keep them operating and the SEC attorneys can now pretend like they are all 'secret agents' just like the CIA and other corrupt U.S.government employees or foxes who have taken over the D.C.chicken coop.

The Technion University and James Dale Davidson and CIA,Carlyle criminal Frank Carlucci and Jewish Zionist Barry Honig, connected Pluristem stem cell 'biotech' fraud and money laundering operation  is of course incorporated in the U.S.with the express purpose of defrauding Americans rather than allowing it on rhe Israel Tase  stock market where Israelis or Jews might get taken.How cynical..

 with all it's anonymous whistleblower awarding to anonymous individuals who,for all I know are phantoms or fictitious characters along with non existent  court victories or settlements for the SEC,that the old
to be continued

  1. Rony Ryals on File No. 265-23
    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
    Oct 7, 2005 - This is my final draft,I hope you will post on for the public record. ... I believe this naked short claim is organized crime even with some Beltway connection. ... and occasionally threaten my life including 'Bob O'Brien on Yahoo. ..... I was the 'wolfblitzzer0' on ragingbull that gave Michael Zwebner of ...

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    Apr 23, 2003 - TapImmune Inc TPIV Stock Message Board: SEC'S ... promoters in that regard is an Agora Inc. newsletter editor named James Dale Davidson. ... he has been aggressively hyping a biotech stock called GeneMax Corp., which ...

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  • Citron Research Updates Uranium Energy (AMEX:UEC)

    Andrew Left
    Tap-immune, TPIV .20, Major shareholder / Director (04/2010 10-K), 0 ... with a skull and crossbones warning for either unethical promotional activity or fraud........

  • Or, our favorite is MIV Therapeutics in which Mr. Lindsay just resigned as President, CEO, and Chairman in March of this year.  For years the company billed itself as “a leading developer of next-generation biocompatible coatings and advanced drug delivery systems”.  Now the company is on the pink sheets with a skull and crossbones warning for either unethical promotional activity or fraud.

    So who is really running The Show?

    What makes MIV interesting is much like UEC, it is dual listed on the Frankfurt Exchange. Why would a Texas Uranium company need to be listed in Frankfurt?  More disturbing is why was the investor contact in Frankfurt “International Market Trend” which belongs to none other than G Brent Pierce a man who was a consultant to UEC who holds the unique distinction of being one of the few people fined and sanctioned by securities regulators in both Canada and the United States.

    Notice Grant Atkins, Brent Pierce’s sidekick on the above link.  He was also a founder, CFO and director of UEC.
    Then we have Amir Adnani, age 32, running the company as CEO and the mouthpiece.  He is board chairman Alan Lindsay’s son-in-law.  His credentials for running this firm are:  … he once ran a Vancouver based investor relations firm called Blender Media- that is it.
    Obviously a team of Canadian stock promoters cannot make a real business mining uranium in Texas.  While they might be the ultimate decision makers, the man on the ground is Harry Anthony.  Mr. Anthony is the face of the company to Texans.  While we do not discredit Mr. Anthony’s expertise in uranium and do not believe he personally was responsible for any wrongdoing, we just simply pull up his resume to see if he is capable of being at the helm of a $400 million company.
    The last projects in which we see his involvement are from 1988-1990, over 20 years ago:  both turned out to be “environmentally challenged” and never turned any revenue or profits for the company.  This is not to say that Mr. Anthony is a “bad man”, it is just saying…where is his track record of success?...............

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    Jul 25, 2012 - ... Townsend/Barry Honig & co. shell called Tapimmune Inc (TPIV). ... You can learn more about this scam artist at this IHUB forum I created a .

  • Comments of Tony Ryals on S7-23-03

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    12 de dic. de 2003 - To: Subject: File No. ... Tony Ryalswrote: ... Both of these characters received some, but not enough, SEC scrutiny.

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    27 de dic. de 2007 - By Hey Tony Ryals on 12/26/2007 9:31:17 PM ... seems to have no origen dating further than 1999 on the website where an apparent ...
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