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Antigua Guatemala:Gun toting Cocaine Traffickers Look To U.S.CIA As Role Models

Antigua Guatemala:Gun Toting Cocaine,Prostitute Traffickers Look To U.S.CIA As Role Models

Also located in the house was  a gun, a vest belonging to the security forces, and a cap with the CIA initials with which to pose (as) foreign agents ..... - Prosecutor's Office against Drug Trafficking Section of the Public Ministry

'Funny' that I had mentioned to David my 'landlord' at the house when I moved my 'Tostaduria Antigua' coffee roaster there into a room in the garden area that I blog and that I had wriiten not so popsitively about the CIA particularly in regard to stock fraud and money aundering in the past......We,( me and my Guatemalan business partner), only moved in November to a room that David  had in the front on the street.We had left our old storefront on 6th Calle and Seventh Avenue in April of last year to get away from bth our greedy landlady who wanted to raise the rent yet again and in fact did to some unethical people who wanted, basically, to have our many years of satisfied returnuing customers at our old location.The ones who find us all complain about the new occupants who call themselves 'Expesarte'.Please boycott the theives who stole our old location or rented it to profit from our many years of serving volunteer groups and individuals.

Here is english translation with link and original spanish post  it was translated from  on the ministerio publico or Guatemala attorney general's  website.Iwould and could sqay more about this but will refrain for the time being.It is the U.S.and Israeli governments and particularly U.S. SEC or Securities Exchange Commission  who have endangered  my life for years by allowing identifiable U.S.and Israeli crimials to run penny stock frauds and money laundering operations that were protected by them and to me represent taxation without representation.The NY Post reported me and my complaints to the SEC in  2006 and all that resulted was an attack upon me by the NY Times in an effort to discredit me and death threats from an ex Viet Nam money laundering low life named Bud Burrell as well as by British Israeli Michael Zwebner who ran a penny stock fraud called UCSY or Air Water Corp that ex Israeli PM Ehud Olmert and ex Israeli President Moshe Katsav who was later convicted of rape in Israel although his involement in stock fraud and money laundering with Zwebner against Ameriucan citizens was proted and covered up by SEC,IRS as well as by the CIA,FBI and NSA of course.
Reminds me also of the time an FBI and Interpol protected American real esyate con artist operating out of
Roatan Honduras and Antigua Guatemala sublet a business next to mine to a strange 'Moslem Indian' so he could open an Indian restaurant next to me.You can ask a Mr.Michael Sherer  a former Nevada real estate promoter who now his his own Antigua Guatemala blog about that one.......
Reminds me of ex U.S.Ambassador to Guatemala Stephen McFarland who remained silent as CIA and NY Jewish MAFIA cocaine planes using Guantanamo as a trampoliline on their flights to South America flew over his head and crashed in Mexico Yucatan with at least 3 tonds of coke on board.He since moved on to Afghanistan to be a 'Vice'Ambassador there and oversee the fastest growing opium heroin industry in Afghanistan'a and perhaps the world's history !And this was only a short while after CIA and Israeli trained Mexican Zetas cocaine traffickers beheaded peasants in Guatemala's Peten.....

Coordinating Director of Rule of Law and Law Enforcement ...

Embassy of the United States, Kabul
Jan 4, 2015 - Stephen G. McFarland. Coordinating Director of Rule of Law and Law Enforcement. Term of Appointment: January 2012 to present. Stephen ...

The Prosecutor's Office against Drug Trafficking Section of the Public Ministry coordinated a raid that authorized the Criminal Court of First Instance of Increased Risk "A" on the 2nd. 34 South Avenue home of the City of Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepequez where the capture of four people was achieved.

Those arrested were: Elias Arana awner Valdez, 36; Rabanales José Fernando de León, 32; Carlos Humberto Gonzalez, 57; Stuart Tuells Rodolfo Bravo, 24; who were made available to the judiciary that authorized the tax diligence judicial.Los located inside the housing, which functions as a center of clandestine prostitution a kilo of cocaine which tested positive for the field tests performed on him location of the find.

In housing was also located a gun, vest ownership of the security forces, a cap with the CIA initials with which foreign agents posing as security, a book of spells invoking the holy muerte.Para the prosecution is important monitoring in investigations by the information located on this property to locate drug dealers.

Guatemala, January 17, 2015

MP dirige allanamiento en expendio de drogas

La Fiscalía de Sección contra la Narcoactividad del Ministerio Público  coordinó un allanamiento que autorizó el Juzgado de Primera Instancia Penal de Mayor Riesgo “A” en la 2ª. avenida Sur casa 34 de la Ciudad de Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez en donde se logró la captura de cuatro personas.
Los detenidos  son: Awner Elías Arana Valdez, de 36 años; José Fernando Rabanales de León, de 32; Carlos Humberto González, de 57; Rodolfo Estuardo Tuells Bravo, de 24; quienes fueron puestos a disposición de la judicatura que autorizó la diligencia judicial.Los fiscales localizaron en el interior de la vivienda, que funciona como un centro de prostitución clandestino un kilo de cocaína el cual dio positivo a las pruebas de campo que le practicaron en el lugar del hallazgo.
En la vivienda también fue localizada una pistola, un chaleco propiedad de las fuerzas de seguridad, una gorra con las iniciales CIA con las cual simulaban ser agentes de seguridad extranjeros, un libro de conjuros invocando a la santa muerte.Para el Ministerio Público es importante el seguimiento en las investigaciones por la información localizada en esta vivienda para localizar a distribuidores de drogas.
Guatemala, enero 17 de 2015

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