Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Israeli 'Intelligence',(Terrorists),Are Source of Syria Chemical Weapons Use Rumor or Lie

Israeli 'Intelligence',(Terrorists),Are Source of Syria Chemical Weapons Use Rumor or Lie

You would think that a 'nation' of self righteous white assholes who denounces anyone who questions their German Jewish Nazi like tactics as an 'anti-Semite' and who indeed play a major role in the 9/11 NYC WTC collapse and thesimultaneous  striking of the Pentagon itself through its penetration and sabotataging and corrupting of the U.S. 'intelligence','(CIA,FBI,etc.),and penetration into the U.S. government at the highest levels,including military officers who themselves put 'Israel First' and collude with these international terrorists and war crimuinals who have even made the U.S.a location for unleashing terrorist acts just to blame it on a nebulous   'Al Qaeda' or more generic Islamic terrorists' in order to erroneously brainwash Americans as well as Europeans to believe that we are all supposed to make all realSemites who speak Arabic rather than the made up Hebrew of the white murderous European created religious police state called Israel.........
And after the NY Times set the precedent that it was alright to lie about WMDS in Iraq if you are a Jewish or Zionist owned and 'news' agency in America - in other words since the post 9/11 overthrow of the U.S.Constitution in favor off the Israeli written 'Patriot Act' -fraud speech is good,only free speech to denounce it or the 'false flag' that was 9/11 is bad according to Barack Obama and Jewish Zionists in his regime such as Cass Sunstein.

Note the NY Times showing no remorse or pretending even a memory of having been the oines responsible foor the carnage of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq based upon their own lies about WMD's IN IRAQ NOW POSTS AN EDITORIAL THAT TELLS US TO 'Bomb Syria,Even If It is Illegal' !the editor of the NY Times AS WELL AS HIS ZIONIST PROPOGANDISTS POSING AS JOURNALISTS SHOULD INDEED BE TRIED FOR WAR CRIMES AND THEY SHOULD BE SOLD SOLD TO PAY FOR LIFETIME MEDICAL CARE OF U.S.SOLDIERS AND THE FAMILIES THEY DESTROYED BY THEIR 'WMDS IN IRAQ' LIES !


Op-Ed: Bomb Syria, Even if It Is Illegal

As in Kosovo, the United States must justify intervention on moral grounds.

Israeli intelligence 'intercepted Syrian regime talk about chemical attack'

A team of United Nations inspectors have resumed their second day of investigations at the site of an alleged chemical weapons attack outside Damascus, as western leaders moved towards military action in response to the Syrian regime's reported use of chemical weapons against civilians.

The UN team left their Damascus hotel early on Wednesday after the operation was suspended on Tuesday following a sniper attack on its convoy on Monday.

The bulk of evidence proving the Assad regime's deployment of chemical weapons – which would provide legal grounds essential to justify any western military action – has been provided by Israeli military intelligence, the German magazine Focus has reported.

Binyamin Netanyahu Binyamin Netanyahu said Israel was 'prepared for every scenario'. Photograph: Yossi Aloni/AFP/Getty Images
The 8200 unit of the Israeli Defence Forces, which specialises in electronic surveillance, intercepted a conversation between Syrian officials regarding the use of chemical weapons, an unnamed former Mossad official told Focus. The content of the conversation was relayed to the US, the ex-official said.

The 8200 unit collects and analyses electronic data, including wiretapped telephone calls and emails. It is the largest unit in the IDF.

Israel has invested in intelligence assets in Syria for decades, according to a senior government official. "We have an historic intelligence effort in the field, for obvious reasons," he said.

Israel and the US had a "close and co-operative relationship in the intelligence field", he added, but declined to comment specifically on the Focus report.

Senior Israeli security officials arrived in Washington on Monday to share the latest results of intelligence-gathering, and to review the Syrian crisis with national security adviser Susan Rice.........

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The US and UK are facing a fight to keep their Syria attack plan on track

The UN and the UK Labour party want to delay any possible action.

A growing number of 'honest' commentators have turned against Obama and Cameron.

Dr Tim Stanley, a historian of the United States, writes in the UK Telegraph:

Syria: why would Assad invite a Western intervention by using WMDs

Dr Tim Stanley writes:

First, we've yet to ascertain that chemical weapons really were used by Assad – specifically we've not determined a) what kind of WMDs they were or b) who actually did it...

Second, why would the Assad regime do something so stupid?

It must know that by using chemical weapons it would isolate itself from any international support and invite a Western military response.

More importantly, Assad was already winning the war – so why bother to use WMDs during the last lap to victory?

Indeed, the only people who have anything to gain by Assad using chemicals are the rebels, because that would internationalise the conflict in a way that they have long lobbied for.

Girl raped and murdered by John Kerry's rebels.

Third, why is the West obliged to act even if Assad did use chemical weapons?

We are not under any such treaty obligations and the subject sure doesn't feature as a trigger for war in the US constitution...

John Kerry ... We've got one very good reason to doubt his accuracy: Iraq.

Remember that back in 2003, the then US secretary of state, Colin Powell, told the UN in no uncertain terms that Iraq definitely had WMDs.

Definitely, definitely, definitely.


brian refers us to the article entitled: Sarin Gas : a new propaganda campaign against Syria


The YouTube the video evidence of the massacre of August 21st was posted by the "Majles Rif" account ... the day before, on August 20th .

On these videos, one quickly detects a setup:

1. The wounded children appear haggard or drugged, and do not have parents who accompany them.

2. Boys are often naked, while the girls are all dressed.

3. We see no hospital structure, not even a clandestine one, except screens and pockets of serum.

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