Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Noam Chomsky connection to right wing libertarian CIA fascist,Agora Inc NTU Founder and Stock Fraud money launderer James Dale Davidson !

Noam Chomsky connection to right wing libertarian CIA fascist,Agora Inc NTU Founder  and Stock Fraud money launderer James Dale Davidson ! And of course so is Ron Paul who lied about stocks being 'naked shorted',a term James Dale Davidson made up to detract from his ilegal albeit SEC and U.S.government protected stock frauds that I have written about extensively since around 2003.His stock frauds not only aid far right UK elites such as the Rothschild connected Lord William Rees-Mogg but also Easern European and Israeli government connected Jews or Zionists.Ludwig Von Mises who the website providing this info is named for was nothing more nor less than a sleezy Austrian Jewsh Rothschildean 'gold standard' touter from Austria who migrated to U.S.pre WWII.He was part of the Ayn Rand generation of right wing Jews who infiltrated the U.S. in that era.Rothbard has been praised by Zion-Nazi Rand Paul and is nothing more or less than another Zionist in Libertarian clothing,i.e.- a business suit.Murray Rothbard tries to make James Dale  Davidson's National Taxpayers Union appear as a new movement in this 2010 article although it was founded in 1969 tp coopt naive middle class into supporting low to no tax for the wealthy few.Steve Forbes is also part of the scammy NTU as is or was Grover Norquist and so many Beltway and international frauds and money launderers.
Noam Chomsky shows himself to by the Zionist hypocite that he really is by his ties to them.Porter Stansberry who along with Bill Bonner and Lord William Rees Mogg and James Dale Davidson are the main names behind Agora Inc who employee Rey Rivera died mydteriously from a 14 story fall  from the old Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore Maryland in 2006 and was bringimng attention to the criminal CIA connected Agora Inc once again for a frauuleny penny stock promoting mailing or internet scam called Rebound Report.He did not 'rebound' from his mysteious fall so he could not bear witness against his old high school chum of Florida days Porter Stansberry.Stanberry brags of being the only American editor of the British Fleet Street stock or 'securities' magazine and he and others further enriched themselves by shorting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2008 and got ex SEC Chair Chris Cox to post the lie on the 'investor education' ebsite that the stock were really 'naked shorted' or 'counterfeited to distract that it was mass elite insider collsion 'dump shorting' their oen VERY REAL shares from mainly offshore accounts !
With so much money made in 2008 Agora Inc and Stansberry began a scam to tout gold and sucker others to give them money to hold it in gold for therm called that advertised on all major television networks with Ron Paul connected 'conspiuracy theorist' and Zionist Alex JONES OF AUSTIN TEXAS DOING THE VOICE FOR THEIR FRAUDULENT VIDEO.

The Left and Right within Libertarianism

Mises Daily: Tuesday, December 21, 2010 by

Another emerging activity in the movement is the National Taxpayers' Union, headquartered in Washington, DC. Headed by James Davidson, publisher of SIL's The Individualist, and Wainwright Dawson, Jr., a former conservative who has merged his United Republicans of America into the NTU, the organization includes among its officers and advisors Murray Rothbard, A. Ernest Fitzgerald, and the distinguished socialist-anarchist Noam Chomsky............


CIA's Agora Inc.Founder and Repeat Stock Fraud Money Laundering , James Dale Davidson, still protected  by Barack Obama's SEC Chairwoman Mary Schapiro

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