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Mitt Romney,Las Vegas-Israeli Mafia Boss Sheldon Adelson and the 9-11 Cover-Up

Mitt Romney,Las Vegas-Israeli  Mafioso Sheldon Adelson and the 9-11 Cover-Up

Israel’s Fading Democracy
WHEN an American presidential candidate visits Israel and his key message is to encourage us to pursue a misguided war with Iran, declaring it “a solemn duty and a moral imperative” for America to stand with our warmongering prime minister, we know that something profound and basic has changed in the relationship between Israel and the United States. ..........


While Christopher Bollyn is more than a little correct about Mitt Romney and his Zionist money launderering and murdering Israeli and Las Vegas mafia connections,unfortunately Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro is also a Zionist and CIA prostitute as well.Because the Mormon mafia has modeled itself and been in collusion with the international Rothschild-ean  Jewish mafia,it is no surprise either that Jewish Zionists were Romney's main crime partners stock fraud money launderers into offshore account at his and their Baine operation.Nor that as Governor of Massachussetts after 9/11 he continued the over up with John Kerry and gay Zionist fascist Frank Barney of the Israeli,Menachem Atzmon,Ezra Harel and Shin Bet ICTS International terrorists and also stock fraud money launderers who allowed those planes that the U.S.government alledges hit the WTC in NYC to take off from Logan Airport Boston in the first.
Unfortunately Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro's biggest financial backers in the last election if indeed we can call what occurs in the U.S.every four years,elections at all,were Goldman Sachs who sacked and looted U.S.middle class in 2008 just as they have done for so many decades before that.And Obama knew on Christmas 2009 that the so-called Islamic crotch bomber was allowed to board flight 253,( from Rothschild crime family's and Queen Beatrix's Schiphol Amsterdam to Detroit with his so-called 'crotch bomb' that allowed the CIA an excuse to intervene in Yeman and for ex Homeland Security Czar and 9/11 COVER UP AGENT Michael Chertoff to sell more Israeli 'airport security' X-ray machines etc. to the Homeland Security and TSA of Zionist criminal Janet Napolitano),by the very Israeli stock fraudsters and murder suspects of Menachem Atzmon's ICTS International who allowed 9/11 to happen at Logan Airport to the WTC in NYC in the first place ! .
Both Barrack Obama or Barry Soetoro as well as Mitt Romney are prostitutes to the CIA who have long ago shed their false image of protecting the American public and Israeli war criminals who in turn owe their allegience to the British War Lords and the Rothschild crime family that uses the City of London as a base for its international war and finacial crimes.And the Rothschild crime family includes the Russian Jewish oligarch  BILLIONAIRES that it created by financially backing them to take over a 'privitized' Russia and Eastern Europe after the fallof so-called communism.Even Vladmir Putin has been known to kow tow to them as well and Hillary Clinton has received money from Russian Jewish oligarchs who have been allowed to use Guantanamo as a pit stop for cocaine trafficking and thus probably Afghanistan heroin traffficking !

Mitt Romney and the 9-11 Cover-Up

July 31, 2012 by Christopher Bollyn
The $100 million that Adelson pledged to donate to Romney in order to get Obama out of the White House is the oil in the wheels of Romney's election campaign.
- “In Jerusalem speech, it was Romney's voice but Netanyahu's words,” by Barak Ravid, Ha’aretz, July 30, 2012

Mitt Romney arrives in Tel Aviv on July 28 for a private off-the-record fundraiser with his hard-core Zionist supporters and meetings with the Israeli officials who are the prime suspects of the false-flag terrorism of 9-11.

Sheldon Adelson, the Zionist casino gangster and ally of Benjamin Netanyahu, who is bankrolling the Romney presidential bid with $100 million of his dirty dollars.  Ian Fleming knew the type well and wrote about their criminal behavior in the James Bond books.
Photo:  Why Is Sheldon Adelson Donating Millions to Romney?  

Romney met on July 29 with Benjamin Netanyahu, the nuclear weapons smuggler and terrorist leader who stated that 9-11 was "very good" for Israel - on the day of the attacks - and again 7 years later.  Netanyahu is clearly quite satisfied with the terror attacks that changed America.

Romney also met with the senior Zionist terrorist, Shimon Peres.  Peres is the architect of Israel's illegal nuclear arsenal and a veteran terror mastermind.

Romney performed the obligatory ritual for the cult of the Temple Mount.

"If I will be president, there will be no confrontations between our nations before international institutions. There will be no public denouncing of Israel by the U.S. in the UN.  Israel's friendly and unfriendly neighbors will know we stand with you."
- Mitt Romney to Ha'aretz (Israel), July 27, 2012
When you watch the video of Romney meeting Netanyahu on July 29 the "leading" GOP candidate to be Commander-in-Chief of the United States looks absolutely craven and weak.  Romney dutifully repeats "Jerusalem,the capital of Israel " like a pathetic puppet who has been trained to repeat his lines.  Romney has obviously been paid a great deal to ignore the fact that international law and U.S. policy consider Jerusalem to be an occupied city that has been seized by force.

On Monday, July 30, Mitt Romney, the leading Republican candidate in the U.S. presidential election, held a fund-raising breakfast for donors and pulled in more than one million dollars - at $50,000 per couple - in Israel.  Fundraising in a foreign state; shouldn't that be illegal?  TheWashington Post reported that Romney was likely to get a very warm welcome in the Zionist state where his old friend Benjamin Netanyahu is the prime minister.  
The hardline Zionist casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, like a mega criminal out of a James Bond story, is bankrolling the Romney campaign.  Ha'aretzreported on July 30 that Adelson has pledged $100 million to fund Romney into the White House.  Romney was seated next to Adelson at today's million dollar breakfast fundraiser in Jerusalem. Adelson haspersonally given Romney a least $10 million of his sleazy dirty casino dollars.  Why are gangsters serving a foreign state allowed to buy U.S. presidents? (Photo: "Sugar Daddy Woes: The Federal Investigation of Sheldon Adelson")
Las Vegas casino owner Sheldon Adelson, an ally of Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu, sat next to Romney at the breakfast fundraiser in Jerusalem.  Adelson backed Newt Gingrich in the Republican primary, but is now bankrolling Romney who has received more than $10 million from Adelson through his "Superpac".  Romney is clearly obliged and dedicated to serving a foreign agenda - that of the Zionist extremists from the Likud, a coalition of Zionist terrorists put together by Menachem Begin in the 1970s comprising the former members of the notorious Irgun and Stern gangs.  These are the terrorists who blew up the King David Hotel in July 1946 and killed Folke Bernadotte, the U.N. mediator in Palestine in 1948.  The founders of the Likud brought terrorism to Palestine in the 1940s - and have employed terrorism as their primary tactic for more than 66 years.  Make no mistake about it; these are the very same people who are behind the false-flag terrorism of 9-11.

Folke Bernadotte was murdered by Yitzhak Shamir and other terrorists from the Stern Gang.  Shamir was one of the founding terrorists of the Likud, the same faction which rules Israel today.  "The UN’s representative was a fine person who wanted to do his best for all mankind. So the Zionists killed him." - Brian Cloughley
Benjamin Netanyahu is the hard-line extremist from the Likud party of old Zionist terrorists who said that the terror attacks of 9-11 were "very good" for U.S.-Israeli relations.  Netanyahu said this to the New York Times on 9-11, before the dust had even settled on Wall Street.  At the time, the number of dead was thought to be more than 20,000.  "Very good", Netanyahu said.
Later in April 2008, Netanyahu told an Israeli audience at Bar-Ilan University why 9-11 was good for Israel.  "We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq." (See Ha'aretz article “Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel” )
Consider this:  Mitt Romney's closest friend in the Middle East is the prime minister of Israel who thinks 9-11 was "very good" - and that the "American struggle in Iraq" is a benefit for Israel.  Netanyahu was also involved in criminal smuggling of nuclear weapons technology from the United States.  So, Netanyahu is a nuclear weapons smuggler who engages in terror atrocities against the United States.  Netanyahu may be Romney's friend but he is certainly no friend of the American people.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Mitt Romney are old friends from their days at the Boston Consulting Group in the mid-1970s.  Romney revealed a fundamental weakness during a December 2011 debate in which the question of Palestine came up:  “Before I made a statement of that nature, I’d get on the phone to my friend Bibi Netanyahu and say: ‘Would it help if I say this?  What would you like me to do?’”

Even Martin S. Indyk, the Zionist from AIPAC who served as the United States ambassador to Israel in the Clinton administration, said that whether intentional or not, Romney’s statement that he would ask Netanyahu what he should do implied that Romney would “subcontract Middle East policy to Israel.”
To understand what the Romney-Netanyahu relationship means for Americans, we need to understand one fundamental political reality that is completely ignored by the controlled media:  the 9-11 cover-up is the linchpin that holds the wheels on the Zionist crimocracy running America.  For the real perpetrators of 9-11 the cover-up most go on. The criminal-political regime (i.e. crimocracy) controlling America has to maintain the 9-11 cover-up to survive.  Continuing the cover-up requires, first and foremost, controlling the president of the United States to prevent a proper criminal investigation from being conducted.  This is why solving 9-11 through a rigorous and thorough criminal investigation and bringing the perpetrators to justice is of the utmost importance for the future of the American republic and its citizens.  Nothing is as important as solving 9-11.
The Zionist war agenda was advanced during the Obama administration and the 9-11 cover-up has been maintained.  The war effort in Afghanistan has continued and increased and the Gitmo Gulag where the supposed "Mastermind of 9-11" is being held is still in operation.  The TAPI pipeline, designed to bring Israeli-owned gas from Turkmenistan to India and China, after pacifying Afghanistan, is still in the plans as thelocal and gas trade press reports.  
President Obama has failed to meet any of the promises he made to the hopeful Americans who voted for him in 2008.  Although there are hard-core and naive Democrats who will vote for Obama in 2012, with his failure to deliver on his fundamental campaign promises and the extremely lousy U.S. economy Barack Hussein Obama II (or whatever his name really is) is very likely to be a one-term president.  The stage is clearly being set for a GOP victory in November.
Mitt Romney reminds me of the actor in one of those movies about how a president is made in the United States.  Unfortunately, that's exactly what he is.  What is most significant about Romney is not the man himself, but the people behind him.  Looking at Romney's team of senior advisers one can see that the Romney team is the 9-11 false-flag terrorism team. Romney is being presented to American voters as the "lesser of two evils," but the Romney team comprises the same criminals who brought us 9-11.
Romney's adviser on intelligence and counter-terrorism is none other than Michael Chertoff, the former Assistant Attorney General responsible for the prosecution of the 9-11 attacks, who allowed the crucial evidence to be destroyed and failed to prosecute anyone for the attacks that changed America.  Chertoff was the federal official who supervised the FBI and who played the key role in the non-investigation and cover-up of 9-11.  He is, without a doubt, a criminal and traitor who should be arrested for having allowed the steel from the World Trade Center to be destroyed - before it could be examined by forensic experts.  If Romney becomes president, Chertoff will be back in the Oval Office when he rightly belongs in a federal prison.

Michael Chertoff, as head of the criminal division of the Department of Justice, oversaw the FBI investigation of 9-11 and the collection of evidence.  Chertoff, an Israeli national, was the key federal official responsible for prosecuting the crimes of 9-11.  Rather than carrying out a proper criminal investigation, Chertoff allowed the crucial evidence to be destroyed.  He is the son of one of the first Mossad agents and one of Mitt Romney's senior advisers - on terrorism and intelligence.
The Romney team includes other people involved at the highest level of the 9-11 attacks, most notably Dov Zakheim and his son, Roger Zakheim.  Dov Zakheim served as the comptroller of the Pentagon budget when something like $2 trillion went missing - an astounding loss which was reported to the American people on September 10, 2001, by Donald Rumsfeld.
The fact that Michael Chertoff and Dov Zakheim are senior advisers on the Romney team needs to be seen in the light of the persistent 9-11 cover-up.  In order for the Zionist war agenda, which was put into effect with 9-11, to go on and increase it is necessary for the people who brought us 9-11 to be protected - and be returned to power.  This is why it appears very likely to me that the ruthless Zionist terrorists who brought us 9-11 will put Romney in the White House in November.
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9-11: Only 1-in-10 Believes Official Story

 July 24, 2012
Nobody believes the offical story about what happened on 9-11.  You are in very good company if you think the government and media have conspired to deceive the public about the terror attacks that changed America:  9-11 skeptics are the overwhelming majority of the population. 
Nearly 90 percent of Germans do not believe the U.S. government explanation of what happened on September 11, 2001…

The question:  The 9-11 attacks changed the world:  the United States invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, and the rights of citizens were massively slashed.  Do you believe the U.S. government is telling the truth about 9-11?  (89.5 percent of the German population says "Nein" - No.)
Skepticism about the official account has increased since 2001. In 2006, a New York Times/CBS News poll revealed only 16 percent of Americans thought the government was telling the truth about 9-11 and the intelligence prior to the attacks.  The 2006 poll found that 81 percent of the American population thought the government was lying about 9-11:  53 percent said they were "mostly telling the truth but hiding something" while 28 percent said they are "mostly lying."
In 2004, a Zogby poll showed that just over half of New Yorkers believed there was a cover up.  The poll, taken in August 2004, found that 49 percent of New York City residents believe individuals within the U.S. government "knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act."
In May of 2006, another Zogby poll indicated approximately half of all Americans did not believe the official version.


“Nearly 90 Percent of Germans Do Not Believe Official 9/11 Fairy Tale,” by Kurt Nimmo,, January 20, 2011 

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