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Nazi Pope Benedict XVI's,Moron Bishop Mitt Romney's,Todd 'Legitimate Rape'Akin's Mothers Had Abortions

Nazi Pope Benedict XVI's,Moron Bishop Mitt Romney's,Todd 'Legitimate Rape'Akin's Mothers Had Abortions

Nazi Pope Benedict XVI's or Ratzinger´s Mother had an abortion and he´s alive and living in the Vatican and covering up rape of a minor,murder and Vatican money laundering

Moron Bishop Mitt Romney's,Todd 'Legitimate Rape'Atkin's and Paul Ryan´s  Mothers Had Abortions and their alive and well and parasitising America and money laundering

Anonymous said...
And masturbation is mass murder. Millions killed each time!

"Every sperm is sacred."
-- Monty Python

 How Todd Akin And Paul Ryan Partnered To Redefine Rape ...
2 days ago – Earlier today, Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) claimed that “legitimate rape” does not often lead to pregnancy because ...

 The Devil Inside Paul Ryan and Todd Akin's Redefinition of Rape
1 day ago – They needed to redefine rape that qualifies a woman for an abortion as forcible rape. Sure, that's not a real definition but that's the beauty of it.

 Remembering Mormon Bishop Mitt Romney - Salt Lake Tribune
Remembering Mormon Bishop Mitt Romney. By Peggy Fletcher Stack The Salt Lake Tribune. Published March 28, 2012 2:48 pm. This is an archived article that ...

If Paul Ryan spent as much time reading Ayn Rand or about say the history of the Catholic Church as he does touting them like the cheap fraudulant penny stocks that have made Moron Bishop Mitt Romney so wealthy and his offshore accounts so secretive then he would promote birth control and not war.He knows the pope was a Nazi soldier which in many ways conscripted or not was much worse than being a civilian card carrying Nazi because it was on the battlefield that the real evil reached it zenith.
These greedy idiots and phony religious zealots don't even know about Galileo's belief in atoms as well as the earth's orbit around the sun much less the German Calvinist astrologer-mystic Johannes Kepler who did more to prove the earth's orbit around the sun than either Copernicus or Galileo combined,and proved the orbit was elliptical ,a first in archeo-astronomy that was never duplicated even by ancient astronomy of the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Maya, etc.!
These idiots who would perhaps acknowledge as the catholic church and the pope himself has the Darwin was correct in his theory of evolution and that the church was indeed wrong to imprison Galileo's body and mind for his beliefs have spent so much time kissing the Zionist pro-abortionist Ayn Rand's corpse that they haven't even acknowledged her pro abortion much less her strange,perverse  attraction to mass murderers.
Perhaps this is because they harbor a deep respect for mass murderers just as she did.Obviously they were in favor of covering up the mass murders of 9/11/01 just as much as W Bush and now Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro is all while hiding behind Jesus who if they read their Bible would never have found him acting like a Roman soldier which they in their cowardly fashion would try to emulate nor praising money lenders or money launderers of which Moron Bishop Mitt Romney is one.
And Romney can read SEC or Securities Exchange Commission findings and thus could find the very admission of guilt by his fellow stock fraudster the Israeli Menachem Atzmon confessing to his role in 9/11 at the very Logan Airport in Boston that Governor Romney as Governor of Massachussetts did nothing about.
Mitt Romney knows te planes that the U.S.government official story claims to have hit the WTC came from Logan Airport Boston and it was allowed to happen by Israeli government terrorist and money launderer Menachem Atzmon and that he will go on protecting this mass murderer of Americans just as W Bush and Barack Obama have !In effect Moron Bishop Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan or more pro death than they are as they so hipocritically title themseleves,'pro-life'.
Even if these fascist hipocrites came across new material poiinting out that they and the pope and everyone on the planet shit a pound and a half of phosphates from their bodies everytime the earth went around the sun and that we were strip mining and depleting those phosphates ever faster with each new person added to the planet still they would not conserve or plan for our collective future because they ARE NOT 'conservatives' - they are radicals both in the religious and social meaning of the term !.They would still go on pretending their shit don;t stink and the growing number of corpses their military-industrial complex and their elite clients who own them
Every  seven years a humans cells have died and their remains have been excreted from the body along with the phosphates and trace minerals that were also composing them.So the longer one lives the more 'precious' human cells die as a result and the more depletable phosphates from ancient bio-geologic deposits such as the Floirida phosphates that we first began mining around the beginning of the 20th century are depleted with all the consequent environmental damage implicit in the mining of those phosphates.Well respected U.C. Berkeley soil scientist, Hans Jenny, who was a member of a pontifical Academy of Science study that concluded in the 1960's that there were indeed enough natural resources such as water,phosphates,etc.,to sustain  unlimited human population growth,actually had a change of mind and perception shortly before his death and actually mentioned the possibillity of phosphate wars around the time in 1987 that the Pope John Paul II visited San Francisco on the bicentennial of the U.S.Constitution that mandates separation of church and state,(and by extention separation of mosque and synagogue and state),and my editorial below was published in the UC Berkeley Daily Californian.
Strangely I was the only person to ever connect in writing the Catholic Church's  historic ties to Aristotle's four elements,(earth,air,water,fire),and the collapse of that concept in the early 19th century when chemists such as Justus Von Liebig,the father of agricultural chemistry,proposed 'Liebig's minimum',meaning a minimum of phosphate,potassium and nitrogen in soil,(the Catholic Church's former 'earth element'),needed for plants to grow and turn CO2 in the air into plant biomass through photosynthesis,with the fact that the pope and you and me and everyone on the planet excreting or shitting about a pound and a half or a bit over half a kilo of phospshates from our bodies for each earth orbit.Sort of like sand through an hour glass.I can see that most people don' t like to think about their own excrement are what it meansd in the larger picture of  chemical flows in the biosphere and on the planet so I guess that is why it was left for me to be the first to write,hee hee.However you can replace the name of Pope John Paul II with that of Pope Benedict XVI or Moron Bishop and money launderer Mitt Romney or the pope's and Benjamin Netanyahu's ass-licker Paul
Ryan or 'legitmate' rape suspect Todd Akin and it is all the same.

Below points out the absurdity of the biomass or corn or sugar cane  to alcohol 'solution' to our modern energy addiction.And it should never be forgotten that it is the mining of our limited bio-geologic reserves of phosphates such as those in Florida and Idaho that now subsidize  the photosynthesis the production of carbon in the soil and the carbon composing our bodies in the first place.We are the first and last 'civilization' to mine them to maintain agricultural photosynthesis.No doubt Hans Jenny particularly had Morocco in mind when he contemplated a possible future phosphate war.The King of Morroco who is a more favored client of the U.S. and NATO fascists than say Saddam Hussein or Moamar Kadaffi and maintains his subjects in extreme poverty to please the international billionair elite who rule with him is, so far,in the good graces of the international fascists who control those phosphates through controlling him. :

Jenny applied fundamental soil science to the problems of the day, when he wrote about "the rosy outlook that is sweeping the nation about converting biomass to alcohol and gasohol...We are promised construction of ingenious machines that will pick up all crop residues in the fields and leaf litter and humus in the forests. The carbon and nitrogen cycles of ecosystems will be curtailed and soil stability endangered. Because of a possible climatic warm-up, we do not wish to accelerate humus oxidation and the concomitant flux of carbon dioxide from soil into the atmosphere. I am arguing against indiscriminate conversion of biomass and organic wastes to fuels. The humus capital, which is substantial, deserves being maintained because good soils are a national asset." [1]



Pope's Misconceptions about conception and science history

Tony Ryals | 29.10.2005 06:40 | Culture | Ecology | Gender
The pope's apparent ignorance of science history and modern agricultural technology obscures from his vision the disastrous effects of his policy of unchecked population growth on future generations who will find "no food on the table" nor the resources with which to grow it. This ignorance also shows that the pope has no more expertise in the fields of agricultural science, population planning, or resoure management than the pope in Galileo's time did in the area of astronomy.

Pope John Paul II may be gone but Pope Benedict XVI maintains a tradition of ignorance and human materialism that has no justification even in a literal interpretation of the Bible and only insures perpetual human ignorance and misery.

And this statement goes double for the fundamentalist protestants such as America's Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and their ilk, who have promoted human ignorance, hatred, and greed everyday of their worthless lives.

Pope's Stances Lack Scientific Basis
by Tony Ryals
The Daily Californian September 22, 1987

On Nov. 10, 1979, a meeting was held in Rome by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in honor of the 100th year anniversary of the birth of Albert Einstein. The meeting marked the first time in the history of the church, since the formation of its own science academy, that any pope had presided over such a session.

This meeting of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences may well be more memorable for Pope John Paul II's statements regarding science, Galileo, and the church than for the honoring of the centenary of the birth of Einstein himself.

In discussing the case of Galileo and the church, Pope John Paul II addressed the academy as follows:

"Mr.President, you said very rightly that Galileo and Einstein each characterized an era. The greatness of Galileo is recognized by all, as is that of Einstein, but while today we honor the latter before the College of Cardinals in the apostolic palace, the former had to suffer much - we cannot deny it - from men and orgainzations within the church. The Vatican Council has recognized and deplored unwarranted interferences..."

Approximately one year after his Pontifical Academy of Science speech on Galileo, the pope, in criticizing what he termed "artificial" methods birth control, made a notable statement on modern agriculture, simultaneously. The pope stated:

"There are attacks on fecundity itself with means that human and Christian ethics must consider illicit... Instead of increasing the amount of bread on the table of a hungry humanity as a modern means of production can do today, there are thoughts of diminishing the number of those at the table through methods that are contrary to honesty. This is not worthy of civilization."

Now that the pope has pardoned Galileo for telling the church that the earth is in orbit around the sun, it is time to tell the pope that the other half of Aristotle's church-approved cosmology has also come unglued. The "Four Element" concept (earth, air, fire and water) was the other half of the Aristotelian Earth-centered universe adopted by St.Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century.

Although the Renaissance astronomers successfully challenged Aristotle's and the church's geocentric universe several centuries later, atoms still had not been discovered. For this reason the Four Elements remained intact and unchallenged long after the death of Galileo in 1642.

The discovery of atoms in the last couple of centuries has totally transformed our concept of elements. The former "elements", earth and air, are both composed of a variety of elements. We now know that even the ancient element "water" can be further divided into the elements of hydrogen and oxygen. And the element "fire" is now understood to be a form of radiation.

Justus Von Liebig, the 19th century father of agricultural chemistry, and other pioneering chemists did to Aristotle's Four Elements what the Renaissance astronomers did to Aristotle's concept of the Earth as the center of the universe - they overturned it!

Liebig first pointed out the for plants to utilize carbon dioxide in the air for growth, they must have adequate amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in their soil. Unfortunately, in popularizing the N,P,K concept of modern chemical agriculture, Liebig paved the way for overreliance upon energy-intensive fossil fuel consumption in the mining of phosphorus and potassium as well as in industrial production of nitrogen fertilizers.

We now know that for every orbit of the Earth around the sun - one year - the pope, each member of the Catholic Church, and everyone else on the planet consumes in their food and excretes from their bodies approximately two pounds of phosphorus and various quantities of nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, and other trace elements. All these elements generally go unrecycled, often into rivers and oceans or even municipal dumps, further enriching fertilizer industries (who will sell the farmers more for a price) at the expense of the Earth's non-renewable mineral nutrient resources.

When the remaining fossil fuels, particularly natural gas, are exhausted, only bacteria and blue-green algae utilizing phosphorus, potassium, and trace elements in "soil-culture" and "aqua-culture" will be likely candidates to fix atmospheric nitrogen for agricultural fertilization.

Both the trade of grains and the direct trade of phosphates speed the depletion of our limited reserves of phosphate rock in the United States, which comes mainly from mining operations in Florida. Deposits in Idaho are also being mined, at present, and Armand Hammer of Occidental Petroleum has eyed public land near Ojai, Calif. to strip-mine for phosphates.

We should realize the need to conserve our dwindling reserves of phosphates for future generations. The United States not long ago was a net exporter of petroleum, but now we are importers. The same situation could occur with phosphates if we refuse to learn from the past. Some researchers have suggested that we may become dependent upon yet a new OPEC (or Organization of Phosphate Exporting Countries), such as Morocco, with its relatively large rock phosphate reserves.

The U.S. General Accounting Office estimates that our reserves of phosphorus will be depleted some time in the next century. This will inevitably lead to a food and population crisis that will make our oil crisis seem minor by comparison.

The pope's apparent ignorance of science history and modern agricultural technology obscures from his vision the disastrous effects of his policy of unchecked population growth on future generations who will find "no food on the table" nor the resources with which to grow it. This ignorance also shows that the pope has no more expertise in the fields of agricultural science, population planning, or resoure management than the pope in Galileo's time did in the area of astronomy.

The nutrients that subsidize the life of the pope, and everyone on the planet, are a finite resource. Unless the pope realizes the seriousness of the linear flow of elements through himself and the rest of humanity, he shall be partly responsible for contributing to the collapse of modern agriculture.

To sum up, Pope John Paul II is as confused about the movement of atoms as the pope of Galileo's time was about the movement of the Earth and celestial bodies. Based upon the rate of depletion of chemical fertilizers, the present pope does not have 300 years to re-evaluate his view on modern agriculture and birth control. The question still remains as to why the Pontifical Academy of Sciences has not made this disastrous movement of atoms clear to the pope.

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Paul Ryan is the new breed of Catholics.

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    The journalist quotes his “deepthroat” in the book: “Since Karol Wojtyla [Pope John Paul II] died [Gabriele was hired in 2006], I started putting copies of documents aside that I came across in my job at the Vatican….The truth emerging in the .... on who's fighting whom. Powerful conservative Catholic groups like Opus Dei and Communion and Liberation may be infighting more about influence and money than about any larger ideology, according to the New York Times.
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    And at every stop, he clapped the back of his new sidekick, Paul Ryan. ... Mr. Monaghan is reputed to be a member of Opus Dei and has been aligned with a number of other conservative Catholic organizations and causes.

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