Monday, January 18, 2021

 Dear SEC

It has been many years since I first contacted you in 2003 to say that I was defrauded by a penny stock called Endovasc and CEO David P Summers who turned out to be a Washington D.C. banker who did not reside in Montgomery,Texas at all as he claimed but was running his banking businesses' in Maryland and Virginia etc.To my knowledge he got his idea to lie about Endovasc shares being 'naked shorted' from Agora Inc. and National Taxpayers Uion founder  James Dale Davidson and  he first posted to the internet a press reñease in November 2002 claiming that Endovasc shares had collapsed in share price not because of his and NTU-Agora founder James Dale Davidson's ,'s  illegal pump and dump of its shares just as Genemax had done while Davidson was its CEO at about the same time.Both stocks were removed from the original legal complaint against Agora and Porter Stansberry by Utah SEC attorneys Brent Baker and Karen Martinez and if I remember correctly James Davidson's name was removed from the litigation at that time as well, And even if they had remaing in the the litigation with Standberry and the uranium compsny USEC it would have been incomtent at best not to have further charged them all at that time for disguising their illegal pump and dump frauds for makung false claims of 'naked shorting' in order to draw attention awaw that they were really illegal pump and dump scams with shares the SEC was failing to audit in the first place.Taser stun gun and Rudy Giuliani's Bernie Karik would and many other share dumpling companies would later later use the SEC'S LOOPHOLE TO CLAIM THEY WERE VICTIMS OF NAKED SHORT SELLING AS A WAY TO DUMP INNUMERABLE WORTHLESS SHARES ON THE VICTIMS-INVESTORS AS A SORT OF GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD.

I do not believe it a coincidence that SEC attorney Baker retired from the SEC shortly after and received employment from's Patrick Byrne who would buy a one page ad in the form of a letter to W.Bush  warning of the dangers of 'naked short selling and promoting his NCANS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling that seemed to replace Davidson's NAANS or National Association Against  Naked Short Selling that Davidson was now disappearing all traces of from the internet.It is my sincere belief that had Brent Baker and Martinez prosecuted  James Dale Davidson  for making fraudulent claims about his penny stocks Genemat that also lied about having a vaccine adainst cancer and Endovasc that colluded with corrupt Stanford University professors to have discovered how to use nicotine to generate new blood vessels that ex Agora Inc and Porter Stansberry would have been closed long before Rivera bacame an employee there.In fact I wouyld like to know if the SEC has any copies of the Rebound Report that Rey Rivera wrote for Stansberyy before his traguc demise and whether or not they maked mention pf and penny sticks that claimed to be victims of 'naked short selling'. Did Stansberry destroy all his copies ?

As you know I could go on and on but my main reason for writing to you after all this time is in the interest of real investor education and stock market hidtory into the true origen of the term 'naked short selling or 'naked shorting'.Austin Bud Burrell of the apparently SEC protected penny stock pump and dumps CMKX Diamonds and USXP who threatened to torture and murder me for asking wrote that USXP was rgw first stock to have made this claim but the first I ever heard of it was in 2002 Endovasc that I was invested in made the claim about the same time as Genemax that were both connected to Natiuonal Taxpayers Union and Agora Inc founder James Dale Davidson.If this is true then the term was never a legitimate term ubtil SEC Chairman Chris Cox and Inspector General sex maniac David Kotz legitimises it by claiming the Fannie Mae and even Goldman SDacs shares were being 'naked shorted¡ I suppose by Patrick Byrne's 0Sith Lord' whoever ior whatever that mught be,in 2008 !

Is it really true then that the term was created not by legit stock brokers or securities experts but by penny stock fraudsters or do you knpw of earlier origens or more legitimate securities experts who used it previos to penny stock sheisters act I couldn't believe it when Byrne and his semi-anonymous penny stock gang began claiming that Novastar Financial was being naked shorted becauseit waspaying dividends at the time and if its share were being 'naked shorted' or counterfeitted then surely some investors would have come forward and stated they had been conned into buying counterfeit shares and were thus not receiving their dividends.This never happened ! Sames goes for Fannie Mae.Had shares of Fannue Mae or Goldman Sachs been naked shorted which all the con artists said meant they were cvounterfeit shares then no dividends would have been paid.To my knowledge terms such as shorting and short selling were and remain legitimate and understandable terms as well as covering shorts' nut the terms naked shorting and naked short selling and covering ones shorts go back at least ti befire the depression era while the term naked short selling can only be traced back to the lastcouple of deades and the origen can only be traced back to penny stock fraudsers and stock share money launderers whose sole purpose was to cover their tracks NOT their legit shares!

Ex Businessweek writer Gary  Weiss who I at first trusted after he wrote one of his last articles for Businessweek about Genemax and its 



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