Sunday, January 31, 2021

Jordan Belfort wolf wall street general ratkovich mvsi

wolf wall street general ratkovich mvsi My reply to Rubin Report fawning and flattering interview of criminal Wolf of Wall Stree scheister JordanGelfort and his historic coverup of Air General and intelligence officer Sir Force General Ratkoitch's obvious role.Covered up by mainstream media as well. Who could believe anything this self adrandizing con artist says '? However sometimes one learns more by paying attention to what he and his fellow con artists never wrote or mentioned,most particulary no mention of Air Force Major General Ratkovitch whose name is on all the Socrates and MVSI filings involving these sick morons who promote themselves as ethical geniuses.I doubt rich people were conned by him and that most victims were not very sofisticated or experienced investors. When the movie Wolf On Wall Street came out articles appeared about the Italian American attorney who was the only one to go to prison and his daughter whose article led to the attorney mentioning a General who used to bring her gifts. I figured out this General was Air Force Major General and 'intelligence' officer Edward Ratkovich.Below is a link to posts about him and MSVI from 1998 as well as one of my blogs about him that Google is so good at hiding on its search engine even though I use their own blogger service since all the sites I used to use shut down. ............... Technology StocksMVSI - AN UNDISCOVERED GEM ..............................................

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