Sunday, April 5, 2020

NYTimes Coronavirus-FAKE NEWS

NYTimes has NOT CEASED FROM-CREATING AND DISIMMINATING-FAKE NEWS SINCE. 9/11 AND THEIR WMDS IN IRAQ WAR CRIMES.If it Google and Fakebook and Twitter,etal. really were fair arbiters of fake news then theNYTimes would be banned by them in perpetuity. some on the other “side” are doing similar things.Just take the link below to watch,Amazing Polly’s shocking expose of NYTimes’ collusion with a Ms.Colleen Smith who appears to have been given a ‘license’ to lie about being a doctor at Elmhurst hospital,Bronx who appear to be using the coronavirus as an excuseto allow patients to whim by simply denying medical treatment. TheNYTimes’and Ms Smith’s“ Elmhurst fakenews video also claims young. auto accident victims are turning up at Elmhurst who appear to show signs of-coronavirus after a lung X-Ray!
In truth Gov.Cuomo,his perverted CNN employed brother Chris Cuomo as well as Trump,
appear to be lieing.
Real World or Simulation
Amazing Polly

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I don’t believe the news from Elmhurst hospital. Let me show you why not, and why it is IMPERATIVE that we ask questions and …

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