Monday, April 27, 2020

CORONAVIRUS CRIMINAL CON,Google,Facebook,MicrosoftAiding-And-Abetting.....Why!?

How they fake the numbers.

A growing number of groups in US states are preparing protests against the lockdowns - on May 1.

Two sites that are publishing information on the protests.

American Revolution 2.0

Open The States

Six multi-millionaires who bankrolled the Conservative party's election victory last December have called for Boris Johnson to ease coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

The group of donors are seeking to put pressure on the Prime Minister as he returns to work on Monday, citing fears over the potential for further damage to the UK economy.

Financier Michael Spencer, who has donated over £5m to the Tories in the last few years, told The Sunday Times: "We should start loosening up the lockdown as soon as we reasonably can and allow the economy to start moving forward.

The Canadian government is considering introducing legislation to make it an offence to knowingly spread misinformation that could harm people, says Privy Council President Dominic LeBlanc.

LeBlanc told CBC News he is interested in British MP Damian Collins's call for laws to punish those responsible for spreading dangerous misinformation online about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Federal government open to new law to fight pandemic ...

Are we being robbed?

Brabantian 27 April 2020 at 02:39 writes -

From contacts with poor country diplomatic circles and citizens, esp. from SE Asia:

Poor countries ... see themselves as forced to go along with aggressively-pushed international programmes, or else face revenge from the international political mafia...

Poor countries are 'ordered' to find 'covid deaths', so they just re-label local people dying as covid, numbers are just thrown together.

Thomas Paine@Thomas1774Paine·4h

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio threatened to permanently close churches

Squirrel Mama@Squill_whispers· 18h

Meanwhile in Louisiana they are releasing hardened criminals in the US while they are arresting Pastors for preaching the word of God outside! 

OffGuardian@OffGuardian0·24 Apr

Just 3 years ago the #MSM & #NGOs funded by the #Pentagon and #BillGates ran articles about how democracy was outdated and "dangerous". 

3 years later elections are cancelled by #Covid19

Will they ever bring them back?


Have you been conned?

The two-metre social distancing rule for coronavirus was "conjured up out of nowhere", a government adviser has claimed...........

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