Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The not so funny white 'Semitic' 'comedian' Roseanne Barr is moving to Israel and no doubt will occupy enough space and consume enough food and water to crowd out several malnourished and thirsty Palestinians all by herself.And my former country, the United Slaves of Israel,whose shut closed Congess is using its time off not to improve America and guarantee that all have equal rights but instead to pass a law encouraging all states to pass laws to make criminals of anyones who think perhaps Israel should not steal more Palesrtinian land or turn the allged birth place of Jesus over to white Euro trash who erroneously or lyingly claim to be 'Semites'.
And if that ain¡t enough,in Angela Davis own home city where she grew up and protested to end white apartheid where white Jews were never discriminated against but insted were the most privileged whites in that and enjoyed privileges even most white goys could only dream of - the same white scum who lie about being 'Semites' have even pulled their political and financial muscle to prevent Angela Davis from receiving a black civil rights awaed !
And of course the closed Congress of the United Slaves of America is also using its time off to gift Israel at least $49 billion on the back of our endless debt to the German Nazis of Israel to aid their continued genocide and no doubt all they can steal from us with their unending stock and other financial scams in the land of the fleeced and the home of the slaves....

 Roseanne Barr invited to speak against BDS at Knesset - U.S. News ...
https://www.haaretz.com › U.S. News
Dec 25, 2018 - Israel's crusade against BDS comes at the cost of its own democracy ... Actress Roseanne Barr will visit the Israeli Knesset in late January to

ACLU Says Marco Rubio Is Pushing a Free-Speech Crackdown
Miami New Times-20 hours ago

Senate Republicans' 1st bill on Israel boycotts divides Democrats
The Times of Israel-6 hours ago

Alabama Civil Rights Institute Rescinds Angela Davis Honor Over Her ...
KTLA-11 hours ago
Davis, a longtime activist who has supported Palestinian rights and criticized Israeli policy, is on a par with civil rights legend Rosa Parks, ...
Alabama civil rights institute rescinds Angela Davis honor
Associated Press (press release) (bl

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