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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez:Investigate This 9/11,NY WTC Mystery And  Recover $Trillions For Your Green New Deal !

Ask Trump,Hillary Clinton pal Larry Silverstein - He should be at 'his' new WTC TRYING TO FIND SOME BRAVE NEW RENTERS TO FILL HIS VACANCIES NOW !Ask him about  those dancing Isaelis Dumb Trump confused with dancing Moslems!Or why he used the term 'pull it' to explain the collpse of Building 7.

Ask Ex Georgia CogresswomanCynthia McKenny to inform you about those trillions of Pentagon dollars that went missing just prior to 9/11 that Pentagon comptroller,Rabbi Dov Zakheim, should answer for......

Hint:Neither Donald Trump nor Nancy Pelosi will help you.,They know Israelis including Bibi Netenyahu's Likud Party convicted (in Israel),money launderer Menachem Atzmon,,deceased Ezra Harel and ex Shin Beit agents who didn't even have video surveillance cameras at Logan Airport to
video Egyptian Mohamed Atta  and his loyal Saudi terrorist pals  wave goodbye before boarding
flights 11 and 175 and make their strange convoluted  flight path from Logan Airport Boston to the NYC WTC on September 11,2001.(This was all covered up by Zoinist NY Judge  Alvin Helerstein
whose son moved to Israel immediately after 9711 and moved onto Israeli occpied settlent on  occupied Palestinian land working for a Rothschild concern).


Or why he used the term 'pull it' to explain the collapse of Building 7.

Is the Whole “War on Terror” a Fraud?  

Foreign Policy Journal-Apr 15, 2015
In this exclusive Foreign Policy Journal interview, German journalist Lars Schall  talks with J. Michael Springmann, the former head of the U.S

Story image for lars schall journalist from Foreign Policy Journal

In the Heart of Darkness of 9/11

Foreign Policy Journal-Aug 30, 2012
He is a freelance journalist for the German magazines “Telepolis”, ... Lars Schall: Mr. Schreyer, would you agree with me that the topic of the

L.S.: On the morning of 9/11 there were a whole slew of war game exercises going on. Can you tell us about one specifically, please—and that is “Vigilant Guardian”?
P.S.: “Vigilant Guardian” was a countrywide so called “transition to war” exercise taking place between August 20th and September 13th, 2001. But only between September 10th and 13th it was planned to run 24 hours a day. Right on the morning of 9/11 the scenario contained a hijacking. That’s why the first phone call about a real hijacking made officers in the air defense headquarter wonder. One even said: “Somebody started the exercise early. The hijack is not supposed to be for another hour.” It appears that the exercise somehow melted with reality.
L.S.: Did those war game exercises made it more difficult to react to the terror attacks?
P.S.: The 9/11 Commission Report, which mentions this whole exercise only once in a footnote, says no. And of course it’s true that the start of fighter jets should not have been obstructed by the exercise. Because it takes only seconds to verify if an event is real or exercise. But the role of “Vigilant Guardian” might go deeper. For it allowed access to the radar data the air defense received.
For example, as part of the exercise virtual radar signals were displayed on the screens of the operators in air defense headquarters. These signals didn’t represent real planes in the sky but were only digital points, so called “inserts”, to make the war game more realistic. In plain words, the radar data was intentionally manipulated. Therefore, assuming 9/11 might have been an inside job, the exercise could have been a useful cover for blurring the real radar picture and weakening the air defense very effectively.
L.S.: At what time were those exercises stopped?
P.S.: That’s in doubt. The military said they stopped it right after the first alarm at 8.38 a.m. But according to the tape recordings of the air defense there were virtual inserts on the screens as long as 9.30 a.m., meaning almost an hour after the first call to the military. (2) Actually it seems as if no one really stopped the exercise as long as the hijackings were in progress.
L.S.: The hijacked airplanes showed strange flight patterns. Why is this of relevance?
P.S.: You have to put yourself into the minds of the alleged hijackers. The smartest thing to do for them was to act as quickly as possible. To minimize any risk they had to get control of the planes a few minutes after takeoff and then direct them straight to their targets so that fighter jets wouldn’t have time to interfere. But that didn’t happen at all.
Take the first airliner, Flight 11. The alleged hijackers took control at 8.14 a.m., but didn’t turn to the south to New York. Instead they flew to the opposite direction to the northwest for some 13 minutes. That detour made no sense, at least if you stick to the official version of events.
And it’s the same pattern with all other 3 flights. Flight 175—hijacked at about 8.45 a.m., then again a huge detour instead of turning directly to New York. Even more strange—Flight 77, the third plane, took off from Washington to target the Pentagon, that is just a few miles from the airport. Than why did it take a detour of over 500 miles or more than one hour flying time? That is absolutely crazy and unreasonable. And it’s still unexplained.
L.S.: Related to Flight 77 there was something very odd going on with regards to a specific radar gap, correct?
P.S.: Right. The “Washington Post” reported that Flight 77 turned exactly at a small zone of poor radar coverage. (3) According to the official account they became totally invisible for about 9 minutes, just as the plane turned. And so they allegedly got lost to air traffic controllers. So this radar gap could have been the destination of the unexplained detour.
If true, a new question arises. How should the alleged hijackers have known that the radar gap existed, where it was located and when they would have arrived there? Again no explanation is given for this. The whole complex of Flight 77 remains a miracle, at least as long as you’re trying to accept the official version.
L.S.: Some people believe that the hijacked airplanes were “hijacked from the hijackers” via remote control. What’s your knowledge about this question?
P.S.: The term “remote control” in connection with passenger jets reminds of some kind of science fiction novel. But first, let’s not forget that this is exactly what many people thought in their first instinctive reaction after the second impact into the World Trade Center. Even the CNN reporter doing the live coverage that morning suspected just this immediately after the second crash when he shared his thought, and this is a citation, “if perhaps some type of navigating system or electronics” led both planes into the towers. (4) Because this is simply what it looked like. Meanwhile independent 9/11 researchers like Aidan Monaghan and Kevin Ryan have pointed in their studies to the possibility of remote control. (5)
Actually this seems to be the most probable version of what happened. At least it can explain many facts and anomalies, which the official version all sums up as coincidence or luck. Like the extremely precise approach of the plane hitting the Pentagon. Remember that it hit the building with full throttle only a few feet above the lawn. And that it hit the only side of the building, that had been renovated with steel- and Kevlar-strengthened walls and blast-resistant windows – just for the purpose of resisting a terror attack. That limited the damage effectively and is also the reason why there weren’t that many deaths as you would expect after a plane crash into such a big building.
Apart from these considerations there is the technical aspect. And there it seems that remote controlling a large Boeing passenger jet was technologically absolutely possible in the year 2001. Again, I’m pointing to the detailed studies on this by Aidan Monaghan and Kevin Ryan.

    L.S.: In June 2001 there was an important change in the command structure taking place in connection to the interception of airplanes that are off-course (see the memo of the Joint Chief of Staff: “Aircraft Piracy and Destruction of Derelict Airborne Objects”). Who was calling the shots in that respect since that change—and therefore on 9/11, too?...................

    Sep 16, 2017 - .... Rebecca Roth nails Rabbi Dov Zakheim as a person of interest in the missing Pentagon ... events on 9/11.
    Dov Zakheim — Pentagon comptroller when trillion dollars reported missing on 9-10-01; “dual citizen” of US and Israel; Zionist; Shul Rabbi; former CFR member; former ... George Tenet — director of the CIA on 9-11; was awarded the “Medal of ..... was behind the campaign to oust Georgia RepresentativeCynthia McKinney ..

    Just ten days after the 9/11 attacks, the SEC passed some findings to the FBI and recommended that it should “investigate two suspicious transactions. We know about this thanks to a 9/11 Commission memorandum declassified in May 2009 which summarizes an August 2003 meeting at which FBI agents briefed the commission on the insider trading issue. The document indicates that the SEC passed the information about the suspicious trading to the FBI on September 21, 2001.”
    U.S.-author Mark Gaffney elaborates: “Although the names in both cases are censored from the declassified document, thanks to some nice detective work by Kevin Ryan we know whom (in one case) the SEC was referring to. The identity of the suspicious trader is a stunner that should have become prime-time news on every network, world-wide. Kevin Ryan was able to fill in the blanks because, fortunately, the censor left enough details in the document to identify the suspicious party who, as it turns out, was none other than Wirt Walker III, a distant cousin to then-president G W Bush.
    Several days before 9/11, Walker and his wife Sally purchased 56,000 shares of stock in Stratesec, one of the companies that provided security at the World Trade Center up until the day of the attacks. Notably, Stratesec also provided security at Dulles International Airport, where AA 77 took off on 9/11, and also security for United Airlines, which owned two of the other three allegedly hijacked aircraft. At the time, Walker was a director of Stratesec. Amazingly, Bush’s brother Marvin was also on the board.
    Walker’s investment paid off handsomely, gaining $50,000 in value in a matter of a few days. Given the links to the World Trade Center and the Bush family, the SEC lead should have sparked an intensive FBI investigation. Yet, incredibly, in a mind-boggling example of criminal malfeasance, the FBI concluded that because Walker and his wife had ’no ties to terrorism … there was no reason to pursue the investigation.’ The FBI did not conduct a single interview.” (4)
    In early 2012, I’ve asked Kevin Ryan via e-mail if he could send me a link for his “nice detective work”. Ryan, who’s in my humble opinion one of roughly 10 people around the world who have to be taken seriously regarding 9/11, replied: “You are referring to my paper ‘Evidence for Informed Trading on the Attacks of September 11.’ (5) The following two references from the paper are relevant to what you are describing, 9/11 Commission memorandum entitled ’FBI Briefing on Trading’, prepared by Doug Greenburg, 18 August 2003. (6).
    The 9/11 Commission memorandum that summarized the FBI investigations refers to the traders involved in the Stratesec purchase. From the references in the document, we can make out that the two people had the same last name and were related. This fits the description of Wirt and Sally Walker, who were known to be stock holders in Stratesec. Additionally, one (Wirt) was a director at the company, a director at a publicly traded company in Oklahoma (Aviation General), and chairman of an investment firm in Washington, DC (Kuwam Corp). Here are two other recent articles on Stratesec and its operators.” [See here and here.]
    The stock of Stratesec, I should add by myself, increased in value from $0.75 per share on September 11 to $1.49 per share when the market re-opened on September 17. As a firm that provided technology-based security for large commercial and government facilities, Stratesec benefited from the soaring demand of security companies right after 9/11.
    As to the question “who is related to who”, Ryan told me at a later stage that this is an “irrelevant issue” to him. He wrote: “Wirt Dexter Walker is a distant relative of the Bush family, although not through the Walker branch unless the full story of George Walker (Bush’s ancestor) and Solomon Walker (Wirt’s ancestor) can reveal it.  One example is that Elia A Marsh’s cousin Betsey (Betty) Ransom married Claghorn Robinson, who is related to Dr. Lathrop (G.W. Bush family).
    Much more importantly, Wirt D. Walker is the most obvious example of a deep state operative that we know of with regard to 9/11. Not only is he an (as-yet uninvestigated) SEC suspect in 9/11 insider trading, he and Barry McDaniel ran security for the WTC (and Dulles Airport, and UAL), were previously colleagues of William Casey and Frank Carlucci, and now work with people who have top secret clearances or are associates of Dick Cheney. Additionally, Walker occupied the exact same offices as the man who trained Zacarias Moussaoui. It’s long past time to stop pretending that Walker’s association to 9/11 is a matter of who he is related to.”
    It should be noted that Stratesec repeatedly used premises in the Watergate building in Washington D.C., which were rented by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in the years before 9/11. Stratesec and the aircraft construction company Aviation General, associated with it, held their annual shareholders‘ meetings in the Suite 900 of the Watergate from 1999 to 2001, then rented by the Saudi Embassy. In 2002 the shareholders‘ meetings were held in the Suite 500, which was held by the Embassy of Kuwait. (7)
    Stratesec and Aviation General shared top executives, including Wirt D. Walker III, described in one report as “a distant relative ‘in the Walker branch of the Bush family’.” (8) Walker, together with Kuwait’s Prince Mishal Yousef Saud Al Sabah, also led the Kuwait-American Corporation (KuwAm), the owner of Stratesec and Aviation General. Walker, who held the position of director in all three companies, was CEO and chairman of the board at Stratesec at various times, while at the same time serving as managing director at KuwAm. (9) Walker and Al Sabah founded KuwAm in 1982, after they became acquainted with each other in the mid-1970s.............................

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