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Guatemala Jerusalem Embassy, Jimmy Morales, Israel and political crimes,Undue use of criminal law and hired killers. - Helmer Velásquez

PDF]Painting the Maya Red: Military Doctrine and Speech in Guatemala's ...

Apr 23, 2010 - was not Guatemala's national one of Spanish but different Mayan dialects. ..... Taiwan and Israel provided political warfare ... the Israeli Galil remains the Guatemalan ... Army General Héctor Alejandro Gramajo Morales quoted in The ...... Guatemalan Bishop Juan Gerardi was bludgeoned to death in.

Icefi and AC reject Jimmy Morales limiting information about travel to Israel May 24, 2018

The Central American Institute of Fiscal Studies (Icefi) and Acción Ciudadana (AC), the Guatemalan chapter of Transparency International, reject the refusal of the authorities of the Government of Guatemala to release the details of the official trip to Israel, considering it constitutes a violation to the Law of Access to Public Information, among other possible illicit acts. Both organizations have requested the information that the Government seeks to hide through the mechanisms established by that law.

Icefi and AC express their concern about the possibility that on the official trip to Israel on the occasion of the transfer of the Guatemalan embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, dignitaries and public officials have directly or indirectly accepted additional emoluments that they perceive for the performance of their labors, violating the prohibition contained in literal c) of article 18 of the Law on Probity and Responsibilities of Civil Servants and Public Employees. In addition, the possibility that another government or private companies has requested special collaboration for their own benefit or that of third parties, in violation of the prohibition contained in letter k) of article 18 of the aforementioned law of probity, is a matter of concern.

Who are the two billionaires who were invited to open the embassy in Jerusalem? Two American billionaires, with ties to Israel, participated in the inauguration of the Guatemalan Embassy in Jerusalem on May 16. One of them owns the plane that transported the official delegation of at least 42 people headed by the president

Morales and his delegation traveled on a Boing 767 N804MS license plate that, according to the records of the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States, is owned by the company Interface Operations LLC.

The company is owned by Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, according to the Secretary of State of Nevada.

Forbes magazine places Sheldon Adelson in 21st place on the list of the richest people in the world, with a fortune of US $ 38,500 million. He is a descendant of immigrants from Lithuania and Wales, and as a child he lived in economic hardship. He is the president and CEO of Las Vegas Sands, the largest casino company in America. "He owns more than half of the $ 13 billion betting empire-sales," Forbes cites.

Las Vegas Sands is the owner and operator of the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, a luxurious 36-story five-diamond hotel, and the Sands Expo Convention Center, both located in Las Vegas.

In 2017, Adelson gave $ 5 million to the Welcome Committee of Donald Trump, according to Forbes, the largest donation of that kind in US history. UU destined to pay for the events that welcomed the president to Washington.

For the 2012 campaign, when Barack Obama was reelected in the White House, data published by the same donors indicate that Adelson contributed US $ 45 million in several candidates, of which US $ 20 million were allocated to try to maintain control of the Republican Party in the United States Senate, he refers to a 2016 note from the newspaper El País.

Morales and political crimes Undue use of criminal law and hired killers. - Helmer Velásquez

The oracle of Jimmy Morales, points towards the deserts. From those distant lands, he is notified, via prophecy, on a Passover night, along the Josefinas beaches, which is the anointed one to support the empires, to revile the Palestinian people and to recognize, without delay - that is, only after the empire- to Jerusalem as capital of the people of God. That according to him, Pastor Virgilio Zapata-in Jimmy's secondary school-is the Israel of today. Our commitments of State, with the UN, or the calls of Arab countries not to consummate that hostile act were worth nothing. However, weighed more the scarce presidential cacumen and the influence of the environment that interprets dreams. It is clear: Morales Cabrera is president of chiripazo.

Thus, among libations, belly dances, adulations and talks in strange languages, little Jimmy forgot the Palestinian holocaust and in his obnubilation he allows himself to be financed by sinful money from the game and other peccadilloes. Does not matter. Faith allows sin and virtue. Half time there is repentance. Well knows Morales. Recidivist, in those juggling; his candidacy arises with money from corrupt chafes and "leftovers" from the surplus value generated by the back of Guatemalan workers. In Morales' "cristina ethic" all monies have a place and the dead do not speak. The president is silent. It does not issue a word about the crimes of peasants. He is accused of incitement to commit a crime. It raises an absurd hate speech. To the children of the earth, has not resolved any request, the murdered will enter their dreams, point out their incompetence and never forget their complicity with the owners of the land. Those who flatter him, and accompany him in prayer breakfasts. While they are subjecting the people to hunger, taking away the land. Protected by the support of the army that Morales "commands". It is the same thing that Israel does with the Palestinians. Steal your land and you President applaud that.

The black night of the repression against the people of Guatemala, must stop, now, the social forces must mobilize, point to the incompetent government of Morales Cabrera for his complicity in the crimes. Churches, academia, youth, peasants, social organizations, everyone! we must repudiate, the murders of: Mateo Chaman Paau, Luis Arturo Marroquín, José Can Choc and the armed aggression against leaders of the Chortí Campesino Association. Stop the return to the past, should be a priority for good Guatemalans. Never again the peasant blood irrigating the fields. Freedom to political prisoners.

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