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Trump's DOE,Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM),Disappeared Carlsbad Islamic  'Nuke Expert' Farok Sharif and 'Stakeholders',CIA Arab UEC Uranium Fracking Terrorist Amir Adnani,Goliad,Texas

Heinrich questions DOE nominee on WIPP, Los Alamos

Carlsbad entered the national political fray Thursday during the Senate confirmation hearing for two potential assistant secretaries of energy.
During a line of questioning to nominee Ann White, Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) probed her commitment to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, an underground nuclear repository about 25 miles outside of Carlsbad.
Heinrich encouraged White to prioritize a visit to WIPP to meet with officials and members of the local community.
“The continued safe operation of WIPP is critical to nearly all of the (Department of Energy’s) future cleanup efforts,” Heinrich said. “I just want to ask you how familiar you are with WIPP. If you’re confirmed, will you make it a priority to visit with WIPP and sit down with the local community and staff and leadership there to continue making sure Carlsbad can play an active role in the safe operation at that facility?”
White said she would consider meeting with DOE and WIPP officials in Carlsbad to learn more about the facility and its impact on the local area.
“WIPP is a very important asset to the department’s work, and our efforts to complete cleanup at our various sites,” she said. “I would love to come visit WIPP. It’s an interesting facility. I’ve been curious about it, to speak with your stakeholders and probably have a little green chile too.”....................

WOOPS WIPP Did it Again | Cover Stories | Santa Fe Reporter
Mar 25, 2014 - To hear web pundits tell it, the Valentine's Day radiation leak at the WIPP site southeast of Carlsbad might have been bad enough to require a mass evacuation of the surrounding binational region. .... The partnership's president Farok Sharif, who had overseen WIPP operations since 2007, was replaced.

13 exposed to radiation at N.M. nuke waste dump - CBS News
Feb 27, 2014 - Containers of transuranic waste (generated during the research and production of nuclear weapons) is disposed of at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) underground facility nearCarlsbad, N.M.. Department of Energy. Share; Tweet; Reddit; Flipboard; Email. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Thirteen workers at ...

[PDF]EMD Uranium (Nuclear Minerals) - I2M Associates, LLC
Nov 15, 2013 - The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) near Carlsbad, New Mexico has a good chance of being in ... Farok Sharif, president and project manager of WIPP through the Nuclear Waste Partnership, said ...... Uranium Energy Corp (UEC) is a U.S.-based uranium mining and exploration company focused...
Amir Adnani CIA Uranium fracker,money launderer.....Goliad,Texas......

CIA Connected Arab Terrorist Amir Adnani USEC Securities Fraudster ...
Nov 5, 2017 - CIA Connected Arab Terrorist Amir Adnani Securities Fraudster Fracking For Uranium In Texas Connected To CIA's,J.D.Davidson's Agora Inc .... s Agora Inc of .... Notice Grant Atkins, Brent Pierce's sidekick on the above link. He was also a founder, CFO and director of UEC. Then we have Amir Adnani, age ...

political and science rhymes: Google CIA,Agora Inc Porter Stansberry ...
Dec 20, 2017 - CIA Connected Arab Terrorist Amir Adnani Securities Fraudster Fracking For Uranium In TexasConnected To CIA's,J.D.Davidson's Agora Inc .... 2015 - Marin Katusa forgets about Uranium Energy Corp (UEC) ... guy that even a rogue like Porter Stansberry wouldn't hire because he's ... Today's news sees ...

UEC Amir Adnani Insider Trades for Uranium Energy Corp.
Mr. Amir Adnani is Chairman at Brazil Resources, Inc. He is on the Board of Directors at Garnero Group Acquisition Co. and Uranium Energy Corp. Mr. Adnani was previously employed as President by Blender Media, Inc. He also served on the board at Fort Sun Investments, Inc. He received his undergraduate degree from ...

Trump's DOE,Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM),Disappeared Carlsbad Islamic  'Nuke Expert' Farok Sharif and 'Stakeholders',CIA Arab UEC Uranium Fracking Terrorist Amir Adnani,Goliad,Texas

TV: Officials now confirm contamination from WIPP reached ...
TV: Officials now confirm contamination from WIPP reached Carlsbad, New Mexico's 10th most populated city — Container of radioactive waste may have “blew up” (VIDEO) ..... The exame same intersections apply to the shareholders of the respective corporations and the politicians on their payrolls, I assume.

The president of the listed company who runs the show, stated, seriously, that it is like a dental Xray. In the town hall meeting. On Video.
Worthless effen pimp, jail time is indicated.
Plus they did insider trading AFTER the incident and before the public release of information. Profiting whilst they put others at danger.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Trump's DOE,Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM),Disappeared Carlsbad New Mexico Islamic  'Nuke Expert' Farok Sharif and shareholders

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 And Carlsbad New Mexico Islamic Indian Malaysian 'Nuke Expert' Mohamed Mohammad Farok Sharif

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 And Carlsbad New  Mexico Islamic Indian Malaysian 'Nuke Expert' Mohamed
 Mohammad Farok Sharif,White Sands Mysterious Explosion

Note that Malaysian Airlines whose flight has gone 'missing' can indeed be located if the international financial military industrial complex really wanted to find it in the first place.This reminds me of the 9/11 cell phone calls sold to usby the billionaires' mass media that claimed and released phony calls from passengers of the flights just before they allegedly crashed into the WTC,etc., when in fact the airline cell phone to ground tech didn't even exist at that time.NOW WE ARE TOLD THEY JUST CAN'T FIND THAT MALAYSIA AIRLINES  FLIGHT 370 PLANE WHEN IN FACT ROLLS ROYCE KNOWS RIGHT - FAR RIGHT - WHERE IT IS.TheCIA,FBI,NSA,Homeland Security  are all prostitutes of the international financial military industrial complex and should be forced to relocate their offices in  the leaking Los Alamos Carlsbad New Mexico nuclear weapons waste disposal site of Mohammad Farok Sharif  whose country of Malaysia doesn't even have a nuke power generator or 'expertise' nor the experience to build or run one ! So how did Mohammad Farok Sharif  become America's foremodst expert and authority ? The CIA's and Zionist City of London's prostitute BarackHussein  Obama aka Little Black Rambo aka Barry Soetoro no doubt helped with his promotion after the W Bush regime crowned him America's,GE's and Westinghouse's,'s foremost authority.

Mysterious Massive NM Explosion March 18 2014, Still a Mystery ... esta página
hace 13 horas - The bizarre event's appearance over a military site has led to speculation that some kind of massive weapon has been exploded at white sands, propelling a ...

ABQJOURNAL BIZ: One-on-One with Farok Sharif esta página
27/12/2010 - Farok Sharif was number eight. ... Arkansas before transferring to New Mexico State University upon meeting his wife, who was from Carlsbad.

 27/12/2010 - Sharif is now president and general manager of Washington TRU Solutions, which manges and operates WIPP. He has been in nuclear waste ...

  The Basics: Born Mohammad Farok Sharif in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, on March 7, 1962, attended College of the Ozarks in Clarksville, Ark., for two years before transferring to New Mexico State University where he obtained his bachelor's degree in production operations management and a master's degree in business administration; married to Cindy since Jan. 26, 1985; daughter Ari, 21, and son Troy, 18; cat named Tigger.
        Position: President and general manager of Washington TRU Solutions, which manages and operates the U.S. Department of Energy's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad. He is also a judge and on the board of directors for Quality New Mexico, a 2007 graduate of Leadership New Mexico, and a board member of the Carlsbad Department of Development....

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Carlsbad New Mexico:5 types of plutonium were released;Caldicott:Inhaling a millionth of a gram of plutonium will induce lung cancer

Carlsbad New Mexico:5 types of plutonium were released;Caldicott:Inhaling a millionth of a gram of plutonium will induce lung cancer

Radiation Expert: 5 types of plutonium were released from WIPP; Officials not informing public — Caldicott: “I predict that facility will never be able to be used again”; Inhaling a millionth of a gram of plutonium will induce lung cancer (AUDIO)

Published: March 25th, 2014 at 12:03 pm ET
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KUNM, Mar. 24, 2014: The director of an organization that evaluated the WIPP site for over 25 years said officials aren’t doing enough to inform New Mexicans. [...] “I just can’t stress the importance of DOE being available to respond to detailed questions that people have,” [Dr. Bob Neill] said. “There’s no substitute for direct communication.” Immediately after the leak was discovered, the public should have been given a detailed explanation of what was released, said Dr. Neill, who received his degree in radiological medicine. Americium 241 and plutonium 239 were mentioned. “But there are four other radio-isotopes of plutonium, namely the 238, 240, the beta and 241,” he said. “They’re all bone-seekers. So you want to be able to report all the values—how each one may have contributed. It’s just essential.” [...] “It’s so important to answer people’s questions—and not just people in Carlsbad, but throughout the state and elsewhere,” he said. As for the leak itself, he said all of the possible causes of the failure at WIPP must be considered, and a response system should be designed accordingly.
Interview with Dr. Helen Caldicott, March 2014 (at 37:30 in): One of the repositories for very, very dangerous radioactive waste plutonium, americium, etc. has just leaked radiation all around the area in Carlsbad, New Mexico. One microgram of plutonium, a millionth of a gram of plutonium, if inhaled will induce lung cancer. It’s extraordinarily radioactive. So they thought this would be safe storing radiation in salt mines, but something happened, one of the casks blew up or part of the ceiling fell on the casks, we do not know. But I predict that that facility will never be able to be used again, it will be so contaminated.
Full interview with Dr. Caldicott available here (subscription required)

Published: March 25th, 2014 at 12:03 pm ET
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  1. Increased radiation in Carlsbad not related to WIPP leak - esta página
    De Emily Younger
    hace 7 días - Carlsbad, N.M. (KRQE) – New air sampling data from the Department of Energy shows a major radiation increase in Carlsbad and around the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. Six of the seven department's air monitoring stations ...
  2. “Truly an operational nightmare” at WIPP — Radiation level doubles ... esta página
    De ENENews
    9/3/2014 - “Truly an operational nightmare” at WIPP — Radiation level doubles at location far from leak; Carlsbad monitor jumps around 40% — Residents plead for more info, concerns over safety (MAP) ...
  3. DOE: Increased radiation in Carlsbad not related to WIPP incidents ... esta página
    De By Zack Ponce @zackponce12 on Twitter
    18/3/2014 - ... Isolation Pilot Plant. Air monitoring results since last month's radiation leak appear to show the amount of radiation trending upward near Carlsbad, but Department of Energy officials say there is no proof it is related to the leak.
  • haizedustrium-1234
    Some salts such as LiF-NaF-BeF2 is known for melting slightly above 310 deg C, where alpha radiation, electrolysis and fires will ignite any mixtures of methane with chlorine or fluorine and will also send hydrofluoric acid in the ooze for anything else than a depleted war head rupture and gloves. And fluoride will also be originating from any uranium-tetra-fluoride and uranium-hexafluoride as in decay.

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  •  We Not They Finally
    The EPA radnet does not even publish alpha readings, and plutonium is alpha. Here in Albuquerque, the beta readings are run-for-your-life on a regular basis — though for Carlsbad, even that page is always left blank. And of course, there are no alpha readings given out for Carlsbad, or for anywhere else, for that matter.
    This is obviously VERY bad. It just gets harder to navigate when given so little to go on.

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    • Can you go to that town hall meeting I think there is one this Thursday? We will crowd source a list of 5 question sets with 1 or 2 leading questions to each.
      The last question of each set will be a mini jab
      And the final question of question 5 will be a no-brainer coup de grace.
      I like using the French version of this saying since those Frenchies are so pround of their overcompensating nuker plants.

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      •  We Not They Finally
        Glad to help. Let us know (there are two of us — me and husband). Maybe people can just bring a page from ENE News to move around and identify others.
        Are you in this area?
        We're already going to be bringing a few EPA radnet print-outs which show BETA readings for Albuquerque for the last four months. (We can bring gamma too — just don't know how to read them.) We WANT alpha readings, but do not even know how to push for that.
        What interested us recently was at the Fukushima Solutions weekend just past in Texas, David Yurth (and yeah, we were unhappy about his pushing thorium, but he still had a lot of scientific expertise) was very specific about why/how storage casks (like those shipped to WIPP) decay radioactively and cannot be remediated. But I had no playback button for a live talk, and didn't catch it well enough to explain it back. I'd like to be able to bring it up if possible — if I can get even the basics myself. We're checking ongoing when his talk might be coming out on youtube.
        Us, we'll be thrilled if people come out swinging at that meeting this coming Thursday. Just hard to predict. Don Hancock (who has certainly been diligent, and apparently long-range) is a reasoned kind of a guy — not really a firebrand. And there have to be other speakers too — just don't know who.

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  •  Nick
    "…the keys to WIPP’s success have been the area’s geological composition, sound science, transparency and citizen engagement.
    “WIPP has been vital to the nation and is responsible for major, significant economic impact to the community,” she said. “WIPP’s local support has never wavered.”
    Yup, them locals are so in love with WIPP that they have developed special lung functions that are immune to Plutonium particles.

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