Friday, September 22, 2017

CNN PROSTITUTE ,pERVERT Percy von Lipinski ,probable Vancouver penny stock con artist

CNN Percy Von Lipinski defends child prostitution cocaoine snorting 'charity' doners of Alpha Omega Winery invested in by California Congressman Nunes.

CNN's Lipinski tracked me down in Guatemala for CNN and Wolf Blitzer because I exposed Blitzer's protection of Ex Israel PM Ehud Olmert's  and the convicted for rape Ex Israel President Moshe Katsav's involement with British-Israeli Michael Zwebner and his UCSY Air Water Corp penny stock fraud and money laundering operation.Lipinski for this reason is in cahoots with those who have threatened my life.

Now Percy  Von Lipinski is defending Republican California Representative Devon Nunes because the Alpha and Omega Winery he's involved with has been accused of hosting underage prostitution and cocaine to potential investors or 'charity' donors.Why doesn'`t Nunes simply demand an  investigation into the this winery he's  invested in rater tan  threatening his critics frre speech ? What business is it of Lipinski's unless he's just defending child prostitution and 'businessmen' snorting coke ?

The latest Tweets from Percy von Lipinski (@PercyHETV). Purveyor of the World's finest stage performance systems. Formerly CNN's original travel guru and ...

'City entrepreneur Percy von Lipinski aspired to romance not surgery when he met Dr. Olga Moukhortova, who turned Russian men into women for the ruble equivalent of $15,000.' -

Percy Von Lipinski's wife 'Dr.' Olga Moukhortova, has received 'rave' reviews of her medical,(mal?),practice in Vancouver Canada which she now allegedly is practicing in Beverley Hills, California......

Former sex-change surgeon Olga Moukhortova and spouse Percy von Lipinksi will move to L.A. to aid singer-daughter Ava Frye’s career. MALCOLM PARRY / PNG
CLEARED FOR TAKE-OFF: City entrepreneur Percy von Lipinski aspired to romance not surgery when he met Dr. Olga Moukhortova, who turned Russian men into women for the ruble equivalent of $15,000. They married, she moved to Vancouver and requalified in her specialty. With such procedures centred on Montreal, Dr. Moukhortova-von Lipinski now practices gynecology. Meanwhile, she did help her spouse retain a key extremity — his left hand, which she quickly suspected of being afflicted by the flesh-eating disease necrotizing fasciitis. Today, 13-year-old daughter Ava is changing both of their lives. Having heeded parental advice to learn Mandarin, she’s won international singing competitions and gained fans in China and North America. The family will move to L.A. to further her career and market the sound and special-effects systems her father’s AFM Alive firm developed to give now-stage-named Ava Frye a leg-up.


Olga Moukhortova-von Lipinski has received 11 rating(s) and 11 review(s), resulting in an average rating of 2.14 on a scale from 1 to 5. The overall rating for this medical doctor is bad.
 If you have personal experience with Olga Moukhortova-von Lipinski, we encourage you to share that experience with our community. Your opinion is very important and Olga Moukhortova-von Lipinski will most certainly appreciate the feedback

I had 2 failed ablation surgeries performed by this doctor. Since that time I have had 2 months of nonstop heavy uncontrolled bleeding. This outcome was never discussed with me or I surely would not have opted for this procedure. My condition is MUCH worse since having it done. Please do your research UBC's research lab CEMCOR recommend against having this highly unsuccessful procedure as well as many unhappy women on the internet. Of the 4 women I personally know that have had it performed al regret that decision and it has made their life horrible (just like mine) If you do opt for this procedure go to BC Women's and see a specialist. This office is also very unclean and actually had used pads (2) on the floor in the bathroom

I would not recommend Olga Moukhortova-von Lipinski to anyone because: This doctor prescribed me a medication that I should not take. She misinformed me about the medication. She failed to disclose side effects and long term effects that are dangerous for my condition. In my opinion, she causes harm, because she has not interest in her patients well-being

I think she was the worst doctor I have ever come across. She has rude manners, unprofessional and it seems like she doesn't care about her patients at all. My PAP procedure with her was painful and she didn't comfort me

She is very arrogant and not caring. I left the office feeling humiliated and not informed. I will never come back to see her again

Anonymous visitor
This Doctor was very kind and informative. She was encouraging and helpful. The only fault I can say is she was late for my surgery time and I was very anxious waiting

Anonymous visitor
She botched a basic procedure which resulted in more harm being done

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