The watchdog organization Judicial Watch released new Hillary Clinton emails on Thursday, including one that the group said shows Clinton sending a classified email in 2010 to two employees of the Clinton Foundation that didn't have a security clearance.
The email in question appears to show a State Department employee first receiving an email from an unidentified person. That exchange was forwarded to Clinton, who then forwarded it to the two people at the Clinton Foundation. The email is presently marked with a "classified" box prominently on the first page of the chain.
That email and others add to the tally of documents from Clinton's non-government email account that had not been released yet, even though Clinton had claimed she handed over all relevant emails.
"The casual violation of laws concerning classified material and noxious influence peddling show the Clinton State Department was ‘corruption central' in the Obama administration," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a press release.
Judicial Watch obtained the emails after suing the State Department because they failed to respond properly to a Freedom of Information Act request.
Judicial Watch said another email from May 2010 shows that her top aide, Huma Abedin, put people from the Russian American Foundation in touch with people at the State Department, but only after getting a forwarded email request from employees at the Clinton Foundation. Abedin emails back to the employees at the Clinton Foundation, saying, "we hooked her up with the right people here."
Just this week, Clinton talked about the scandal that dogged her through most of the 2016 campaign, calling it "the biggest nothingburger ever." But Judicial Watch said it disagrees given the new emails.
"These shocking new Clinton emails show why the Justice Department should reevaluate, reopen, or reinvigorate Clinton, Inc. investigations," Fitton said.
Even though the Trump administration now has the reins at the Department of Justice, many of the numerous FOIA lawsuits by the watchdog have been fought as vigorously as they had been during the Obama administration.