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WTC,9/11;Malaysia Flight MH17:Israeli ICTS Europe In Control Of Amsterdam Airport Boston's Logan Airport

WTC,9/11;Malaysia Flight MH17:Israeli ICTS Europe In Control Of Amsterdam Airport

Note ICTS International aka ICTS Europe that guarded Logan Airport Boston on 9/11 where the two planes 11 and 175 alledged to have hit the WTC from that day as well as allowed Richard Reid the 'shoe bomber' to fly to Israeli pre 9/11 and then to board American Airlines flight that they were in charge of at DeGualle Airport Paris a month after 9/11 and who also by 'chance' happened to allow Islamic Nigerian 'crotch bomber' Mutallab to board flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit of Christmas 2009(hoo hoo hoo)
and is suspect in Moscow airport bombing that killed over 30 people in January 2011just happened to be the Schipol Amsterdam airport security for Malaysian  flight MH17 as well and they are VIPS in Malaysia where they actually 'train' Malaysian officials and presumably Malaysia Airlines employees in 'security' as I discovered at the time thast Malaysia flight 370 went missing a short while ago.:

WTC,9/11:Malaysia Airlines 370 Under Same Israeli  ICTS Europe AKA ICTS International'Security Company That 'Guarded Logan Airport Boston(flights 11 and 175) and Are Rothschild Backed ?................

  • [PDF]

    ICTS Europe Systems Newsletter May 2012μαιος-2012.pdf

    Jul 2, 2012 - training for the Malaysian Airport Authority, chooses Eagle ... Alitalia. • Neos. • Air Italy. Great assistance from Ayelet and the ICTSItaly team!

  • [PDF]

    ICTS Europe Client List

    Air Europe. Arfrican Alliance ... Aéroport de Nice Cote d'Azur (ANCA) Airport Hannover. Astraeus ... Lufthansa. M. Malaysia Airlines ... Shannon Airport Authority.

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    Remember the  Saudi Arabian passport that survived the plane collision into the WTC on 911 and was found in good condition near where the WTC had  been a shoty while before?No surprise the incompetent
    Israeli stock fraudsters and mass murderers of ICTS International were involved in this act of false flag terrorism as well.

    .........the passports, as seen here, are claimed to have been found all in this rather circumspect pile, a physical impossibility:
    This passport pile is acclaimed as being found, as is, as a part of the wreckage. This is categorically impossible, meaning that this part of the event was staged.
    Now, then, for this great act of mass murder, who is responsible for this, whether real or staged?


  • Preposterous Passport "Discovery" Claims

    Hijacker Satam al Suqami's passport, slightly charred, was found in the World ... The9-11 commission report claims that Suqami's Saudi passport was picked up ...
  • Personal Effects and the Crash-Proof Passport - 911myths

    Jun 27, 2012 - Of all the evidence produced in relation to the 9/11 attacks, perhaps ... out of the material they use to make Saudi passports") spreading all ... Satam Al Suqami was supposedly on Flight 11, the plane that hit the North Tower.


    Nov 10, 2013 - Satam al-Suqami - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... Al Suqami'spassport will be found on the day of 9/11 near the World Trade Center, before it collapses (see ... UK Government Death Squads,CIA Zionists,Hindu Fasc.


      So, let's take a look at the idea of Saudi Arabia as the perpetrator of 9-11. ... The 9-11scene was littered with passports using Saudi names, passports which the ...

    The 9-11 scene was littered with passports using Saudi names, passports which the FBI admitted just ten days later were high-quality fakes using identities stolen from Arab men. We don't know who was on those planes, only who we were supposed to THINK were on those planes. Why would Saudi Arabia commit 9-11 and use phony passports pointing back to themselves? If Saudi Arabia had done 9-11, it is safe to assume the phony passports would have likely pointed to Israel. FBI Director Robert Mueller has admitted in public that there is actually no evidence that proves the named 9-11 hijackers were actually on the aircraft.


    Live: Malaysian Airlines MH-17 Crash Images

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      2 days ago - Malaysian Airlines MH-17 has crashed and all 295 passengers ... Have a think about WHY passports would look untouched and would be in a ...

    1. Malaysian Airline MH 17 Passengers PASSPORT COMING FROM THE TRUCK ...

      2 days ago - Godlike Productions is a Conspiracy Forum. Discussion topics include UFOs, Conspiracy, Lunatic Fringe, Politics, Current Events, Secret ...

    Two theories of interest in relation to the Malaysia MH17 downing on the Ukraine-Russia border indicate  the strong possiblity that this was a ´false flag´ operation directed at and against Russia.One is the possibilty that the Nazi-Zionist alliance in control of the Ukraine downed the flight on their own or perhaps in cooperation with Isreal that has so much control through ther Jewish Zionist ´´leaders´´ of the Ukraine  and its Air Force who may have downed it themselves.However a broader conspracy involving the UK City of London Zionist fascists and their Zionist allies in Amsterdam as well as fascist U.S.government agents(CIA,,in alliance with its fascist 'allies' throughout western Europe and the governments they control and collusion as they pretend not to see  the Mossad-Shin Bet  Israelis of ICTS International(now ICTS Europe)of whom Japanese American Norman Mineta ( who was previously San Jose ,California mayor and ex W Bush Transportation Secretary) is on the board of  along with the mass murdering Israelis who incorporated in both the Netherlands as well as in Joe Biden's Delaware in 1999 in order to defraud American investors in an illegal  stock  'pump and dump' in cooperation with Israeli El Al Airlines and thus buy Huntleigh airport security firm with its contracts to guard Logan Boston airport as well as Newark just prior to 9/11.No proof that any Arab terrorists ever boarded flights 11 or 175 to crash into the WTC in NYC on September 11,2001 has ever been provided .ICTS Israel nor its leaders Menachem Atzmon or deceased Ezra Harel or other Shin Bet or Mossad Israeli government terrorists responsible for security at Logan Airport Boston where the two flights alledged to have hit the WTC on 9/11 were ever asked to provide any  video surveillance video or were ever questioned.In fact the W Bush and Dick Cheney administration and scum like ex Texas Congressman Dick Armey made sure that Menachem Atzmon and ICTS INTERNATIONAL AKA ICTS  EUROPE WAS PROTECTED AND REWARDED FOR ALLOWING  9/11 TO HAPPEN IN THE FIRST PLACE!

  • wolfblitzzer0: Hiroshima,Nagasaki,9/11,Bush,ICTS Europe ...

    Jan 1, 2014 - Hiroshima,Nagasaki,9/11:Ex Congressman Norman Mineta - Traitor ... of London and Amsterdam where ICTS Internatioonal is headquarted ...

  • ICTS Europe Holdings B.V. - Company Profile by Insideview

    Company profile for ICTS Europe Holdings B.V. in Amsterdam,. Get accurate business ... Norman Mineta, Secretary and Member of Supervisory Board.

  • Neither the Zionist  ex IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman  with ex SEC Chair Mary Schapiro(both colleagues of Bernie Madoff),who sold over 25% of NASDAQ to Sheik Mohamned Al Rahid bin Maktoum for personal gain didn't even investigate them when they tried to get a $2 million plus tax return nor for their illegal pump and dump share money laundering activities before and after 9/11!Note ex IRS Commisioner and NASDAQ hedge fund money launderer Shulman almost smirked as he chased black American actor around the globe and jailed him for years over a few  thousandf dollars in alleged back taxes !

    1. 9/11:U.S.IRS,SEC,AG Mukasey,Homeland Security Michael ...

      Feb 17, 2008 - ICTS evecutive Menachem Atzmon was even convicted in his own country of Israel ..... Whereas with black actor Wesley Snipes - they can handle him - and make ...... IRS' Commissioner Douglas Shulman,friend to offshore tax ...

    1. Israeli Agents:Mitt Romney,SEC Mary Schapiro, IRS Doug ...

      Jul 27, 2012 - It is NOT black American actor Leslie Snipes who should be put in jail but Douglas Shulman IT IS DOUGLAS SHULMAN WHO SHOULD BE ...
    Note also that Schipol Aiport Amsterdam was under control of ICTS International or ICTS Europe was in even before 9/11 and remained there no questions asked even after 9/11 and THEN even after they allowed the Islamic Nigerian ´crotch bomber´ Mutallab to board flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas 2009(coincidentally in retrospect the very same holiday that numerous free properties were quietly transfered in Newtown,CT, to families who would later be involved as alledged victims of the alleged shooting of their children at Sandy Hook.If that's a coincidence in retrospect it is certainly yet another very strange one.Nancy Lanza's John Hancock corporation was one of the early share holders of ICTS International after U.S.-Delaware incorporation in 1999 and a UK Rothschild firm was also one of its financiers aiding it to go ´public´ on U.S.NASDAQ.(Since 9/11 however the former U.S.NASDAQ has been sold in part to pro Israel Zionist Sheikh Mohamed Al Rashid bin Maktoum of Dubai where Dick Cheney also moved Haliburton immediately after 9/11 even though it was mentioned in the official W Bush-Henry Kissinger 9/11 Commission report as the couintry where alleged Guantanamo prisoner Khalid Sheikh Mohammed sent Mohamed Atta money to  Venice,Florida from just prior to 9/11.
    I note since doing an internet search  that godlikeproduction posters have remembered and mentioned ICTS International in relation to 9/11 and ´security´at Schipol Airport as well.Also I just camne across  an article just posted byYoichi Shimatsu on that is mainly about the MH 17 Malaysia flight and ICTS International aka ICTS Europe at Schipol Airport Amstertdam even at the time of Israeli El Al crash of 1993 with WMDS.Yes Atzmon and his Shin Bet-Mossad terrorists have been in control of Schipol probably with the blessings of Rothschild's,'s Dutch Royal Shell and the decadent pedophile politicians and royals of Queen Bitch Beatrix long before 9/11. :

    1. Bombshell! Proof That Malaysia Flight MH17 Was Diverted to fly ...
      2 days ago - 24 posts - ‎4 authors
      Map: Malaysian Airliner Shot Down in Ukraine The attack, which killed everyone on board the flight to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam, has led the Malaysian carrier to take alternative ... “The usual flight route was earlier declared safe by the InternationalCivil .... ICTS was in charge ... CIA Says For Real.

      1. MH17 and MH370 flight controls were hacked. The planes' flight ...
        2 days ago - 31 posts - ‎3 authors
        Both MH17 and MH370 made abrupt changes in their flight paths. ... ICTS International is an Israeli firm based in the Netherlands that develops ...
      Both MH17 and MH370 made abrupt changes in their flight paths. Both planes flew over restricted airspace. This was the work of hackers who have taken control of those planes. The 777 is especially vulnerable since it is completely computer controlled in all regards including flight controls.

      You might ask that if hackers took control of the planes then why not just crash them immediately? They can't. The 777's software will not allow the planes to crash. If a hacker attempted to do so, the software would prevent the crash. The hackers' only option was to fly the planes over dangerous areas so that they would be shot down.

      It is possible that both planes were from the same airline either because someone inside the airline gave passwords which allow access to the planes' controls or there is an online security vulnerability at Malaysia Airlines..........................

      The media is spending so much time on the actual shooting down of the plane to divert attention from why the plane flew over restricted airspace in the first place. There are reports that a military plane was shadowing MH17. The plane's flight crew probably radioed for assistance but no one could do anything. As they approached restricted airspace, the military plane turned away to avoid conflict.

      Notice that reports are already beginning that the transponder can not be found. Just like MH370's transponder, this one will never be found. I'm guessing that both transponders have recordings of the flight crew radioing for assistance as the planes' controls were taken over.....

      The 777 that crashed at the airport in San Francisco was probably the work of hackers also. In that case, the hackers probably tried to crash the plane. However, the software prevented the crash and the plane only made a short landing. That was a dry run, of sorts................

      Both MH17 and MH370 made abrupt changes to their flight paths. Both were shot down. Either the pilots who work for Malaysia Airlines are complete morons or someone took over the controls of both those planes.

      No competent pilot would fly over restricted airspace even if told to do so. They are not robots who take orders without question. They are intelligent human beings who can see danger and avoid it..................

    2. Was MH17 Sabotaged By An Israeli Security Team At ...

      Jul 20, 2014 - Security Team At Amsterdam ... Security at Schipol Airport is operated by ICTS, an Israeli-owned airport security company ... from the current battle zone between the Ukraine military and militant ethnic Russian irregulars.

    3. WTC 9/11,Christmas 2009,ICTS Israel,Amsterdam Schiphol ...

      Mar 16, 2014 - ICTS Israel,Netherlands Schiphol Airport FRED DE BROUWER AND DEMMINK; CHILD MURDER ... ICTS International or ICTS Europe missed their 9/11 connection but otherwise an .... Mossad, CIA Behind Christmas Plane Bombing Attempt - Rense .... Ukraine:CIA'sLittle Black Rambo aka Barack Obama .
    4. Sandy Hook:Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 all a Fake Incident

      Mar 22, 2014 - ... hold shares of the very real Israeli ICTS International that has caused so much tragedy and terror from ... It seemed strange to me that all theseMalaysian and Chinese that are employees of .... Ukraine:CIA'sLittle Black Rambo aka Barack Obama . ... WTC 9/11,Christmas 2009,ICTS Israel,Amsterdam Schi.

    5. Paradoxically these same ISRAEL GOVERNMENT TERRORISTS OF 9/11 APPEAR TO HAVE BEEN ON THE SCENE OF THE BLOODY MOSCOW AIPORT BOMBING of 2011which I as well as so many others blogged about at that time and that i still blog about art times such as this Russias.Ukraune Malaysia Airlines incident.

    6. 911,ICTS Europe,Mumbai,Schiphol,Chabad Lubavitch ...

      Independent Media Center
      Jan 29, 2011 - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev blamed airport security lapses for the suicide bombing that killed 35 people and injured up ... Israel Reports No IsraeliCasualties in Moscow Airport Attack ... Don't eat Chabad Lubavitch's 'kosher food',it may contain mad cow prions. ...... E-Mail:

      1. ICTS handled security @ Moscow Blast Airport [Archive] - David ... › ... › Main Forums › Today's News

        Jan 26, 2011 - 10 posts - ‎7 authors
        Security Partners Ltd., the ICTS Europe subsidiary in Russia, was awarded ... bars ,then hire an israeli firm to deal with it's secruity at airports ?

    7. 9/11,Boston Marathon,Moscow Airport Bombings,ICTS ...

      Apr 30, 2013 - The same Israelis of ICTS International,(convicted ,omey launderer Menachem ... in Paris enroute to Dulles Airport Washington D.C. with his 'crotchbomb. ... rath against Russia and apparently or not inadvertently againt us as ...
    8. Northerntruthseeker: Russian President Putin Rules Out ...

      Jan 26, 2011 - Russian authorities suspect the attack was a suicide bombing. ... at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow is none other than ICTS, an Israeli firm!
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    11. Was MH17 Sabotaged By 
      Israeli Security Team At
      Schiphol Airport?

      By Yoichi Shimatsu
      Exclusive to Rense

      As the only non-European journalist to cover The Hague inquiry into the Amsterdam crash
      of El Al flight 1862 (October 1992), which destroyed a Biljmeer district apartment complex,
      I discovered many aspects of the Israeli security set-up at Schipol International Airport and
      the role of the Mossad intelligence agency in secret operations there, one of Europe’s
      business transport hubs. This same airport spy network is very likely involved in the recent
      crash of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 over the Ukraine.

      Covering the Biljmeer crash for Japan Playboy, I uncovered the sordid facts of how the
      official investigation back then was undone by a large network of Israeli intelligence agents
      who paid hush money to victims’ families, pressured injured firefighters from filing lawsuits
      over radiation exposure, and suppressed data from the hangar where the wreckage was
      stored. The crippled El Al cargo jet, leased from UPS, had transported from JFK Airport in
      New York a secret load of weapons including plutonium, depleted uranium and a
      bioweapon called mycoplasm in its cargo bay before crashing on an attempt to return to
      Schipol Airport, in an operation directed by the Israeli intelligence service instead of Dutch
      flight officials.

      Once again, this time in the destruction of MH17, there is an Israeli-connected air crash
      with political ramifications involving Israeli strategic interests, inside Israel exactly when its
      military launches an invasion of Gaza and in troubled Ukraine, a supplier of military
      electronics to the IDF.

      Security at Schipol Airport is operated by ICTS, an Israeli-owned airport security company
      based in The Netherlands founded by former officers of the Shin Beit intelligence agency.
      Its subsidiaries are also involved in key security functions there, including ProCheck,
      Ramasso and I-SEC.

      The Israeli security company has a record of staging false flag operations, including the
      September 11, 2001 attacks. ICTS subsidiary Huntleigh provided passenger and baggage
      inspection services at Boston Logan Airport, where two of the four jetliners used in the 911
      attack originated.

      At Schipol Airport on Christmas 2009, ICTS allowed the “Underwear Bomber” Umar
      Farouk Abdulmutallah armed with explosives to slip past “sniffer” detectors to board a
      Detroit-bound Northwest flight, an incident that was a boon to Homeland Security and the
      global war on terrorism.

      Initial information, even before the start of an official inquiry into MH17, raise serious
      questions of whether Israeli intelligence tampered with the flight controls and radar
      identification (transponder) system of the Malaysian-operated Boeing-777.

      - MH17 deviated from the civilian flight path, which should cross close to the exit mouth of
      the Azov Sea, away from the current battle zone between the Ukraine military and militant
      ethnic Russian irregulars. Instead its navigation steered the jetliner on a more northerly
      course in contested airspace, where Ukraine military aircraft conduct both air strikes and
      troop transport missions, putting the Malaysian Airlines jet into jeopardy.

      - The wide-body Boeing-777 jumbo jet is similar in profile to the Antonov (built by
      Kharkov Aircraft Industries in Ukraine) and Ilyushin (Russian-built) transport craft in
      service with the Ukraine military and air cargo fleets. At higher altitudes (MH17 was flying
      at 35,000 feet), the only way from ground level to identify a plane is by a coded radar
      response from its transponder signal. One possibility was that MH17 was programmed
      with a false responder code; while another problem could have been confusion with the
      transponder  beam from a nearby Ukraine military craft. A more sinister scenario is the
      sending of a false ID signal from a ground-based vehicle.

      In short, Israeli operatives could have loaded a bomb onto MH17 or used a false responder
      signal to lure a rebel missile battery to intercept a suspected incoming troop landing.
      Another issue for investigation, if these scenarios are verified, is the unspoken connection
      between the Boeing Corporation and the Israeli intelligence services. Boeing would have
      key data on tampering of any of its aircraft control systems, and both MH17 and MH370
      were Boeing-777s.

      Israeli intelligence had three possible motives for orchestrating a false flag incident blamed
      on ethnic Russians or on the Kremlin.

      - first, the MH17 crash diverted international media attention from the launch of the
      Israeli invasion of Gaza, which is a serious rupture of existing peace accords and a massive
      assault on human rights. Malaysia is an outspoken voice in the UN and the world media on
      Palestinian rights in Gaza.

      - second, Israel, even with the Zionist economic interests in Russia such as BP, has a
      historical interest in the 45 000-member strong Jewish community in the port of Odessa,
      which has a large stake in the financial sector, military electronics industry, missile
      production and weapons factories. PBN and GQR, lobbying organizations controlled by
      American Jewish neoconservatives, are the most influential force in Ukraine politics.

      - third, the destruction of MH17 serves as a warning to the governments of Malaysia and
      Australia to cease any further investigation into the strong possibility that MH370 was
      hijacked by the Israeli military. MH370 was carrying engineers, designers, prototypes,
      specifications and a chip foundry for the world’s smallest microchip, the KL series. The
      leading edge technology is needed for Israel’s crash program to build a drone army,
      especially mini-robots capable of infiltrating Iran’s nuclear plants. (This writer has
      extensively researched a nd uncovered Israeli involvement in the MH370 hijacking at

      One point of bias that needs to be disclosed is that this writer is a sympathizer of Ukraine
      independence and opposes Russian intervention. In specific incidents, however, such as the
      destruction of MH17, one’s preferences must be set aside in pursuit of the facts relevant to
      the case. The Israeli role in this affair cannot be ignored, especially considering its abiding
      interests in independent Ukraine. Therefore, the Kiev government should launch an
      investigation into the possibility of sabotage by an ally so as not to harm& nbsp;its
      legitimacy by incriminating itself together with Israeli state-sponsored terrorism,

      legitimate grounds for reprisal by its adversary. A Ukraine that claims to be independent
      should try to be independent.

      As an investigation team approaches the crash site, the real cover-up is yet to begin. The
      family members and friends of both targeted Malaysian Airlines jetliners are owed the truth
      and the culprits must be dragged to justice.

      Yoichi Shimatsu is a science and technology journalist based in Hong Kong and former
      editor of The Japan Times Weekly in Tokyo.


      1. ICTS and the "tranced out" knicker-bomber (updated)

        Jan 10, 2010 - As I noted in an earlier post, visitors to the ICTS Europe web site will see a ... Procheck also holds 2/3 of the shares in APS Data Screening ...

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      Russian-Speaking Videographer Laughs Shooting Film of Malaysian Airlines Detonation
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      Russian-Speaking Videographer Laughs Shooting Film of Malaysian Airlines Detonation
      Regarding Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 is this not the most incredibly convenient coincidence that such an airliner could be shot down in an area under siege? How could this possibly occur after the hoax crash of a sister flight, the phony MH370? Flights 370 and 17? Moreover, both are 777′s?
      This could not possibly be real, that is true as advertised.
      That is clearly demonstrated by the eyewitness video. It reveals a person in position, speaking in Russian (or a Ukranian derivation) – with camera directed right at the purported crash site.
      How could he know in advance that there would be an explosion there? It is likely that he is claiming that he saw the jet crashing.
      What he does demonstrated is that there is an explosion, and that explosion – or detonation – is occurring not in the air but, rather, on the ground.
      He just happened to be aiming his camera directly at the area where this detonation occurred. He zooms in just before the smoke is seen.
      There is no evidence of a plane crash. Yet, what is clear is that people were in position to record the fire and smoke from a distance, not in the sky but, rather, arising from the ground.
      The Rothschild clique owns some 80% of this national airline. Furthermore, the crash of Malaysian Airlines MH370 was a terminal hoax.
      The anniversary of TWA Flight 800 is July 17. The ground invasion of GAZA is of the same date, in this case of this year. It is Flight MH 17 supposedly crashing on July 17th.
      This is a hoax. Further research will demonstrate this definitively.



      1. Saturday, 19 July 2014


        Above, we see a protest in London against the lies spread by the BBC.

        At the time when MH17 was hit, NATO and its friends were carrying out a 'war games' exercise.

        "There were a number of 'critical radar anomalies' occurring over EUROCONTROL zones in Central Europe."


        "Israel arranged for the shooting down of MH17 at 14:15 hours.

        "Israeli began its assault on Gaza at 14:00 hours."

        The shooting down of MH17 looks like it was arranged to distract attention away from Israel's mass slaughter of innocent women and children in Gaza.

        Above, we see a child murdered by the Jewish-run government of Ukraine.

        The murder took place when the Ukrainian military recently recaptured Slavyansk from the separatists.

        A Ukrainian government Buk battery radar was operational when the Malaysian plane was downed.

        The Russian Defense Ministry has said that neither the Buk missile defense system, nor any other military equipment, has crossed the Russian border into Ukraine.

        Such border crossings “can’t be performed in secrecy,” the official representative for the Russian Defense Ministry told journalists in Moscow.

        Ukrainian Buk battery radar was operational when Malaysian plane downed

        The videos containing these alleged conversation by 'the Ukranian rebels' were all made well before the plane was shot down. 

        Malaysia MH17 crash: 10 questions Russia wants Ukraine to answer

        Takto vraj vyzela tá stránka s Tým Carlosom: ids-res…

        Above are "tweets by a Spanish Air traffic controller at Kiev Airport."

        The Spanish air controller suggests that the order to down MH17 came from the Ukranian Ministry of the Interior.

        (Which may or may not be run by Mossad and its friends)

        The Spanish air controller also said that the MH17 flight was escorted by Ukrainian fighter jets minutes before it was downed. 

        The presence of the Ukraine fighter jets reported by the Spanish air traffic controller was confirmed by eyewitness reports in the Donetsk region:

        2 Ukrainian fighters seen following Malaysian jet.

        Source: Tweets by Spanish Air Controller - @spainbuca

        10:21 – 17 de jul. de 2014

        Kiev Authorities, trying to make it look like an attack by pro-Russians.

        10:25 – 17 de jul. de 2014

        [Miitary] has taken control of Air Traffic Control in Kiev.

        10:35 – 17 de jul. de 2014

        They are threatening us in the control tower at Kiev airport.

        11:48 – 17 de jul. de 2014 

        The B777 plane flew escorted by Ukraine jet fighter until 2 minutes before disappearing from the radar.

        11:54 – 17 de jul. de 2014

        2 jet fighters flew very close minutes before; wasn’t downed by a fighter.

        12:01 – 17 de jul. de 2014

        Shot down by Kiev. Here we know it and military air traffic control also.

        13:31 – 17 de jul. de 2014 

        Military confirm It was Ukraine, but still does not know where the order came from.

        15:26 – 17 de jul. de 2014 

        The report indicates where the missile had come out [from], and specified it is not from the rebel areas.

        16:06 – 17 de jul. de 2014
        Military commanders here (ATC) control tower, confirm that the missile is from the Ukranian army.

        Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was escorted by two Ukrainian fighter jets until 3 minutes before it disappeared from radar.

        Radar records were immediately confiscated after MH17 had been shot down.

        Ukrainian military air traffic controllers, in internal communication, acknowledged that the Ukrainian military was involved.

        Some Ukranian military chatter said they did not know where the order to shoot down the plane originated from.

        Ukrainian millitary escorted B777 until 3 minutes before ... / 2 Ukrainian Fighter Jets Escorted MH17 before it was Shot Down

        On 16 July 2014, the Ukrainian military deployed a battery of Buk anti-aircraft missile systems near Donetsk, where the Malaysian plane came down. 

        Malaysia Airlines plane crashes in Ukraine

        Putin May Have Been the Target of the Plane Shot Down.

        MH17 diverted?

        While the media is concentrating on the Malaysian airline, Israel starts its Gaza ground offensive.

        The Ukraine is currently ruled by Jewish Ukranians, in alliance with Nazi Ukrainians.

        From Jim Stone's blog:

        "Strong empirical evidence Israel shot down plane

        "Plane shoot down: approximately 14:15 UTC. Israeli assault on Gaza: 14:00 UTC. See a connection there?"

        Goon Squad: Malaysian Air Flight 17 flight path REROUTED.

        Kid hit by the Israelis in July 2014. 

        One Palestinian Child has been Killed by Israel Every 3 Days for the Past 13 Years.

        One Palestinian Child has been Killed by Israel Every 3 days ...

        Kid hit by the Israelis in July 2014. 

        One Palestinian Child has been Killed by Israel Every 3 Days for the Past 13 Years.

        Kids killed by the Israelis in July 2014. 

        One Palestinian Child has been Killed by Israel Every 3 Days for the Past 13 Years.

        Kid hit by the Israelis in July 2014. 

        Let us remember:


        France's Jewish-controlled government has banned protests against Israeli action in Palestine.

        'Socialist' Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said mass demonstrations planned for the weekend should be halted.

        Read more:

        Top AIDS researchers have been killed in the Malaysia Airlines crash in Ukraine.

        The researchers had been heading to Australia for a conference.

        "A number of colleagues and friends en route to attend the 20th International AIDS Conference taking place in Melbourne, Australia, were on board the Malaysia Airlines MH17 flight that has crashed over Ukraine," Michael Kessler of the International AIDS Society (IAS) said in a statement.

        16 years ago, AIDS research pioneer Jonathan Mann also died in a plane crash.

        Crash claims top AIDS researchers heading to Melbourne: reports Sydney Morning Herald

        True or fake? 

        The videos containing these alleged conversation by 'the Ukranian rebels' were all made well before the plane was shot down. 

        Below is a screenshot from a piece of forensic software showing the creation date for each video uploaded to the SSU youtube account..

        UTC 2014-07-16 20:32 is over 18 hours before the MH17 disaster.

        Nationalities of those on MH 17

        No Americans Or Israelis On Doomed Flt.17, 9M-MRC

        0 Israelis

        0 Americans (or possibly one)

        · 189 Netherlands

        · 44 Malaysia

        · 27 Australia

        · 12 Indonensia

        · 9 UK

        · 4 Belgium

        · 4 Germany

        · 3 Philippines

        · 1 Canada

        · 1 New Zealand

        Four passengers’ nationalities remain to be verified.

        The US military also tortures and kills innocent kids.

        False Flag Attacks in Argentina: 1992 and 1994.

        Mossad asset Pope Francis demands justice for 'victims' of Mossad false flag attack on Jewish centre.

      2. Expert Source Ukrainian E.U. Kiev-Led Army Buk Missile ...

        1 day ago - “Malaysia Airlines has lost contact of MH17 from Amsterdam. ... Europeanbanks are in deep, deep trouble and need an excuse. ..... 9-11 Judge Hellerstein is Connected to Rothschild-Funded Mossad security firm ICTS .:

    15. Expert Source Ukrainian E.U. Kiev-Led Army Buk Missile Downed Malaysian Plane: Frustrated With Russia ~ NWO Kiev Coup Opportunists Sacrifice Innocent People Downing Flight 777.

      Emergencies Ministry members work at the site of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane crash, July 17, 2014
      Emergencies Ministry members work at the site of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane crash, July 17, 2014
      MOSCOW, July 17 (RIA Novosti) – A Ukrainian army battalion of Buk air defense systems was deployed near the city of Donetsk a day before the crash of a Malaysian passenger plane on Thursday, making the downing of the aircraft by one of the missiles highly probable, an expert source said.
      “According to reconnaissance data, a Ukrainian army battalion of Buk air defense systems was deployed near Donetsk on Wednesday morning,” the source said.
      The source added that armed militia fighting Kiev-led forces in eastern Ukraine does not have Buk systems, which are capable of shooting down aircraft flying at altitudes up to 25 kilometers (82,000 feet).
      Emergencies Ministry members work at the site of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane crash, July 17, 2014
      Emergencies Ministry members work at the site of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane crash, July 17, 2014
      Earlier the same day, adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Minister wrote on his Facebook page that a Buk surface-to-air missile system was indeed used to down the plane, but insisted that the self-defense forces had done that.
      According to various reports, a Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed near the city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine Thursday. There were 280 passengers and 15 crew members on board.

      Malaysia Airlines confirmed that it had lost contact with its plane when it was above the Ukrainian airspace.
      “Malaysia Airlines has lost contact of MH17 from Amsterdam. The last known position was over Ukrainian airspace. More details to follow,” the company said on Twitter.
      Witnesses from the town of Torez in the Donetsk Region told RIA Novosti that plane wreckage and dead bodies have been located in the area.
      News breaking that “someone” shot down a Commercial Malaysian Air 777 over the Ukraine killing over 300 people has rocked the markets at a very significant moment. My first thought…Is this just another false flag event?
      I know it is cynical and there will be images of distraught family members blasted over the airwaves very soon but how can we believe what we are told by the mainstream media when time and time again…they have lied to us?
      Many things are pointing this being just another hoax including the following:
      1. Malaysian Air involved AGAIN after their “lost plane” false flag event a few months back.
      2. The markets were looking for an excuse to hit the collapse button
      3. Gold and Silver have been rumored to be “allowed” to run up very soon.
      4. European banks are in deep, deep trouble and need an excuse.
      5. Ukrainian gov’t came out immediately after the news hit with a story that they know that the Russians shot the plane down.
      6. Obama and the EU have just laid new sanctions on Russia and are looking for support from the world.
      All of the above leans me towards the conclusion that this is just another false flag event in a long, long string of many that our controllers have pulled off. Let me be clear…this is just my hunch and it usually takes a few weeks/months before all the “conspiracy facts” come out proving the motives and methods behind the occurrence. We are living in dangerous times so look at everything with a skeptical eye.
      May the Road you choose be the Right Road.


      “picking a fight”

      COPA  Coalition On Political Assassinations
      Coalition On Political Assassinations
      Our Rights and Freedoms have been taken from us!
      Our sons are sent to die in someone else’s battles!
      Our taxes are disguised tribute to a foreign power!
      Our government is under foreign control!
      Laws written for the public good are not enforced!
      while NON-laws are enforced, with criminal penalties!
      The Central Intelligence Agency was created by the Rothschilds, not to discover facts of importance to national security, but to manufacture and disseminate ideologies and disinformation which serve Rothschild interests, and to create evidence to support that ideology, such as by planting Soviet weapons caches, or coercing newspapers into covering up damaging information, or even manufacture stories to support the Rothschild banking cabal.
      Malaysia Airliner HB370
      Malaysia Airliner MH370
      red flagOperation Northwoods was a series of false-flag proposals that originated in 1962 within the United States government, and which the Kennedy administration rejected.
      The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or other operatives, to commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities and elsewhere.
      These acts of terrorism were to be blamed on Cuba in order to create public support for a war against that nation, which had recently become communist under Fidel Castro.
      One part of Operation Northwoods was to “develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington.”red flag
      JFK was the last genuine president they had, he was going to eliminate any possibility of a war in Vietnam,
      which would be detrimental to multinational corporations;
      he was going to abolish the federal reserve and the CIA.
      The VietNam War was created by the CIA. Ho Chi Mhin had been a US ally during World War II.
      After the War, the French attempted to retake VietNam, but Ho Chi Mhin forced them out. The Red Chinese invaded VietNam from the north, but Ho Chi Mhin forced them out too. This threatened Rothschild interests in the development of Red China. The return of Ho Chi Mhin to south VietNam also threatened a sweet deal the CIA had with Diem for heroin, which the CIA smuggled into the U.S. at enormous profit.
      red flagThe CIA planted weapons caches and spread the fiction that Ho Chi Mhin was a Red. Bobby Kennedy got wise to the scam, and shared his suspicions with Robert, who then refused to send arms. The CIA plotted to have him assassinated, so they could install a Rothschild patsy, Lyndon Johnson, in his place, who subsequently pulled us into a full-scale war, after promising not to.
      President John Kennedy't Brother: Robert Kennedy Assassinated.
      President John Kennedy’s Brother:
      Robert Kennedy Assassinated.
      When Robert Kennedy ran for president, they had him killed too, so he couldn’t straighten things out

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