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Veterans Today Gordon Duff's CIA Crony And In-Q-Tel Founder And Stock Money Launderer George Tenet Provided Israeli Snipers With "invisible" nickel-tipped bullets

Veterans Today Gordon Duff's CIA Crony And In-Q-Tel Founder And Stock Money Launderer George Tenet Provided Israeli Snipers With "invisible" nickel-tipped bullets

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The very act that this hidden story dates back to the U.S.' post 9/11 invasion of Afghanistan that preceeded the invasion of Iraq oinly proves that Gordon Duff and his has known for some time the obvious fact that Duff denied which is that that George Tenet was a Zionist and in on the 911 coverup for Israel and U.S.and EU government fascists who had a vested interest in the Iraq invasion for some time.Just as Duff has known all along that George Tenet has made use of his insider U.S.gove4nment and 'intelligence' positions to self enrich himself in myraid CIA connected stock frauds and was in fact the creatore of the CIA's In-Q-Tel that was created for the express purpose of takeover of private companies particulary 'tech' copmpanies for both corporate sabotage and monopoly of internet but also to take as many of these companies as possible 'public' in order to manipulate their shares,defraud mainly American investors and to thus confiscate their proprty of dollars for the 'greater good' of funding more CIA terrorist activities and particularly to fuher fill the bank accounts of CIA officials and their foreign allies particulary Israelis......

Israel's crack-shot snipers are to be equipped with "invisible" nickel-tipped bullets.

They have no give-away muzzle flash when fired - and there is no recoil. The bullets are designed to be used in rifles CIA armourers have developed. They have twice the range of ordinary sniper weapons and a killing accuracy of a mile.

The weapons were originally designed to be used by U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan.

But preceding George Tenet's latest visit to Israel this weekend, fifty of the state-of-the-art weapons and ten thousand rounds of "invisible" bullets have been secretly flown to Israel. They left Kennedy Airport, New York, on an El Al freighter to Tel Aviv.

Israel's best army snipers - some of whom are women - were sent to a secret base in the country's Negev Desert to familiarize themselves with the weapons.

Until now Israeli snipers have been unable to operate at night - due to the risk of discovery from the give-away flash from their rifle barrels. Using special night sights, also developed by the CIA, the snipers will be able to pick out a target without any risk of detection once they shoot.

A team of snipers equipped with the weapons accompanied the latest incursion into Hebron by Israeli tanks this week (Thursday). The weapons were not used as no "suitable targets" were found, says an IDG source.

"Not only is it an effective killing weapon but it is designed to create panic. A target can be sanding in the middle of a crowd one moment. The next moment he keels over - dead," an Israeli source told Globe-Intel.


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