Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Mark Epstein:Israel Mossad Agent Ghislaine Maxwell Dictates NY Court While In  Hiding

It would appear that  Ghisaine Maxwell herself who te anonymous petitioner a couple of months back who lobbyed the NY Judge to cover up and censor all records of previous Epstein litigation that still has perhaps hundreds of individuals names in that litigation hidden.The judge should not follow Ghislaine Mawell's advise on censorship as she appears to be doing but insread demand that Maxwell reveal her hiding place and appear in court herself to answer questions.Note that while even the main  zstream media is asking where is Ghislaine Mawell,she is acting upon the coutroom of New York City and causing it  to hide documents from the public and news media without anyone even knowing her whereabouts .On the same day thee media  is asking itself where she is after Prince Andrew's BBC interview,her attorneys and her name appears in  a New York court to ask that names associated with Jeffrey Epstein'sand underrage girls remain hidden from public.

Where is Ghislaine MaxwellPrince Andrew's friend not seen ...
International-Express.co.uk-Nov 18, 2019

Ghislaine Maxwell Requests Extension to Argue Against ...

Law & Crime-Nov 18, 2019
Attorneys for former Jeffrey Epstein partner, friend, and alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell on Monday asked a federal judge in Manhattan to ...

Ghislaine Maxwell Requests Extension to Argue Against Exposing ‘Hundreds’ of Names in Epstein Docs

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