Sunday, July 7, 2019

Trump Nervous Breakdown Over Jeffrey Epstein Photo

Trump Nervous Breakdown Over Jeffrey Epstein Photo

Strange Google search has virtually hidden this video from Fox News station it can't be found on Google News search by doing a simplw rearch of terms 'trump jeffrey epstein fox'.Why ? I found it only on main Google search using other search term by chance.I found this purely by chance even though the Trump rally filmed by Fox News occured in Duluth,Minesota today Sunday July 7,2019 and the fact that it is so hard to find shows that Google doesn't just censor for the 'left' against the right' but  someone t Google has an agenda to hide the video as  too 'real' rather than too 'fake'.

Below is the video of someone holding emnlarged photo of Trump with Jeffrey Epstein.And Trump calling for his removal from his right wing rally and makes comment about not  being able to tell if the male protester is 'a man' or a 'woman'.

This video is probably the hidden reason why Trump went on a twitter tirade this very same day against his hero Zionist Rupert Murdoch's Fox News  while making sure not to mention Fox filming this video they themselves never promoted because they were equally surprised by this protestors appearance at the Trump rally.

This video from a rally in Duluth, Minnesota is proof that Trump would like to distance himself — a protester showed up with a blown-up version of that photo above, and Trump about had a meltdown:
Let’s see how he reacts after the new judge throws the book at Epstein.
13 hours ago - That prosecutor from a decade ago — Alex Acosta — now serves as Donald Trump's ... Why would Trump even know the guy from the Epstein case, though?

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