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911,Stanford University,Dr. J.Cooke,Stem Cells, Nicotine, Medical Fraud and Money Laundering,Endovasc,Pluristem Israeli,CIA Money Laundering U.S. Penny Stock Frauds


Pluristem Placentas,James D Davidson,Leumi Bank Israel ...
Pluristem Placentas,James Dale Davidson,Leumi Bank Israel Holocaust .... Endovasc with its hailed or 'touted' Stanford University nicotine patents,(both for .... for a great need to 'cook the books' in the Reagan-Bush era that funded much of its ...

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Air Water Corp stock fraud ...

... American companies,such as Endovasc that actually conned me in collusion with sleazebags Christopher Heeschen and John Cooke of Stanford University with ...... Pluristem Placentas,James Dale Davidson,Leumi Bank Israel Holocaust .

portland imc - 2009.07.06 - Barack Obama,U.S.China Ambassador ...

Jul 6, 2009 - Oh,Endovasc,the fraud involving Virginia or Washington,D.C. .... And note the Stanford University science and research fraud John Cooke who ... Stanford's Professor John Cooke JoinsPluristem's Scientific ...2 Jun 2009

Stanford University,Dr. J.Cooke,Stem Cells, Nicotine, Medical Fraud and Money Laundering

by Tony Ryals Monday, Sep. 18, 2006 at 8:20 AM
Stanford law professor Joseph Grundfest can tell us if Endovasc,a Stanford University penny stock 'pump and dump' fraud,was also a money laundering operation.In my opinion all money made by pump and dump fraud is also money laundering and all proceeds should be seen as such even any that find their way to,or end up as political 'donations' or bribes to,Republicans.

Stanford University,Dr. J.Cooke,Stem Cells, Nicotine, Medical Fraud and Money Laundering

by Tony Ryals

Stanford law professor Joseph Grundfest can tell us if Endovasc,a Stanford University penny stock 'pump and dump' fraud,was also a money laundering operation.In my opinion all money made by pump and dump fraud is also money laundering and all proceeds should be seen as such even any that find their way to,or end up as political 'donations' or bribes to,Republicans.

However,Endovasc,the Stanford University pump and dump fraud,used unaudited shares,(ideal for money laundering),to distribute to Bellador Group boiler room operation of Kuala Lumpur and Dubai post 9/11!

A novel angiogenic pathway mediated by non-neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

Christopher Heeschen,1,2 Michael Weis,1 Alexandra Aicher,2 Stefanie Dimmeler,2 and John P. Cooke1

We thank Christiane Mildner-Rihm for excellent technical assistance. This study was supported in part by grants from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (R01 HL-58638), the Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (7RT-0128), Phillip Morris Inc., and the German Research Council (He 3044/1-1). J.P. Cooke is an Established Investigator of the American Heart Association.


Conflict of interest: Stanford University owns a patent on the use of nicotine receptor agonists for therapeutic angiogenesis, which has been licensed to Endovasc Inc. Authors C. Heeschen, M. Weis, and J.P. Cooke are inventors of this patent and will receive royalties from the license.


Nicotine study surprises scientists

Substance promotes blood vessel growth, tumors, artery plaque

David Perlman, Chronicle Science Editor

Tuesday, July 3, 2001


I thought that the foundation of medical philosophy was to 'do no harm'.Well I must have been wrong to judge from doctors Christopher Heeschen and John Cooke, of Stanford University.I am here to bare witness to that and to shout that what they did by allowing their 'nicotine receptor agonist' or 'NRA' patent to be used for a penny stock fraud that aided money laundering as far as Kuala Lumpur and Dubai was and is both harm and evil to the victims of said fraud !

Donald Kennedy, PhD,Science editor-in-chief and Stanford University president, emeritus stated a while back that,"Scientific fraud is not new and is not rare," he said during his talk at a stem cell symposium held Jan. 20. "Luckily it's not common either."

Dr.Kennedy also emphasised that science fraud can be difficult to detect.Perhaps,but detecting the fraud that Stanford University and its researchers Chris Heeschen and John Cooke, committed for their personal financial gain while ex SEC Commissioner and Stanford law professor Joseph Grundfest looked the other way,or pretended to,is EASY to detect at least in retrospect if you are a defrauded investor in the scam !

And like the recent case of South Korean stem cell scientist and researcher,Hwang Woo-suk,Stanford's science and stock,or securities fraud,revolves around a fraudulent,or at least greatly deceptive,claim on the parts of Stanford University and doctors Heeschen and Cooke,(besides the claim that nicotine could be used for 'angiogenesis' or blood vessel formation in humans),that 'nicotine' could be used for 'stem cell recruitment' ! Particularly 'stem cell recruitment' of 'bone marrow' stem cells.

I guess this may depend upon what their definition of 'stem cell recruitment' is,a term I only learned of after investing in the fraud.If they are claiming that bone marrow stem cells will migrate from bone marrow to sites where they are needed when nicotine is administered,this claim is highly suspect.If this were so,many stem cell from bone marrow transplants that have recently become a procedure of medical experimentation for a number of ills, would not even be neccessary.Nicotine would solve that problem and 'recruit' new stem cells from our bone marrow with out need to extract it from a patient's bones.But it doesn't to my knowledge so nicotine can't substitute for bone marrow stem cell extraction and implant in needed area ! Heeschen and Cooke's and Stanford's stock fraud was more important to them unfortuneatly than their basic research or became so in this case !

Scientists worry South Korean scandal will set back legitimate research

''A disgraced Hwang Woo-suk resigned from Seoul National University on Friday after the school said the researcher fabricated groundbreaking cloning and stem-cell research that had raised hopes of new cures for hard-to-treat diseases.....''

In truth applying for and receiving a patent,particularly if you have access to Stanford's attorneys, is much easier than doing the hard research that Heeschen and Cooke never did.They only used the U.S. patent office to lend credibility to an illegal stock promotion scheme that included offshore boiler room operations!

(Do a google search for ' bellador group' or 'bellador group endovasc' to find what I have to say about them.)

Below is a link to some of the many 'stanford endovasc' BusinessWire promotions or 'touts' of their worthless shares over the years.Also below that is a link to one of those fraudulent press releases about the Stanford-Endovasc 'nicotine for stem cell recruitment' and another for 'angiogenesis. All this really was was securities and science fraud using Stanford University's increasingly less credible reputation to do it.:

Endovasc Ltd. Inc. Announces Option Agreement On Important New Stem Cell Discovery From Stanford University

also,Endovasc Study Shows Tiny Amounts of Nicotine May Help Patients Grow Their Own Heart Bypasses; Company Confident That New Therapy Will Benefit Thousands of Patients With Heart Disease

MONTGOMERY, Texas--(BW HealthWire)--Nov. 26, 2001

Endovasc Ltd. Inc. (OTCBB:ENDV)(BERLIN:ED7), a biopharmaceutical/biotech company today released new information on the results of its preliminary large animal studies using nicotine receptor agonist (NRA) to treat chronic myocardial ischemia. The studies were performed by Daniel Burkhoff, MD, Ph.D., director of the cardiac physiology laboratory at Columbia University in New York. In the safety study, normal healthy dogs were given 15 intracoronary injections with total doses ranging from 0.1 micrograms/ml up to 10.0 micrograms/ml with all dogs surviving and no unexpected clinical sequelae.


In fairness to Columbia University they demanded a retraction from Endovasc and its 'management' after Carol Remond wrote a scathing and well researched article about the Endovasc pump and dump scam in 2002.Columbia University's Daniel Burkhoff, MD, Ph.D.,on the other hand from other SEC filings seems to have a history like Heeschen and Cooke of putting his name and reputation to promote other penny stock scams in the past.

Endovasc insiders included Dwight Cantrell,David P Summers, who were aided in their fraudulent promotions by James Dale Davidson of Agora Inc Baltimore,(and founder of the Steve Forbe's connected National Taxpayers Union),and the corrupt Montgomery,Texas judge Ken Reilly,among others.A look at insiders in Endovasc's SEC filings will also show Stanford University and a myriad of unexplained insiders who benefitted from the fraud over the years including Endovasc's 'transfer agent' Alexander Walker,ex SEC attorney in the 1950's who appears to have dedicated his decades after that to aiding penny stock frauds and money laundering and illegal promotions or 'pumps' of worthless U.S. and Nevada penny stock shares around the world over the years, through his Nevada Agency and Trust Corporation.

Also note that both James Dale Davidson and Bellador Group boiler room of Kuala Lumpur are conspicuously absent from Endovasc's SEC filings even though James Dale Davidson and Bill Bonner's Agora Inc. of Baltimore touted the fraudulent company and claimed it had been

'naked shorted' to distract from their own,or James Dale Davidson's, illegal 'pump and dump' activities with its shares !

What would W Bush and Stanford University's Kinda Sleezy Condilleezza Rice think of all these unaudited U.S. penny stocks being bought and sold in terrorist suspect money laundering havens such as Kuala Lumpur and Dubai ? After all wasn't it Bush who went on and on about trading with the enemy after 9/11? And at the time he wanted to sell U.S. ports' security to a UAE entity,Dubai Ports,he lied outright,as usual,and claimed that his Dubai and UAE allies had cleaned up their act and no longer laundered money ?!

And yet the Bush Regime and its Stanford University connected Secretary of State Condalleezza Rice also lied about WMDS in Iraq,(as did Christopher Cox now head of the SEC),so of course they were also lying about being concerned about money laundering in the UAE.

In fact the Endovasc penny stock fraud that benefitted Stanford University ,Chris Heeschen, and John Cooke,,( perhaps to the tune of several million 'free' dollars),proves, it is precisely insiders to the Bush and Republican Regime,who benefit from the use of the UAE,etc.,to launder money with impunity, including running penny stock scamsfrom there with worthless U.S. penny stock shares and money laundering ! And of course not a discouraging word was heard from W Bush or his dad, ex President George H W Bush, after 9/11 when it was discovered Saudis and the UAE were responsible for most or all of Mohamed Atta and the 9/11,WTC terrorists' financancial backing - NOT IRAQ !

Below is a link to one other 'company' that dumped worthless shares to launder money and defraud investors called China Wireless.Note that the CEO proudly boasts of his connections with and no doubt bribes,(or 'donations' ),to the far right U.S. Republican Party of George W Bush, ! :

Pedro E. Racelis III CEO and President of China Wireless Appointed to Serve on The National Republican Congressional Committees Business Advisory Council

Both China Wireless of Colorado and Endovasc of Montgomery, Texas and Nevada worked with the Kuala Lumpur and Dubai based Bellador Group boiler room to dump shares and I believe,launder money with unaudited shares the Bush controlled SEC allows to operate post 9/11 ! Even worse is the criminal hypocrisy of SEC Chairman Christopher

'WMDS' Cox who helped Bush lie us all the way to a meaningless war in Iraq.Now he helps the Bush Regime and Homeland Security Csar John Dimtri Negroponte to cover up Republican,,and even Saudi and Kuwaiti penny stock frauds,including that of Al Ali Al Sabah of the Kuwait royal family and and head of the Kuwait National Guard who 'invested' in the Republican connected Skyway Communications of Lakeland,Florida whose DC-9 was caught in Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche,Mexico in April with over 5.5 tons of cocaine ! This is what Republican and Bush Regime penny stock fraud buys ! :

SkyWay Communications Holding Corp Announces Congressman and Republican Majority Leader Tom Delay's Appointment of Brent C. Kovar, President of SkyWay, to the National Republican Congressional Committee Business Advisory Council

Airplane's Owners In 5.5 + Ton Bust Included Tom DeLay and U.S. Republican Party !

And Endovasc's close connections to Beltway far right National Taxpayers Union founder James Dale Davidson who orchestrated the dumping of 'up to 30 million' worthless Endovasc shares through one Charles Schwab account in 2002 as well as to Bellador Group a boiler room in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai who also were allowed to dump perhaps many millions more in this terrorist money laundering suspect region,make money laundering most likely

but penny stock pump an dump fraud that Stanford University profited from is both obvious and shameful.

The fact that all this occured on Joseph Grundfest's tenure at Stanford University is truly disgraceful.

Conflict of interest: Stanford University owns a patent on the use of nicotine receptor agonists for therapeutic angiogenesis, which has been licensed to Endovasc Inc. Authors C. Heeschen, M. Weis, and J.P. Cooke are inventors of this patent and will receive royalties from the license.

- from Dr. John Cooke and Stanford University

How clever of the Stanford University stock

frauds and manipulaters to use a free grants from National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, the Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program, Phillip Morris Inc., and the German Research Council as well as Dr. John Cooke's position as ' Established Investigator of the American Heart Association' to apply for two nicotine patents that would enrich Stanford University in an illegal pump and dump penny stock fraud that dumped worthless shares to enrich Stanford and Cooke and probably launder money with unaudited and worthless U.S. penny stock shares as far as Kuala Lumpur and Dubai,UAE.,allies to the W Bush Regime.

Further the two patents have nothing to do with the validity of scientific research and have no influence upon the FDA that has not ever endorsed or corraborated the shoddy and fraudulent rush to claim that besides 'angiogenesis' or blood vessel formation that nicotine actually induced

'recruitment' of stem cells from bone marrow !Both the SEC and the FDA however are greatly responsible for allowing the fraud that was and is Endovasc to go on for so long.One would almost believe they were complicit.

This must remind Stanford law professor Josph Grundfest who is a known friend and apologist for stock fraud and a former SEC Commissioner of the good old days at the SEC in the 1980's when penny stock fraud was also aided by the SEC under William Casey who also ran the CIA as you may recall.

The Stanford University-Endovasc penny stock and money laundering fraud is also connected to another larger fraud of U.S. penny stock mobsters that claims the insiders are not dumping shares from Texas to Dubai or California to Kuala Lumpur etc.,but instead that the stock plummets in value because brokers are 'naked shorting' or counterfitting shares over the internet !

Gary Weiss former Business Week reporter and headache to the 'mafia on Wall Street',has been the only investigative reporter to make the 'naked short selling'lie or half-truth and fraud the subject of regular discussion on his website.You will learn how Utah Senator Bob Bennett,Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr.,and Orin Hatch are all aiding this massive penny stock scam with obvious Republican and far right connections.

Also here are a few of my article-posts in the indymedias about this :

Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ?

Gov. Jon Huntsman,Senator Bob Bennett,Patrick Byrne in welcoming stock fraud to Utah

Houston attorneys John O'Quinn,Wes Christian aid massive penny stock fraud

Time Magazine, Daniel Kadlec duped by Houston attorneys Wes Christian and John O'Quinn

Judge Ken Reilly,Endovasc and money laundering in Montgomery,Texas


Below is email from Stanford Office of Technology Licensing from 2005 in regards to my complaint about Stanford University allowing Endovasc to continue to the use of Stanford University and their nicotine for 'angiogenesis' and 'stem cell recruitment'


Hello Mr. Ryals,

Grace Baysinger forwarded your email on to me. I wanted to let you know that the Endovasc-Stanford license agreement is now terminated. I believe their web site has been updated as well.


Sara Nakashima

Office of Technology Licensing

Stanford University


Endovasc, Stanford University, and Others Involved in Penny Stock Fraud, Money Laundering

Arizona attorney Ron Logan,Endovasc,and Bellador Group boiler room of Dubai

Is Arizona attorney Ron Logan aiding international penny stock fraud ?

Below,'Endovasc Scam Warning' ,as posted on website in 2004 (although one had to have an account with them to see it or copy it from their website).Although Bellador Group and its Arizona attorney Ron Logan and its 'executive' Mr.Taylor have acknowledged that they were dealing Endovasc shares in an offshore promotion or boiler room business,they never had to file in SEC filings ! This is more proof of the corruption of the SEC who are also protecting Bellador Group's Republican CEO client Pedro E. Racelis III of China Wireless who no doubt gave a substantial bribe or 'donation' to someone(s) in the U.S.Republican Party !

This should have been thouroughly investigated by the SEC years ago to answer my queries about possible money laundering yet Chris Cox SEC and its cyber zsar John Reed Stark , have allowed post 9/11 money laundering to continue,even increase in Dubai abnd elsewhere,since9/11 ! No wonder W Bush

gave Homeland Security Zsar John Dimitri Negroponte authority to cover up stock fraud about the time Porter Goss was fired from Negroponte's CIA ! :

Dated: Friday, 9 January, 2004

Dear Client

We have been advised that one of our long-standing Clients has been contacted by a company called Bellador Institutional Services, offering to purchase Endovasc shares in exchange for shares of Advanced Micro Devices.

"Bellador Institutional Services" has no connection with our company, and is being operated as a fraudulent scheme to lure unsuspecting investors into wiring money to an account that has no connection with Bellador Advisory Services (Labuan) Ltd, or Endovasc Inc.

The client received a recommendation that he should exchange stock that he owns in Endovasc, Inc. for stock in Advanced Micro Devices, a company that has a very strong recent trading history. The request included a false claim that this company had inside information about bad news that would soon be released about Endovasc which would allegedly cause the trading price to fall. The client was offered the opportunity to exchange shares of Advanced Micro Devices for Endovasc shares before the release of the alleged bad news, but was told that he would have to wire almost ,000.00 U.S. to Union Bank of California that would be forward to an account at FBME Limited in Nicosia, Cyprus to complete the transaction.

This is a completely fraudulent scheme by a company that is not connected with the real Bellador Advisory Services (Labuan) Limited. We would never give this type of advice regarding the purchase or sale of securities. It would be a violation of the securities laws of the United States for us to provide information to you from insiders at Endovasc that is not generally available to the investing public and for you to purchase or sell stock based upon that inside information that, when released to the public, might affect the trading price.

This fraudulent company called Bellador Institutional Services has no connection with Bellador Advisory Services (Labuan) Limited. The Peter Taylor who is referenced in the communications from Bellador Institutional Services is not the Peter Taylor who is a director of Bellador Advisory Services (Labuan) Ltd. The money that you may be requested to wire will almost certainly wind up in the hands of criminals in Cyprus rather than being used to pay for shares of stock in a public company called Advanced Micro Devices.

All communications with you by representatives of Bellador Advisory Services (Labuan) Ltd will be from persons at our office who are known to you. All real transactions will be confirmed by the usual Transaction Confirmation letter with instructions for funds to be sent only to trust accounts of Logan & Geotas, PLC., our law firm in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. You will not receive wire transfer instructions that show a bank outside of the United States as a final destination. Cyprus has joined Nigeria and several former Soviet republics as centers of Internet fraud and the recent schemes seem to be targeting sophisticated, high networth investors.

Our Internet technology consultants confirm that we have a secure firewall on our servers and that the confidential information about addresses of our clients who previously purchased Endovasc stock has not been compromised. The matter has been reported to the two banks which were listed on the fraudulent wire transfer instructions.

We have notified Endovasc, Inc. of the attempted fraud. We have requested (and Endovasc has agreed) that all future communications of shareholder addresses between Endovasc and its stock transfer agent be sent by facsimile transmission rather than by e-mail to reduce the chance that confidential information about client addresses could be obtained by the interception of e-mail messages.

Please advise us if you have any concerns or issues with the above information, because we are treating this as a very serious matter and we are also advising our Regulatory Authority LOFSA (Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority) in respect of this matter.

Bellador Advisory Services (Labuan) Ltd

Client Services Dept


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