Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Google,Youtube In Bed With Gold Uranium Frauds,Crimes Of  CIA Agora Inc,J.D.Davidson,Porter Stansberry,Alex Jones,Amir Adnani,Doug Casey,Et.Al.

  • Note that a Google search of names ' Marin Katusa porter stansberry amir adnani' brings up an Ad disguised as an information website called 'www.informationvine.com/Stansberry+Scam‎'- PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE SITE.This is the very reason I DISABLED  the link on my site even though it was rgw first and thus one might think the most important website when one does a Google search of these names !Wgen you press linkto see the cache there is none but instead an admission and for the internet experienced an unstated warning not to enter the site at all ! It isspying upon you and wnts to know and track anyone who investigates those names ! More Google does aid and bet and thu does do evil with and for evil people who pay them adverticing money !
  • Only a couple of days before Cgritmas Google disabled mywolfbloyzzero blogger account using the vague excuse after my critricuizibf numerous public figures using mu blooger accout for well over 10 yers that I was guilty of 'harrassment' !

Below is FIRST website that comes up when you Google names ' Marin Katusa porter stansberry amir adnani'.After that are other links self promos on youtube and various scam stock promotion websites for these wothless gold and dangerous uranium companies they are behind......Fooglehelped ruin the life of at least one Florida professor for questioning and investigatinf Sandy Hook shooting incident,etc and gone on fakec news qitxh hunts with the likes of CNN and the NY Times who lied us into post 911  a war
with Iraq based on phoney news of WMDS in Iraq while covering up yjr roles in both Israelas well as Saudi Arbia in the  911 tragedy !I will also post my diologue with Google re attempted censorship and theft of my data  over 10  years of blogging,somewhixhcontainsmaterial I posted to the internet since ,ich earlier thn the blog itseld on indymedia.org sitesaround the u.S and world rgat might otherwise be lost  .

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Stansberry Scam.

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why this ad ?

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( ' Marin Katusa porter stansberry amir adnani')


Mar 29, 2016 - Uploaded by Onipos Hikokago
Amir Adnani, the founder and Chairman of Brazil Resources and CEO of Uranium Energy Corp joins us to ...

To be continued

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