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Las Vegas Gov Agent Stephen Erick Paddock Kills More Than Sandy Hook's Little Adam Lanza But FBI Wants To Promote Fear Of Blacks !

Las Vegas Gov Agent Stephen Paddock Kills More Than Sandy Hook's Little Adam Lanza But FBI Wants To Promote Fear Of Blacks !

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The New American 22h ago
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The FBI's New US Terrorist Threat: 'Black Identity Extremists'
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Interesting Info Regarding A Plane Once Registered To Stephen ...

Oct 4, 2017 - Potentially some more info regarding Stephen Paddock. ... an elected official that was on the CIA payroll, not that that's bad, but it is interesting.

Stephen Paddock's plane!!! - 4Chan
Oct 4, 2017 - Bump... was Stephen Paddock CIA? ..... this has happened before in other cases msot notable the CIA plane that went down with a shit ton of ...

Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock's Money, Guns and Motive ...
Oct 4, 2017 - Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock was unusual because he was richer ... Paddock had two planes, owned multiple homes, and regularly ...

Russia Identifies Las Vegas Shooter As CIA Arms Pilot As Israel ...

Oct 4, 2017 - Among the covert “actions” performed by Stephen Paddock for the CIA while ... Most troubling about the CIA flight that left the US Air Base in the ...

Were airport fuel tanks targeted in order for CIA and Israeli controlled Jewish Mafia Las Vegas  to be pin it on their Islamic false flag terrorists  called ISIS TO JUSTIFY MORE U.S. BOMBING OF SYRIA, IRAQ,ETC.?

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock 'hit tanks full of aviation fuel' as ... › News › World › Americas

Oct 5, 2017 - Bullets fired by Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock hit large aviation fuel ... Jet fuel containers were in line of sight from Mandalay Bay Hotel room ... in his hotel room 75 minutes after the first 9/11 call, intended to survive the attack. .... CIA tried to assassinate Kim Jong-un with chemicals, North Korea says ...


And he's a better shot than CIA's little Adam Lanza of andy Hook Newtown,CT. infamy !

No, There Was Not More Than One Gunman in the Las Vegas Shooting
Oct 4, 2017 - ... and Casino in Las Vegas, where the gunman, Stephen Paddock, carried out his attack. ... Some falsely believe the Sandy Hook shooting was staged and ... In fact, mass shootings have historically been solo acts, with some ...

The worst kind of spotlight: When a relative is the mass shooter - The ...
Oct 4, 2017 - That was how they learned that his brother, Stephen Paddock, had ... Others — like Peter Lanza, father of Adam Lanza, who in 2012 killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn. ... [As Las Vegas grieves, investigators struggle to uncover motive behind shooting rampage].

Stephen Paddock Is a White Male Mass Shooter. That Makes Him ...
Oct 3, 2017 - Responding to the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night ... But after watching mass shootings unfold over and over, the reader can ... Adam Lanza, who killed 28 people including 20 children at Sandy Hook ...


Stephen Paddock, Las Vegas Suspect, Was a Gambler Who Drew ...
Oct 2, 2017 - He had a pilot's license and had owned two single-engine planes. ... Stephen Paddock in a photo provided by his brother Eric Paddock.

Las Vegas Plot Thickens: Stephen Paddock's Plane Was Owned By ...

7 days ago - Meaning Paddock's plane has been in the hands of the United States government for the past three years and grounded since – if Volant LLC ...

Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Had Pilot License & 2 Planes

Oct 2, 2017 - Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had a pilot's license and owned two planes. Paddock got the license when he lived in Texas.

Las Vegas Shooter Targeted Secret Government Planes In Addition ...

7 days ago - Las Vegas madman Stephen Paddock not only targeted innocent concertgoers ... “Insiders call it the 'CIA's airline,' but, informally, it's known as ...


Key Trump supporter Michael Ledeen, who was one of the brains behind the false flag terrorism of Operation Gladio. Michael Ledeen, Gladio and 9 11. 

Who did the Las Vegas shooting on 1 October 2017?

The USA would appear to be a fascist state that tortures and murders innocent people.

Grim facts emerge about the CIA black site 'Cobalt' 

Key Trump supporters include Michael Ledeen, who was one of the brains behind the false flag terrorism of Operation Gladio, Rudolph Giuliani, mayor of New York on 9-11, John Ashcroft, Attorney General on 9-11, John Bolton, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld.

The Trumps, like their friends the Clintons, are linked to Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein and the people suspected of carrying out 9 11.

Steve Pieczenik admits that Trump organised the Las Vegas attack of 1 October 2017.
Trump is the Deep State, also known as the Kosher Nostra.


Trump meets a lot of Filipinas.

military surgeon says that the videos of the Las Vegas gunshot victims are fake .

Above, we see Thomas Gunderson, alleged victim of the Las Vegas attack.

Stephen Paddock is the son of Olga Gunderson.

Las Vegas a Hub for Child Sex Traffickingand Mossad.

Joseph Lombardo is the Sheriff of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and he is a member of the US military.

Lombardo traveled to Mumbai after the 2008 false flag terror attack on Mumbai hotels and other sites killed 164 people.

Las Vegas sheriff says lessons learnt from 26/11 Mumbai attack / Nevada Sheriff Joseph Lombardo

The Mumbai Attack was a false flag and KASAB, the patsy, was INNOCENT and KASAB was FRAMED by the ISRAELIS.

CRI in Las Vegas.

CRI, the Israeli-led Counter Terrorism Training School, is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.


CRI is owned and operated by Doron Benbenisty, a former member of the Israeli Special Forces.

"They have been providing expert services for over 17 years in the United States and have trained thousands of U.S. personnel and first responders in counter-terrorism techniques. 

"Their offerings extend to civilians, law enforcement and military personnel."

In 2014, Dr. Avi Rivkind, of the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, delivered a warning to a Las Vegas TV channel Channel 8 : Las Vegas should get ready for a terror attack.

Rivkind noted that some of the 9/11 hijackers met in Las Vegas before carrying out their 2001 attack.

An Israeli trauma expert predicted a Las Vegas attack three years ago ...

Jeffrey Epstein's Nadia, who learnt to fly at the same Mossad-linked airfield in FLORIDA as the Hebrew-speaking Mohamed AttaMohamed Atta - 911Review.

Prior to 9 11, Mohammed Atta and his accomplices visited (their Mossad handlers in) Las Vegas as many as five times.


Less than a week before the 9 11 attack, Atta and several other hijackers made a visit onboard one of Jack Abramoff's casino boats.

The Secret World of Jack Abramoff

There were two Mohamed Attas, and the one in the USA spoke Hebrew.

Mohamed Atta lived next door to some "Israeli art students".


Las Vegas shooting victim Rocky Palermo, a survivor, says that there were 3-5 shooters, and several were in the venue - the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.

He said that he could hear the bullets whizzing by, horizontally, and could tell that a number of the shots were being fired from ground level which supports other eyewitness claims.

Palermo noticed that all of the gates to the concert facing Las Vegas Blvd. were always left open for the previous night's show but were chained closed about ten minutes before the shooting started.

Henry Makow‏ @HenryMakow  /

"Donald Trump rang in the new year together with Joseph Cinque - a convicted felon with ties to the notorious Gambino crime family boss John Gotti."

Trump appears with mobster-affiliate

Are the Mafia in Las Vegas?

Jim Murren (right) and Chris Christie

James J. Murren is Chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International, headquartered in Nevada.

He is a member of Homeland Security's National Infrastructure Advisory Council.

"MGM Resorts owns the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

"Jim Murren is the CEO of MGM Resorts.

"Jim Murren, and certain others, dumped their stock in the weeks leading up the Mandalay Bay Massacre."

CEO of MGM SOLD-OFF HIS MGM STOCK in the weeks before the attack

"From 9/5/17 to 9/12/17, approximately 6 million shares of MGM were sold by officers and/or directors of the company.

"MGM CEO and Chairman James Murren (since late July 2017) appears to have sold more than 85% of all holdings."

Insider Trading and Financial Anomalies .


The above photos and video show a man resembling Stephen Paddock.

The date is 6 October 2017, and the place is Hurrah's in Atlantic City New Jersey.

Above, we see the man in Atlantic City (left) and Stephen Paddock (right).


Stephen Paddock is still alive?


What religion is Stephen Paddock?

Benjamin Paddock

Stephen Paddock's father was Benjamin Paddock, the son of Benjamin Paddock Sr. and Olga Gunderson. [11]

At one time, Benjamin Paddock changed his name to Bruce Werner Ericksen.

Gunman Stephen Paddock's father 

Benjamin Paddock also called himself Leo GensteinFlorida Today reports.

Bernie Sue Warthen told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that she and Benjamin Paddock tried to start a fake church in Las Vegas.

Gunman Stephen Paddock's father wanted to start a church

Stephen Paddock's 57-year-old brother, Bruce Paddock, had drug violations in Santa Barbara.

Jared Miller (2014 Las Vegas shootings) and Stephen Paddock.

In 1960, Benjamin Paddock was arrested.

A friend from Chicago, Mary Jacobs, cared for the three younger boys, Patrick, Bruce and Eric.

The sheriff said the arrest was "quite a surprise" because the department "gave Paddock the usual FBI checkup when he joined us as an unpaid special deputy."

No Jews were killed in the attack on 1 October 2017.

Above, Samantha Werner (left) embraces Madisen Silva (right), 6 October, at a makeshift memorial for victims of the Las Vegas shooting.


Above we see Stephen Paddock's girlfriend Marilou Danley (centre), and Marilou's sister Liz Werner (right)


Australian businessman Adam Le Fevre was in a relationship with Liza (Liz) Werner, the sister of Marilou Danley.

Le Fevre told A Current Affair he went to Las Vegas with Paddock, 64, two years ago with his partner Liza Werner and her sister Marilou, and had travelled to the Philippines with him twice, first in 2013.

He said Paddock made the most of prostitutes offered to him by casinos.


Werner and Le Fevre are 'Jewish' names. German-Jewish Surnames

Lt. Col. Jason Compton and Maj. Charles Chesnut, 99th Medical Group general surgeons, were two members of the team that took in trauma patients at the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada on October 1, 2017.

"TWO days before the shooting in Las Vegas, a mass casualty military exercise involving nearly identical numbers of patients took place."

Las Vegas Shooting:  Mass Casualty Exercise 2 days prior

The aim of Operation Gladio is "to promote conservative political tendencies."

Operation Gladio - Wikispooks.

"You had to attack civilians, the innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game - to force the public to turn to the state for greater security." - Operation Gladio Operative Vincent Vinciguerra


The Las Vegas shootings on 1st October 2017 look like an operation carried out by right-wing elements of the US government.

So, the disinformation agents try to blame Moslems and Liberals.
Donald Trump's favorite media sources have been spreading Fake News.

Arutz Sheva, an Israeli news outlet for which Trump's ambassador to Israel wrote and raised money, repeated reports that the shooter in Las Vegas had recently converted to Islam.

Jewish Islamophobe Pamela Geller claimed a blurry photo of an old white man at an anti-Trump rally was the Las Vegas gunman.

The conspiracy theories being spread about the Las Vegas massacre .

"A site called posted a story on Oct. 2 with the headline: Las Vegas Shooting Exposed as Antifa-led False Flag Attack.

"That site based Paddock's links to antifa on a pair of fabricated tweets attributed to President Donald Trump. 

"(As we have written before, it is easy to make up a fake tweet using free software programs available on the internet.)"

The allegedly Mossad-run website called "also claims that Paddock was connected to antifa, saying an unnamed source told the website that the FBI found antifa literature in Paddock’s hotel room. But the FBI has made no such announcement."

No Evidence Linking Vegas Shooter to Antifa .


A plane that belonged to Stephen Paddock, the alleged Las Vegas Shooter, is connected to an intelligence contractor.



Trump is German Jewish, accordingto his own brother.

Trump's Older Brother Fred Joined a Jewish Fraternity .

Donald Trump with Steve Wynn and Richard 'Skip' Bronson. Steve Wynn, the casino mogul, is one of Donald Trump's key campaign advisers. In his victory speech in Nevada, Donald Trump singled out Steve Wynn as someone who gives him advice. ft .Steve Wynn (Weinberg) operates in Las Vegas and beyond. Wynn has been linked to the Mafia.

Posted on 11 September 2017:

"They want to make the american public think that places with extremely high security aren't safe.

"Las Vegas is on their minds..."

Brian Hodges

Australian Brian Hodges says of the Las Vegas attack of 1 October 2017: "There were multiple shooters." 

Australian Brian Hodge says he was staying in the room next to the shooter on level 32 at the Las Vegas resort.

Las Vegas shooting: Queensland eyewitness to Mandalay attack - Courier Mail


Police received their first report of gunfire, at the Route 91 Harvest festival, in Las Vegas, at 10.08pm on 1st October 2017.

But it was 72 minutes before the SWAT teams burst into Stephen Paddock's room. 


Wendy Miller, another Australian, says that she was at a bar in the nearby Luxor Hotel with her husband when she saw what she described as a 'man of interest' run by.

Miller said the man sprinted through her hotel after coming off an escalator from the Mandalay Bay.

The man that security were chasing 'was wearing a security jacket like them,' she said.


There was a drill, around the time of the attack.

"A Las Vegas union worker released a photograph of a bulletin for a 'mandatory active shooter training' with a 'due date of Sept. 30, 2017'"

The dead man, alleged to be Stephen Paddock,  does not have the '13' tattoo that we can clearly see on Stephen Paddock’s front neck. 

It is very unlikely that Stephen Paddock would have been able to carry out the attack in Las Vegas.

Mission Impossible: Official Story of Las Vegas

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