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Israel Galil Rifle And Guatemala Dos Erres Massacre Rape

Israel Galil Rifle And Guatemala Dos Erres Massacre Rape

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Guatemala: Unearthing a massacre | Public Radio International
29 abr. 2010 - They couldn't return to the frontier village of Las Dos Erres, which they .... armed with Israeli Galil rifles, showed up in the early morning of Dec.

Maya Roads: One Woman's Journey Among The People of the Rainforest - Traducir esta página
Mary Jo McConahay - 2011 - ‎History
... to his isolated farm outside the village of Dos Erres, near the Petén market town of Las Cruces. ... They carried Galil rifles, the Israeli brand issued by the army.

Finding Oscar: los Estados Unidos y nuestra historia inmediata ...
7 sep. 2016 - Oscar Ramírez es un sobreviviente de la masacre de Las Dos Erres, .... el conflicto armado interno (los fusiles Galil son armas israelíes).

Guatemala: Unearthing a massacre


The United States backed the regime in those Cold War years, but Americans were largely unaware of the carnage a country away from their southern border. Victoria Sanford, who has written extensively on Guatemalan war crimes, says victims there lacked the influential lobbying groups that brought U.S. attention to atrocities in El Salvador and Nicaragua. The Catholic Church had been intimidated and U.S. aid to the regime was often covert or through proxy countries.
The war is over but today Guatemalan crime drives astronomical murder rates but few prosecutions. Many see it as a legacy of the old military “impunity” that bred a culture of scared judges and corrupt cops. Former military figures are suspected in organized crime or are still strong political powers.
It remains to be seen whether Guatemala’s institutions have the will to pursue the Las Dos Erres case....

Story image for dos erres israel galil from Confidencial

¿Quiénes están detrás de Ríos Montt?

Confidencial-Aug 25, 2013
Los análisis de los politólogos del Cacif se dividieron en dos ..... medida, de donaciones de los pocos gobiernos amigos, como Israel o Taiwán; o, ... de las bayonetas de los fusiles galil o que la masacre de Dos Erres nunca ...

Refworld | Victims of 1982 army massacre at Las Dos Erres exhumed
Nov 1, 1995 - Victims of 1982 army massacre at Las Dos Erres exhumed ..... consistent with Galilrifles having been used, a weapon which Israel has been ...

Maya Roads: One Woman's Journey Among The People of the Rainforest
Mary Jo McConahay - 2011 - ‎History
... to his isolated farm outside the village of Dos Erres, near the Petén market town of Las Cruces. ... They carried Galil rifles, the Israeli brand issued by the army.

Guatemala: Unearthing a massacre | GlobalPost

Apr 29, 2010 - They couldn't return to the frontier village of Las Dos Erres, which they .... armed withIsraeli Galil rifles, showed up in the early morning of Dec.

Forensic Anthropology and Medicine: Complementary Sciences From ...
Aurore Schmitt - 2007 - ‎Medical
The second mission to Las Dos Erres was carried out between May and July ... One of the skeletons was positively identified as Albino Israel Gonzalez ... At site 2, a bullet fragment and two cartridge cases belonging to an Israelimade Galil rifle ...

U.S. deports ex-Guatemalan soldier linked to massacre - The Bell ... › Forum › Main Forums (open) › Late Breaking News

Jul 13, 2011 - 1 post - ‎1 author
"For the families who lost loved ones at Dos Erres, justice has been a .... armed with Israeli Galilrifles, showed up in the early morning of Dec.

Corey Robin reviews 'The Last Colonial Massacre' by Greg Grandin ...

London Review of Books
Nov 18, 2004 - ... Las Dos Erres and killed 162 of its inhabitants, 67 of them children. ..... and wieldedIsraeli-made Galil assault rifles, suggesting not just the ...

These thoughts in hand, we come to the final variant of the original Galil trio; the Galil Short Automatic Rifle (SAR). With short-barreled rifles being all the rage in the 21st Century, the Galil SAR has arguably become the modern favorite of the three. The Gas Tube and Piston were cut down roughly 1 Inch from that on the AR/ARM, and the barrel length was shortened from 18 Inches to 13 Inches on the 5.56mm NATO models and 14 or 16 inches on 7.62mm NATO models (The South Africans would reduce the 5.56mm NATO version even further to about 10 inches on the R6). These reductions – coupled with the folding stock – would create a very compact weapon with all the benefits of a Kalashnikov action. This allowed the Galil SAR to become a favorite of Special Forces/SWAT worldwide and the standard small arm of the IDF Armored Corps for close to 40 years (They have recently been replaced with shortened M4-based carbines according to most sources).
Stack of Galil SAR rifles from the Israeli armored corps
Stack of Galil SARs in service with the IDF Armored Corps in the early 2000’s
The first SAR rifles produced would sport Teak-wood foregrips and have no provisions for bayonet-mounting. Shortly after introduction, the SAR would be updated to Polymer foregrips and have bayonet lugs pinned behind the Gas Block assemblies (the lugs would later be cast into the gas blocks themselves), which would become the lasting variation.
Modern Galil SAR with bayonet lug and optic
Modern setup of a Galil SAR with scope and M7 bayonet affixed
Aside from Israel, the Galil SAR would see vast usage in Latin America through purchases by Guatemala, Mexico (through the Cartels), Chile and Colombia through local production. The reduced overall size and weight made the SAR a favorite in the often harsh climates, both for government officials and rebels alike. Coupled with 50-round magazines, the SAR could deliver great firepower despite its shorter barrel, making it an ideal weapon for Jungle fighting and guerrilla warfare.
Panamanian rebels with Galil SAR rifles
Rebels in Panama with Galil SARs and 50-round magazines. These weapons were rumored to be supplied by Israel during the conflicts that took place there, but were more likely ‘liberated’ in Guatemala
Indeed, the SAR has become outdated by the new Galil ACE series now in production with INDUMIL of Colombia, regulating the SAR to freedom-fighters and smaller governments not requiring the latest-and-greatest. But the SAR and original Galil series have had successful runs of over 40 years, and are not likely to fade from the hands of the people who use them anytime soon. Even after their service is complete, such weapons have been given new life in the American surplus market as parts kits; ready to be rebuilt and used for many years to come.
Guatemalan Special Forces soldier with Galil SAR
Guatemalan Special Forces soldier carrying his well-used SAR

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