Monday, June 6, 2016

Frank Gigliotti: Minister, Freemason, OSS and CIA - Conspiracy Archive
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30 oct. 2015 - Frank Gigliotti: Minister, Freemason, OSS and CIA ..... the future PopePaul VI, arranged for the information, obtained by Vatican diplomats in ...

OSS - Conspiracy Archive
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Frank Gigliotti: Minister, Freemason, OSS and CIA .... Its principle creators were Irving Kristol, Paul Weyrich, William Simon, Richard Mellon Scaife, Frank ...

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in G-2 and OSS. ..... Mr. Paul Nitze (tel) now employee of State; may not be accept. for ... Dr. Frank B. Gigliotti was Chief Consultant on Italian matters for OSS.

San Berno shooting linked to Israel - David Icke's Official Forums
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24 dic. 2015 - I think that an important message was the Peter Paul Gigliotti moved .... all about Frank Gigliotti's Gladio/OSS/CIA ties, and all the threads of the ...

Bayaka Music, Zu Bird, Conspiracy Theory, Woodshed, Planet, Black ...

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4 dic. 2015 - The first colour photo of this Earth taken from Space, was made in 1959, from a ..... However, Peter Paul Gigliotti jr from Richmond,VA, is pretty interesting. ... '.her maiden name was Tatiana Chernykh from Voronesh, Russia.

Syed Farook brother ' hero with same name but raheel as middle namemarried to jewish russian israeli who was previously married briefly to cia ass-et Peter Paul Giglioti a last name also associated with violent ny-italy mafia who claims to have eaten his enemies and....
Syed Raheel Farook photo in pizza delivery uniform probably in virginia near cia headquarters
just as giglioti was said to be employed himself at a pizza parlor in virginia......

ulvfugl says:
These are things that puzzle me about this attack and these people. Tell me what I have gotten wrong about these points:

1- Siyed Nizwan Farooq was evidently never on any warning list, was not under surveillance, was not on a “no fly” list. Therefore the Democrats’ bleating about keeping suspected terrorists from legally buying guns is just silly. He was not a suspected terrorist.
2- Nevertheless, he chose in 2011 and 2012 to have a neighbor, a “shade tree mechanic” buddy, buy the two rifles. These were California-legal versions of the semi-automatic AR-15. These were limited in magazine capacity to ten rounds by design to make them California legal. Why did he not buy them himself? He could have and would have passed the federal/state background checks as he evidently did for the two handguns. Was he afraid that some “trail” he had left would have emerged in the background check and cause him to be surveilled? Was he afraid that the very act of buying them would have caused him to be surveilled? In any event, he was careful that far back to hide the purchase. That indicates to me that even then he intended to use these guns in a criminal act or acts.
3- Someone modified the two rifles to make them fully automatic. This is a federal crime in itself. Someone modified the two rifles to make them capable of larger magazines, 30 rounds I believe. This is probably a California crime.
4- The person who modified the two rifles had a considerable amount of skill as a gunsmith. Who was that person? Was it Farooq? Did he have that kind of skill? I know a lot about small arms and could not have done the job.
5- His mother either lived in Farooq’s town house or visited it often. She saw nothing that would have made her criminally liable for not notifying the police? I doubt that.
6- His father, evidently a drunk, and divorced from the mother, is also called “Siyed.” Since both father and son are so named it is likely that this is an honorific and that the family has some pretensions to descent from the Prophet Muhammad. This may well be fantasy on their part but did this influence the mental attitudes of the son?
7- This woman, Malik, seems to have been virtually invisible both in the larger community and in the Muslim community of San Bernardino. Her brother in law said he had never seen her face. Did Farooq do all the shopping? Did she never go out alone? She did not go to the local Mosque while he prayed. She waited out in the parking lot in their car.
8- Farooq was born in Illinois, and had not lived in the ME or Pakistan. He had visited but one does not learn languages well on that basis. She was Punjabi and had lived in Saudi Arabia. When she had returned to Pakistan the local people called her “the Saudi girl.” I suppose that tells us something of what they thought of her. She spoke Urdu and Arabic and broken English. What language did they communicate in and do all this planning in. It must have been quite a romance.
9- Why did they not leave town after the attack? Flight would have been understandable and easily prepared. Instead they hung around town, and returned to their house at least once. The police picked up the chase there and the two lovers were killed a few blocks away.

You will think of other unusual things about this. pl

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