Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Guatemala:Israel's Mayan Blood ElectricityAmbassador Bachar,Uri Roitman,J I Cohen Pharmaceuticals,IGGS

Guatemala:Israel's Mayan Blood ElectricityAmbassador Bachar,Uri Roitman,J J Cohen Pharmaceuticals,IGGS

Bad enough Israeli Embassy connected and aided internationional Jewish Zionist criminals terrorists murderers are still lurking in Guatemala and around the world and Uri Roitman;s links from the time of General Lucas placed him in a position to control not only all Guaemalan passports and run a blatent multi million dollar fraud claiming to clean Amatitlan Lake with salt and possible undisclosed other toxic substances 
but now thanks to British Jewish Zionists Israel now owns and controls Guatemala's privitized electric production and distribution network.
And Cohen pharmaceuticals company that has robbed looted and defrauded the Guatemala Social SECURITY MEDICAL SERVICES,IGGS, is still in 'business' as well while only his goy henchman who held high position in Guatemala's government is on the run and charged with Mr.'Technion University'Cohen's ongoing farmaceutical crimes and lootings that have indeed led to the deaths of innocent Guatemalans who have been victims of his company's 

Guatemala: Río Negro Survivors Identify Executioners

May 7, 2008 - Judge Opens Suspended Court Case for Río Negro Massacre ... The Chixoy Hydroelectric Dam ... the Guatemalan army and the National Institute ofElectricity (INDE) ... The State violence directed at the Maya Achí people of Río Negro, ... carrying an array of weapons, including Israeli Galil Assault Rifles.

Idan Ofer's IC Power Acquires Guatemala's Energuate for ...

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31 dic. 2015 - IC Power Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kenon Holdings (NYSE: ... to acquire Energuate, an electricity distribution company in Guatemala, from ... off from the Israel Corporation and is owned by Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer.

Globes English - Kenon buys Guatemalan electricity co for ...

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31 dic. 2015 - Kenon unit IC Power has acquired electrical utility company Energuate, ... Idan Ofer, is acquiring Guatemalan electrical utilitilty company Energuate for $299.5 million. ... Israel Corp. spin-off jumps on first day of TASE trading.

Israel in Guatemala - CentralAmericaData :: The Regional ...

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Israel and Guatemala in Central America. ... Hydro Industry ... IC Power, the new owner of the electricity distribution company started operations on January 23 ...

Alternative energy in Guatemala - CentralAmericaData ...

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alternative energy and Guatemala in Central America. ... Nov 15 | Guatemala: License for 18 MW Hydro ... The multinational IC Power, a subsidiary of the Israelicompany Kenon Holdings, completed the acquisition of the shares of Energuate, ..

Israel's role in the Guatemalan genocide - Middle East Monitor

Oct 5, 2015 - Israel's support of Guatemala government forces during this time is an example of ... of servitude and poverty for Guatemala's Mayan peasantry led to a series of ... In 1982, a coup brought Rios Montt to power; in the same year an ... The Galilassault rifle, an Israeli-made weapon, was standard issue for the ...

IC Power cierra la compra de Energuate |

24 ene. 2016 - La empresa IC Power, subsidiaria de la compañía israelí Kenon Holdings, ... al desarrollo de Guatemala”, informó la empresa en un comunicado.

¿Quién está detrás de la compra de Energuate? | CMI ...

26 ene. 2016 - En 2007, IEG asumió el control de Globeleq Energy Guatemala, S.A. ... De esa manera, la casa matriz de I.C. PowerIsrael Corporationn Group ...

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