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Mexico Student Massacre 2014 :Israel trains 50 Mexican Police each year - Mexico,D.F.Israeli Embassy's Eldad Golan, Political Adviser And Aggregate Media And Culture

Mexico Student Massacre 2014 :Israel trains 50 Mexican Police  each year -  Mexico,D.F.Israeli Embassy's Eldad Golan, Political Adviser And Aggregate Media And Culture

                          Israel trains 50 Mexican Police  each year 
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About 50 federal, state and municipal police? Including commanders and senior leaders? are trained each year in Israel. The cooperation between security agencies not only occurs in the Middle East; in Mexico, Israeli security companies offer even not equipped for the Mexican government in the context of the "war" against drug trafficking, aircraft declares the Israeli Embassy in Mexico, the voice of Eldad Golan, political adviser and aggregate media and culture. "With the exchange of information between security agencies, the ties between the two countries are strengthened," says Alfonso Navarrete Prida PRI Deputy


A 60th anniversary of bilateral relations between Mexico and Israel, cooperation in security is at its highest point. According to statements by Eldad Golan, political adviser and press attaché and culture in the Israeli Embassy in Mexico, more than 150 Mexican police trained in Israel for three years.

Interviewed by Contralínea at the headquarters of the Israeli representation in the Federal District, the official said they have participated in training police officers from all three levels of government: "federal, state and municipal; even commanders and senior leaders have taken the course we teach there, which is in high demand in Mexico, despite being limited to 20 people participate more. "

It refers to the ongoing Police and Community promoted by MASHAV International Cooperation Agency (created in 1958 as a division of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs), in cooperation with the Organization of American States.
The course objective is to strengthen the commitment of police-community; ie, "the police will carry out a policy of reciprocal approach to its citizens by establishing a coherent model of working in and with the community," says the announcement of the course.
In the methodological part of it, the active participation of registered through conferences, workshops, roundtables and workshops are encouraged.

We analyze in detail the Community Police of Israel, the Unit for the Prevention of Crime Unit of Preventive Screening Formal Educational Institutions and the Public Council for Crime Prevention.
The course, with approximately three weeks, is taught in the Histadrut-Israel Institute International (located in the village Beit Berl); Hence cooperation and development programs are provided for over 50 years.

In addition, the institute has five divisions of cooperation: Latin America and the Caribbean; Africa, Asia and the Pacific; Central and Eastern Europe; Middle East and North Africa. He has also worked at different times with the International Labour Organization, the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions and the International Cooperative Alliance, among other international organizations.

Secretos in  security agereements

In February 1997 -three years before they signed a treaty of free trade governments of Israel and Mexico signaron agreement on cooperation in combating illicit trafficking and notice of narcotics and psychotropic substances and other serious crimes.
Article I of the agreement states that both countries will promote the exchange of information relating to drug trafficking and modalities for combat; and coordination of activities of their departments in the same field; and share their knowledge and experiences.
In the same vein, the two nations should "mutually sent other reports of origin and analysis of seized narcotics and copies of research papers and mutual exchange of information on this subject, to the extent that the jurisdiction of the other party," says document.
Overall, Article IV states that the cooperation activities to be carried out, must meet the standards and practices of Interpol, insofar as they are applicable under national legislation.

The exchange of expert agents between the authorities of both countries within the framework of cooperation is also contemplated.
Finally, it is stated that "neither party shall disclose any confidential information relating to the other party, or transfer to third countries, unless it has received consent from the other party".
In an interview, Jesus Alfonso Navarrete Prida, federal deputy for the Institutional Revolutionary Party, says the agreement is very important in technology: "Many security systems are based on Israeli systems: it is one of many subjects where the exchange of information such as technology, strengthen the ties between the two countries. "
-¿La Collaboration with Israel is part of the national security scheme Mexico? He also asks the president of Grupo Mexico-Israel Friendship House of Representatives.
-The Collaboration is internal. In matters of national security, Mexico has its own sources of information and maintains international relations where multiple information intersect; but the internal affairs of the country, to my knowledge, still solving the Mexicans.
How collaboration runs in security?
-Through The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also by the various corporations which Mexico has signed agreements of cooperation and mutual assistance. There is only one area of the Mexican government, but multiple areas.
Indeed, the Ministry of Public Security, by Genaro Garcia Luna said in April 2009 that police in Israel, America, and Colombia, among others, would train about 300 agents of the Federal Police, which would train about 9000 university hired for intelligence and police investigation.
For example, Maribel Cervantes Guerrero, appointed in February by Felipe Calderon as the new commissioner of the Federal Police, is trained by the leading security agencies internationally in matters of information, operational analysis of crime, intelligence, strategic planning , terrorism, investigative techniques and police in countries like Israel, Spain and the United States, indicates the Ministry of Public Security.
After emerging from the ranks of the Center for Investigation and National Security, Maribel Cervantes passed in 1999 the area of intelligence of the then Federal Preventive Police; also was responsible for establishing ties of cooperation, training and exchange of information with the Police Community of America and the European Police Office.
From 2010, the government of the Federal District has also signed agreements with the government of Israel for the capital's police training in explosives handling and control flow in public transport.
However, Eldad Golan mentioned in an interview with Contralínea, that "the security issue there are many things we do not know: are confidential, secret and are less exposed levels."
However, he adds that in Mexico there are different representatives of Israeli security companies. They offer services ranging from surveillance to non-equipped aircraft.
"Israel has here many performances in the field of security; unfortunately so is happening in Mexico, all of that has a very large market. Therefore, Israelis are excellent providers for the Mexican customer, due to our security expertise. One result of that experience is the abundance of Israeli security companies in different areas. "
Expert on Middle East issues, Camila Pastor, PhD in sociocultural anthropology from the University of California, Contralínea explained that the collaboration of Israel in Mexico means first experience of security issues.
"The 1997 treaty was signed three years of the appearance of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, and in that context the Israeli collaboration is considered valuable. In the current context of the war on drugs, Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE) was performed a year ago a forum for [part of] the Israeli embassy in Mexico, where cooperation between specialists proposed security I Israel with Mexican; were linked to senior officials of the two states, but the end result was not made public, "says researcher CIDE.

60 years of bilateral relations
Bilateral cooperation is not only for safety; in April 2000, Mexico signed a free trade agreement with Israel. To tell Eldad Golan lowered tariffs and trade has a 500 million annually: "Israel is the major partner of Mexico in the Middle East; still, we are trying to persuade the Mexican businessman and his Israeli counterpart to invest in each other country.
"We have enough experience; for example, the coast of Tel Aviv was, dangerous, arid dunes; in less than 60 years it has become the economic, cultural, educational, business center; Today it is known as Miami of the Middle East. "
In 2011 participated 2000 638 109 professionals in 120 countries MASHAV agency activities in Israel. At the same time, 2000 913 participated in courses and programs in 31 countries.
Mexico participated with 25 professionals in education; with eight courses for the development of SMEs; six in agriculture; five regional planning; three community development; two urban and rural development; and only one in the field of science and technology.
This July 1 marks 60 years of relations between Mexico and Israel. The celebrations began in February last week with Israel in the Torre Mayor in Mexico City, where exhibitions on history, education and culture were mounted.
Furthermore, Scheduled musical events, cultural, academic and culinary samples: "The competition was held to design the logo symbolizing the 60 years of relations between the two countries and won a student of Nuevo Leon. Now she will travel with all expenses paid to Israel and meet our ancient culture, "said the official.
Through the Israeli Embassy in Mexico, students in this country receive scholarships to study his degree in Israel or make summer courses. Most of these questions leans fight against terrorism and international relations.
"We have a delegation of Mexican archeology students who are excavating a biblical site, beside the Sea of Galilee: the first archaeological Israeli authorities grant such authorization to a computer that is not Israeli," explains the official Eldad Golan.
The official reports that the embassy takes a eye camp in marginalized communities in Chiapas. As part of its work, Israeli doctors perform? In a week? approximately 400 operations glaucoma and cataracts to poor people.
"In rural tourism apply a course in indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracruz and Durango; give tools to those indigenous communities to develop their own project themselves through attracting tourists in order to turn their small houses in cabins that are a source of income. That help is the value of our people because the foundation of Judaism is "'love your neighbor as yourself.'"

The Arab-Israeli conflict
In October 2011, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural accepted Palestine as the state 195. However, Mexico abstained in the vote (Contralínea 280).
For the political counselor at the Israeli embassy, Eldad Golan, this is a friendly, responsible and positive attitude of the Mexican government regarding the Middle East:
"Mexico and Israel belong to the group of Western countries. We shared visions about democracy, human development, welfare of the population and technology; the Arab-Israeli conflict does not affect in a direct way Israel's relations with Mexico. However, being a conflict that has come to international bodies like the UN, Mexico must take a stand for or against. "
What is needed to reach an agreement with the Palestinians? He asks you.
Before solving the territorial problem we must solve the psychological: trust, mutual respect; without it we can not advance a peaceful solution. The ball is right now in the court of the Palestinians; we do not have sponsored terrorist organizations and Iran they call the final and total destruction of Israel sponsored. How I can negotiate with someone who wants to kill me?
It refers to the Resistance Movement Islamic Hamas, who according to the official, no longer enjoys the popularity it had before: "Hamas, like Fatah, and was corrupt: they are the same thing almost, and although the first standing up for our destruction, we are a very strong country militarily and technologically: not pose a real threat. "
For the diplomat, Israel is a victim of the media that convey information about the process manipulated adding that Israel has never denied the right to exist another Arab country:
"In 1947, the partition vote for the creation of two states was voted favorably by Israel, despite the resolution discriminated plenty: they were going to give just a bit of our ancestral land. The Palestinians did not accept it; I did we would not have to endure this war for over 60 years. "
In contrast, Ofer Casif, PhD in economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science, England, told Contralínea that exists in Israel a militaristic culture based on the "paranoia" of Israeli society, and racism is a symptom of this: "Most Israeli Jews think that security must be above human rights, democracy and equality. Security is like a god. "
He adds that in that country there is a regression in public policy: "There are more unemployed, poverty and pollution; carried out the privatization of education and minorities as the Bedouins, infant mortality is like in the third world.
"The figures on the conflict with Palestine are staggering: over 10 years Israel kills a Palestinian child every other day and virtually no industry Palestine in their cities, and all resources have them Israel; besides which there are thousands of innocent Palestinian prisoners accused of terrorism, totally isolated. "
Randa Nablusi, Palestinian ambassador in Mexico, says Contralínea that "Israel makes life hell for Palestinians; However, Palestine is committed to the peace process, but you can not know how much patience we have to achieve:
The ambassador said that "one of the main problems is the construction of the separation wall and 650 checkpoints, where the army of Israel stops Palestinians hours going from one place to another. There have been cases of people dying in these checkpoints because they do not let them even babies have been born in them. "
-does Expect a change in the conflict after the US elections?
'We have heard, from the times of [George] Bush, the two-state solution, but it's funny to say this while occupying Iraq and Afghanistan. It matters who becomes president but also important congress; perhaps with changes in the Arab world the US policy toward us also change favorably.
regional Perspectives
Camila Pastor mentioned that the future of the region is directly linked to whoever wins in the Egyptian elections, "which remains a leader in Egypt will be the interlocutor with Israel, as the Arab country was still one of his strongest allies in the area. If this partner change, could change that policy of alliances.
"Israel has to face an internal economic and social demands of its citizens. In this series of demands has been linked them with global protests Indignados or Occupy Wall Street, even though they seem much more to the demands of its neighbors in the Arab Spring. Israel must not forget the new states are complying around. "
In addition to arguing that Israel is the only democracy in the region, Eldad Golan located in the heart of the debate on Iran, which he describes as a sponsor of global terrorism country, which has ties to Hamas in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon:
"Iran is the big problem of the Middle East. It is a country with not only regional but global aspirations, which becomes a global problem. Do not forget that develop nuclear weapons very discreetly, publicly threatening the destruction of my country. "Therefore, judgment, "until there is a change inside Iran will be no stability in the Middle East.
"For free international community, western, of which Mexico is part, things are very clear, very clear that we must address the issue of Iran as soon as possible."
What is the vision of Israel in the long term?
We live a process of profound political change in the Arab world, we have not yet reached the end result of popular uprisings that began a year ago. But he sees a new order [new order] that the people most directly involved in the decisions of their countries to be changing authoritarian schemes that had before. It would be very significant for Israel have democratic governments around.
Case Palestine: Mexico is aligned to EU
EU trains 6000 Mexican troops for 21 MMDP

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