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Jean,William VaheyGuatmala General Rios Mont,Ex Congeressman Jerry Weller,CIA,Agora Inc,Nicaragua:Rancho Santana

Jean,VaheyGuatmala General Rios Mont,Ex Congeressman Jerry Weller,CIA,Agora Inc,Nicaragua:Rancho Santana

Nicaragua's Rancho Santana belonging to Bill Bonner's,Porter Stansberry's,James Dale Davidson's Agora Inc is CIA and UK or British Rothschild connected by default.Ex Illinois Congressman Jerry Weller who married Guatemala's Rury Rios Mont,daughter of infamous genocidal General Efrain Rios Mont also bought propertiies in same area until scandal required liquidation.:

  1. spooky teachers abusing kids at international ... - Aangirfan

    Apr 25, 2014 - In March 2014, in Nicaragua, William Vahey's maid came across a 'USB thumb ..... Republic of Congo, looking at how to improve the standard of living;. ..... The Developer at Rancho Santana I know and trust the developer.
And Jean and William Vahey said "After exploratory trips to Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and Panama, we visited Rancho Santana. It was quickly clear to us that this was the paradise we had been searching for these past years." 


  2. Friday, 25 April 2014


    Jean and William Vahey, who may have been working for the CIA and its friends.

    In March 2014, in Nicaragua, William Vahey's maid came across a 'USB thumb drive' belonging to William Vahey.

    The USB showed images of boys being sexually abused.

    The maid took the USB thumb drive to the bosses of the American Nicaraguan School, where Vahey taught.

    American Nicaraguan School project, observed by the locals.

    The school contacted the FBI, who presumably contacted the CIA.

    William Vahey then 'died' in mysterious circumstances.

    Vahey had a home at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, which has CIA connections.

    William Vahey's wife, Jean Vahey, was the executive director of the European Council of International Schools..............

  1. spooky teachers abusing kids at international ... - Aangirfan

    Apr 25, 2014 - In March 2014, in Nicaragua, William Vahey's maid came across a 'USB thumb ..... Republic of Congo, looking at how to improve the standard of living;. ..... The Developer at Rancho Santana I know and trust the developer.
And Jean and William Vahey said "After exploratory trips to Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and Panama, we visited Rancho Santana. It was quickly clear to us that this was the paradise we had been searching for these past years." 

  1. wolfblitzzer0: Agora Inc.,Nicaragua:American School ...

    Apr 25, 2014 - Rancho Santana is a private reserve of 2,700 acres and two miles of coastline. It's the jewel of this stretch of ... International Living - Agora Inc.

  1. Nicaragua:American School Pedophile William Vahey A CIA ...

    Apr 25, 2014 - Rancho Santana is a private reserve of 2,700 acres and two miles of coastline. It's the jewel of this stretch of ... International Living - Agora Inc.

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    It Costs as Little as $43 a Day to Live in Beautiful San Juan del SurNicaragua ....Rancho Santana, on Nicaragua's Pacific Riviera, has two miles of the most ...

  2. One funny thing I noticed that makes it fairly obvious that Mr. Vahey did not kill himself was that according to the dailymail article/ "FBI-brands-paedophile-teacher-one-WORLDS-worst-sexual-predators"etc. "The father of two plunged a knife into his chest two days after confessing that he had abused boys throughout his life using sleeping pills." He died via a knife to the chest yet, "Police later removed items from his £1.8million apartment in Maida Vale, west London, where he is alleged to have kept large amounts of sleeping pills." Realise this is stating the rather obvious, but it does stick out. 

  3. [Part 3]
    Confidencial - 2 May 2014

    In some documents obtained in a computer about Vahey, fortuitously found in a dumpster by Univision news team in Managua, we see that the pedophile's desire to retire in Managua was longstanding, before being hired at the ANS in August 2013.

    He bought property in Tola.

    Vahey in 2006 acquired land in the exclusive resort Rancho Santana, within the peaceful country in Tola, Rivas.

    The property is registered under the number 37,073, volume 402 , folio 237, One Seat in the Public Registry of Rivas on behalf of him and his wife Jean Vahey, according to confidential documents to which we had access.

    The Vahey couple lived at the time in Venezuela. But they gave a special power to Elsa Cruz Lamb, former director of the nonprofit foundation that administers the ANS.

    Professor Cruz Lamb bought for Vahey lot LP2 of 9055.83 square yards (about a block) for $375,000 to partner Antonio Granados - Rancho Santana, with the deed number 59, first five protocol testimony made ​​by counsel Donald Ramirez Espinoza. The cost of the property is now around half a million dollars.

    Espinoza Ramirez reported that in 2006 Vahey appeared before him to grant a special power to Professor Cruz Lamb, but declined to give further details considering the confidential treatment he has with his customers.

    Convalescing in Florida from an illness, Cruz Lamb told Confidential through an email that in 2006 the Vahey family visited several places in Central America looking to buy beachfront property. "The Vahey sent me as a power of attorney for the sole purpose of signing the contract, and we did," he stressed.

    " After returning to Caracas they decided to buy property in Nicaragua. Mrs. (Jean) Vahey is a professional colleague of many years and contacted me to ask if I would be willing to sign (the purchase of) that property. I explained that it was because her scheduling agenda did not allow them to return to Nicaragua shortly and also because I felt that my Spanish was better able to review the contract before signing," Cruz Lamb said.

    The property was purchased and is registered to Vahey. The Rancho Santana Construction Manager, Roy Kruiswyk, said on lot LP2, Vahey never build a house .

    The pedophile teacher who was planning to retire in Nicaragua, killed himself last March 22.

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  5. Finding Opportunities in San Juan del SurNicaragua

    Feb 4, 2014 - Five years ago, fun-loving Canadian cowgirl Blue van Doorninck was searching for a Anonymous25 April 2014 01:30
    The south Carolina State - 24 April 2014
    Admitted molester from SC ended life with knife thrust

    On the day he ended his life with a knife thrust to the chest, serial child molestation suspect William James Vahey checked into two hotel rooms in a small Minnesota town.

    Vahey, a part-time Hilton Head Island resident, got the first room at the GrandStay Hotel in Luverne on March 21.

    He did not stay the night, a hotel receptionist who asked not to be identified said Thursday.

    Hotel staff knocked on his room door after his brother called looking for him, the receptionist said.

    Vahey wasn't there.

    The 64-year-old, who told the FBI he drugged and molested at least 90 boys in the course of his teaching career, was only about 500 feet away at the Quality Inn.

    There, police found him dead of the knife wound, according to the Star Herald newspaper of Luverne.

    "He must have checked in here, kept his room as a coverup, checked into the other hotel and committed suicide," the receptionist said.

    The FBI, which is conducting an investigation, has no explanation as to why Vahey was in Luverne when he committed suicide, but acknowledges the possibility he had family in the town of 4,745.

    As the FBI continues its international search for Vahey's victims, more details about the serial molester are emerging on Anonymous3 May 2014 10:52

  6. Hilton Head and across the world.
  7. place to put down roots. “I had been living in Vietnam, but ...
  8. Summer Nights in San Juan del SurNicaragua

    Sep 2, 2013 - Since our arrival in Nicaragua nearly two years ago, my husband Gordon and I ... A variety of local Nicaraguan restaurants as well as a number ofinternationally ... One thing that's great about living in a beach town is that no matter where ... Mary Jane arrived in San Juan del SurNicaragua from the U.K. 16 ...

      University of North Carolina

      American Diplomacy
      Foreign Service Despatches and Periodic Reports on U.S. Foreign Policy

      Special Section - June 2004

      Embassy bombings spur security boost. Diplomats abroad kept insulated.
      'Paid to be paranoid'
      John Limbert, president of the American Foreign Service Association, praised the State Department for its efforts on diplomatic security, but urged it to pay more attention to so-called soft targets, such as schools and residential areas.

      "We see this as an issue involving our members and their families," he said. "No one will ever be perfectly safe. You can't eliminate every risk, but still you have to look at it."

      Jean Vahey, superintendent of the American International School in Caracas, Venezuela, said the higher threat level around the world also has changed the way educational institutions operate.

      "When we gather for conferences, the main topic is security," she said. "Ten years ago, it was education."
    2. Jean K Vahey is 66. So she is William Vahey's wife.

      She works for the State Department [can we all say CIA?], so I won't be surprised if we find out she's really a 100-year-old pod creature that's also Bill Vahey's mother. Strange times indeed.

  9. Hmmm. So a spooky teacher goes "home" to Minnesota to kill himself, and the first thing he does is check into the GrandStay Hotel in Luverne, but didn't find the stay that grand there for suicide, so he checked into the Quality Inn hotel 500 feet away. Because decor matters when you're going to die by stabbing yourself with a knife. Hmmm.


    Knife wounds in general....

    When knives are used in a fight prior to the death of the victim, there would typically be defense wounds. Defense wounds tend to be on the hands and forearms, and to be quite severe-looking. They may look much worse than the fatal wounds. They can be distinguished from suicidal hesitation marks by their severity, and to a lesser extent, by their location and orientation along the body lines.

    Langer Lines (or "longers") are the natural grain of the skin. When the skin is cut, as by a knife wound, the skin pulls back the along the langer lines. If the wound is lined up with the longers, the wound will appear to be longer than the width of the blade, even if it was stabbing wound. If the wound is perpendicular to the longers the wound may actually be shorter than the width of the blade, and would be more avulsed.

    It is not possible to precisely determine the angle of a deep stab wound into the body. Any determination of the angle should be stated as only an approximation. The fact is that the internal organs of the trunk of the body and the muscles of the limbs normally move quite a bit. Even normal postures can move the internal organs substantially; therefore, any apparent angle with which a knife penetrates into the internal organs or muscles is only relevant if the body is placed in the same position it was in when the stab wound occurred. It is possible to state that a knife entered at an approximate angle.

    Self-inflicted knife wounds....

    Most non-fatal self-inflicted knife wounds are attempts to gain attention for the victim, and are not fatal or even serious. Officers who have dealt with such incidents typically find relatively neat, shallow, parallel wounds. In general, suicidal wounds are similar, only more severe. However, psychotic people have occasionally cut themselves with severely painful multiple wounds.

    Suicidal knife wounds usually have hesitation marks very close by on the skin. These are caused by the knife being held poised on the skin in preparation for the actual cut or stab. They may be so close to the actual wound that they are partially obscured by the wound or the swelling around it. They are usually very superficial, and therefore not consistent with a wound inflicted by another person in a homicidal attack, unless there was a struggle with the knife poised over the victim.

    If a homicidal knife wound is inflicted with a sweeping slash motion, then there should not be anything that looks like hesitation marks. However, if the killer had to position the knife with any care at all, such as preparatory to slashing someone's neck from behind, then it would be normal to see what would look like hesitation marks at the point of the beginning of the slash.

    Except for wrist slashing, successful suicide by self-inflicted knife wounds is rare. As with homicide, it tends to be associated with passionate incidents. You would expect a person who commits suicide with a knife to have been a person with deep personality disturbances, more than the mere disorders that I have described above.

    Again. Hmmmm. Spooky.

  10. [Part 2]
    Confidencial - 2 May 2014

    The U.S. Embassy confirmed to Confidential that they did not know of the case until March 12, not the 11th when Vahey was discovered - but initially did not specify the exact time. "The American Nicaraguan School informed the Embassy on Wednesday March 12 about the allegations concerning William Vahey and we reported it to the United States."

    After the new revelation made about the director of ANS, a source close to the U.S. embassy Friday confirmed the account of the events to Confidential and the sequence of the time provided by Doll. "True, we were informed that afternoon (March 12), this was the same time the FBI was informed," the source said.

    In Miami, agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation United States (FBI) waited for Vahey, but did not stop him, because at that time they had no evidence against him. He was told only that he was under investigation. Eight days later, the pedophile teacher committed suicide after being shot [stabbed] in Minnesota.

    Attempted suicide and retirement

    Another revelation entrusted to teachers in Tuesday's meeting, is that the Director Doll told them that Vahey admitted last November 25, 2013 he had attempted suicide. This happened a few days after the maid allegedly perpetrated the theft of USB memory.

    Vahey was found unconscious at his home in Managua and hours later resurrected. The unofficial version which was published in the school is the pedophile teacher had a high level of toxins in the blood, and then it took care to say that he had been bitten by a poisonous spider. However, Director Doll said Vahey told her he had tried to "commit suicide with 150 sleeping pills" , fearing that he would be unmasked in his criminal activities after the theft of the computer and the USB.

    The Director referred to the faculty of the ANS that Vahey said that it was "ironic" that they had discovered in Nicaragua, "because he had made ​​a change in his life to stop doing that (pedophilia)."
    "I believe you, I do not know why, but I believe you," replied Doll to Vahey .

    According to teachers, Doll confirmed Vahey's desire to retire in Nicaragua and so narrow his "change of life" with his wife Jean, an important official within the scope of these international schools.

    Confidencial - 2 May 2014
    ANS Director recounts the last hours in Managua of the pedophile teacher

    She sent home a confessed criminal.

    ANS hid the Vahey case from the police until the following day, when it was reported to the U.S. embassy to inform the FBI after he was flying away.

    - "I believe you, I do not know why, but I believe you"
    Thus reacted the Director of the American Nicaraguan School (for its acronym in English is ANS), Gloria Doll, when the pedophile teacher William Vahey admitted his crimes last March 11, and assured her that "he had made ​​a change in his life to stop doing that (pedophilia)."

    On Tuesday, Doll was quoted by the teaching staff of the American College, to provide a detailed account of his performance, having met by chance the teacher William Vahey on 11 March, who was the keeper of hundreds of images of child pornography found on his USB memory .

    Two participants in the meeting, who asked to keep their names private, confirmed to Confidential, what Doll said in the meeting held at 7:30 am.

    The director admitted that her own initiative allowed the criminal in Managua to go home after discovery, said one witness. "She (Doll) said she made the decision in the presence of Carola Molina (in charge of human resources), to let Mr. Vahey go and then afterwards informed ANS advocates" and the U.S. Embassy itself, said one of the teachers.

    Sources close to the association reported that on March 11, when the former maid accused the pedophile, Vahey was indeed in the ANS the rest of the working day and at night went to sleep "peacefully" at his home, located at Lomas de San Angel in Managua, "instead of being immediately reported to the National Police," insisted parents and teachers.

    After remaining silent on the case for over a week, the first Commissioner Aminta Granera, revealed Tuesday that police conducting an investigation on its own initiative and was not informed by the director of ANS upon discovering Vahey. "The role of the principal (of the school) is not whether or not to confide (to the police), it is about facing a criminal act who must act," he said.

    This Friday, the Board of the American Nicaraguan School, issued a statement supporting the actions of the director of the ANS. "The Board of the American Nicaraguan School supports the actions of our Director General, Dr. Gloria Doll, in looking after the sole interest of protecting our students, community and institution in the known case of William James Vahey".

    The statement also "recognizes that in this situation it would have also been appropriate to take additional actions, including to notify the National Police."

    They inform the FBI the day after.

    According to teachers, Doll told the meeting that until the night of March 11, lawyers contacted the school, who advised to denounce Vahey with the U.S. authorities. The argument for taking this action, rather than report it to the National Police, was because the Nicaraguan victims in the USB memory were students or ANS it is alleged. Teachers refute this justification, since the director Doll herself said that she did not see all the pictures of the USB "because they were very graphic."

    But Doll took the time to denounce Vahey to the Department of Justice United States. At the meeting with teachers, Doll admitted that she did not contact the U.S. Embassy in Managua until five in the afternoon of Wednesday, March 12, nearly three hours after Vahey departed on a commercial airliner to the United States.

    Sources of the American College revealed that the direction of the center reserved and bought the air ticket to Vahey, and even that he was leaving for the Augusto C. Sandino Airport in a school vehicle.

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