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Guatemala Ambassador for Israel in U.N. Security CouncilGert Rosenthal, Argentina,Cayman Islands NML Capital hedge fund and Genesisintermedia Adnan Kashoggi money launderer Paul Singer

 Guatemalan- Israeli U.N. Security Council Ambassador ,Gert Rosenthal, Argentina,Cayman Islands
NML Capital hedge fund and Genesisintermedia Adnan Kashoggi money launderer Paul Singer

 Guatemala Ambassador for Israel in U.N. Security CouncilGert Rosenthal, Argentina,Cayman Islands NML Capital hedge fund and Genesisintermedia Adnan Kashoggi money launderer Paul Singer

Note below that Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez has called upon Guatemala's U.N. Ambassador,
(Amsterdam born), Gert Rosenthal, who represents Israel and the U.S. with his vote on the U.N.Security Council, rather than Guatemalans whether they be Spanish  or Mayan speakers,to intervene as head of the Security Council to advocate for the return Argentina's naval ship embargoed by Paul Singer's hedge fund, back to Argentine control.Note that Gert Rosenthal is very aware of Paul Singer's involvement with Saudi arms dealer Adnan Kashoggi in the penny stock fraud and money launderingf operation that collapsed coincidentally on 9/11/01.But then again he like the lying US.UN Amabassador Susan Rice and UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon know all too well these Zionist securities and security threats who are allowed to use the U.S.stock marker for all their international financial terrorism activities at te expense of mainly American stock investors who help refill their coffers.Just as all UN 'insiders' with their NATO and EU and international governments connections,that Israeli 'intelligence' in control of Logan Airport Boston on 9/11/01 in the form of Menchem Atzmon,(and thus the Israeli government's !)ICTS International  in control who are responsible for allowing the Egyptian Mohamed Attat and his 15 or so Saudi Arabian accomplises to board
at Logan to supposedly crash into the New York WTC the mornong of 9/1/01 in the first place !

In effect Gert Rosenthal has like Susan Rice and Ban Ki Moon,also come the UN with an agenda to serve international masters and not to represent the people of Guatemala.He also refuses to intervene or take a stand on the Argentia frigate held hostage by his fellow Jewish Zionist Paul Singer in Ghana using not only offsjore acounts such as Cayman Islands to fund his dirty deeds but operating openly in plain viw under the nose of Zionist Mayor Bloomberg whose silence is also an endorsement by him of operating an international  government shakedown operations by known financial criminals such as Paul Singer,using NY City as a base,is alright ! Gert Rosenthal should resign and a Mayan or a Hispanic Guatemalan who can really represent Guatemala 's population rather than the Israel's the U.S.'s or even the EU's would be better for Guatemala and the world.Guatemala has no reason to be deciding to go to war with Syria or any other country particularly in light of its own bloody past that Israel and the U.S. both played a big role in and from which Israel profited financially.

Below brief quote and link tpo an article I wrote about Paul Singer and his Vulture Funds frauds and international shake downs of entire nations such as Peru as well as economic colonies in war torn and resource raped countries of Africa.:

 California Scheming:Rudy Giuliani,Paul Singer,Vulture Funds Africa, GenesisIntermedia, Adnan Khashoggi,W Bush
In many ways it is Adnan Khashoggi as well as Paul Singer who are financing the campaign of Rudy Giuliani through money they made in the GenesisIntermedia pump and dump penny stock scam that collapsed around 9/11/01as well as money stolen from U.S. taxpayers and impoverished countries in Africa as well as Peru who were ripped off by the W Bush-Paul Singer 'Vulture Funds' fraud in which W Bush put U.S. funds in accounts directed at 3rd world debt only to have Mr. Singer come along and empty those accounts for his and the Republican Party's personal cash cow that was used to attempt changing California electoral voting system in favor of Rudy Giuliani and the Republican Party !.............


Gert Rosenthal can't possibly do anything for Guatemalans by placing it on the U.N. Security Council to vote for Israel's and U.S.and NATO wars in the Middle East.And his Zionist pro-Israel bias and brotherhood with international criminals and money launderers such as Paul Singer and his associates such as Adnan Kashoggi and ex NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani who has made a big business of aiding and abetting some of the worst 'securities' and stock fraud criminals on the east coast,makes it highly unlikely he will intervene to solve an international hedge fund's terrorist highjacking of sovereign vessels in international ports.I wonder what Gert Rosenthal's deceased brother who was a maritmie attorney in San Fancisco would think of this mess?
Would he put Israeli American money launderer Paul Singer's interest before international justice that would demand Paul Singer himself go to jail for his financial and stock crimes against Americans or would he be an advocate against Paul Singer's hedge fund using using money made from securities fraud to threaten a sovereign nation seeking refuge uin a foreign port !? 

Upfront: Killing in a small town - Pacific Sun
5 Nov 2010 – A year later, the murder of Tiburon's Joan Rosenthal remains a mystery ... agencies, knew Joan Rosenthal and her husband, Ken, for more than 30 years. ... A retired attorney who specialized in admiralty and maritime personal-injury ... His brother, Gert Rosenthal, serves as the permanent representative of ...

Cristina Fernandez: They can stay with the ship, but not sovereignty Argentina

They’ve, pursued the country’s assets around the globe, attempting to seize the presidential plane and menacing the Argentine booth at the Frankfurt Book Fair.
Now they have a big and bizarre fish on the hook: an Argentine naval vessel. NML Capital, a subsidiary of U.S. billionaire Paul Singer’s Elliott Capital, this week won an injunction in Ghanaian superior court to hold the ARA Libertad in the port city of Tema, on the outskirts of the African nation’s capital.......-from forbes with link and further quote below.:

 The Real Story Of How A Hedge Fund Detained A Vessel In Ghana And Even Went For Argentina's 'Air Force One'

Caracas, 22 Oct. AVN. - On Monday the president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez, said that "vulture funds" have violated all international laws in reference to the retention of the frigate Libertad in Ghana port while said "will stay with the ship but not the freedom and sovereignty of the nation.''
The president, who led a ceremony at the Casa Rosada, have emphasized that the "crooked vultures" who "violated all the rules of international law, to seize our frigate Libertad in an African port, believing it will pressure or blackmail the country ", as quoted by the website of Telesur.
The Liberty was immobilized Frigate in the port of Tema (south) on 2 October by port authorities in Ghana, following an appeal from NML Capital hedge fund based in the Cayman Islands, claiming payment of $ 370 million by Argentina.
The ship sailed on June 2 from the port of Buenos Aires (capital of Argentina) to meet their annual training trip and played, among other ports of Brazil, Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Senegal.
Fernandez confirmed the defense of sovereignty and in that sense Argentina said:'' While I am president, it will be with the frigate, but no vulture fund will stay the sovereignty and dignity of this country. "
"I will not give up any of my beliefs, I believe in what I do, the day I stop being president is no longer my responsibility ',' he said.
On Saturday the nation Argentina raised a warning to Ghana expressing their intention to continue to uphold the rights enshrined in international law and taking responsibility in retaining the frigate Libertad, who has immunities set out in various international conventions, as such emphasized that this is an illegal situation.
Through a Foreign Ministry statement said Ghana Argentina is a signatory to international treaties such as the Convention of the United Nations (UN) on the law of the sea.
So Chancellor Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman, delivered Monday at the United Nations (UN) a document to 'know the action from the international point against frigate is illegal. "
"We have asked the Ambassador Gert Rosenthal (President of the Security Council of the UN) to circulate a dossier brought Argentina to the other members of the organization are aware of the action from the international spot against frigate is illegal," he said.
AVN 10/22/2012 23:33


 Elliot Associates | Hedge Fund Notes

 The following is our Hedge Fund Tracker profile for Elliot Associates.

Resource #1: (6.8.09) He is hardly your average movie investor. He cultivates his privacy, and he heads a $13 billion hedge fund that, unlike those run by Carl Icahn and others, rarely mounts a proxy fight. But while most Hollywood bankers have turned off the money spigot, billionaire Paul Singer's Elliott Associates appears to be stepping up its investments. Last year the firm lent money to film investor Ryan Kavanaugh, who is providing financing for as much as 75% of Universal Studio's films through 2011. In recent days movie moguls have been buzzing that the hedge fund could be eyeing a play for the debt-hobbled MGM studio by buying up a small piece of the iconic film company's nearly $4 billion in debt.

It would be easy to pass off Singer as another well-heeled investor who has trooped into Hollywood since the days of Howard Hughes only to be sent packing after getting skinned by an industry where profits are sometimes as illusionary as the stuff they put on screen. source

Resource #2: Elliott Management Corporation manages the Elliott Associates, L.P. hedge fund and its offshore equivalent the Elliott International, LTD hedge fund. The firm uses an opportunistic approach and invests in different types of vehicles depending on market conditions including common and preferred stocks.
The firm tends to focus on distressed opportunities in industrial stocks, real estate, emerging markets debt, and private placement convertibles. The firm often takes an active role in its investments, seeking to unlock shareholder value. Elliott uses relatively little leverage.
On May 24, Elliott Associates disclosed a 6.3% stake in Packeteer (PKTR) in a SC 13D filing. Elliott believes the PKTR Board should be directing its attention to a prompt sale of the Issuer. Here is an excerpt from the filing:

Shareholders of New York-based Bioenvision (NASDAQ: BIVN) have yet to vote on Genzyme’s (NASDAQ: GENZ) much-maligned $5.60-per-share offer for the firm, but one of them is making its intentions clear now. In a scathing letter to the Bioenvision board dated yesterday, Hedge fund Elliott Associates wrote that it is “extremely dissatisfied with the proposed Genzyme transaction” and will not vote for it.

In the letter, Elliott said that it and its sister fund, Elliott International, own approximately 6.7 percent of Bioenvision’s common stock. In fact, a recent SEC filing shows that Elliott has been squirreling away Bioenvision shares throughout the summer—with significant purchases after Genzyme announced its takeover bid.

The practices of 'vulture funds' which buy up cheap soveriegn debt on the secondary markets, and then sue for full-repayment plus interest, came to international attention this week. The spotlight is on a New York based hedge fund called Elliott Associates L.P. who sued the Peruvian government to make a $47 million profit on debt bought for just $11 million. In the process, the hedge fund nearly caused the Peruvian government to default on their Brady bond payments. Jubilee 2000, who are campaigning for a fair and transparent process of debt cancellation so that debtors and creditors get equal treatment, said that the recent developments in Peru were clear evidence that new controls are needed. source

Resource #3: Hedge Fund Elliot Associates reduced its offer for Epicor Software, a leading provider of business software solutions, to US$7.50 per share on November 4. This came hot on the heels of Epicor's board of directors' unanimously rejection of Elliot's first offer of US$9.50 per share on October 28. Tom Kelly, president and CEO of Epicor, said that 'the offer made by Elliott Associates is highly conditional and opportunistic and would deprive stockholders from benefiting from the value associated with Epicor's current and planned retail and ERP (enterprise resource planning) business software.'source

Resource #4: In many ways it is Adnan Khashoggi as well as Paul Singer who are financing the campaign of Rudy Giuliani through money they made in the GenesisIntermedia pump and dump penny stock scam that collapsed around 9/11/01as well as money stolen from U.S. taxpayers and impoverished countries in Africa as well as Peru who were ripped off by the W Bush-Paul Singer 'Vulture Funds' fraud in which W Bush put U.S. funds in accounts directed at 3rd world debt only to have Mr. Singer come along and empty those accounts for his and the Republican Party's personal cash cow that was used to attempt changing California electoral voting system in favor of Rudy Giuliani and the Republican Party ! source

Resource #5: SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Elliot Associates LP, a hedge fund with an activist bent, said in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Friday that it has a 9.9% stake in Puerto Rican bank R&G Financial Corp.

New York-based Elliott said it owns warrants that can be exchanged for 3,249,323 shares of R&G
Elliott has a history of trying to influence the management and strategies of the companies in which it invests. The fund recently joined Carl Icahn to criticize Lexar Media's LEXR: agreement to be acquired by Micron Technology MU. source


Argentine defense chief takes blame for warship seizure
Xinhua | 2012-10-26 13:20:23 
Argentine Defense Minister Arturo Puricelli Thursday accepted the blame for an impounded warship fiasco that has caused the dismissal of several top government officials and strained the country's ties with Ghana.

He issued a statement shortly after 279 sailors on the ship landed in Buenos Aires early Thursday, saying he was ultimately responsible for putting the naval training ship Libertad on the path to being impounded at Ghana's Tema Port on October 2 by approving the itinerary.

The warship, along with its crew and marine trainees, was seized by a Ghananian court, acting on a claim by a US investment fund that Argentina owed billions of dollars on expired government bonds after the economic collapse about 10 years ago which led the nation to default on its debt.

While most of the sailors have arrived in Buenos Aires, chartering an Air France flight, the ship is still trapped at the port in Ghana, and a skeleton crew of about 40 people remained on board to operate and maintain the vessel.

So far, four senior defense ministry officials have been dismissed over the ship's seizure. Puricelli had presented his resignation to President Cristina Fernandez, but it was rejected.

The New York-based investment fund NML Capital Limited had filed its suit with a Ghana court to demand 102 billion dollars, plus interest, from the Argentinean government.

In several official statements, the Argentine government said it refused to negotiate "with vulture funds" or to pay a 20-million-dollar deposit and demanded the ship's return, saying Ghana was breaking international laws.

President Fernandez criticized the investment funds on Monday, saying they could take the ship, but not the country's sovereignty.

"As long as I am president, they can take the warship, but they cannot take the nation's liberty, sovereignty and dignity," said Fernandez.

Foreign Minister Hector Timerman even took the case to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's and the Security Council, though Guatemalan Ambassador Gert Rosenthal, current president of the Security Council, explained the council has no jurisdiction over the matter.

Puricelli absolved Argentina's Foreign Ministry of any responsibility in the matter, saying "I am the one who approves the schedule" of the ship.

He added the "strategic" decision to include Ghana in the ship's route was intended to promote "closer ties between Argentina and Africa."

 Argentina reclama liberación de su fragata en Ghana
El canciller argentino Héctor Timerman llegó este lunes a la sede de la ONU en Nueva York para reclamar al Consejo de Seguridad de Naciones Unidas y a su secretario general Ban Ki-moon la liberación de la fragata "Libertad", retenida en Ghana por un embargo judicial. (AFP)
 Timerman se reunió a primera hora con el presidente del Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU, el embajador guatemalteco Gert Rosenthal, para informar a ese órgano del incidente, antes de sostener encuentros con Ban Ki-moon y el presidente de la Asamblea General de Naciones Unidas, Vuk Jeremic.

"Hemos solicitado al embajador Rosenthal que, como presidente del Consejo de Seguridad, haga circular entre sus miembros una documentación que trajo la República Argentina para que los demás miembros del Consejo de Seguridad conozcan la situación en la que se encuentra una acción que desde el punto de vista del derecho internacional es completamente ilegal", dijo Timerman.

"El embargo de un buque de guerra que está amparado por las inmunidades del tratado del derecho del mar implica un grave riesgo para todas las naves militares que están navegando hoy en día por los océanos del mundo (...). Ghana estaría destrozando un derecho que garantiza el normal funcionamiento de la navegación militar", advirtió.
 El buque escuela argentino "Libertad" fue retenido el pasado 2 de octubre en el puerto de Tema, en Ghana, tras la demanda del fondo especulativo NML, con sede en las Islas Caimán, que reclama más de 370 millones de dólares a Buenos Aires por el "default" de su deuda en 2001.

Para Argentina, la decisión del juez de retener el navío constituye un acto violatorio de los tratados internacionales y por ello Timerman fue enviado por la presidenta Cristina Kirchner a la ONU.

El gobierno argentino reclama la aplicación de un principio que data de 1926 y según el cual "los buques de guerra tiene un carácter de inmunidad frente a todo tipo de demandas entre particulares, o un particular y un Estado o entre Estados", recordó Timerman.

De su lado, Gert Rosenthal explicó que el Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU no puede ocuparse de la cuestión, aunque afirmó que el problema afecta el "derecho internacional".

"Tuvimos una conversación sobre este incidente. Yo le explicaba al canciller y él también lo sabe que el Consejo de Seguridad se ocupa del mantenimiento de la paz y la seguridad mundiales y que este caso no precisamente amenaza la paz mundial", sostuvo el representante guatemalteco.

"Dicho eso, sí hay de por medio el respeto del derecho internacional y eso es un tema que nos preocupa mucho, no tanto como consejo de Seguridad solo sino como país miembro de Naciones Unidas. Claramente aquí hay un problema de derecho internacional que afecta no solo a la República Argentina sino a todos los países del planeta", agregó.

Rosenthal indicó que "Naciones Unidas está del lado del cumplimiento del derecho internacional" y que "el derecho de mar claramente libera las naves del Ministerio de Defensa o naval de los gobiernos miembros, les da estatus diplomático".

Guatemala ocupa hasta el 31 de diciembre de 2013 una de las dos bancas rotativas de América Latina en el Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU. Colombia tiene la otra, que pasará justamente a manos de Argentina el próximo 1 de enero.

El fondo NML Capital, que logró la resolución judicial en Ghana, se negó a entrar en el canje con importantes quitas que Argentina realizó entre 2005 y 2010 para unos 100.000 millones de dólares de deuda en "default", y al que se plegó el 93% de los acreedores.

Mientras tanto, y en medio de todo este despliegue diplomático, la tripulación del "Libertad" esperaba su evacuación, anunciada el sábado por la presidenta Kirchner.

La tripulación está compuesta por 326 personas, en su mayoría argentinos, pero también cuenta con ocho marinos de Uruguay, 15 de Chile, y otros procedentes de Brasil, Paraguay, Ecuador, Sudáfrica y Venezuela.

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