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Wells Fargo 'Professionals' Provide Disinfo To Phone Customers , Refuse To Provide Access To Acounts Of Some Customers

Wells Fargo 'Professionals' Provide Disinfo To Phone Customers , Refuse To Provide Access To Acounts Of Some Customers

Banks seek NSA help amid attacks on their computer systems
The Washington Post
Jan 11, 2013 - The NSA, the world's largest electronic spying agency, has been asked ... of America, PNC Bank, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, HSBC and SunTrust.

  1. VICE ‎- 3 days ago
    When the National Security Agency would like to take a look at all of the ... a mortgage foreclosure-related decision owned stock inWells Fargo, ...

Wells Fargo 'customer service' who denied me access to my own account.In withholding my money in their no interest accounts and not allowing me to pay my rent and Guatemalan employee-partnter  they cause much unneccessary stress to me who has to and does watch every penny since being ripped off in stock fraud scams that made the likes of Charles Schwab and themselves and their major shareholders richer than ever while no real wealth to justify those at the top getting richer .
I was made to state-yell my account number over and overan internet cafewhile a 'bot' or mentally challeged employee ate up more of my phone time.And if my phone card ran out of time I'd call back only to start all over again yelling first my account number then my social security number and a couple of times typing it into
the Wells Fargo accounts sign in(that of course I was not allowed to see my own account even then.)After writing it into their website the anonymous always anonymous employee who always insisted that he would neverat least  start up where we ended after I 'logged in'again by yelling my account number and SS number
into the phone.
No matter that all the humble funds in my account are indeed all mine and they know it as wel as its origens because they accepted the checks as the came into it - still they claimed it may have been money of my joint account holder who volunteered to  over see it becuse I have lived outside the U.S.for years.I informed Wells Fargo 'customer service' that my friend had not been well recently and had had surgery which would explain why I could not reach him and I have emails from him encouraging me to get my own username and password from Wells Fargo.He had even sent me the very number I called to be abused rather than aided by Wells Fargo 'customer service'.
I suggested to at least one of these anonymous people that they could easily email my friend and joint account holder to verify that there was no reply and that they were much nearer to him  I was in Guatemala.
And thus I could not rely upon him to help me or send my desperatly needed money to me as he has done many times over recent years.Running a small coffee and cacao roasting operation is not easy and that money has been used for years in emergencies when sales drop drasticlly as they have rcently since moving to a new locale to avoid outrageous rent.We could slowly overcome this and get our more secluded location better known with time - but time is money in business and waits for no one - certainly it doesn't wait very patiently when the rent goes unpaid for the first time in the 20+ years of history of the Tostaduria Antigua all because after masny years of having that joint account Wells Fargo now tries to destroy our business.We are the first to combine coffeee and cacao roasting in one business or just about andd when we made cacao-honey bars in 2005 that was an even bigger first !
I can't say that my shared account has been a problem accept in that Wells Fargo had made it one.How can Wells Fargo decide who is the ' primary account owner' as they mention giving priority  in receiving important documents and denying them to the 'non primary account holder'?!Both joint holders should be entitled to the documents that Wells Fargo denies below.

I certainly don't see how I  became the 'non primary account' holder of our joint account when the money that was deposited in the account ALL came from income to me.....

Tax Documents Questions - Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo
I have a joint account; why can't I access our tax document online? We issue tax documents to the primary account owner. For security reasons, tax documents ..

to be continued

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