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Agora-CIA,Rey Rivera,Porter Stansberry,Bill Bonner,missing Lila Rajiva No one has mentioned Lila Rajiva who claimed to be from India and co-authored 'Mobs,Markets and Messiahs with Bill Bonner in 2007.Both she and Porter Stansberry emailed me in 2005 and Stansberry tried to get me to stop blogging about him at that time and tried to lure me to his office in Baltimore at that time,one year before the death of Rey Rivera. She always claimed I (Tony Ryals) was stealing her writing.Actually I did learn about the Goldcor fraud that became Oxford Club from herand I was more than happy to give her the credit for having been my source but all the while the Goldcor fraud had been written about in newspapers from the late 1980's or early 1990's as well as the suicide or murder of its' CEO in Florida and drug scandal.. She wrote a strange book about U.S. torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraibe in Iraq shortly beforejoining Agora and Bill Bonner to write 'Mobs,Messiahs and Markets'. Strange for someone who claims that ballet was her original profession.However she did write something about Baltimore real estate for the Baltimore Sun but it appears that the Sun has long since hidden or removed it from the internet. She has claimed to have a degree from Johns Hopkins but in what I would have no idea.Her now disappeared blog has gone missing as well but she had once mentioned to have worked for Save the Children or a similar group in India at one time.I belive her Wikipedia vanity bio is still there but it doesn't come to the top of a google search like it used to.Actually I had expanded a Wikipedia vanity biography for James Dale Davidson in the early 2000s explaining he was founder of both the NTU or National Taxpayers Union AND AGORA INC ITSELF.All this real history has been erased down the memory hole.... How convenient. Anyways I got her to contradict herself in claiming to have only heard of Rey Rivera's death in 2008 which is highly unlikely if she was emailing me in 2005 and announcing that she had just taken a job at Agora and was starting to write that book with Bill Bonner it's highly doubtful she only heard about Rivera's death in 2008 as she claimed in a debate with me on the blog link below.. I would be curious as to whether Mikita Brottman with all her Baltimore and academic connections has ever heard of Lila Rajiva who I believe was in Baltimore and certainly writing a book with Bill Bonner at the time of Rivera's death. 2. I remove things from my blog or leave them or change them because I do “guerilla blogging” – a term I explain on my site… It’s the only way sometimes to get out information, without getting into legal trouble. Think about it. Often I am only trying to inform one or two other bloggers or readers, and there’s no need for me to retain information that would only cause me trouble. Sometimes I am trying to tackle my enemies. I have a few. Mr. Ryals, being penniless and skulking in Central America, can commit libel with impunity. I cannot. Nor would I wish to. 3. Re Mr. Rivera. It was I who blogged about Mr. Rivera’s death…which is where Ryals got the information in the first place. I wonder why Mr. Ryals doesn’t pose his questions to Mr. Rivera’s former colleagues who knew him and worked with him, rather than someone who never laid eyes on him and first heard of him from the internet in 2008. Very odd..... Lila Rajiva Note Rajiva's writing below from her now disappeared blog which makes it very hard to believe she was unaware of Rey Rivera's death until 2008m when she read about it on the internet ! Ha. Also Lila Rajiva always tries or tried to deceive by her straw men arguments claiming I'm wrong and she has never met ex CIA Chief George Tenet. I never said she had I said Bill Bonner and James Dale Davison had connections to him and that he asttending an Agora convention in New ORLEANS IN THE EARLY 2000s.And of course ex CIA Chief William Colby was an employee of theirs in the 1990s when he was mysterious found dead in his boat near Washington D.C. .I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT AGORA'S MASONIC CONNECTIONS BUT ITS CIA CONNECTIONS OR UNDENIABLE. lila rajiva : I was at Agora from January 2006 – October 2007 (and only heard of death of Rey Rivera in 2008 on internet ? Repeated By Tony Ryals Since 2007Libels About Me I am a penny stock “fraudster” Truth: I have never sold a stock or a penny stock ever. Any investment advice I ever gave professionally can be found in notes in the Daily Reckoning that can be found below. I edited the Daily Reckoning column, did some real estate research (looking for property that Mr. Bonner might be interested in purchasing, researched real estate and market conditions, and wrote ONE investment report on Goldman Sachs. Most of my time was spent on writing and editing “Mobs, Messiahs and Markets.” I was hired for 4 hours PT work in January 2007 and signed a book contract the following summer (May 2007). Do you really think that I could have found time to tout stocks when I was editing 4 hours per day, researching and co-writing the book (that was originally 1000 pages before it was cut down. All in exactly one year flat, while writing my own articles, traveling around the world with a laptop, house-hunting for myself and doing my own (very small time) trading? There are not enough hours in the day for me to have been touting stocks or running any newsletter, with all that. Ryals is fabricating this out of whole cloth.......... Email To Me From Porter Stansberry,Agora Inc Just Before Rey Rivera's Death:

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Email to me,(Tony Ryals), from Porter Stansberry from 2005,shortly before the death of Rey Rivera.Why he thought I would travel all the way to Baltimore to visit his CIA infested den or why is a mystery to me.He could have simply emailed his colleagues and employees testimonials as to his integrity and honesty and I would glasly have posted them on the internet for him.He obviously doesn't like me so why would he have invited me there ?

In my opinion the ex SEC attrorney Brent Baker as well as Karen Martinez who claimed Rivera may have been murdered by defrauded investors let Stansberry and Davidson walk.For that they both indirectly are responsible for Rey Rivera's death.It would not be surprising at all to me if some Masonic Lodge member or members were behind those worthless penny stocks that Stansberry paid Rivera to promote.Brent Baker later was employed or bribed for his cover up by getting a job from's Patrick Byrne.Strangely I ran across a Salt Lake City news article about his defending a Stanford hedge fund perpetrator in which he says he was in NY on 9/11 and had an appointment that morning at the WTC just before all heil broke loose.
After removing all mention of the biotech penny stocks Genemax and Endovasc from their USEC litigation MUCH LESS CHARGING THEM FOR LIEING ABOUT THEiR SHARES BEING VICTIMS OF 'NAKED SHORTING' OR 'NAKED SHORT SELLING' -(A TERM THAT NEVER EVEN EXISTED IN THE VOCABULARY OF SHORT SELLING BEFORE THEY MADE IT UP) - BRENT bAKER RETIRED FROM THE SEC AND WENT TO WORK FOR OVERSTOCK.COM'S PATRICK BYRNE AND BEGAN LYING THAT ITS' SHARES WERE ALSO VICTIMS OF 'NAKED SHORT SELLING' ! Later in 2008 the SEC Chair Chris Cox himself used the website to fraudulently claim that Fannie Mae,Freddie Mac and around 20 or so big banks and brokerages in Goldman Sachs,whose shares Stansberry would later brag about having shorted were all victims of 'naked short selling' ! Stansberry bragged about predicting and presumably shorting shares of Fannie Mae just as Goldman Sachs was doing in 2008 while the SEC was lying about their shares being 'naked shorted' ! I was about the only one calling them on these lies.Agora Inc and Stansberry employee Ron Paul even wrote a letter to the SEC complaining-lieing about stocks being 'naked shorted' ! Patrick Byrne said a 'Sith Lord' was doing it.
Posted: 11/4/2005 12:04:28 AM
By: Porter Stansberry responds
----- Original Message -----
From: "Porter Stansberry"
To: "william knowles"
Subject: Re: Jim Davidson
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 17:01:20 -0500
Tony (er...William Knowles...),
Using Google to research people will lead you to make a lot of strange connections. One time I shared the first class cabin of an airplane with John Waters, the famous film maker. He lives in Baltimore too. But it's not a conspiracy. In fact, I hate his movies and I think he's a total nut job.
You're drawing the same kind of bizarre conclusions between me and Jim Davidson.
I've never had a substantive conversation with Jim Davidson. I've been in the same room with him less than half a dozen times. He was a childhood friend of Bill Bonner. They started Agora together. Bill was the copywriter. Davidson was the editor. Davidson quickly sold out to Bill, who built the business over a 30 year period. Later Davidson left the company, at least in part because his stock picks tended to be very risky. Agora is now the parent company of my business. That's the only connection -- Jim used to work with the people I work with today. Jim, by the way, is in his mid-50s. I'm in my early 30s. We are in two completely separate peer groups. We're not friends. We're not associates. And we never have been.
I started my publishing company, Stansberry & Associates Investment Research in 1999. Our editorial rule -- from the first day -- was that we would not buy any stock we wrote about until after we gave our readers a fair chance to buy it. However in 2003, to make the rules even more clear, we simply forbade any of our writers from owning ANYTHING they write about. No subscriber or government agency has ever, during my entire career, brought a charge against me of attempting to "front run" or pump and dump stock. We make it very clear to all subscribers THAT WE DO NOT INVEST IN THE THINGS WE WRITE ABOUT.
The SEC did bring suit against me in 2002 for publishing what it alleges was a fraudulent report on USEC (NYSE: USU). There was never any allegation that I owned shares of that company or that I recommended the stock in order to move its share price in any way. It is a case of "he said, she said," nothing more. My source at the company denies telling me the things I wrote about. In my report, by the way, I predicted USEC's share price would double because of a new pricing agreement with a Russian supplier. The agreement happened three weeks after I predicted it would and the stock nearly tripled by the time our court case began. Those are facts, you can look them up. I recommended USEC in May of 2002, at $6.50. Davidson was mentioned in one SEC filing as an example of the kind of work I do. The judge rebuked the SEC for mentioning Davidson in our case, as he was not a party to it. You can contact Judge Garbis about all of this to verify it.
Brent Baker was the SEC lawyer who investigated me. During our case he left the SEC and gave us information about the SEC's motives in our case in the hope that we would hire him. We filed a brief about his behaviour -- which was completely bizarre and totally unethical. We didn't hire him. I don't know why anyone would hire that guy...he's real creep.
Regarding Freedom Fest: I was invited to speak by Mark Skousen, the conference organizer. I've known Mark for 10 years. He's a very well respected economist/professor (teaches at Columbia) and has written probably a dozen history/economic books. I didn't realize it was going to be a neo-con love fest or I wouldn't have shown up. I don't think Davidson was there, by the way. I didn't see him at any rate. I did see George Gilder. And I did see Bill Bonner. I gave a presentation on some research I'd been doing on the lack of private savings in the baby boomer generation and the larger problem of bankrupt pension plans. Thus the title "Generation Debt." Here's a copy, more or less, of the speech I gave. This version is from an essay I wrote early during my research of the problem:
Regarding my group's recommendation of, the article was written by Graham Summers. He is the editor of our "Inside Strategist" newsletter. The recommendation was a follow-up to one that Graham wrote more than a year ago on the same company -- long before any of this "naked shorting" nonsense errupted. Graham recommends stocks when they have a lot of inside buying. qualified because the CEO was buying big chunks ($10-$12 million) of stock. No other reason. Graham, by the way, has never met Jim Davidson and has never spoken with him.
I don't know anything about Jim's business England or Dubai...or anywhere else.
I run a very honest business with nearly 40 hardworking employees and thousands of satisfied customers in over 120 countries. We give refunds to any subscriber who is not happy with our work. We do not cheat anyone nor would we endorse or condone any kind of fraudulent stock market activity. I don't know anything about "naked shorting" the National Taxpayer's Union, or almost anything else you've written about.
I would invite you, again, to meet with me and my staff at our offices (1217 St. Paul Street) in Baltimore at any reasonable time. I would be happy to give you more third party references who can verify the facts I've shared with you here.
And I would ask you to please correct, pull down or amend any and all statements you've made about me, my business, my publications or my staff that allege or imply any wrongdoing or business dealings with Jim Davidson.
Your postings -- even though they're totally baseless -- could have a material impact on my reputation and thus the economic well being of my business.
Thank you.
Porter Stansberry

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Elon Musk can't even recycle his own excrement.....

Elon Musk can't even recycle all those plastic litihum cars he's polluting the biosphere with right now much less all of his colleague Bill Gate's 8 billion dirty needles everytime a cold is going around. And that is the new abnormal we live in as we witness mass species extinctions.Musk has received too many dollars and his 'chicks' for free for so long he now suffers from delusions of grand manure,The best contribution he could make for the planet would be not to reproduce.
Who is going to recycle all that plastic and silicon and lithium and scarce minerals from his solar trinkets when he is dead and gone ? Who is going to recycle all those burned fossil fuels and nuke waste that generates electricity for his cars  and mines his lithium from Bolivia,etc, ? Does he plan to put his chips in the brains of the lithium miners in Bolivia as well  or are we Americans the only 'lucky' ones ?
Elon Musk can't even recycle his own excrement and gawd knows he's full of it.American brains run on phosphates etc. NOT silicon and because our brains are not in tune with our genes,(which also run on phosphates),we have mined all our Florida phosphates in the last century and Trump's Florida resort is next door to a radioactive phosphate mining disaster that his feeble brain is not even cognitive of.
Delusions of grand manure indeed.
And silicon chips,unlike the brain and life, are not self organizing,
(negentropic), and replicating systems anymore than Musk's cars or solar panels are but instead require factories and toxic chemicals to manufacture.What an idiot.I nominate Musk,Bezos and Gates to be the new three stooges.Too bad we're condemned to be the butt of their bad jokes.

We needed a tutor,
 So we built a computer,
 And programed ourselves not to see,
The hate and the lying,
The dead and the dying, 
A silent majority, - Graham Nash

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SEC, Bank of Israel Hide U.S. Stock Ownership

SEC, Bank of Israel Hide U.S. Stock Ownership

The Central Bank of Israel Doesn’t Want You to Know What U.S. Stocks It Owns; Neither Does the SEC

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: July 16, 2020 ~
Jay Clayton
Jay Clayton, Chairman of the SEC
It’s no wonder that American citizens are receiving just a tiny snippet of critical news from mainstream media. Federal regulators have set a new low in withholding documents that the public and the media are entitled to under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). These censored documents could inform us on what’s really driving policy decisions in Washington.
Take our latest FOIA brush with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Foreign central banks and sovereign wealth funds are required under law to report their publicly-traded U.S. stock positions no later than 45 days after the end of each calendar quarter. This is done on Form 13F, which is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, if those stock holdings reach $100 million or more.
The central bank of Israel, known simply as the Bank of Israel, has not been doing that for years, or if it has, the SEC has not been making the information public. The Bank of Israel files a 13F form but simply lists the names of the investment management firms it is using to manage its stock portfolio. It includes a file number for each investment manager but that file number does not unlock any publicly available information on the dollar amount or the names of the stocks owned by the Bank of Israel.
We know that the Bank of Israel, as of the end of 2019, held at least 7 percent of its $126 billion in foreign exchange reserves in U.S. stocks because that information is available on the website of the Bank of Israel. That would mean that it owns somewhere in the neighborhood of $8.82 billion in U.S. stocks, just with those foreign exchange reserves. But it could have other significant holdings as well.
Why is it important for the SEC to actually follow the laws it is required to follow? What if Israel’s investments are heavily concentrated in a handful of tech stocks, helping to create a bubble ready to burst. It’s not in the national security interests of the United States to be in the dark about stock bubbles, as we learned so well in the bust of 2000 and the epic financial crash of 2008.
We filed a FOIA with the SEC on May 21 of this year to obtain the U.S. stock information for the Bank of Israel. Under law, the SEC had 20 business days to send us a response or send us a reason for the delay and an approximate timeframe for when the material would be provided to us. We recently sent two reminders to the SEC that they were in default on the 20 business-day limit and received no response. Just dead silence. We have now filed a complaint with the SEC’s Inspector General.
The central bank of Norway, Norges Bank, made a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the quarter ending March 31, 2020. It shows that Norges Banks owns 2,126 U.S. stocks with a value of $309.5 billion. Its portfolio  includes $7.8 billion in Amazon; $7.8 billion combined in two classes of Alphabet, parent of Google; $9.1 billion in Apple; $4.3 billion in Facebook; $9.1 billion in Microsoft; and $3.1 billion in JPMorgan Chase (a Wall Street bank that has pleaded guilty to three criminal felony counts in the past six years and had its precious metals desk called a criminal racketeering enterprise by the Justice Department in September of last year).
The central bank of Switzerland, the Swiss National Bank, is also a large holder of U.S. stocks. According to its 13F filing, as of March 31, 2020, it held 2,480 U.S. stocks worth a total of $94.2 billion. The Swiss National Bank also held multi-billion dollars positions in Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft.
At a Tuesday House hearing, Congressman Sean Casten said that according to a Forbes analysis, there were $582 billion in stock buybacks in 2018 which represented more than a 52 percent increase over 2017. Forbes estimated that the majority of that increase was due to the tax cuts stemming from the tax overhaul passed by Republicans in Congress. Casten went on to explain that foreigners own 35 percent of U.S. stocks, meaning that taxpayers effectively sent $203 billion, or 35 percent of that $582 billion in stock buybacks, to foreigners.
Now, think about who it is that will live a diminished quality of life as a result of the debt the U.S. took on to give those tax cuts to corporations to use on buybacks benefitting foreign investors and the wealthiest Americans who own the bulk of the stock market. It’s our children and grandchildren that we are burying under this national debt buildup that is heavily weighted to benefit Wall Street rather than workers, families or the small business owner on Main Street.Facebook

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Rey Rivera:Agora Inc Murder Suspect Porter Stansberry,CDC,WHO,AIDS Vaccine Fraud

Rey Rivera:Agora Inc Murder Suspect Porter Stansberry,CDC,WHO HIV Vax Fraud
Project bioshield coronavirus 9/11

Rey Rivera:Agora Inc Murder Suspect Porter Stansberry CDC,WHO connected AIDS Vax fraud

Circa 2000 Porter Stansberry promoted CDC,WHO connected AIDS Vax fraud as well as Agora Inc founder James Dale Davidon's Genemax fraud and Stanford Univerity connected Endovac penny stock biotech fraud.
Genemax and Endovac were originally part of corrupt Utah SEC's USEC uranium stock promotion case against James Dale Davidson and Porter Stansberry but were then removed from the case without explanation.

VaxGen, founded in 1995. There’s a “missing link” in the history somewhere, but VaxGen is one of over 800 biotech companies founded in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley –the place that “gave birth to biotechnology”.
AidsVax, invented by Dr. Phillip Berman, became the basis of a scheme by VaxGen Inc. of California and officials of the CDC. promoted as the world’s first AIDS vaccine “which flopped in two controversial clinical trials in 2003” in Bangkok Thailand and Indiannapolis, Indiana.  AidsVax, in spite of its uselessness as an AIDS vaccine and its potential for “misdirecting and exhausting” the immune system which would then cause AIDS, was hovered over by a flock of official shepherds from the US govt to the WHO.............

Stansberry spam: For all the incredulity among vaccine scientists, one man who stood above the herd with Drs Francis, Heyward and Berman was Porter Stansberry, an Agora “investment analyst” who hyped the stock and claimed to have “proof“ that AidsVax worked. Even as insiders and institutions dumped VaxGen, Stansberry’s mailshots promised miracles. He later challenged Brian Deer

CDC Officials Fraud Scheme With AidsVax

VaxGen, founded in 1995. There’s a “missing link” in the history somewhere, but VaxGen is one of over 800 biotech companies founded in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley –the place that “gave birth to biotechnology”.
AidsVax, invented by Dr. Phillip Berman, became the basis of a scheme by VaxGen Inc. of California and officials of the CDC promoted as the world’s first AIDS vaccine “which flopped in two controversial clinical trials in 2003” in Bangkok Thailand and Indiannapolis, Indiana.  AidsVax, in spite of its uselessness as an AIDS vaccine and its potential for “misdirecting and exhausting” the immune system which would then cause AIDS, was hovered over by a flock of official shepherds from the US govt to the WHO.
“Dr. William Heyward, head of HIV vaccine research at the CDC, had a secret deal to join the company….Heyward lobbied policymakers and was approved $8 million in grants for VaxGen…and in Jan,2000 he joined ex-CDC staffer Dr. Donald Francis, VaxGen president, who also hired former CDC deputy director Dr. Walter Dowdle”…
[left side bar quote] “Dr. Donald Francis [VaxGen president at the time] grossed nearly 4.5 million PoundsSterling from VaxGen in its first three years”..(about $7 million USD). –according to Brian Deer of the (UK) Sunday Times.
 Besides providing vast personal wealth to the officers and directors of the company, VaxGen became the beneficiary of  an $877 million dollar contract from the Dept. of Health and Human Services as Project BioShield funds were disseminated to develop national stockpiles against biological terror-threats. Those funds were subsequently withdrawn by HHS, which had an initial funding package of $5 billion to spend when Project BioShield was initiated.
Five of the first 10 grantees were California biotech companies; two of them in La Jolla near San Diego.
By 2007, VaxGen was “struggling” and negotiated a merger with Raven Biotechnologies whose CEO, George F. Schreiner, became the new leader of VaxGen. James P. Panek became VaxGen’s president instead of its CEO. The company has a confusing array of shifting officers and personnel which appears consistent since its founding. As of October, 2009, VaxGen has acquired OXiGene, issued new stock, and reconfigured its leadership and ownership once again.
Brian Deer: VaxGen’s AidsVax
Materials gathered by Brian Deer from his investigation for The Sunday Times of London of VaxGen Inc of California, and its “world’s first Aids vaccine” which flopped in two controversial clinical trials in 2003
 The VaxGen Experiment: During a three-continents Sunday Times investigation of the proposed Aids vaccine AidsVax, which in February and November 2003 failed in trials, Brian Deer found a crushing scientific consensus that VaxGen’s controversial technology couldn’t work, but had been promoted through political pressure and private deals. The Sunday Times Magazine October 3 1999
 Evidence for the prosecutionDuring his inquiries, Deer was passed documents dated March 22 1999 which showed that, long before VaxGen offered shares to the public, the most important government cheerleader for AidsVax – Dr William Heyward, head of HIV vaccine research at the Centers for Disease Control – had a secret deal to join the company. Out of public duty, Deer gave some to the inspector-general, health and human services, who launched a formal inquiry
 Go with the flow: From CDC in Atlanta, Heyward had lobbied policymakers and approved $8m in grants for VaxGen. But the company had already drawn this chart on his future duties, and in January 2000, he joined ex-CDC staffer Dr Donald Francis, VaxGen president, who also hired former CDC deputy director Dr Walter Dowdle to head its influential data monitoring board

United States v William L. Heyward: With Deer’s papers, federal attorneys brought charges against Heyward, accusing him of violating anti-graft laws intended to check corruption in public service. Heyward, now a VaxGen vice-president, eventually admitted the conflict, paid a $32,500 fine and escaped a high-profile criminal trial that might have proved devastating to the AidsVax project

Mission accompliced: While Heyward was still in government employment, the company directed journalists to him – as these media pack pages show – giving themselves his apparently independent endorsement. CDC’s prestige also helped the stock price of VaxGen Inc to soar following an October 1999 press announcement about the agency’s involvement. Heyward had championed VaxGen’s position for years, as in a string of science papers
Investor lawsuits (1): [pdf file] Following the federal prosecution of the VaxGen vice-president Dr William Heyward, the company was hit on March 17 2003 with the first class action lawsuit alleging securities fraud. This complaint filed by attorneys Milberg Weiss in US District Court for Northern California alleges that the company concealed facts, made false claims to cause VXGN stock to trade at inflated prices, and made misleading statements on trial data. VaxGen rejected the action as meritless

Investor lawsuits (2): [pdf file] A second, third and fourth legal complaint, also rejected by VaxGen Inc, were filed by law firm groups headed by Green & JigarjianHaldenstein Adler and Glancy & Binkow. Others followed

Of chimps and chumps: Company claims in its IPO prospectus [pdf] as to why they say they believed AidsVax would work rested on antibodies in volunteers during small-scale tests, and two unverifed experiments described by AidsVax inventor Dr Phillip Berman in chimpanzees. Preparing a Sunday Times report for March 16 2003, Brian Deer raised abandoned AidsVax as not worthy of further development

AidsVax’s political history: Given the controversies gathered on these web-pages, one obvious question is: how did this fiasco happen? In 1998, New York Newsday reported on the intensely political background to Aids research in general and the quest for a vaccine in particular. Legal process will now try to resolve whether, against this background, VaxGen misled investors over the possibilities for AidsVax to actually have an impact on the disease. Many critics are now asking: will the law succeed where science has failed?
VaxGen product AidsVax “forgets one century of science” says expert when interviewed by Brian Deer
Scientists caught napping: On February 24 2003, VaxGen broke with its declared plans for unveiling data and announced the failure of its US clinical trial in the middle of the night, ET, giving themselves a clear run with off-hours media staff. Aids activists were outraged by the stunt, and scientists who might have challenged VaxGen’s spin on the data were for the most part asleep
Playing the race card: According to VaxGen’s results, the trial failed to show efficacy, but under company subgroup analysis it was claimed that among blacks and Asians the vaccine had astounding protective powers. VaxGen slides, however, revealed a weird clustering of infections in the placebo group – caused by one Chicago man – and message board chat raised anxieties over race
Berman’s big moment: On March 31 2003, AidsVax inventor Dr Phillip Berman made a rare appearance at one of Vaxgen’s many conference calls – this time from a symposium in Canada. During his 30-minute presentation of material from the US trial, the stock market responded, as this chart shows. In January 2004, Berman quit VaxGen, with founding president Dr Donald Francis
Work in progress: The $8m CDC grant went to five of the US centers participating in the VaxGen clinical trial. At this link, an April 2001 CDC press notice backgrounds the crucial project Heyward was involved in setting up. This substudy of VaxGen’s trial may have been badly distorted by selective recruitment of volunteers who behave abnormally compared with controls – suggested by this chart
Longtime observer: Since reporting in 1981 the first recognized death in the UK from what would later be known as Aids, Brian Deer has followed both the epidemic caused by HIV and issues connected with other vaccines, such as the DTP-DPT. His investigations for The Sunday Times in the field of medicine won him a British Press Award in 1999, the UK version of a journalism Pulitzer PrizeVehement denials: In reply to the criticisms, VaxGen Inc argued that the failed trials of AidsVax would help battle Aids, regardless of their outcome. At this link the company denies any conflict of interest by Dr Heyward, and at this link it offers its own account of the fierce opposition AidsVax has encountered, suggesting that criticisms were themselves motivated by conflicts of interest
Stansberry spam: For all the incredulity among vaccine scientists, one man who stood above the herd with Drs Francis, Heyward and Berman was Porter Stansberry, an Agora “investment analyst” who hyped the stock and claimed to have proof that AidsVax worked. Even as insiders and institutions dumped VaxGen, Stansberry’s mailshots promised miracles. He later challenged Brian Deer
Contact Brian at this link: Were you misled by CDC’s apparently disinterested endorsement of the “world’s first Aids vaccine”? Do you feel the company told you the full story? To contact Brian Deer about these, or anything else, please email him through this link

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"Yeah that's true, that's real," Raz told MTV News with a bit of a frog in his throat on January 20 when he came to New York to announce his partnership deal with Lyor Cohen, Todd Moscowitz and Kevin Liles' new label,


Rapper Raz Simone accused of leading armed 'police-free ...

6 days ago - Rapper Raz Simone is accused of being a 'warlord' within Seattle's ... gun-owners to guard the area and allegedly assaulted a protester for ...


When-some-bloggers-began-showing-video-of-black-millionaire-rapper-'Raz'-or-Solomon Samuel Simone -distributing-guns-in-the-newly-occuppied-and-renamed-'Chaz'-or-'Chop'-area-of-Seattle-and-said-he-was-receiving-money-from-Dubai-I-immediately-thought-of.Israel-because-the-pervert-Sheik-of-Dubai,-Mohamed-Al-Rashid-bin-Maktoum,-has-been-in-bed-with-Israeli-Zionist-government-for-a-long,long-time.However-much-money-Raz-Simone-
-may-or-may-not-have_received-from-the-terrorist-King-of-Dubai-(maybe-even-at-the-behest-of-the-Israeli-government-or-its-Mossad-or-'our'-CIA-THAT-WORKS-FOR-THEM),-HE-WAS-FIRST-MADE-RICH-BY-ISRAELIS-WHO-HAVE-INFILTRATED-AND-TAKEN-OVER-BOTH-RAP-AND-HIP-HOP-IN-THE-USA-!-Most-particularly-I-amreferring-to-Israeli-American-Zionists-Lyor Cohen, Todd Moscowitz and Kevin Liles'. Samuel Simone-has-been-in-'partnership deal with Lyor Cohen, Todd Moscowitz and Kevin Liles' new label, 300'-since-at-least-2014.If-you-dig-deeper-you-find-complaints-from-other-rappers-about-Jews-and-Israelis-in-particular-who-have-moved-into-positions-of-control-using-their-financial-and-mafia-style-business-strategies-to-enrich-and-popularize-those-few-rappers-that-they-favor-and-impoverishing-and-even-hurling-racist-epitats_at-those-who-they-disfavor.While-further-enriching-themselves-in-the-bargain-of-course.

The Story of Lyor Cohen: Little Lan$ky and the Big Check ...

How the Israeli-raised president of Island Def Jam Records became one of the most important men in hip-hop, and why he may now become one of the most important men in rock & roll
Jun 21, 2001 - Bored, he followed a flier to one of the first rap shows on the West ... He was born in New York, where his father, an Israeli, worked in the consulate. ... When Cohen's mother remarried, to a psychiatrist, Lyor moved in with them


"Yeah that's true, that's real," Raz told MTV News with a bit of a frog in his throat on January 20 when he came to New York to announce his partnership deal with Lyor Cohen, Todd Moscowitz and Kevin Liles' new label, 300.
"That was my dad and my mom. My mom was a virgin, so that's what happened," he continued to explain. "They were friends for a little bit and then, you know, that was that."


Solomon Samuel Simone (aka Raz from CHAZ or CHOP) is the proclaimed warlord of CHAZ, the multi-block area located in Seattle. Raz reportedly owns luxury automobiles and millions in real estate, and even received a grant for $82,000 from the city of Seattle to open his own studio. He also owns multiple guns, including six semi-automatic guns and an Uzi. He was caught on video handing out long guns to Antifa members from the trunk of his car. Curiously, Raz also is supported by the Islamic government in Dubai. -GEG

Solomon Samuel Simone (aka RAZ from CHAZ or CHOP) is the proclaimed warlord of CHAZ, the multi-block area located in Seattle.  Raz hates America but owns multiple guns, luxury automobiles, millions in real estate.

More importantly, Raz is supported by the Islamic government in Dubai.

The leader of CHAZ, Warlord Raz Simone was previously identified running guns in the newly formed country in the center of Seattle.  Today we have more on RAZ thanks to the work of Yaacov Apelbaum.
Raz the warlord, doesn’t only run guns, he owns guns.  Raz owns a couple of handguns, which were somehow ‘restored’ through a special intervention after a conviction.
Raz also owns six semi-automatic rifles, including an AR-15 and AK-47 and an Uzi.
He has armor piercing bullets for these guns as well.
Raz somehow received a grant for $82,000 from the city of Seattle to open his own studio in a building he purchased with another loan.
And Raz owns multiple luxury cars, including a Tesla, a BMW and a Jaguar XJ.
He also owns some prime real estate and rental properties.
He owns the RAZ fashion line, the Aurora Smoke Shop, a social club called “The Spot”, the Black Umbrella Corporation. All this came from funding in sweetheart deals.

Attacked Inside Seattle's CHAZ/CHOP Protest Zone - YouTube

Kalen D'Almeida from Scriberr was filming Raz Simone, the alleged warlord of the autonomous zone, when he ...
7 hours ago - Uploaded by America Uncovered